Classless socialist: Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant becomes unhinged with Women’s March tweet about Barbara Bush

kshama sawant tweet

Remember folks, #LoveTrumpsHate!

The left always reveal their vile, hypocritical souls while claiming to be the party of “tolerance” and “pro-women.”

Yet time and time and time again they show they are bullies to anyone who doesn’t share their political ideology.

That is the case of Seattle councilmember and socialist Kshama Sawant.

After Barbara Bush passed away, the Women’s March (whom we are no fans of) tweeted the following: “Rest in peace and power, Barbara Bush.”

Short, sweet and polite.

But the socialist was having NONE OF THAT. The councilmember tweeted the following:

“This is terrible. @womensmarch organizers have helped lead historic protests since Trump’s election but this tweet shows how, without a political compass, even well-meaning progressives can end up giving cover to ruling class & ultimately undermining struggles against oppression.”


Best part is the reaction (of which the MAJORITY did not approve of her tweet) by many proggies. Here’s some examples:

“What is wrong with you? The woman died. It’s not like she was a dictator. There’s nothing wrong with expressing condolences.”

“You’re Politics is sick with resentment, and anger. Explains why we have seen little as far as solutions to our homeless explosion, but a significant increase in vitriolic political rhetoric.”

“This is an incredibly troubling message, Councilmember. You have a rude awakening coming for your re-election. I’d highly suggest you start focusing on the ISSUES in your district and not dissing on a Women’s group expressing their thoughts of someone that passed away.”

“This is beyond pathetic. Have a little bit of respect. If it was you in mourning, even those of us who despise you, would be sympathetic to the pain your loss would cause your loved ones. You seriously need a lesson in humility.”

“You are disgusting (and I’m trying to be nice – maybe I shouldn’t since you aren’t). What you did is exactly against women!! It shouldn’t matter what side of the political spectrum someone is for the women’s march to express condolences.”

“Kshama…you lost your voters by this simple tweet.”

“Imagine if someone said that about your mother, daughter, sister… How utterly disturbing your comment is.

“you are an embarrassment to the city of seattle and state of washington.”

“Shame on you!”

Not a good look for you, Seattle voters. Remember this during Sawant’s next re-election campaign.


35 responses to “Classless socialist: Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant becomes unhinged with Women’s March tweet about Barbara Bush

  1. But yet when Minnie Mandela dies they’re all devastated.

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  2. Not a good look for you, Seattle voters. Remember this during ANY LIBERAL DEMOCAT’S next re-election campaign.

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  3. Open mouth insert foot hope she has athletes foot or toe fungus that she gets trench mouth for a day. Do not disrespect the dead for one day you will be there and answer for what you said that is if your lucky enough to change your ways that is.

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    • I agree, don’t kick someone just because they’re dead,
      but lets not turn a family of vile criminals into dime-store heroes either-if anything we ought to be celebrating the death of tyrants


  4. Kevin J Lankford

    “Well meaning-progressives”?…Some thing very disturbing about that phrase; a real non-sequitur.

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  5. DCG . . . . Excellent Post! This is the very best news I have heard today; this totally lame person who speaks for the City of Seattle, seems to have shot herself in the foot. I just hope that the voters of Seattle have long memories, and that they remember what an acid tongued witch they have serving on their City Council.

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  6. ‘giving cover to ruling class and ultimately undermining struggles against oppression”???? Sounds like something right out of Marx’s commie handbook. These people are unbelievable but even more so are those who listen to these pinko unAmericans. If they want to live under a socialist/commie regime by all means… go… go… do it and leave us alone.

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  7. She’s set a great example of what is wrong with our immigration policies. Ship the bitch back to the hole she crawled out of.

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    • I can’t wait to see this toxic scourge leave the northwest, and hopefully she’ll take all other vile liberals with her. I would gladly assist her in packing and then shoving her passport into the shredder as she heads back on a one way flight to India. Better yet, send her to Syria. She is an embarrassment, a convicted criminal, and has violated her oath of office (that is viewable on youtube).

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  8. I think it is incredibly presumptive to post sweet nothings farewell to the mother of ONE OF THE WORST CRIMINAL FAMILIES in American history-I doubt whether people really know who she really was, married to a pedophile-they are guilty of countless crimes including theft, murder, fraud, treason, warmongering causing the death and suffering of millions of humans on this earth, including human trafficking,drug trafficking, money laundering, 9/11 terrorist attack-NO QUARTER to these CRIMINALS

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  10. Bushes are proof only the good die young

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  11. You know what? I despise who and what Jane Fonda stands for. I joke that I will urinate on her grave. But when she passes away, I will have enough class to wish her to rest in peace, and to pray the she found the Savior in her lifetime. Sad, that so many people are without kindness and class, and also sad that some of them are often Christians. We know that is true. Sometimes, the only difference between Christians and the unsaved is the blood of Christ, and while that is enough, it should not be all. Where is the love that Jesus said that all men would know that we are His disciples by seeing? Just a reminder, not an accusation.

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  12. “Kshama”? Did she make that up? She has the nerve to talk about “giving cover to the ruling class (?)”? These communists are tiresome. Not an ounce of grace or character.

    This is the face of tyranny. That’s how they are. It’s a mystery to me how they get them to line up to be ordered around. Women’s “liberation”. Sounds more like enslavement to me.

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  13. I am no friend of Sawant, but she does have a point: Barbara Bush (alleged to have been the daughter of Aleister Crowley) was married to an elitist criminal, and at least three of her sons have been credibly accused of criminal activity by some in the alt-right community.
    I am more inclined to agree with veteran political consultant Roger Stone, who opined that Mrs. Bush was petty, venal and “vindictive,” and I also take note of her interview on the Larry King show, where she said to King, “If you say anything bad about my family, I’ll kill you.”

    All right, she did promote literacy. Point duly noted.

    She’s not the first First Lady not to be missed, and she most certainly won’t be the last. Just because someone dies does not rule out fair and just criticism against her. And, YES, Barbara Bush was a Luciferian or a Satanist.

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    • When someone dies they are dead. A person with grace and dignity does not take the opportunity to malign them. What they did is done and they are now going to stand before the Throne of Judgement for their just reward.

      She is not upset about anything Babs Bush did or didn’t do, she is merely annoyed that it is diverting attention away from her brand of tyranny. I don’t care for her either, or any of that slimy clan (or their proteges and spawn).

      She is gone. May she rest in peace until she gets her comeuppance.


    • “Barbara Bush’s womb had more dictators pass through it than the halls of the UN”
      Sal the Agorist


  14. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    How twisted has this country become when the death of the wife of an ex-president evokes such sinister public vocalizations? And then they, after publicly voicing these things, get all in a SJW snit when they are called out not only for their overtly obvious social insensitivity but for simply being a total asshat!

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    • The Founding Fathers would have hung the entire family in a public place until their eyes were pecked out by the crows-most of us wouldn’t make rude comments about the dead, and BB was never in the direct spotlight as far as the shenanigans of the Bush Crime Cartel, but people who think they could eulogize this PATHOLOGICAL FAMILY without protest are in sad need of red-pilling and getting some PERSPECTIVE on who these people ARE,


      • God did not appoint us the “purveyors of justice”. We only get involved when it is required to preserve our society. The ultimate “justice” is God’s, not ours. It does not make us more holy to punish those we disagree with. What makes us more holy is to grow in grace. Being disrespectful to the dead is not graceful. It is mean spirited and deserving of penance.


  15. W. Bush claims she loves Ozzy Ozbourne music, as does he, a foul, appropriately Satanic taste in music they share with the Queen of England. The woman was very likely a monster and could VERY well be Hillary Clinton’s senior or even mentor to an extent. In wickedness, if nothing else.

    Her heritage of course means next to nothing. Aleister didn’t raise her, and just because she is his daughter doesn’t mean anything. But the chances of her not escaping occultic upbringing is extremely low considering her family and its TREASON and other crimes.

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    • Well then let’s all be thankful she’s in God’s hands now. I will not miss her. The same goes for the rest of them. We’ve all watched them enrich themselves at better people’s expense. Now it is time to balance the scales.

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  16. Everything has become political. That’s a sure sign psychologically, we’re living in a very sick society.

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  17. Criticism of someone who just died comes to the fore because the mindless praise comes to the fore at that point. Barbara was an enabler and supporter of the Bush family atrocities. Are Iraqi families who lost loved ones in the Bush’s wars mourning Barbara? Kshama is right!


  18. Wonder how many posters here will want to have sweet eulogies about Bill and Hillary (poor victims:( ) when they die


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