Florida city inspector Melissa Power to veteran: ‘You did nothing for this country!’

The Daily Wire reports that on April 16, 2018, a Jacksonville, Florida city inspector issued a warning citation to a sports store for flying on its rooftop the American flag and flags of the five branches of the U.S. military.

The inspector’s name is Melissa Power. The store is Jaguar Power Sports.

A customer in the store, a military veteran, took issue with Power’s citation.

As recounted by store employee Katie Klasse, Power got in the veteran’s face.

Jacksonville city inspector Melissa Power tells off veteran

Power: “What did you do for this country?”

Veteran: “I took three bullets to the leg. I almost lost my life for this country. I’m retired. I’m a veteran.”

Power gets in his face, points her finger at him and says, “You did nothing for this country.”

The store’s employees said Power became so disruptive she was asked to leave.

Power’s supervisor was at Jaguar Power Sports when the incident occurred.

When Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry was informed about the incident, he tweeted (@lennycurry):

We support our military and veterans, and we appreciate businesses who honor their service.

I have directed city staff that military flags should be treated same as US flag. Let them fly. I Have reached out to the business owner & will review employee procedures. COJ employees r expected to be respectful of our customers – you, the people of Jacksonville.

The Blaze reported that Jacksonville City Hall was inundated with calls about the citation, and that many calls wanted the inspector fired.

Many military veterans are furious:

  • Dan Arbour: “They’re flying a flag on their building and it’s not out in the street. It’s not in the public right-of-way. All these flags represent people who lived, worked and died serving our country so we can do this. Somebody needs to school her on what the codes are. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. We have the life we have because of these flags and the men who serve. I’ve got words for her that I can’t say on TV.”
  • Stephen Anthon: “I was very offended. If this business didn’t support veterans, I wouldn’t be here right now.”
  • Navy veteran Lanny Austin: “I was enraged. I’m retired Navy. My son’s retired Army. We put our butts out there and they pull this. I don’t like it. The way she handled herself was totally disrespectful.”

Contact info. for Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry:

  • Mailing address: Mayor’s Office, City Hall at St. James Building, 117 W. Duval St. Suite 400, Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • Phone: (904) 630-1776
  • Email: MayorLennyCurry@coj.net

Petition to fire Melissa Power here.


37 responses to “Florida city inspector Melissa Power to veteran: ‘You did nothing for this country!’

  1. She’s dangerous, she’s the type that would snitch on you behind you’re back. If she was in your home or Business, and you had a weapon not in a safe, she’s consider herself a Mandated Reporter and notify the Authorities, she’s power drunk because she’s a shallow, hollow individual. Inside she’s envious of someone that does good.

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  3. Jeeze, what a great pick up Dr. I completely missed it and will re blog and link back to yours site. I too am a veteran, the woman either was having a bad day, but looks to need some time off without pay. An apology would be in order. Thanks again.

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  4. If I were the veteran, I would’ve punched her out, I don’t care what gender Power is. Good on him for showing restraint.

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    • She needs to be loaded into a plane and dumped out over North Korea.

      Once she has ingested enough tree bark and grass, maybe she will appreciate the sacrifices so many have made that allow her to be a brainless, blithering dumbass.

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      • “She needs to be loaded into a plane and dumped out over North Korea.”
        Excellent suggestion.

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      • “Once she has ingested enough tree bark and grass…”

        Yes, for seven years at least, like Nebuchadnezzer, & may she also crawl on the ground, howl at the moon, & lap up the dew like a SheWolf. 😀

        Good for Lenny for sticking up for the flags & the Vets. Now go fire that overly-entitled mental-midget Commie woman!

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  5. I think Doc E. has found the poster-child for America-hating Stinking Communist Puke Bitch from Hell.

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  6. She’s the kind of “authorities” Democrats want to be the only ones who have guns and to tell us what we can and can’t say.

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  7. Wow!

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  8. She needs to be fired, NOW! What a commie loudmouth. If that would have been a man he would have had his lights put out.

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  9. Good luck with signing petition. It says 0 signed it and wouldn’t let me sign it.

    Ask what country flag should fly, then send her to her favorite country.

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  10. It sure seems like Florida has an overwhelming number of left wingnuts. What planet did they come from? Where did they land?

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  11. Isn’t it amazing how willing they are to tell others what to do? She’s obviously some leftist who gets “triggered” at the sight of a flag. I suppose if they flew a sickle and hammer she’d be OK with that.

    They ought to get a bunch of Confederate and Gadsden flags and put those up there. Five ’em away with every purchase. People like her make me want to do things that can get me in jail. She’s a bad fit for America.

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    • Yes they are so predictable- in everything…self righteousness, tyrannical behavior, triggering, and last but not least, no sense of spirituality whatsoever. I detest all these wars, however there is a distinction to be make between the wars started by globalist pigs, and the well intended and brave young men that go to fight them, some willingly and some unwillingly.
      As I was reminded the other day while listening to a minister….God looks at the intentions of our hearts. I think we can see the intention of this communist witch was to try to hurt and insult others.

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      • That’s precisely right. I detested the Viet Nam war too, but I was drafted nonetheless. Having an official with her attitudes is like having Obongo for President.

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  12. I suspect she is the result of what America’s schools do and do not teach.

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  13. What a bitch !

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  14. This Wombman is a Jacksonville city inspector? I want to KNOW right now what code or law or ism or edict or whatever is written in Jacksonville that says a private business owner can not fly the American flag or a state flag or a military flag on the premises? Progressives and leftists make it up as they go…….the goal posts get moved every day for conservatives and patriots…

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  15. Petition signed.

    Melissa Power is a DISGRACE: She is entitled to her opinion, however false it may be, but she has no right to enforce it upon anyone else. She has been charged with a job to do, and she may not use that employment to enforce her ideology upon others.

    Once again, the Left proves that it is the ENGINE OF HATRED in America.

    I, myself, do not appreciate the foreign policy that America (and her lobbyists) have enforced upon the rest of the world, at least since Woodrow Wilson. But does this mean that America, Herself, is evil? ABSOLUTELY NOT: The American People have more than proved that, individually and corporately, they can be a force for Good, DESPITE American foreign policy and its military-industrial complex.
    To those who hate America: I get it: You’re not leaving. But would you renounce your citizenship on principle? Of Course Not! YOU’RE HYPOCRITES!! (One American who DID renounce her citizenship and moved to Switzerland was TINA TURNER. I imagine she had her reasons. But I didn’t hear her foam at the mouth the way Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell have!)

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  16. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Melissa Power is a total asshat and it is all out there for everyone to see! And sadly she is a Jacksonville city official that is just one giant pile of twisted assahat! The good part is that I am sure the Boomerang Effect will hit her very soon. And the city of Jacksonville will be doing some damage control because of her asshatery. As a veteran I find her response totally wrong and she deserves to get a good swift kick to the curb for this incident. Good luck Melissa in your future endeavors.

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  17. What would make anyone enter a business and attack someone they don’t know a thing about is very confusing considering the town has a very heavy influx of the military.
    Last I heard she is suspended. Hopefully to end in discharge. She isn’t worthy of employment.

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  18. patty knoblauch

    I hope she is fired! We love our veterans and we support the flags to fly.

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  19. I’d love to comment on this one , but the first thing that popped in my brain , was profane .

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  20. Signed and sealed with predigest makes my blood boil. Make her do community work for the USO and see all the folks who put their lives and bodies in harm’s way so she can run free to make life hard for the very ones who give her the rights to do it. Despicable. draft her into service ☻

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  21. Michael J. Garrison

    Folks,….remember. The Elite and their “power” is failing them more and more each day, now that the sheep are awake (enough are awake to be a problem to them).
    The actions of this person above…….are now every-day occurrences as we see the mentally-ill Elite melt-down and become even more unhinged than they normally are.

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