NXIVM sex cult actress Allison Mack arrested; naming names

True to his word, President Trump is going after sex traffickers.

Two days ago, on April 20, 2018, federal prosecutors announced that actress Allison Mack, 35, best known for playing Superman’s platonic friend in the TV series Smallville, has been arrested on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor for her role in the NXIVM sex-slave cult.

“The Devil may appear in the vesture of the Angel of Light.”
–2 Corinthians 11:14

NXIVM (pronounced “nexium”) is a sinister, marketing organization in upstate New York which offers self-help personal and professional development seminars. Founded by former computer programmer Keith Raniere in Albany, NY, NXIVM’s president is Nancy Salzman. The two are referred to, respectively, as “Vanguard” and “Prefect”.

More than 12,000 people have attended NXIVM’s seminars between its founding in 1998 and 2010. Among its clients are notables such as actresses Linda Evans (always a sucker for cults) and Smallville‘s Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk; UK mogul Richard Branson; BET co-founder Sheila Johnson; former U.S. surgeon general Antonia Novello; Stephen Cooper of Enron; Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of former Mexican president and rabid anti-Trumper Vicente Fox; and Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman who have plowed millions of dollars into NXIVM. In addition, the director of NXIVM in Mexico is Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

In 2009, NXIUM gained even more respectability when the Dalai Lama was paid $1 million to travel to America to speak at a NXIVM event in Albany, New York, which NXIUM trumpeted as an endorsement and “victory”.

But former members have exposed NXIVM as a sex cult. According to an exposé by Barry Meier for The New York Times, members of a “secret sisterhood” of 70-80 women within NXIVM, including Allison Mack, are branded with Raniere’s initials (KR) as his “slaves”, blackmailed, and beaten with paddles. Women who wish to join the “sisterhood” are required to provide nude photos or other potentially damaging information about themselves, all the better for future blackmail.

Allison Mack’s arrest came less than a month after NXIVM leader Keith Raniere himself was arrested on the same charges of sex trafficking and forced labor at a luxury villa in Mexico where he had been hiding out.

As recounted by Priscilla DeGregory and Ruth Brown for Page Six:

Mack, 35, was Raniere’s direct “slave” and had a sexual relationship with him — but also acted as a “master” to other slaves, who were forced to have sex with Raniere and get his initials burned into their pubic region with a cauterizing pen, according to the criminal complaint.

As the women were being branded like cattle, Mack allegedly placed her hands on their chests and told them to “feel the pain” and to “think of [their] master,” prosecutors say.

The actress first lured the women into the secret society within Nxivm known as “The Vow” — and cajoled them into providing “collateral” like embarrassing photos and statements to use as blackmail, federal prosecutors allege.

She then allegedly groomed the slaves for sex with Raniere — ordering them to adhere to extremely restrictive diets, refrain from removing their pubic hair, and to stay celibate, according to court documents.

She also forced them to pose naked for photos — “including on one occasion close-up pictures of their vaginas” — which were given to Raniere and also used as collateral, the feds charge.

Mack and other slave “masters” allegedly made their slaves participate in “readiness” drills, requiring them to respond to requests at any time of the day or night so they were “seriously sleep-deprived.”

One of her slaves became so thin and tired that she stopped getting periods….

Mack was last seen chasing after Raniere in Mexico as cops hauled him away.

Both face at least 15 years behind bars and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Interestingly, the last thing Mack tweeted before her arrest was a pic of satanist Marina Abramovic — the so-called “performance artist” whose “spirit cooking” is a form of cannibalism.

Allison Mack tweet

According to White House insider Q Anon, Mack is singing like a canary:

Q Anon on Allison Mack

Below is a video of Raniere and Mack babbling on about “authenticity”:

Since January 20, 2017, the Trump Administration has made 5,523 notable sex-trafficking arrests and rescued 3,293. (Source)

H/t Clash America

See also “Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal business in U.S.”.


49 responses to “NXIVM sex cult actress Allison Mack arrested; naming names

  1. ‘Leave A Comment’

    I’m speechless.

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  2. Shocking. That quote from Q Anon has me nervous. I live only a few feet from the Long Beach port! Many nuclear war scenarios involve our home being near Ground Zero. No need for cremation.

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  3. It is beyond me that any intelligent woman would give herself over to this kind of nonsense. Why in this day and age are adult women so lacking in anything that grounds them that they would willingly enter into such degrading nonsense as this.

    After watching and listening to Raniere and Mack have this verbal exchange . . . . I could not make heads or tails of what they were saying. It came across to me as being just so much drivel.

    I must admit I thought that “Raniere” would prove to be a man who was far more masculine and had a much higher level of male sexuality about himself. He seems to be rather effeminate. Obviously, the two of these people are basically just hucksters who take in weak willed females, who are adrift in their personal lives.

    Who was it that said, “There’s a sucker born every day.” I would say that women who are taken in by either one of these individuals certainly classify as “suckers.’

    I have a very difficult time imagining just what kind of woman would fall for and be taken in by his nonsense. Obviously, these individuals are lacking something major in their lives . . . which I should imagine is a personal relationship with their Lord and Savior.

    It is a most excellent thing that the government under President Trump’s leadership is attempting to save these women from themselves. What a travesty that we have so many women who are suffering from bouts of major episodes of mental illness.

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    • “Why in this day and age are adult women so lacking in anything that grounds them that they would willingly enter into such degrading nonsense as this.”

      Why? Rejection of traditional Christian roles for men and women. For thousands of years women celebrated motherhood and service to their families, churches, and communities, and men were expected to be masculine enough to be able to provide for and protect their wives and daughters so that women felt cherished and a sense of belonging/purpose. Thanks to feminism, both sexes have abandoned their God-given roles and we are seeing how badly things work out when, metaphorically, each part of the body is trying to perform the role of another part of the body, all for personal pleasure without deference to God.

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      • As I mentioned on another thread, California is attempting to outlaw anything that denies multiple genders or seeks to cure queerness. This has the potential of outlawing Bibles and the practice of Christianity, as Christianity defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

        We are looking at these Satanists attempting to use the force of law to outlaw religious belief. We may be getting closer to the final showdown that I thought.

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  4. Gates of hell are wide open for this whole lot of demons!

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  5. No wonder Little Adam Schiff’s eyes are bugged out; he is probably involved with what goes on at the Standard Hotel. It sounds like he is also involved in some dirty deeds at the port of Long Beach (human trafficking/drug trafficking?). This is why he wants the border flapping in the breeze, wide open for his criminal activities. And he most certainly has many comrades involved, those who scream the loudest, such as Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, and others. And that’s just one state on a very long border!

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  6. Sing baby sing! Arrest and prosecute all those involved in this madness.

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  7. How is this different from current leftist beliefs? To me it is all a giant cult. They don’t worship God, they worship themselves. They have made their choices and will no doubt pay for them.

    This is just another Satanic disguise.

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    • Yeah, I read that at another site last night. People gave up their children to be raised by them. It’s very much like the “Finders” cult. It is also like the “Process Church” which is nothing more than a veneer for Satanism.

      Things are heating up. One school seems to think that this is because they are under scrutiny and, therefore, in the public light. Another thinks it is because their ultimate plan is reaching fruition. I’m thinking its both.

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        • Awesome photo! It’s like the Bible says, nature itself shows us that nontraditional sexuality is wrong. That trust you feel for the man on the left, and revulsion toward the thing on the right…that’s nature, baby.

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        • Did I get this here or at IOTWr? https://youtu.be/iy8SIWTyJNs
          Vulgar, but I think it hits the mark….. My Brother responded with the quote; “Whenever I’m asked why Southern writers particularly have a penchant for writing about freaks, I say it is because we are still able to recognize one” (Flannery O’Conner)
          Tres Apropos !

          “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


          • That’s GREAT! I love it. Reminds me of the Don Henley lyric; “…why don’t you find your inner child and kick it’s little ass?”.


      • Even worse, from my understanding this program had them bringing in, “babysitters,” into the home! Definitely for grooming, possibly for setting up cameras, who knows..

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      • Just like Jim Jones.

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      • Actually the similarities run deeper than that, Lophatt, both “the process” and “nxivm” are scientology off-shoots, (the scientology cult has even helped bail him out of other lawsuits, see here: http://web.archive.org/web/20080828025807/https://cultnews.com/archives/000658.html “a well-known Scientology operative, Nancy O’Meara, claimed that she is cooperating with NXIVM regarding its current New York litigation.
        “I am working on two cases right now where [The Ross Institute] is being sued for copyright trademark violation (filed in July 2003),” stated O’Meara in an email dated August 22nd.””) which directly makes them traceable to parsons and crowley as well, thus linking both directly to satanism/gnosticism.

        There is more however, apparently the filth decided to also study “ericksonian hypnosis” and “neuro-linguistic programming” (remember obama was supposedly doing that too?) as well as put a master hypnotist follower, nancy salzman in as the president of the cult. (see here: http://niagarafallsreporter.com/Stories/2015/NOV19/fbis.html ) As you can see from the date of the article however, the feds etc. have been dragging their feet as much as they possibly could in busting the vile satanist, one wonders why they’ve decided to bust him only just now (while scientology itself goes without being nailed, apparently). I really doubt this is about busting pedophilia on the fed’s part, (considering how many of them are involved in the stuff) there must be something else going on.

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  8. Never cared for her on Smallville… but WTH? Just weird.
    In the video of them chatting, the first thing I thought is, “He’s gay.”
    Or, quite possibly, androgynous. Or alien (as in, extra-terrestrial)…

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  9. Yeah, I’d say the girl has issues.

    And I used to think she was kind of cute, too.

    Oh well, I guess ya just never know.

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  10. I am wondering if the name of Charlie Sheen or Robert Deniro has come up related to this?
    Time will tell.

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  11. Here’s what I think, and only of late…I think it’s more prevalent than us good people even want to realize. We have to start thinking and focusing more on the innocent little victims instead of the Perpetrators, that might give us more incentive to investigate and prosecute these demons, in other words, I get more angry when I think of the innocents vs. the evil, I want to rescue them all. The Trump Admin. has been doing it’s job in reference to this horror, many in Ct. too. This is a very active Organization, Warriors on a mission..Veterans Against Child Abuse, they’re making a Documentary right now too, they were at an arrest in New Haven filming it last Month…

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    • I hear you. There are more children unaccounted for than we imagine. I’m sure a good portion end up in situations like these. When these cults are discovered there never seems to be a shortage of children for them to abuse.

      One of the many arguments against “secret societies” has to do with this. When things are done in the open they are far less likely to be something objectionable. The fact that the subject cult has existed for over 20 years and is just now being discussed should tell us something.

      I know that I had never heard of Marina Abromovic until the whole “Pizzagate” thing erupted. Likewise, that whole group and all the related sick activities associated with it have been ongoing for a very long time.

      Many of these groups simply exist and conduct their affairs with little or no attention. It usually takes an incident of some type to bring them to our attention.

      So, I like your idea, but it isn’t easy to find some of these.

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      • …Like the term Crisis Actor…or False Flag, those terms are also now becoming common to the masses. I remember just as recent as 2012, sandy hook, no one knew what a crisis actor was, now they do.

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        • Yes, that’s a standard ploy. If they can’t make it disappear, they co-opt it and try to turn it into something its not.


  12. It is just me or is anyone else noticing that, for years, leftists have been Virtue-signaling by crying about sex trafficking, but now that it’s mostly leftists in the spotlight, suddenly this isn’t important news to them?

    Leftists always lie. They don’t adopt principles, they adopt poses.

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    • They blame and accuse others for what they are guilty of,”commie playbook”. Just like accusing Trump of Russian Collusion…the only ones guilty of Russian collusion are these creeps on the Left.

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    • I’ve rarely heard them lamenting about human trafficking. Fighting to bring taboos to the table, yes. But that could just be my own experience (of the left’s lack of interest) while I had been fighting the establishment, the DuPont circle qu**rs, involved w child sex and porn trafficking (in PA circa 2007-2015/6). None of the libs or left I knew and or got in touched w who had connections helped, aside from J. Rucker previously of color of change.

      They would ALL change the subject or talk about how wonderful it was what, THEY, we’re doing for the gay marriage agenda, etc..

      Around 2015, in my area, it became, “popular,” talking about the child sex abuse problem, still it was approached, in theory, and as a talking point. Realities, and logistics ignored. By, both sides of the aisle.


    • Yes, exactly. While I realize that on a certain level there is a “left” and a “right” I don’t really think like that. I think those are constructs that are helpful for those who seek to control.

      If we stand back the look at it, we may see that even though this is supposed to be a more “right wing” administration, the “left’s” agenda continues apace. In fact, it appears that they are making more progress advancing it than they did when their boy Obongo was in office.

      Both sides are 100% owned by Israel. So I would truly be surprised to see any sort of substantive difference. The rhetoric is different. It seems “new” to me that they are so openly pushing the destruction of Christianity for example. I know that they oppose it, but up to now they’ve been a little less rabid about it.

      It is the same for the rest of their principle agenda items. All this multi-gender nonsense and the celebration of queerness. That is rather a backdoor eugenics thing like PP. Sold as a “woman’s issue” rather than infanticide.

      You are quite correct that the “left” have no principles other than advancing whatever their owner’s ask. We who claim to be Christians must address our obligations. They who are “free” of obligations can chase their personal wants and embrace Satanism. It’s a natural fit.

      Again, standing back, those who own both use this dichotomy to advance. The really don’t care who “wins”, they only care that the destruction makes their avarice possible.

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    • “Leftists” have a fundamental problem. The pedophilia cuts across “party lines”. Those on “The Right” usually at least superficially claim a faith. Those on “The Left” do not. So, it is easier to push a queer agenda for leftists. Pedophilia and queerness are inarguably connected. It may not be exclusive, but it is certainly demonstrably more prevalent.

      So, the left’s idea is that there is no sin. Therefore, why should they speak of it. “Do as thy wilt” is their motto. The right has a different set of problems regarding this. They must at least claim to have morals. Of course there are multiple examples of those on the right without them.

      The left simply takes standard, true Christian teaching and claims that its false. It’s a “good” thing to make your boy a girl or vice versa. Hell, why stop there? It’s no secret that they are laying the groundwork for acceptance of sex with kids.

      There is a positive in all this. It is so obvious that it may be their undoing. No one with Christian training is going to accept this. They are counting on ruining the upcoming generations to allow them to do this. If we don’t stop their undoing of Western Civilization it may be too late.

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      • Excellent points.

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      • “The left simply takes standard, true Christian teaching and claims that its false.”
        Well actually they are forked tongued and I don’t mean just lying. I mean they talk with two tongues, trashing Christianity proper on the one hand, and on the other claiming Christian attributes or values such as compassion, mercy, forgiveness as their own and applying them in a twisted, or inappropriate manner.

        All your comments were so on the money. And while I agree, all we can do is hope for Gods justice, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around God allowing this level of suffering to children. As you said, these b–tards
        are untouchable. This really is a fell realm, made so by these demons.

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  13. I remember in the 1980s and early 90s, how many of the popular talk shows would have guests on both sides of the aisle discuss what they claimed was merely “Satanic Panic” whenever a horrendous murder would occur. That term was always used to malign those who claimed the McMartin child abuse case involved satanic rituals. I also remember the t.v. program, “Criminal Minds”, about FBI profilers, would have the agents say there has never been a proven case of satanic ritual murder. Even they have always tried to make it sound like people who claim such things are just kooks. I knew they were lying then, and they will continue to lie.

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    • Well look at what they do with all the fraud shootings. They call us names and pretend that they are the real deal. It’s called lying, and they’re good at it. They’ve had a lot of practice.

      Really, if you think about the odds of all those kids coming up with those stories at the same time, which makes better sense? Beyond that, expanding the concept to say that “if we didn’t have it here, it isn’t anywhere” is quite a feat in itself.

      Some of this stuff is both profound and profoundly stupid. I don’t engage in these activities, but I have no doubt that some do. They are caught often enough. Just because I’m not queer and into bondage, doesn’t mean that queer bondage doesn’t happen.

      Sometimes when they’re caught is the time we see the “wages of sin”. If someone wants to be a sick pervert there may be consequences.

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    • The local authority publicly called and had Noreen gosch labeled, in the media as crazy, and a kook!

      You bet this satanism, etc., pizzagate, is all real. 100%.

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      • Every attempt that I’m aware of to reel in child abuse, organized or otherwise has met with failure. When it gets to upper levels of government they simply can’t be touched.

        If you researched the Dutroux affair it is a classic. It almost caused the government of Belgium to collapse. But, in the end, despite obvious connections on high, only a couple were sentenced. These involved rape and murder.

        It isn’t any different here. This is precisely why people like the Clintons, Obongos and others are free to live their lawless Satanic lives. It doesn’t matter how much evidence one has if no one prosecutes. If someone prosecutes and the judge refuses to act, where is the justice?

        The most we can hope for in this life is to keep shining sufficient light on this that it is difficult for them. “Justice is mine, sayeth the Lord”. We do what we can here to preserve society. Real justice comes later.

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        • It truly is the system of Babylon. Those who, “rock it,” here and succeed truly do so at a price. And those who walk w God, surely reap the rewards on the otherside/the infinite/heaven.

          Fr. Arsenie Boca delves into this a lot, ie: why some must suffer so much here (those kids in Belgium, etc), and others don’t suffer at all.

          Anyway. Have a blessed night. I hate talking about this sort of thing before bed. Nothing hurts my heart more.


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  14. I can see why chicks love this guy, he talks like a chick flick. Surely his cellmates will be looking for a more “physical” relationship.

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  15. If FOTM provided “a standard form,” of boycott notice – for us grunts to mail or email to “offending companies,” that we could attach names to – such effort could possess “enough punch,” that The NRA has – a lot of fiends – anywhay – striking back is better than doing nothing

    Such a form could be downloaded from the site

    every time a new offender pops up – then add ’em to the list

    I belive that Yetti Cooloers would catach on quickly

    no American Company is going to sacrafice “the bottom line” because “True Americans,” possess “life-saving fire arms,” and ammunition!!!

    My opinion – High Rider


  16. I will never understand other human beings love of disease.

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