The Dogs of War

WARNING: Get your hanky ready . . . .

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27 responses to “The Dogs of War

  1. awesome,speechless,my heart in pieces!

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  2. There is no limit to the love of a dog for his master.
    There is no limit to the love of a master for his dog.
    My hope is that one day I will become the person my dog thinks I am. I owe him no less.

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  3. Hadenoughalready


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  5. I respect Service Dogs more than anything in the World, Thanks for Posting.

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  6. You’re trying to tear my heart out!

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  7. Brave, beautiful soldiers. Heartbreaking to lose a single one of these heroes.

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  8. I have to rant. How can anybody respect the son of a b….h that takes a knee during the National Anthem of a GAME, because they are butt hurt over the way some cop treated some poor person with less than kid gloves? He has no idea how the poor live. When Colin Kapernick stands up from his knee, takes off his football uniform and puts on an army or marine uniform, and goes overseas and on patrol to help protect his fellow soldiers, in support of the mission of defending this nation that has given him so much, then I will applaud his so called sacrifice. Until then, I have more respect for a dog then for him. At least they show loyalty to their friends, instead of to themselves.

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    • pigpen51 . . . . Congratulations! I am more than sure that the vast majority of us are in complete agreement with that sentiment.

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      • Auntie Lulu, I have no problem with people who criticize this nation. We do indeed have things that we could do better, and one of the things that make us great is the freedom to complain. But don’t criticize those who are willing to defend this nation, or choose to use the moment set aside to honor them, to complain about the police or any other thing that you don’t like. The time and place for that is anywhere else. When you choose to hijack the short moment set aside for our anthem, which celebrates the nation as symbolized by the flag, you are showing disrespect to those who have fought and also died in defense of that very nation. I get too angry when I see that.

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      • Dogs are better than people!!!

        Dogs love their mates unconditionally

        Dogs do not lie to their mates

        Dogs will pick-up their mates when their mates are down

        My dogs: Strange Bird, Rascal and Bucket – humanlly speaking – complete my life – because of them, I am never alone

        That they find “my life,” worth them waiting for – I can’t comprehend

        One day, by and by – Jesus Will Explain It All – to me!!!

        High Rider

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  9. Amen. God bless the soldiers and their dogs!!! Awesome pics.

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  10. They are more than best friends or mans best friend they are family. When you take the time to train and raise them you put the love in as well. So they become part of the family and they know it. When I am at home my dog follows me around and when he can’t get in to the room or if I’m out side he whines till my wife or son lets him in or out he is not happy if he is not there to protect me. Thank you for such a beautiful post Doc this off sets all the bad we have had to see and listen to for this day.

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    • Brian . . . . I must agree with you . . .”dogs really are part of our family.” The grief upon losing one of them is unimaginable. I guess that is the trade off for loving them so much, and having them mean so much to us.

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  11. Speechless indeed… ♥

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  12. I love well-trained dogs, and this post made my day!

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  13. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    May God bless the war dogs!

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  14. I love seeing German Shepherds like this – I could watch videos of them all day long. Someone in my family has had a German Shepherd for 35 years. I had to put my bestest buddy down a few years back, and wish I could have another one, but my current situation won’t permit it.

    I’ll confess, one of my favorite movies is “K-9” with Jim Belushi & Jerry Lee.

    Last year, I read a book called “The Dog Who Could Fly: The Incredible True Story of a WWII Airman and the Four-Legged Hero Who Flew At His Side”. I actually got 2 copies, one for me, and one for my dad.

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