California lawmaker proposes firearm tax to pay for school security

jim cooper

Assemblyman Jim Cooper

From Sacramento Bee: Following the February school massacre in Parkland, Fla., California legislators responded as they often do after a mass shooting, with proposals to further tighten the state’s strict gun control laws.

But the killings – and a national protest movement that they inspired – have also raised questions across the country about how best to keep children safe in school.

Assembly Bill 2497, unveiled last month by Assemblyman Jim Cooper, would create a tax on firearm and ammunition sales to fund grants for high schools that want to hire police to provide campus security. The money would also pay for a counselor at every middle school, whose primary responsibility would be to detect and report potential threats of violence.

“It sickens me to think about all the kids who have lost their lives in the school shootings that are plaguing our country,” Cooper, an Elk Grove Democrat, said in a statement when he introduced the measure. “Arming teachers is not good public policy and shouldn’t be considered.”

Cooper has yet to determine how much the tax would be, so it will be an incomplete proposal going before the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee for its first hearing, 2:30 p.m. in Room 126 of the Capitol. The bill faces an uphill climb in the Legislature, where it will need a two-thirds vote in both houses.

Gun rights groups are already lining up against the measure.

Craig DeLuz of the Firearms Policy Coalition said he supports efforts to improve school safety, but it is unfair to target gun owners to pay for a service that will benefit all students.

“Who should be bearing that burden? It should be all taxpayers, not one specific group of law-abiding taxpayers that are just trying to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” DeLuz said.

He added that he’s been expecting a firearms and ammunition tax at the Capitol since Democrats regained their supermajority in 2016: “I was honestly surprised that it took them this long to come up with this idea.”


21 responses to “California lawmaker proposes firearm tax to pay for school security

  1. For whatever blood may have been shed in the Parkland school, full responsibility falls on Sheriff Israel and LOCAL authorities. It was a negligence (at least) of responsibilities that could have easily been carried out. I suspect that Globalists, the U.N. and NWO had an interest in that. The NRA had nothing to do with it.

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  2. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Better triple the administration of the fluoride, lithium, aluminum, barium, and whatever else you come up with. Maybe recreational pot will help. We aren’t buying your story. I have trouble thinking that even you believe your story.

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  3. I am sure those funds will go to a SJW counselors who will be happy to report parents to the police bc of their political views.

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  4. Another knee jerk reaction, he didn’t even calculate the tax%, just get it written and proposed. He’s such a cuck, I’ll sidetrack him easily, I’ll send an email to him and suggest he propose taxing Amazon Warehouse Workers Pee Bottles. It will be the equivalent to a Rat seeing something shiny!

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  5. Captain America

    Leftards want all of our guns, all of our money, and all of our freedoms. I’m sure they have already figured out how to turn us into delicious green crackers.

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  6. Taxes = Money = in the pockets of law makers.

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  7. Oh yes, Jim Cooper! How many of these shootings have they had? If they did, what would then be doing that costs more money? What if we don’t want them to do anything? How ’bout “back off Jim”. Spend your own money. I don’t want any part of what you’re selling.

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  8. How about a tax on Planned Parenthood and the ACLU?

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  9. And…..I’d like to propose a tax on politicians that are too damn stupid to serve in any capacity.

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  10. How about a tax to pay for Nancy Pelosi’s LOBOTOMY?

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  11. Let’s solve the problem by creating a new tax.

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    Not a single one of them can give an equatable accounting for their spending now. As if waste is the rule.

    Just one more jerk looking for a free ride in advancing a do nothing no nothing career by playing along with agendas rather than solutions.

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  13. Why not teach farming to dirt poor public school students, and let them grow, gather, and market weeds that adults like to crush, roll, and smoke?


  14. So the left creates a situation that’s geared towards taking up the guns and when that don’t work, then they want to blame the guns for the problem. So now tax the responsible gun owner who now have to foot the bill. Just like the wheel tax here in Memphis it was for the schools and for only 5 yrs but funny not a penny went to schools and that was 20 yrs ago and its still on the tax for your car tags. No sense in left wing nut job thinking.

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  15. indyjonesouthere

    Tax public and private gun free zone signs.

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  16. Well of course he did. This is California and, first of all, California lawmakers would tax individual raindrops if they thought they could squeeze another dime out of the FEW people who actually work here (oh….so just slap me for forgetting….isn’t Maryland or Colorado or somewhere already taxing rain/runoff on your property?????). Well, you get my drift. Secondly, isn’t it just like a Democrat, esp in CA, to propose a FEAR tax….like, “We can’t keep your kids from getting killed at school unless you pay a gun tax b/c then, and only then, can we hire armed guards for the schools.”

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