New York ships its poop to America’s small towns

The United States gets rid of its electronic waste by shipping them to Third World countries. In fact, we are the only developed nation that does not ban exports of toxic discarded electronics. (U.S. News and World Report)

Now comes news that the environmentally-conscious Democrat/liberal/Progressive bastion of New York City (NYC) treats small rural towns in America’s “flyover” states like the Third World. The city actually transports New Yorkers’ feces by rail to cheap landfills across the U.S., sometimes thousands of miles away, to avoid paying local landfills’ high environmental fees and business costs.

In other words, NYC keeps its environment “green” by exporting its poop to contaminate the environment of small towns.

To make matters worse for residents living near NYC’s “outsourced” landfills, sometimes the feces sit in train cars for days before landfill crews get around to emptying them.

NYC’s fecal dumping came to light when Heather Hall, the mayor of Parrish, Alabama, exposed how NYC ships its feces in “poop trains” to rural, flyover country.

Parrish is a small town of 2.1 square miles and 982 residents in central Alabama.

Ed Howell reports for Daily Mountain Eagle, April 18, 2018, that 250 Big Sky rail cars containing sewage sludge from NYC had been sitting near downtown Parrish for over two months, causing an almost unbearable a stench in the town.

On April 9, 80 poop-filled rail cars still remained. So Mayor Heather Hall threatened to sue. She said at a Parrish Town Council meeting:

“If the last of the rail cars transporting the sewage sludge is not removed from our town by April 23, the Town of Parrish will file a lawsuit and injunction against Big Sky Environmental and its affiliates.”

On April 18, Hall posted this statement on Facebook:

“I have wonderful news. Big Sky has ended their operation in Parrish. The final container was transported and emptied Tuesday … afternoon at 2 p.m. The containers that remain at the rail yard are empties awaiting transport back North and should be removed soon.”

Hall noted it took two months to remove the poop from her town, and that other towns and cities have been fighting the New York poop in their towns for years:

“While what happened in Parrish was, to our understanding, an unprecedented event, there are still small towns like Parrish fighting this situation on a smaller scale. I will say this over and over….this material does not need to be in a populated area…period. It greatly diminishes the quality of life for those who live anywhere near it.”

At the April 9th council meeting, Hall said that she had also received several phone calls about the rail cars being taken up Alabama Highway 269 towards Jasper, where the poop is being dumped in an old strip pit close to the Jasper City limits. She said no “entity” is regulating the poop-dumping and legislative action is needed to change that: “If there had been even a small amount of oversight this might never have happened.”

Walker Commission Chairman Jerry Bishop said:

“The Parrish Choo-Choo has been hauling stuff over here on the edge of Hay Valley. So we’ve called ADEM and EPA and everyone we can think of. They haven’t stopped it yet. It is on private land and I’m not even going to bring up the name. Everybody will find out whose it is. But I am saddened that we would take human waste and dump it on our land from another state up North. But I guess money is the key to everything.”

H/t InfoWars


32 responses to “New York ships its poop to America’s small towns

  1. Well, there is a solution for the poop, compost it. Look up humanure handbook dot com , Joseph Jenkins has two older copies of the book in PDF for free on the front page. There are two good science chapters discussing how the composting process turns waste into dirt over 1 to 2 years. Mostly, by leaving it alone as turning it disrupts the thermophilic bacteria, whose job is to break down things into their elemental form. Even carbon based toxins can be detoxified doing this. We have been living off grid since 1988 and have done this since then.

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    • This sounds like a great idea, whisperingsage1, because it’s what farmers have been doing ever since there have been farmers. I also wish to compliment Dr. Eowyn for having an article about what we do with sewage. While unpleasant to read, it informs us about one of the most important aspects of life, namely, how we deal with our waste and whether or not we do so wisely and safely. Before I entered school, I thought that I would learn there how our infrastructure works, i.e., where we get our water and how it is processed and distributed, what happens to our sewage and garbage, etc. I was surprised when none of that was ever dealt with. I thought that this should be basic and essential knowledge in any democracy, and I still do.

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      • Joe Magil . . . . You would think that the basic information about waste disposal would be required knowledge for anyone in our society. I suppose the schools are waaaay too busy teaching PC nonsense to teach anything as basic as waste management.

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  2. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    How about New York being forced to deal with their own crap! I guarantee they will make sure no one imports any crap to their state. Why should ANY state be responsible for another states waste? Especially sewage waste. And the money being made by these transporters is also a problem. Being New York I would not be surprised at any collusion with NY authorities.

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    • It’s to expensive, due to the Fee’s, Regulations, etc. that they created, they undermined themselves. It’s kind of like the Left eating the Left again, when will they learn. It say’s a lot, when Transportation Fees, Permits, the cost of actually running these huge Diesel Locomotives, Insurance, Labor, upkeep, still Monetarily outweighs the high cost of keeping the Waste local. Not to mention, I would think, it’s also a huge Bio-hazard, HIV, Hepatitis, Pharmaceuticals,etc. The Birds eat it, the Water Table gets contaminated, Mammals consume it, on and on. I don’t think Human Waste can even be used as a Fertilizer, just because of the type of crap we eat, Pun intended.

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    • bzerob . . . . Very wise comment. Let NY solve their own waste problems!

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  3. 🎶
    Sweet home Alabama
    Where the skies are so blue
    Sweet home Alabama
    Lord, I’m coming home to you

    Thanks New York, now the words to a great song will have to be changed.

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  4. As for me; I’m not about to take crap from anyone, especially liberals.

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  5. Talk about getting dumped on!

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  6. Ah, that’s what northeast liberals think red states are good for…

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  7. NEW YORK CITY I thought the only thing they sent south was cheap salsa but instead they are sending all the left leaning BS In solid form that is, there is no end to what libatards will do to the rest of the country. They create so much BS they ship it off to stink up the rest of us. The left strikes again.

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    • Brian, hope you are doing well. When I read the above caption I though it was all about Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio. Once again I’ve been mistaken!


  8. 2 b honest,this is something new for me,1st time i read about poop…joking a bit,that poop ,hot,& flies around it.made me laff…with all respect,i do luv yall,peace!

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  9. Thanks to greedy, small-town Mayors and city councilmorons, they are easily bribed into taking big-city doo-doo and garbage. I once lived in a small 5,000 pop. town in IL, whose politicians happily grabbed their piece of garbage pie. Railroad tracks were built into their landfill, and waste arrived from NYC, Philly and Chiraq. The landfill was only a mile SW of town, with prevailing southwesterly winds. Need I describe how angry the residents became when they began “smelling” the deceit? The criminal Mayor lost his next election, but the damage was already done. Their greedy city officials are now big spenders. This town was in a very conservative county that voted 80% for Donald Trump.

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  10. I made it to the lake front(Great Lakes) last summer and there was a sign posted: Please clean with baking soda and vinegar because they are dumping human waste water in the lake. I went to nutrient natural hygiene/cleaning products for many reasons. I just read a common alcohol chemical in their commercial chemical products encourages the gestation of parasites. YUK!


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  12. If you look at Google maps, you will see two prominent waste treatment plants in New York City. The main one is on Randall’s Island, between the Bronx and Manhattan; there is another, smaller one just outside and to the northwest of JFK Airport. The sewage is loaded into long pools where it is exposed to sunlight and the elements, and it is treated before it is shipped anywhere.
    I am not calling this post false by any means. But what I am asking is how the waste is transported by rail. Because first, it has to be loaded onto the rail cars. If you look at Randall’s and Ward’s Island, you will see the Triboro Bridge and the Hell Gate Bridge and Amtrak railroad tracks straddle the islands (now really one piece of land as the former 12-foot stream between them was landfilled some years back.) And you will also notice that there is no rail stop on the island; The Amtrak tracks are elevated over the island by more than 100 feet. So there is no rail loading facility on the island.
    Rather, there used to be some sort of docking facility on the island, where the treated waste was somewhat drained of excess water and loaded onto a barge, where the barge would take the waste about 100 miles east, into the Atlantic Ocean, where it would be dumped.

    The elimination of waste from all of America’s big cities shall remain a serious ecological and economic problem for years to come, for this basic reason: Cities are no longer allowed to incinerate their waste, in order to prevent air pollution. (NYC also used to have a waste pipeline into the ocean; I do not know if it is still in use). Incineration would greatly decrease the volume of the waste, whether it is sewage or household and business garbage, because incineration decreases the volume when it is reduced to ash.
    So I am not denying the veracity of this story. But having been a life-long New Yorker who is aware of most of the City’s facilities, I would need to be told precisely where these rail cars would be loaded up: It cannot be Randall’s or Ward’s Island (and it cannot be the South Bronx, because that would require a trucking facility). It cannot be the West Side’s Amtrak terminal, because there are no truck loading and unloading docks there, nor is there any smell.
    So the simple question is this: WHERE and HOW does New York City load and dump this waste onto the rail cars? I travel the highways and streets of this City every day, and, I am telling you, I have never seen the facilities that would be necessary for this to occur—unless it is transported from Randall’s or JFK to New Jersey first—which I believe is done, except for one other logistic problem: It would require THOUSANDS of trucks going through or over the New Jersey crossings of either the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels or the George Washington Bridge, which, having driven all hours of the day and night, I have also never seen.

    Interesting story nonetheless.


    • Although you repeatedly say you’re not, in actuality you are calling Parrish mayor Heather Hall, the AP, Daily Mountain Eagle and other news sources liars.

      Since you can’t figure out how NYC loads the rail cars with boxes of poop (as shown in the second pic in this post), why don’t you ask the NYC government what it does with all the poop?

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  13. The Schumer Express.

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  14. Well after all, liberals have been sh*tting on real America for well over a hundred years.

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  15. They used this extensively in Germany on the crops when I was there. There is some danger (if it isn’t properly treated), and people do get sick if they are not used to it. Eventually the body builds up resistance to the bacteria.

    The bottom line is that they have to do something with it. It can be turned into fertilizer and other products.

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  16. Yes, my Cajun relatives get very angry about this. They call it the Poo Poo Choo Choo.

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  17. I am not calling Hall a liar, nor am I saying she does not know what she is talking about. I cannot figure out the logistics required to do what the article says is done. For one thing, let us say that New York (and other cities) do this, and that they do this all across the country. All right, why doesn’t the entire country stink? And why is the smell of the sewage facilities in NYC all over the entire city? Because it’s not.
    And another thing strikes me as odd: the blue-tinted rail cars in the middle. I have never seen railroad cars like this; It doesn’t seem to me to make any logistical sense, even if these are cargo containers on flat beds.
    Furthermore, New York is not the only city with this problem: The entire country has it. So what happens to the sewage in the rest of the country???


  18. We can expect to read more stories of this kind as environmental policy begins to have an impact. Waste disposal of this, and many other kinds is big business, and it’s impossible for anyone outside of the business to know what the specific origin of this stuff is.

    With regards Professor Broiles comments, I guess the burden of proof rests with the said Mayor…. The regal gentlemans comments are as always insightful.

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  19. Maybe we should arrange to have them ship it to the “Yeti” factory?

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  20. The NYC Department of Environmental Protection moves liquid sludge in large tanker ships (which can be seen regularly plying our rivers and waterways) to only a couple of locations within the system of 14 large treatment plants in NYC. There they have special dryers to cook it down to large mats. These are transported in large trucks labelled “Municipal Waste” to the Hunts Point area of the Bronx, mostly at night. There is a private facility, NYOFCO, at 1108 Oak Point Avenue that “Pelletizes” the large sludge mats. Untreated sludge mats and pellets are shipped out from the nearby CSX rail yard in the exact rail cars and boxes shown in the picture. Pellets go primarily to Texas as fertilizer. The mats (which stink up the whole neighborhood around the CSX yard) get shipped out to whoever will take them. It’s all true. It’s all “legal”. I am not guessing. I know.

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  21. UPDATE: Pellet facility in Bronx was closed a couple of years ago due to constant odor problems. Untreated matts now go to other pellet facilities out of state or to whoever will take them for landfill etc. As there is more material than pellet facilities need. Go to Hunts Point along Bruckner Boulevard. You will see the trucks after dark and see and smell the rail cars in the CSX yard at various times. They get them out as soon as they can because of the odors.

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