University of Washington College Republicans assaulted by Antifa affiliate


The UW College Republicans actually had to tweet this: “We ask that people please stop attacking our club members and destroying our property, thank you.”

From Members of the University of Washington College Republicans were assaulted on campus Wednesday, and police arrested a woman affiliated with Antifa, a militant anti-facist group known for violent demonstrations.

And again on Thursday, protesters – this time not affiliated with Antifa — responded by heckling the College Republican group, damaging their banner and sitting on their table.

In the Wednesday incident, director of outreach Diodato Boucsieguez and treasurer Alex Guerrero were at a table on the patio of the Husky Union Building (HUB) for several hours when a college-aged woman approached about 12:30 p.m., the UW Daily’s Olivia Madewell reported.

The table and Boucsieguez’s shirt received the bulk of the paint, paint spilled onto bricks in front of the HUB, and a student’s pants were damaged by paint, The Daily reported. The suspect had orange hair and boots and a black hoodie.

“I was just kinda spooked,” Guerrero told The Daily, who reported he compared the incident to other Antifa encounters. “They broke my girlfriend’s phone.”

University of Washington police told KIRO 7 the woman was identified and written a ticket for misdemeanor assault instead of an arrest. It was not immediately clear when she would appear in court.

Both men involved in the incident told The Daily they want to see charges and penalties for damaging property. The College Republicans were back on the HUB patio Thursday.

Here’s a few more details from UW’s The Daily:

“About five minutes later, he said the woman with orange hair walked around the tent from his left. With two fluid motions like a farmer spreading seed, the woman flicked the paint from a soda-pop bottle onto the booth.

The table and Boucsieguez’s shirt received the bulk of the paint. Guerrero, who was laying down at the time, sat up and saw the woman’s distinguishable hair as she went into the HUB.

The UWPD took the woman to the station in custody, advised her of her constitutional rights, and attempted to interview her. Rittereiser said the woman didn’t have anything to say, exercising her right to silence.

We identified them and don’t need to place them in jail,” Rittereiser said. “They don’t create a risk. It’s nothing like a mandatory arrest in domestic violence calls. It’s a misdemeanor case, not a felony. In the eyes of the law, we have the option to release them with citation and identification.

Read the whole UW report and see pictures of the incident here.


7 responses to “University of Washington College Republicans assaulted by Antifa affiliate

  1. In April 2016, the Obama administration already identified Antifa as domestic terrorists. So why isn’t the Trump DOJ going after them?

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  2. I would think that they could perform citizen’s arrest on her (or them) and have them arrested. I would charge them with assault. The DA might not agree but at least they’d spend the night in jail. Then I’d ask for a protective order.

    Coddling and encouraging this behavior is not the message a university should want to send. It’s OK to debate or the disagree, it is not OK to assault people or property.

    As you say, they have already been identified as a terrorist organization. Why are they not arresting them? They beat 13 year olds for jaywalking, the least they could do is to haul in terrorists. After all, we ARE paying for that service.

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  3. I STILL believe the DNC fits all the parameters of a Domestic Terrorist Group-as such THEY should be investigated,arrested and run,one by one,through the Court System. (Even if they aren’t convicted for anything,they’d all have Criminal Records,and would probably fail Background Checks,which would limit some things they might want to do later.)

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  4. Funny how they fear free speech so much. When you have to use violence, name calling and bullying, you have already lost the battle. You become people that can’t think straight.

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  6. Hey, I actually saw this right after it happened. I was taking a campus tour with my husband and kids. When we were leaving we saw the police talking to the orange haired person. Definitely made a check in the UW “cons” column for my son.

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  7. Might be time we the people started taking things back into our own hands and defend ourselves when the police, law enforcement, and legislators refuse to defend us. Maybe dole out a bit of retribution too, and just be ready to take the jail time that’s sure to result. Remember the lesson about putting a bully in his place to teach him a lesson? It’s the same sort of thing the left has done to get to where it is today… be the squeaky wheel, the nag. MAGA.

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