Monsters among us: MS-13 behead and cut out man’s heart; Salvadorean torture-kills elderly veteran

These are the monsters that our government let in, who are protected and shielded by sanctuary cities and states.

In November 2017, MS-13 El Salvadorean gang members lured an unidentified Maryland man to a park on the outskirt of Washington, D.C. They stabbed the man 100 times, decapitated him, cut his heart out, then threw the body into the grave they dug for him.

19-year-old Miguel Lopez-Abrego was arrested and charged with murder. (See DCG’s post here).

Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that on April 5, 2018, Stacie Mendoza and Jose Mendoza tortured 70-year-old military veteran Kenneth Coyle, a retired contractor for Naval Air Station Lemoore, to get him to reveal his bank account details and passwords.

Naval Air Station Lemoore is in California’s King and Fresno Counties.

The Mendozas restrained the elderly man on a bed in his house in the small city of Hanford, near the Naval Air Station. They beat him to get access to his financial information, then strangled him to death. Coyle died of blunt force trauma and suffocation.

Coyle had first met Stacie Mendoza at a Hanford restaurant where she worked as a waitress. As their relationship developed, she started getting access to his bank account and getting money from him.

A few days later the Mendozas and their three children drove Coyle’s body to nearby Madera County, where they burned it while their children watched. Afterwards, the Mendozas returned to Coyle’s house to steal more things and were spotted by property managers, who called police.

Officers tracked Coyle’s cellphone to the Mendozas’ home in Fresno. Police later arrested them at a restaurant near Los Angeles International Airport. Jose Mendoza had a plane ticket to his native El Salvador, as well as Coyle’s credit card. The Mendozas are being held without bail. Their children are in the custody of Child Protective Services.

According to The Telegraph, the MS in MS-13 stands for Mara Salvatrucha, said to be a combination of Mara, meaning gang; Salva, for Salvador; and trucha, which translates roughly into street smarts. The 13 represents the position of M in the alphabet. The gang formed in Los Angeles in the 1980s, comprised of Salvadorean immigrants fleeing their country’s civil war.

MS-13 is believed to be active in 46 states. According to the Trump DOJ, there are currently 10,000 MS-13 members, making it one of the largest criminal enterprises in America.

President Trump has made rounding up and removing gang members a priority of his administration. In July 2017, during a fiery speech on Long Island — the site of several gang murders, Trump called MS-13 “animals” and promised to “destroy” them. He said:

“we’re going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities, and we’re going to destroy the vile criminal cartel, MS-13, and many other gangs. But MS-13 is particularly violent. They don’t like shooting people because it’s too quick, it’s too fast. I was reading — one of these animals was caught — in explaining, they like to knife them and cut them, and let them die slowly because that way it’s more painful, and they enjoy watching that much more. These are animals….

For many years, they exploited America’s weak borders and lax immigration enforcement to bring drugs and violence to cities and towns all across America. They’re there right now because of weak political leadership, weak leadership, weak policing, and in many cases because the police weren’t allowed to do their job….

It is the policy of this administration to dismantle, decimate and eradicate MS-13…. And they were all let in here over a relatively short period of time. Not during my period of time, believe me. But we’re getting them out. They’re going to jails, and then they’re going back to their country. Or they’re going back to their country, period.”

According to a White House fact sheet on February 6, 2018:

  • In October 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions designated MS-13 as a priority for the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces.
  • Criminal charges have been filed against more than 4,000 members of MS-13.
  • ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) made 4,818 criminal arrests related to gang activity in FY 2017, 796 of whom are MS-13 gang members and associates — an 83% increase in arrests from FY 2016.
  • In FY 2017, U.S. Border Patrol Agents arrested 536 gang-affiliated illegal aliens, of whom 228, more than 40 percent, were affiliated with MS-13.

Build The Wall!

H/t John Molloy and FOTM‘s stlonginus

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26 responses to “Monsters among us: MS-13 behead and cut out man’s heart; Salvadorean torture-kills elderly veteran

  1. That’s one of many reasons why I carry concealed.

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  2. To all those Progressives who are so enamored with the Progressive mindset . . . just look at the carnage having a weak border, and lenient immigration policies have wrecked upon our country! Under Obummer, so many of these MS13 men were taken into our country under the guise that they were “children.”

    Frankly, I normally do not feel that I am a bloodthirsty person, but what good does putting people of this degree of depravity in jail? I think it would be better that they be sent to the next life for their judgement and disposal. How can you really reform individuals who would do things of such an evil nature? The answer is– you cannot reform them.

    Yes, it is unfortunate that they live in a war torn country, but to transplant these people here and have they carry out the very same things they saw in their native land is not the answer. At least, not an answer that benefits the USA.

    How many employers would desire to employ an man who showed up looking like that? I would bet we could count them on one hand–so what happens? No doubt they find some young woman and start a family with her and the US taxpayers are on the hook for supporting this family.
    Dr. E . . . Excellent article, although it is horrifying.

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    • That’s right Lulu. Obongo imported many of these. Now, I realize his profound hatred of this country, but he HAD to be working for someone to do this. His was the most lawless administration in my lifetime.

      He misused agencies to punish those he disagreed with and refused to uphold laws he was required to honor. He and Holder actually supplied arms to terrorists in Mexico. The kicker is, he was CAUGHT! Nothing happens.

      Can you imagine what those losers on the MSM would be doing if Trump were caught in half of Obongo’s antics? I guess if you’re immoral, queer, communist and sorta black you can get away with anything.

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      • And now, eric holder will be commandeering the starbucks “sensitivity training sessions”. I’ve been monitoring the starbucks thing, it was all a pre-planned set up by design, that’s why those 2 blacks arrested went mainstream so hard. A few Months ago,on a morning show podcast, I think it was Chance the Rapper was a guest, he said that he, holder, and starbucks had a big ‘thing’ coming up in a couple Months. We got faked again folks, where’s sharpton? Holder also was the one that said “brainwash everyone into thinking differently about guns”. Sorry about straying from the Post Topic, but this had to be said. Just like all the mass shootings, anything MSM bangs into our heads over and over…is fake and pre-planned. Just like Old Time Radio’s Theater for the Minds Eye.

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      • lophatt . . . . I am in absolute agreement with you. If Trump had done even a potion of what Obummer did to our country–they would find a way to facilitate him wearing an orange jumpsuit.

        As it is, it is outrageous that every day or so we hear of yet another lawsuit being filed against him. I cannot see where anything he has done has been un-beneficial to our nation.

        God Bless President Trump, and God Bless America!

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    • Leean Springer

      Auntie Lulu! Your post is “right on”. They are the same as “rabid beasts”. Some are beyond evil and there is no redemption. Sadly, Governor Brownie, and the others for sanctuary cities are rabid. : ( Leeann

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      • Leean . . . . I was so happy to see your post today, it seems like I haven’t seen posts from you in some while. I certainly agree, when people have been influenced to so such evil, I just do not see how they can be redeemed here on this Earth.

        You are right on the money about Governor Brown . . . the real silver lining to that dark cloud, is that now some of the cities are rebelling against his edicts, and they have joined with the Federal government in the lawsuit against the State of CA regarding the “Sanctuary” status of the state, and cities. I certainly love it when “A Plan Comes Together” so to speak! Perhaps we will see better days ahead.

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    • Auntie, exactly why should we be forced to take in the depraved? They can’t be rehabilitated and have no desire to change.
      Sadly for the innocent people of this country, few even realize what is going on thanks to the media covering for the left.

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    • “Yes, it is unfortunate that they live in a war torn country, ”
      So WHY don’t they stay HOME and fight to get THEIR Country back? As you say though,maybe if they start seeing all their fellow MS13’ers going home in plastic bags,MAYBE fighting the battle at HOME will make more sense.At least that gives them about a 50% chance of ending each day ALIVE.

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    • No Lulu you are not a bloodthirsty person. Even St. Thomas Aquinas, the Doctor of the Church and one of the greatest geniuses of all time, believed that capital punishment was justified in some cases. Animals like these deserve it.

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  3. Now back to this Article…Horrific, thank you for Posting it Dr.

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  4. They like to start them young!

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    You can thank Obama for all of these gangsters. You judge Obama by the company he keeps – MS-13

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  6. Hartford Ct. always had 3 Gangs, 20Love(Black), Los Solidios(PuertoRican), and Latin Kings, in 1994, the State of Ct. had to bring in the State Troopers to patrol the City because the Gang’s were so bad, it worked, a lot of Gang members went to jail. Last week at the 2ndA Rally I met a Spanish guy that told me MS13 is rampant throughout the City of Htfd., and they are proposing to have the Troopers patrol again. Hartford has always been a violent City, I moved away 20yrs ago, I can’t imagine MS13 being prevalent there, that guy told me MS13 co-opted the other rag tag Gangs that were hanging on, and now controls everything like a Mafia. 18yrs ago I got a run down Mobile Home in the middle of 63 acres in an Agricultural Town in what they call ‘The Quiet Corner” in the Northeast part of the State, it was the best thing I ever did. I got a little Puppy, she just turned 18yrs old 2 Months ago, boy does time fly at warp speed. I always seem to wander off the subject, so I’ll stop now!!!

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  7. Do onto others as others do unto you!


  8. This is stupid the lake of fire burns
    Forever.think about it warning don’t get
    God angry..


  9. MS-13 is really an American gang born in Los Angles. If gov’t can’t control Crips, Bloods, Aryan Brothers, La Familia….what makes them think they can do anything to MS-13


  10. Thanks, Democrats!!

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  12. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    This is what the new “immigration” process is all about! What person in their right mind thinks these asshats need our “sanctuary”! Since they are not citizens they are NOT entitled to fair treatment. Since summary execution is not an option they need to be re-repatriated with a bill for their costs and expenses to their native country.

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    • They do that because they notice that the US government is like a pussy, too soft, and doesnt dare to make the slightest damage to the felons. If police, ICE and Army execute these peole and charge big sums of money to their countries for the damages, they do, they wouldnt enter USA. Why not a law for death sentence (in one week) to every illegal that is in USA? IN Less than one month 95% of them would be out. USA gov is very coward,.

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  13. Build the wall indeed! If China could do it, we can, too.

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