Cheapskate: Tax returns show de Blasio paid more for tax preparation than he gave to charities in 2017

bill de blasio

Shocker, not.

The mayor has a net worth of $1.5 million.

From NY Post: Charity starts at home, but not if that home is Gracie Mansion.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife gave a grand total of $350 to charity in 2017 on an adjusted gross income of $223,449, according to tax returns they released Tuesday.

It marked a significant drop from the first couple’s charitable giving in 2016 — when de Blasio was up for re-election — of $2,088 to charity.

Asked about the donation gap, mayoral spokesman Austin Finan responded that “the mayor is not a rich man.”

“He and the first lady help their son pay tuition to one of the most expensive schools in the country,” Finan added. The couple listed the tuition payments at Yale University for their son, Dante, as $51,400 in 2017.

They also listed their two Park Slope rental properties as generating tax losses of more than $12,000, despite collecting a combined $104,000 in rent last year.

The fee for their tax preparer was $500.


22 responses to “Cheapskate: Tax returns show de Blasio paid more for tax preparation than he gave to charities in 2017

  1. “$350 to charity in 2017 on an adjusted gross income of $223,449”

    Amazing, but not surprising. De Blasio’s uncharitable stinginess is consistent with what Arthur C. Brooks found years ago. Based on survey findings, his 2006 book, Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism, found that 75% of American families donate to charity, giving $1,800 each, on average. A registered Democrat who was raised in a progressive academic family, Brooks had expected liberals would give the most. Instead, to his surprise, he found that conservatives were far more compassionate than liberals, giving about 30% more despite making less. Conservatives also give more to charity in time and service.

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  2. No surprise at all considering this POS man and his hateful bisexual wife. He doesn’t have a generous bone in his body.
    He has not worked for benefit of NY and yet they reelected him. Just because someone is a liberal doesn’t necessarily mean anything positive.
    I have never like the guy and am waiting anxiously for his downfall.

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  3. As a professional in the field I can tell anyone’s politics by their donations. Liberals give very little to charity (it is the government’s job?), frequently try to deduct donations to political groups, and are adamant to pay as little tax as possible. Conservatives ask instead of tell, and give FAR more to causes. Somehow they almost never list political organizations in their deductions. And while they don’t like paying taxes they do not try to demand shady deductions. The few liberals who give substantially are good candidates for flipping; their hearts are already there!

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  4. Playing around with the numbers , it’s roughly .00165 % of his yearly income ….if I figured correctly .
    I hope that doesn’t put a crimp in his lifestyle .

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    • japoa . . . . Thank you doing the math. When you actually see the percentage of his income that goes to charity . . . . it is just astonishing! What a flippin’ skinflint! All the more reason to detest the man.

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  5. This is from Phrase Finder…
    What’s the meaning of the word ‘Cheapskate’?

    A mean or despicable person.

    Cheapskate is one of the numerous scornful terms for someone who has’ short arms and long pockets’, that is, someone who is reluctant to spend money or pay their fair share. They are otherwise known as misers, pikers, scrooges, skinflints, tight-wads or penny-pinchers.

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  6. Do as I say, forget about what WE do, that’s none of your damn business, you elected me so take any way you want.

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  7. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Nothing but a ‘money grubber.’ He always looks so clumsy and waddles like a duck.


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  8. The higher up on the power chain such people go, the worse they get.

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  9. Typical commie-lib hypocrite.

    They are only ‘compassionate’ when they are paying for it with other people’s money.

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  10. Many of my leftist Uber passengers and I agree: We all DETEST Deblasio because the man is an impostor of sorts, always pretending to be something he’s not. And we also agree that the man is both CROOKED—at least politically—and STUPID—at least personally.
    Well, at least he can’t be elected for a third term (not unless Bloomberg changes the law again!)

    I would take $5– from the man, but I would not allow him to wash my car!

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  11. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Many donations are not given to help the needy, but as an investment by which one carries out a political cause to benefit the “donor.” Usually at the expense of those really in need. Haiti somehow comes to mind, along with a flood of others suffering from catastrophe.


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