Pennsylvania House votes to ban abortions for Down Syndrome

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From ABC News: A proposal to prohibit abortions in Pennsylvania when the sole reason is that the fetus has or may have Down syndrome passed the state House on Monday by a comfortable margin.

The Republican-majority chamber voted 139-56 to send the Senate a bill that supporters said would protect a vulnerable population.

“I think sometimes, ‘Oh my goodness, what if my parents for some reason didn’t think I was good enough as an unborn child?'” said House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, the prime sponsor.

The fate of the bill is unclear in the Republican-controlled Senate, but Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf opposes it.

Opponents argued it would violate the right of women to make their own decisions about abortion and cautioned against forcing parents to raise children with the genetic chromosomal disorder.

“Doctors should not be forced to become grand inquisitors, but we’re left with a bill that does just that, one I hope the governor will be quick to veto,” said Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny.

Pennsylvania law allows abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy for any reason except to choose the gender. The bill would add to that prohibition “a prenatal diagnosis of, or belief that the unborn child has, Down syndrome.”

Majority Whip Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster, disputed opponents’ arguments that the Legislature should be focused on doing more for people with Down syndrome and other conditions. He said lawmakers have funded such efforts. “It’s simply not accurate to say these individuals are overlooked or not cared for once they are born,” Cutler said.

A spokeswoman for Wolf called the bill “another example of Harrisburg Republicans exploiting vulnerable families and trying to undermine the doctor-patient relationship to score political points.”

“Pennsylvania Republicans are trying once again to criminalize a health care decision that Gov. Wolf has been clear should be made by a woman and her doctor, not politicians in Harrisburg,” said Wolf deputy press secretary Sara Goulet.

A similar bill that was enacted last year in Ohio has been put on hold by a federal judge, who said opponents were “highly likely” to show the law violates the U.S. Constitution.

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates called the bill a coordinated attack on safe and legal abortion and women’s reproductive rights. The group and their allies on the House floor noted the legislation was not the subject of public hearings.


18 responses to “Pennsylvania House votes to ban abortions for Down Syndrome

  1. While we complain of a uni-party in Washington, DC — that there’s little difference between the Democrat & Republican Parties — this vote by Pennsylvania’s GOP-majority State House shows that at the state level, Republicans really are not the same as Demonrats.

    Please continue to vote for and support Republicans in state governments.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . God Bless you for stating what should be obvious. When societies can start picking and choosing who gets to live . . . . it’s not that far off the mark to envision someone coming up with the idea that when us older folks reach the age of perhaps 72 that they are no longer of significant value to society, except to their own family members. Many conjecture . . . what a monetary savings there would be–less folks on Social Security, less folks on Medicare, people not having to wait so long in doctor’s offices because those pesky old folks would no longer be around, also it would free up dwellings so that the homeless crisis would be eased. No doubt the pluses to this kind of legislature would include more than the reasons stated. {SARC} Although some nation’s in Europe have led the way in this kind of thinking. This is a horrible travesty.

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      • Dear Auntie—this “elderly abuse” that you describe has already been codified in Obamacare……..physicians are mandated by Obamacare (among other elder-abuses) to directly “counsel” the elderly (age 60 or more?) about end of life “choices.”

        I want to warn FOTM readers about something that I did not know about until a dear friend had to experience/navigate it herself: DO NOT record any legal “do not resusitate” end-of-life orders without qualifiers. My friend went horseback riding here at night on her own well-trained, well-loved horse of 20 years’ training/ownership (due to our 100-degree-plus days in summer) and her horse stumbled over a rock or rut, throwing her onto her head. She had head trauma and, in the local ER, they insisted upon knowing whether or not she had “do not resusitate” medical orders on file anywhere. Add in—she had crossed a certain “age line” where this question was supposed to be asked. The gist of this story is….NO SHE DID NOT…..and was at least stable/aware enough to tell them that she did not. HAD SHE HAD THOSE ORDERS, we found out that they would NOT have treated her head injury. She, quite possibly, would have just been “monitered” untreated until her certain death. Otherwise, she spent 4 days with treatment in the hospital and some months with anti-seizure meds, just in case….but recovered fantastially and went back to work as a teacher. Had she had the “do not resusitate” orders….and being just over age 60, it would have included to NOT treat a head trauma at this age and other things that are NOT immediately apparent to we who are not medically saavy to the range of trauma-injuries/trauma-treatments and/or the Obamacare 14-million page parameters.

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        • The DNRs are a common thing that many are pressured to sign off on upon moving into senior centers (I worked in a senior center for awhile and witnessed it).

          Good thing your friend had not signed one!


        • And yet the qualifiers, as you mention, are important. We had one resident who died immediately and because no one could locate the DNR paperwork, the medics had a “responsibility” to try and revive her dead body…while the family watched. It was Brutal.

          Common sense was out the window as legalities took priority. It was not a good thing…

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  2. as Gov. George Wallace proclaimed: “There’s Not a Dime’s worth of Difference between the Dem’s & the Repub’s.. = State or National..!!

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    • governor Wallace wasn’t talking about the “New and Improved” versions,which are drastically different in their beliefs,intentions and degree of blatant insanity. The DNC is America’s largest Domestic Terrorist Organization. They are intent on destroying everything America is about and making America part of the One World Community,no more special than Kenya or Nigeria or Mexico. OTOH,MOST of the Republicans are fighting to hang onto the America that we love,the one millions of Americans have given their lives to protect. Which side are you on? Obviously,WE are NOT supporting the resident Domestic Terrorists.

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      • Truck . . . . Congratulations! That was right on point. Let’s face it . . . today’s Dem-Communists are not John Kennedy Democrats.

        I can tell you for sure, two of my nieces have completely written me off, because I am a Constitutionalist-Conservative. It hurts like the dickens, but one must stand for their ideals, no matter the cost. I may just have the last laugh on them, since I have no children, and no husband, but I do have property and other items . . . since they are so sure that it is the “government’s place to take care of them,” I doubt that they will be inheriting anything from me — let them look to the government for an inheritance.

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        • Since you are unmarried and have no children of your own, as your biological family members, they stand to inherit. Please make sure you have a will, containing a stipulation that those 2 nieces don’t get a penny.

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        • I’m sorry to hear that about your nieces Auntie. That would hurt. It is not surprising these days is considering all the brainwashing the left has done to our youth. The doctor is correct -make sure you have things worked out legally.

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  3. Small victories!

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  4. This is great news and the governor of TN has passed a law that says the money that goes to Planned murderhood will go to other pregnant facilities and not them THANK GOD. No tax money from us in the state. I think TN and Nevada are the only two states that have stepped up to the plate so far.
    One of the few things our governor did he will be gone next election with corker and Lamar as well.

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  5. Lord Jesus please ensure this passes.

    Or did it already? Too exhausted to read tonight. slips into the bliss of sleep

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  6. I am no Sarah Palin fan, but she was absolutely right when she said, “We need more Downs Syndrome babies, not less.”

    I cannot fathom why God, in His Infinite Mercy and Love, would allow this condition to happen to anybody. But I admit I am not God. People with Downs Syndrome ARE NOT “birth defects,” as one Downs Syndrome young man once said, they are human beings. They have EVERY RIGHT to be here just as much as anyone else.

    A large number of women who have had abortions in the U.S. have had second thoughts about them, and America has been changing its attitude regarding abortion on demand. Be that as it may, I am certain that Planned Parenthood already has Pennsylvania’s politicians in their sights; They will be filing their amicus briefs shortly. Nevertheless, we must keep on fighting.
    And this fight remains important: Being a man, I cannot get pregnant; Being single and celibate, I have never paid for or procured an abortion for any woman, and I will continue to remain safe on that front. Ronald Reagan said that “All the people in favor of abortion have already been born,” and I would add, “All the people who favor euthanasia have already been born and have not died yet.” The social engineers and the Obamacare freaks are out there, lurking in the woodwork of their little cabals, and at the age of 62, I am confidant they will be coming for us all, once we become “inconvenient.” Don’t tell me there is no connection between one phenomenon and the other: THERE IS: The Rockefeller Foundation, British Eugenics in action in America (and the rest of the world) smacked their lips at BOTH, from the GET-GO. The Bolsheviks favored abortion and contraception from the GET-GO; They, too, favored eugenics.

    Every sort of eugenics program must be seen and identified for what it is, and that abortion, contraception, The Pill, euthanasia, gene editing, GMO foods, vaccines, chemtrails, false flag events and all the rest are but planks of EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS in their Benthamite utilitarian agenda ENGINE OF DEATH!!! They won’t be satisfied to stop at the killing of Down Syndrome babies, or female babies, or black babies, or deformed babies, NO: THEY ARE COMING FOR US ALL. This is because They are of Their Father, THE DEVIL, and they are here to do the Devil’s work.

    Pray to Our Lady of Quito.

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  7. When will these liberals get it through their heads they will have the freedom of their so called productive rights, it is the killing of innocents we object to.

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  8. Wow… I’m as far right as they come and this is just stupid.


  9. Abortion is not “healthcare.” Maybe when we divorce the language of abortion from the language of “women’s healthcare,” we might be able to look at abortion for what it truly is: “snuff medical practice.” The left has been handy with euphemisms for decades, so as to soothe the populace into silence and compliance. One can only hope that some of the latest medical understandings of human development within the womb, and maybe even the several Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, etc etc…..movements might EVEN believe what they say publicly…and that this includes ALL BEATING HEARTS…whether in or out of the womb.

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