Another company to add to your “do not support” list: YETI Coolers ends affiliation with NRA Foundation

YETI cooler

YETI…no longer a friend

On Saturday I received a bulletin from the NRA:

For years YETI Coolers have been a hot item for sportsmen at the Friends of NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction events around the country.  These Foundation events raise money to support youth programs and educational programs nationwide. The youth of America who benefit from these programs are the future hunters, hikers, fishermen/women, bikers, campers, wildlife photographers, mountain climbers, sportsmen/women and conservationists who will protect our natural resources and recreational lands.

Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor, and refused to say why.  They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation.  That certainly isn’t sportsmanlike. In fact, YETI should be ashamed.  They have declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities.  These activities enable them to appreciate America and enjoy our natural resources with wholesome and healthy outdoor recreational and educational programs.

The NRA Foundation is 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.”

YETI was purchased by the Cortec Group in 2012. Cortec Group is a New York-based private equity firm.

According to Cortec, YETI has experienced rapid growth and holds the #1 market position in the premium cooler category. YETI currently sells to a broad-based “enthusiast” customer group through a diverse range of national, regional, and local retailers serving a variety of end markets, including specialty hunting and fishing, outdoor sporting goods, hardware, farm and ranch supply, and oilfield services, among others.”

If interested, contact YETI here.

If you support the Second Amendment and the NRA, be sure to add YETI to your list of companies whose products you do not plan to use.

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47 responses to “Another company to add to your “do not support” list: YETI Coolers ends affiliation with NRA Foundation

  1. Another overpriced pompous product signing its own death warrant.

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  2. Well, lets’ hope that’s the end of “Yeti”.

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  3. It is so gross that these knot-heads act out in this manner. We do not want commercial concerns to be gettin’ their noses up in the political concerns of our nation! They jut need to do business, sell whatever product or service they provide, and leave the political thinking to the American people.

    I believe that I wrote this yesterday on one of the articles that FOTM so graciously brought to our attention, but . . . . . I believe that this information is well worth repeating.

    I read an article yesterday, unfortunately because I get any number of various emails from different sites, I do not recall which one this particular information came from. There was a researcher at one of our nation’s universities who did a study; he compared the instances of harm coming to individuals in this nation due to the use of guns . . . as opposed to the number of instances where people utilized guns to either save themselves, or others from harm. He was able to quantify the instances of gun use to save individuals as happening “2.2 MILLION TIMES PER YEAR IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!”

    During the period he conducted his study, he came across a study which had been performed by the US CDC, wherein their numbers also showed that a preponderance of the time that guns were used–they were used to save lives, as opposed to guns being used to kill or harm people.

    Evidently, the CDC decided to secret this study away from the sight of the American people, since it did not back up the current liberal mantra . . .”guns kill people . . . guns are bad . . . guns need to be confiscated . . . you’re a horrible person if you own gun(s) . . . you’re insane if you think that the United States Constitution is relevant in today’s world . . . the Second Amendment needs to be abolished . . . .”

    I don’t know about the rest of the FOTM family . . . but I am outraged that true statistics would be hidden from the American people, for any reason. There is no doubt that having this information come to light does not help the New World Order gang, or the gun grabbers!

    We all need to shout this information from the roof tops!

    God Bless America! God Bless Our President! God Bless and Preserve the Constitution of the United States of America!

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  4. Next they’ll be kneeling during the National Anthem.

    Their coolers might be near bulletproof.
    They better hope their business model is too.

    In the end they’ll wonder went wrong, write a book about it, and go on tour.

    Oh, and you can buy a lot of ice for what one of their alien technology coolers costs. I recommend wearing a tin hat when using one.

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  5. Well, I hope they like downsizing.

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  6. “We will tell you what to think and how to believe”, signed, “your” government and/or local business. Oh, let’s not forget Hollywood, TV and anybody but Church.

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  8. Any company that doesn’t support the NRA or our 2nd Amendment rights is anti-American will no longer get my business. I LOVE YETI products but will never buy another of their goods. There are options that work just as well. When you decide to mix business with politics you will have to also share the wrath of your customers. Not a wise business move on the part of YETI and other other business that is against our 2nd Amendment rights. In my mind these companies are Communist organizations and will not get my business or the business of anyone else that loves America and our GOD (I repeat) GOD given rights.

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  9. Duly noted. No Yeti Cooler for me!
    Thank you, DCG.

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  10. I just threw my Yeti cup away, “just to make a statement”…Cucks.

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    • Better yet, mail those used tumblers back to yeti co with a clear explanation why. Im doing that now. Besides, my tumbler is corroding inside and water tastes terrible, so maybe they are a health hazard too. Remind yeti co that the soyboy snowflakes will not be new customers

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  11. Coolers exist only for keeping the beer and the tater salad cold going to and hanging out at lakeside BBQs.

    LOL – I think I will keep my two igloo 28 qt coolers that cost me a total of $38 at Walmart.

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  12. NRA not losing any sleep over it they will find supporters elsewhere….

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  13. Another example of a corporation being taken over by liberals from the inside. Do you see the pattern yet? They find a company that has a big customer base, then use it as a political platform to push thier decrepid agenda. All part of getting people conditioned to accept thier beliefs as normal.

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    • Yes, but if you note the reaction here, this has a good chance of becoming self-destructive for them.

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      • We don’t even have to mention the word boycott, just by cutting ties with the NRA , they themselves cut their throats, I SUPPORT THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND THE NRA.

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    • Yup, the whole reason for the big “Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)” push (where “Business thought leaders” convince companies and their boards that progressive BS makes money)… used to be called “commie subversion” (just ask ESPN or the NFL how profitable is is).

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  14. Joe: Did you buy a new cooler?
    Moe: Not Yeti.

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  15. And the list just keeps growing and growing…
    Look at it this way, more opportunities for Patriotic/Constitutionalist/ Conservatives Entrepreneurs will have.

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  16. Spend your money on coolers here: “RTIC coolers are proud supporters of the 2nd Amendment”

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  17. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    It is really a grossly twisted world when a cooler goes political. So if I go into a sporting goods section and want to purchase one while wearing a NRA hat and paying with my NRA credit card is that going to be a problem?

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  18. Kevin J Lankford

    Really, the N.R.A. does not need to rely on the support of any business or industry, other than those directly associated with the firearms industry itself. Any industry wishing to intentionally disassociate itself from the N.R.A. and the indisputable right of true and free U.S. citizens to possess the firearms of their choice will only make them selves justified targets of boycotts by the real majority of unwavering patriotic Constitutionalists.

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  19. Why buy the cooler when you can get the ones at the grocery store and not expensive, so the savings can be spent on a beauty of a gun, easy to carry, concealed permit and plenty of ammo. GO for the savings, forget YETI.

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  20. Another pro-2A cooler company to support, Bison Coolers:

    Don’t worry, we’re with you America. Keep your #2ndAmendment rights safe and secure with #BisonCoolers. #MadeInUSA and proud of it!

    Click the link in our bio to visit our website!

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  21. What I wrote to Yeti:

    Thanks to your assinine move of no longer selling or working with the NRA, I have just cancelled an order for several coolers I was going to give as gifts. Those funds will now be used to further invest in my support of the 2nd Amendment and completely boycotting your stupid decision.

    R H Lakehomer

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  22. YETI getting hammered on social media. Now claims NRA lied.


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  23. Pelican Coolers – another company that supports the NRA:

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  24. More bad press for Yeti (in Miami Herald)… NRA supporter puts explosive in Yeti cooler and shoots it with AR-15 while filming:

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  25. Former NRA President Doubles Down: Yeti Demanded NRA Cease Using Cooler Company Logo After Parkland

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  26. It certainly shows how little regard they have for their customers or their “stated beliefs”. I wouldn’t buy a gold bar from them if they were selling them for a nickel. This is what happens with the finance people take over something an outdoorsman invented.

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