Illegal alien bus driver in Louisiana crash that killed three sentenced to 15 years in prison

illegal amaya rodriguez

Not nearly enough time for his crime.

From  (EDGAR, La) — Denis Amaya-Rodriguez was sentenced Monday (April 9) to 15 years in prison for killing three people.

Rodriguez was driving a bus that crashed into a group of firefighters and multiple vehicles on the Interstate 10 bridge in LaPlace on Aug. 28, 2016. St. John District Fire Chief Spencer Chauvin, Jermaine Starr and Vontarous Kelly were all killed. Starr and Kelly were passengers in a car that was crushed by the bus. Chauvin died after being thrown over the bridge, along with two other firefighters who were seriously injured.

One of the two surviving firefighters testified at trial.

Amaya-Rodriguez was sentenced Monday to five years in prison on each count of negligent homicide, which is the maximum sentence. In an unusual move, the judge ordered the sentences be served consecutively, sending Rodriguez to prison for 15 years, minus credit for time served. He was also ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and court costs.

Judge Sterling Snowdy told Rodriguez he posed too great a risk to the community to be released sooner.

At the sentencing hearing, a video of Chauvin’s two children, ages 8 and 6 was played for the judge, in which they talked about time they spent with their father and his favorite things. Chauvin’s son honored his father’s public service as a firefighter, and said, “The call he died in, he blocked the two other people. They survived, and he is in a better place.”

Chauvin’s widow, Jennifer, brought the courtroom to tears delivering an emotional and detailed statement. She recalled having to tell her son about the crash. He was 6 years old at the time. Jennifer said, “’There’s been an accident,’ and I told him he’s never coming home again.”

She said it has been 1 year, 7 months and 13 days since Chauvin was killed and that their lives will never be the same.

“No matter how many years he gets, consecutive, concurrent, you know we have to live the rest of our lives without my husband, their son, her brother. My kids don’t have a father, so to me the sentence doesn’t matter, because my sentence, our sentence, is greater than any sentence he could ever get,” Chauvin said.

Rodriguez did not testify at his trial, but did address the judge, through an interpreter, before sentencing.

Rodriguez said, “I don’t consider myself truthfully guilty, but I do need to obey the laws.” He also talked about his faith and said he feels very bad for what happened.

During the trial in January, prosecutors argued that Rodriguez could have stopped the bus but didn’t. According to authorities, Rodriguez is an immigrant without legal permission to be in the country illegal alien. He will face deportation after he is released from prison.

“After a conviction for negligent homicide, an individual would be subject to immediate removal,” Thomas Byrd, with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said when Rodriguez was convicted.

Rodriguez still faces more than 40 outstanding misdemeanor charges related to the crash. Snowdy set a status hearing on those charges for May 14.

The site of the crash was dedicated to Spencer Chauvin in March and renamed the Spencer Chauvin Memorial Bridge.

“Our department made a promise that we will never forget Spencer or the sacrifices he has made for our community, and together, with his family and friends and the Parish President, we are keeping that promise,” said St. John Parish Office of Fire Services Chief of Operations, Cain Dufrene. “Spencer was a remarkable firefighter and selfless servant, and it is only fitting that we memorialize him near the scene where he gave his life. We hope that everyone driving in and out of our Parish thinks of Spencer when they see that sign and his heroic dedication to St. John and the Fire Department.”


16 responses to “Illegal alien bus driver in Louisiana crash that killed three sentenced to 15 years in prison

  1. Max sentence on everything he’s convicted of. I hope where he is doesn’t have parole. And make him break rocks the whole time he’s locked up.

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  2. Could have stopped? But didn’t? Who the devil is letting these people drive big, passenger vehicles? Was there a company? If so sue them to the foundations for allowing a person like this to drive a transport! Sue the state for giving him a license or permit! He should never have been in that position!

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    • Mad Celt . . . . You and I are on the same wavelength. Whatever company allowed him to drive a many ton killing machine needs to be brought to bankruptcy. Even with insurance, how can it be “legal” to have an illegal person driving their vehicles?

      It is a travesty that a man who was valued in the community had his life taken by a POS who no doubt adds nothing of value to the community.

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  3. I feel sad for the Chauvin family that will never be the same. I feel awful for the taxpayers that have to pay during 15 years for keeping this dirt bag’s housing, dental, doctor, room and board, and for the trip home after he’s done with his sentence. Everybody here is a loser except for the dirt bag that will get it all contributing NOTHING.

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  4. Exactly. The driver of course, but whoever hired him, and whoever issued him a driving license should all share the same cell.

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  5. The last time I looked it was still illegal to hire illegals. Why isn’t anything done about this? Until it is this will continue.

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    • I happen to know, from the last job I had, that now you have to run employees through a background check. There is no way they wouldn’t know they were illegal or they didn’t do the check which makes them guilty of committing a crime.

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  6. sixlittlerabbits

    Heartbreaking. It will be a good day when this illegal (who if he had obeyed the laws would not be in the US) is deported.

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  7. And now taxpayers have to pay to feed and house this scum too. We lose every which way.

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    • I don’t know Lana….sometimes you get VALUE in what you pay for: once my evil, vile neighbor kidnapped my cat (I heard them come onto my property & say what they were going to do b/c they didn’t know I was at home) off of MY PRIVATE property (neighbor had a pet boa to whom it was well-known that he fed local pet cats to—long story)…..AND, he already had my other neighbor’s cat in a cage within eyesight…I’d called the police and they actually CAME for such a call almost immediately. This was KEY. The “perps” didn’t have time to confabulate or “fix” or hide things by much. I called my neighbor at work and he came home and, within sight of the police, liberated his caged cat. But, my cat was not in evidence. IN the witness of police officers, I informed my neighbors that I would inspect ALL their public curb trash, and would be able to observe, legally, their movements from my property, as well as from my neighbors’ properties –long story short….I actually had to film them coming and going on public access….and they knew, I might get evidence of suspicious things…..until, one night, my cat mysteriously came down from their barn (thin, dehydrated, etc) near midnight when they thought we weren’t looking….BUT, my husband just happened to be out getting someting out of one of our car trunks…(of course, they’d taken the cat, as I’d heard/ witnessed in the first place, & held him captive b/c I’d challenged them and they could not chance that I’d catch them…so they finally released him in pitch darkness when they thought I couldn’t film……..)

      The rest of the story—in realtion to “value for money paid” is that , in retalliation, their son then “bricked” my car(he was caught and paid for it in “juvie” and I STILL have the concrete block/brick evidence in my front garden )…..damaging the roof and front/curved/expensive windshield so badly that the insurance “totalled” the car in cost to us. Well…the car then was only worth $3,000 to insurance, but was in perfect/paid-off shape to me, & worth another 100,000-plus miles.,,,so, much more valuable to my checkbook (!)

      We bought another new car for $18,000 at the time, which means that we were “out” $15,000 plus all the associated license/tax fees. BUT….

      The REST OF THE STORY is that I always called that cat my “$20,000 cat, and I meant it….and neither my husband nor I EVER regretted it. This cat was the one that we lost last summer at the old age of 23-1/2 years old. We figure that we “got our monies’-worth” out of him 🙂 b/c he lived and loved with us for SO MANY years after this incident.

      So back to value for money paid….Lana….I paid approx. $20,000 overall to keep my cat from being Boa food….and I received back up to 23-1/2 yrs. of LOVE and happiness. I will pay whatEVER it takes to keep human scum off the streets of my town/village and out of reach of anyone I love. PRICELESSS.

      PS….The rest of the story: my neighbors allowed their (by then) HUGE boa to sun and roam outside in their front yard. They hired our “yard man” to tidy up their property, but never informed him about the snake, nor did they alter the pet boa’s routine of outside living/sunning……and, so……one day, the yard man weed-whipped the snake to death without even knowing………

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  8. Did he get convicted cause he is illegal or caused the accident?

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    • Says right there in the article….
      “Amaya-Rodriguez was sentenced Monday to five years in prison on each count of negligent homicide,”

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    • True George . . . . Yes, he was convicted because he caused this horrible accident, BUT the fact that he was in this country illegally makes him a felon right out of the gate! Unfortunately, Mexico is a lawless country . . . those who sneak across our Southern boarder, bring their lawless ways with them. Then we see that some poor unfortunately, American citizen pays with their life because of the illegals carelessness.

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  9. The blood of these men is also on George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s hands, because they enabled this situation of an illegal alien invasion to maintain and obtain. They enabled it, they welcomed it, they facilitated it, they had taxpayer money and public programs subsidize it, and they were very facilely cynical to the public about it. And they did this out of allegiance to their foreign masters in Rothschild banks and elsewhere.
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: True Justice would demand that these men be tried for multiple acts of treason and homicide, just as much as Amaya-Rodriguez. It may very well be too late to save America: Too many Americans are contracepting and aborting their lineage out of existence. But we don’t need illegal aliens coming here to take our jobs and kill and maim our citizens.

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