Left eat left: Libtard Amy Schumer’s new movie receiving backlash from feminists and SJWs

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer still making movies in America…

According to “surveys” her new movie, I Feel Pretty, is on track to open behind her last two comedies.

Critics have called the movie “depressing,” an “honest- to-God fiasco,” some “crap comedy,” and a movie with a “story that is simplistic.”

Another Hollyweird movie I won’t be seeing.

From Fox News: Comedian Amy Schumer responded to the criticism she received for her latest film “I Feel Pretty” after the movie’s trailer spurred backlash.

Schumer, 36, told the Daily Beast she was aware of the backlash the film’s trailer received after critics blasted the movie’s message and accused it of focusing on today’s beauty standards.

“I was surprised,” Schumer said of the backlash. “But then I understood right away.”

The movie is about Renee Bennett, played by Schumer, who works for a beauty company but has low self-esteem. The woman does not feel pretty or thin enough compared to the other women in her office.

Bennett’s whole outlook on her life changes after she hits her head during an exercise class. The fall gives her a self-esteem boost and increases her confidence.

Following the trailer, critics accused the film of body-shaming women and setting “a standard of beauty so high that someone as conventionally attractive as Amy Schumer doesn’t meet it.”

“People felt like this was supposed to be a movie where I play the really ugly girl and then I get pretty in the end or something,” Schumer said. “But that’s not what it is. It’s just about somebody with really low self-esteem.”

“It’s a metaphor for how much you want to be able to communicate to the people you love that you think are gorgeous, that you wish they could see themselves the way you see them,” the “Trainwreck” star explained. “People just kind of projected their own stuff onto it. That doesn’t surprise me. I think people do that for everything. But I really hope that doesn’t keep them from seeing the movie.”

Schumer said she thought the backlash was “clarifying” and believed there was a need for a film like “I Feel Pretty” now.

“I think the trailer really triggered people, which is part of the reason why I think there is such a need for this movie right now,” she said. “And I hope that people do give it a chance. I know they’ll feel good leaving it. I really believe that.”

Despite Schumer believing the film’s message is enough to bring viewers in, The Hollywood Reporter stated the movie is slated to open lower than her other two hit comediesSnatched” and “Trainwreck.” The movie is expected to take in $13 to $15 million during the opening compared to “Trainwreck” which received $30.1 million.

I Feel Pretty” hits theaters on Friday.


48 responses to “Left eat left: Libtard Amy Schumer’s new movie receiving backlash from feminists and SJWs

  1. “Spurned”? You people need a proofreader.


  2. anyway not watching hollyweird movies for years already,so…

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  3. Like DGC said one more left wing nut movie I will not see nor would I want to as well. Sorry been out a while chemo slows me down some but will post as I am able. I know folks get a laugh out of this backwoods TN guys post lol. But its all in fun.

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    • Godspeed Brian, stay in the fight. I don’t know you personally, but I can empathize, nothing means a thing without mental and physical health. In other words, You can’t be happy when you’re feeling crappy. Stay strong, even if it’s the last thing you want to do, take a walk in the fresh air, you’ll feel better afterwards, I promise.

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    • Get well soon and God bless you and heal you.

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    • God Bless you Brian. Cancer is a rough ride and Chemo is rougher. Don’t just hang in there, punch that devil cancer’s lights out!

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    • Brian, I know what You are going through, been there done that, Your positive attitude and our powerful prayers will get you through the hurdle, POSITIVE MIND AND ATTITUDE AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SAY THE EXPERIENCE HAS MADE YOU STRONGER, you’ll see, I know it well!

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      • Alma I don’t have the space here but in a nut shell when I got sick I made a promise to Christ and have kept it since 2yr in the running and the ministry he lead me to and now don’t laugh but I have been giving christian books to young girls in all the fast food places I go every day and now have over 6 young girls in their early 20’s who look for the next book I am bringing none of them have read the Bible so I thought let me make it easy for you.
        But I told God if he kept me alive I would take the Lord in to the work place and I have in so many levels now. He has blessed me with doing this so I am trying to do my part the first thing I said when I went back to work was that my religious liberty came first them my job or I can leave. But it does make you stronger the Lord didn’t give me the cancer but he is using it to promote his Great Commission and that is all right by me. Use me UP.

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        • Brian, can I ask what Christian books you give out? It’s such a good idea, maybe some of us can do that as well. Good luck with your healing, God will bless you for what you do!

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    • Brian . . . . I pray that you will be able to overcome whatever symptoms your course of chemco may throw at you. You are loved, and highly valued in the FOTM family . . . please remember that!

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    • Brian—There is proven power in shared prayer..& you’re getting that power right now from all of us. My mom survived ovarian cancer in a time when no one did. She was only 36 (I was young/fearful of becoming motherless.) She did all the (primitive, old-style) surgery, chemo etc….felt like crap for 3 years…all the side-affects you can think of, & yet, this passed, &, 50 years later, she’s still here (!). YOU need to hear that big 5-0 number!!!! IN FACT,during her darkest days…she’d found out about a Dr w/a private clinic in Tennessee who helped cancer patients learn how to combat/live with all the side-affects, problems….ill-feelings of cancer treatment, and she and my dad drove down there from MD and stayed to be treated/learn from this Dr. Wish I could remember names/places for you….but this was so long ago and I was so young…….Pretty sure this was a huge reason she became strong enough to survive the (then) nearly unsurvivable. This Dr. taught her how to use OTC meds to combat constipation, and it’s opposite, a sick stomach, waning appetite, dry skin….low energy….EVERYTHING that no one else in her trreatment regimen addressed. Oncologists are focused on killing cancer….but not so much on allowing their patients to thrive and live through the process……

      Furthermore, When I was told of her diagnosis & dire prognosis all those years ago, in that room (I was being prepared by doctors & my elders for her death), I felt God’s hand on me immediately, & NEVER EVER for one minute believed or feared she would die at that time from that affliction. I pray you can find that hand of God while you heal and journey back to robust health. I pray someone close to you can feel it, too, and take that journey with you. It sounds to me like you might have already been touched by that hand—–Hang on to it unfailingly!

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  4. I hope her Cousin Chucky is proud of her, he probably is. My Dog just glanced at the computer screen and got sick when she saw her photo!

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    • Stovepipe . . . . Don’t abuse you pooch in that manner! No one human or animal should have to look at that skanky witch.

      I for one am very happy that this movie is set to do even worse than her first two. Things are certainly looking up from my perspective. Perhaps she will eventually get the idea that people just do not want to see her . . . not naked, not dressed, not at all!

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  5. I’m going to eat at a Peruvian restaurant that the food is delicious, Rose’ wine and a tres leches to die for! I hate blubber thus won’t pay to watch her.

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  6. “But I really hope that doesn’t keep them from seeing the movie.”

    Translation: I’m ugly, immoral, and hateful to the core, but I need the money. Please buy tickets.

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  7. Let’s face it, Amy Shumer is neither pretty or funny. I suspect the only reason we even know who she is, is that she has a famous JEWISH uncle. She isn’t funny unless you find someone who can say “vagina” more times than any normal person amusing.

    She is fat. She can call that whatever she likes, but the fact is, she eats too much. This is not an incurable condition. Her movie makes the case that fat pigs that eat too much shouldn’t moderate themselves. They should just continue to blow up like blimps until they become morbidly obese.

    She is about as funny and endearing as Lena Dunham. In fact, they should come as a “set”. Other than the fact that she is a “large” girl, there is nothing “deformed” or physically unattractive about her other than she eats too much.

    This has to be the height of self-serving narcissism. She wants to flaunt her fat and demand that her eyesore audience applaud her for it.

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  8. I think that a better title for this movie is “I feel stupid”.

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  9. There’s a cure for women like her – wire up the jaws, less talk and more exercise. I wouldn’t watch her trash if someone paid me.

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  10. Compared to beauty Queens this women better stay in her league…..better get some counseling if she doesn’t think her body is good enough or get someone to make love to her frequently and whispering sweet words that way it will raise how she sees herself….

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  11. If she weren’t related to Sen. UpChuck, she would be working in a car wash somewhere.

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  12. Straight to the video sales bin! It’s mainstream America who buys movie tickets so if you call them stupid and make a mockery of their values don’t look for them to flock to your film.

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  13. DIS-GUS-TING. never seen any of her bile. never will.
    I will however make fun of her.
    anybody know any amy schumer jokes?

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  14. Captain America

    Bride of Michelin Man.

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  15. Just to cut to the chase, she has no talent. She isn’t pretty. She isn’t funny. The fact that she even got a movie attests to her connections. It certainly wasn’t because she is some blazing talent.

    Her jokes are not funny. Her delivery is poor. When that fails (which it always does), she resorts to being crude. Occasionally she takes off her clothes. She’s rapidly becoming too fat to do that. Hence………..the film! She’s another Hillary loser.

    How bereft of taste does one have to be to pay money to watch an obnoxious fat girl try to be funny? I keep asking myself, why would chubby, pale girls like her and Lena make a habit of taking off their clothes and imitating the underside of Shamu? It must be some sort of whale fetish.

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  16. Hopefully, someone will “Snatch” this “Trainwreck” of a movie off the silver screens across America before it is too late! Oh the Humanity!!!

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