Hillary pedophile-cannibal video is said to have been leaked to Dark Web

The Alternative Media is abuzz with chatter that the long-rumored Hillary Clinton pedophile-cannibal video has been leaked on the Dark Web.

Note: The dark web is that part of the World Wide Web (www) which is encrypted and requires special software, configurations, authorization, or through special networks such as Tor and I2P to access. Identities and locations of darknet users stay anonymous and cannot be tracked due to the layered encryption system, thereby allowing users to talk, blog, and share files confidentially. The darknet is used for illegal activity such as illegal trade, forums, and media exchange for pedophiles and terrorists.

It is said that in 2016, the NYPD found the Hillary video on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, who is serving time in prison after being convicted of sexting an underage girl.

The video is said to be so horrible that NYPD officers who had seen it vomited and cried “uncontrollably” and required psychotherapy. We are told that in the video, Hillary and Huma forced a “young” pre-teen/early-teen girl perform oral sex on them, then tortured the girl by slicing the skin of her face off, then put the skin on their own faces to taunt the girl.

All in order to terrify the girl so that her body produced copious adrenochrome, which Hillary and Huma then ingested from the girl’s blood.

It is also claimed that Weiner’s laptop contains “hundreds” of other sex videos, featuring other politicians. Together with the Hillary video, they supposedly are in a file labeled “Insurance”.

That’s what David Zublick claims in the very long, drawn-out, nearly hour-long video below, in which he rambles and repeats himself, again and again. He could have said what he said in 5 to 10 minutes, instead of 50+ minutes.

Disclosure: I can’t stand Zublick and his faux sincerity, and I utterly loath long videos because they often are a complete waste of time — time that I have little to spare. That is why when I do post a video, I try to provide a transcription, to save our readers from spending the time watching the video.

Beginning at the 31:01 mark, Zublick finally got to the purpose of his long video — which is to hawk his series of 12 reports on pizzagate, satanic pedophilia and sex trafficking, which you can purchase for only $25 each or $300 for all 12 reports! Now I know why I’ve instinctively loathed David Zublick.

Note: FOTM has posts on pizzagate, satanic pedophilia and sex trafficking — which you can read for free. Go to our “Conspiracies” page, and click the links colored yellow-green. See also the posts on our “St. Michael’s Prayer against evil” page.

Worse still, Zublick never actually says he’s seen the Hillary video, which means what he claims about the latter is really all hearsay.

Even more disgusting is Zublick saying at the beginning of the video that he would reveal how we can access the Hillary video on the Dark Web. After you’ve slogged through 38 minutes of his video, then he tells you that if you purchase his “bundle” of 12 reports via a “donation” of $125, you’ll get a bonus report in which you’ll find out how to access the Dark Web.

What a slimy creep.

I will never, ever watch another David Zublick video — and I suggest you do likewise.

If the Hillary video was leaked to the Dark Web, you can be sure someone would post the video or at least screenshots from the video on the not-dark regular web. I spent hours today looking at websites and message boards. The only images I’ve seen are alleged “possible” screenshots from the video like this one, which is so dark and blurry, you’d have to be really imaginative to pretend to see something there.

See also “How we know the Hillary Clinton sex tape is obviously fake”.

Update (April 21, 2018)

Jim Stone claims to have seen the video — that it’s real and it is as described:

The Hillary and Huma murdering a child video is real. I saw it, saved it, and the computer it went on will no longer boot….

There are hoax reports out there claiming to be of the video and they portray it as an expensive ball room type scenario where everyone looks ultra sophisticated with the classic old ball room masks. HERE IS WHAT IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE.

It is in a shitty dungeon with a ping pong table. Hillary and Huma are dressed like crap. They did not dress up for this. Hillary is wearing silver spandex leggings and an ordinary shirt, Huma is wearing black leggings and an ordinary top, and the video is clear enough to see what is going on but the camera is struggling for light enough so that it can’t get the white balance correct and has noise reduction artefacting smearing fine detail. The video is clear enough to definitely know what is happening, it is a lot better than a “blurry UFO video”, but it is not pretty.

The stupid fake “screen captures” of the video showing victorian style face masks at a nicely lit ball are all hoaxes, the real video is freakishly gruesome dark dungeon “you would never want to be there” type video. Keep in mind with this that there are going to be a pile of hoaxes surrounding this, staged by people who want a coverup. Some are so ridiculous they will make people think “gee, it was all a hoax”, but no, if you did not see Hillary in silver spandex on a ping pong table, you did not see the actual video, and now that I have made this clear, I am waiting for a hoax based on that!.



44 responses to “Hillary pedophile-cannibal video is said to have been leaked to Dark Web

  1. This is such a sad subject. Thank you for slogging through it, and saving us from wasted time, Dr. Eowyn. If the allegations are true, then she and the others must be brought to justice. Lord help us, and help the innocent children.

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  2. I think what you’ve said about this is absolutely true. If one actually existed, someone would at least publish shots from it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think she would engage in something like that.

    She is very sick and twisted. There is no amount of money on Earth that would induce me to work around her. But she not only has an entourage, she has one that she occasionally treats like garbage and they keep coming back for more.

    Whatever the perks are for these Satanists they must be worth more to them than any revulsion with the Queen of sin.

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  3. I won’t watch videos either–I can read what is said in 1/2 the time.
    I like transcript or written.

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  4. Then, how about “Hillary pedophile-cannibal video continues to not exist” as a less click-baity title for an article that complains about clickbaiting?


  5. I do remember reading, and hearing an NYPD member speaking anonymously in reference to things on the laptop, he said they were horrific. I can also understand not being able to release anything involved in an ongoing investigation. Just look at the evil on this demon’s face, if there’s nothing to hide, like on “this” laptop, why so desperate. This shultz character looks like she drinks blood, look at her eyes….

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    • I just went to the youtube page of this video, almost 79,886 Views in one day!!! I went to read the Comments, I’ve never heard of this guy so I was curious, people are blind, 3.2 Thousand Thumbs Up/170Thumbs Down. Most of the Comments are totally buying into his hype, unreal. I can tell at first glance that this guy is a Carnival Barker and actually hiding in his basement. Here’s one Comment I copied and Pasted…

      give peace a chance
      21 hours ago (edited)
      BEWARE he is actually trying to profit from this!!!
      I’m not saying this isn’t real but ask yourselves this…what type of person do we have here talking in this video?
      in the end he asks for 125$ “donations” for pdf downloads of all the pizzagate pedogate info that’s already available on the Internet for free if you only take the time to look for it.
      what type of sick person tries to profit off abused, exploited and murdered children?
      if he actually cared he would be spreading this information far and wide to expose these people and bring them down not asking you for 125$ donations for access to free information. trust me if you look for the evidence you will find it.
      any attempt to profit off these poor children is SICK!!!!

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    • Stovepipe, I remember the same thing. NYPD were appalled and ready to arrest Clinton, then silence. Who stopped them, Deblasio?

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  6. I for myself, don’t want to watch such disgusting satanic crap. I also do believe it is true that Killary participated in this type of activity, because as I ‘ve said before, when Fritz Springmeier wrote “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” wherein he detailed the various levels at which organisations who’re part of the Illuminati were situated on the Illuminati pyramid, halfway up the left side, was “Mother of Darkness” level and he said at that time over 20 years ago, she’d surpassed that level. We know she’s a witch, and her lust for power is insatiable. So apparently are her bodily appetites. In satanic circles it’s believed that blood ingested as described in your post here, enables longevity and gives more power (from the prince of the power of the air’s domain) among other things. Seeing as those who comprise the Deep State are also in bed so to speak with the kingdom of darkness, the Illuminati, and NWO, it’s not hard to see what Trump is up against. Thus it behooves believers, who say they believe scripture to remember Ephesians 6 and get busy seeking the Father as to how to wage effective warfare in the realm of spirit.

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  7. Ahhh… That kind of blurriness is what I refer to as “UFO clarity” because apparently, no one who has captured the image of a UFO has ever been trained in photography!

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  8. I do not doubt for a second that Hillary and her partner Huma are perverts as are most of those in politics but until someone finally releases the proof we can only speculate.

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  9. I really hope it’s not true, but if it is I hope that it comes to light and Hillary is exposed for the monster that she is.
    I don’t know who this lady is but she also speaks of this video on the dark web.

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    • Liz Crokin has been a guest on The Common Sense Show, the Hagmann Report, among others, and is a sexual assault victim herself. She’s been on this subject for years.

      I’d give her much more credence than Zublick.

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  10. One way for the left to defuse any release is to flood the web with obvious fakes.

    If and when the NYPD copy gets out, the chans will be all over it.

    Youtube is google controlled and would instantly censor any legit leak.

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  11. I have a question, and I’m not watching the vid, and DZ is abhorrent to me, but, irregardless of whether this is HA, and HRC on the vid, is it an actual snuff film? Bc, Dio Mio, how such things aren’t public enemy #1, boggles this girl’s mind. Truly.

    Let us pray for all humans being bought, sold, used, beaten, murdered tonight. ~amen~

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  12. If its any help Dr. Eowyn, technically, you don’t necessarily need special software to see the dark web, things like the onion link project make it so you can see .onion webpages by just appending .link onto the URL, and it isn’t the only one that does this, either. Thanks for letting us know that zublick is just another profiteering fake, spreading disinfo and making a buck off doing so at that (reminds me of tom horn & steve quayle with their gnostic nephilim garbage, and alex jones with his copious advertising & jeff rense with his sensationalist link farming.)

    One wonders is he a paid shill that works to muddy the waters by throwing around garbage and disinfo, or is he just looking to make a quick buck by preying on people with sensationalist propaganda, independently?

    As to the alleged video…. most of the narrative sounds sensationalist, however, its no secret that lots and lots of child porn is out there, helped in no small part by the proliferation of cameraphones/smartphones (brought up by corruption-pushing “sex ed” classes and their use for producing “sexts” openly taught, as in the “sex ed conference” over in Seaside OR, by the way just for FOTM’s information, there is a push-back going on recently with https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/SEXEDSITOUT?src=hash , however you probably won’t have heard about it with all the hullabaloo about syria) and the “social media” malarkey. I wouldn’t be surprised if such a horrific video did exist, or something else featuring billary did (she went to epstein’s island too, didn’t she? I thought I had read that somewhere…) but this one seems to be purposeful disinfo, I also wonder at why they make mention of “adenochrome” that sounds like its trying to point people int he direction of that “reptillian”/”nephilim”/”annunaki” malarkey.

    I also note, when things do get leaked having to do with such bizarre things, it seems like the more solid something is, the less airtime it is afforded… anyone remember the leak of the pace memo with regard to the mormon cult practicing satanic child sex abuse? (Which makes sense given mormonism is satanic in that it is largely based on gnosticism and the occult, and smith was indeed a sexual predator & child molestor that preyed on very young girls [as young as a couple of 14 year old girls, nancy winchester & helen mar kimball, when he was in his 30’s] even going as far as to coerce one by exploiting her beliefs, trying to claim an angel with a sword would kill him if he didn’t “marry” her. However the memo, being an official document, tries to paint the issue as a separate rogue faction in their cult, which is doubtful given the origins of mormonism and it’s practices.)

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    • That’s ONE image, not “photos,” of a purported human-skin mask worn by Huma Abedin. The image actually is from an advertisement for the Hush Dinner Club — a shady, members only dinner club that supplies its members exotic foods.

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  13. “What a slimy creep.”
    You said everything that needs to be said with those words.
    I am infinitely tired of all those who talk and never show proof when it comes to this kind of stuff; so tired that I refuse to watch any of it . What a time waster.

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  14. Ok… nobody hates Hillary and these assholes more than me BUT ! I have a question ? all of these supposed videos on Weiners laptop that all these NYPD officers watched, this is evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt, why the hell are these people still walking around free ? why are they not in prison ? pedo is a serious crime but yet even with video taped evidence they are not rotting in prison ? this is why I think this Hillary video is a bullshit story and I don’t believe it !….

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  15. There are a couple of grainy still shots of humid wearing the skin mask… some more blurry shots of ? another shot of trussed roasted child on various reddit, 8 chan, keeps disappearing as soon as put up, the posters complain abt being quickly censored, maybe its real …?


  16. I have the You Tube app on my devices and I often listen to videos between calls or on the way back from a long ride. I discovered Zublick a couple of months ago—speaking of another subject—and I wasn’t paying that much attention, so I figured, “All right.”
    But after I listened to more of Zublick’s videos, it seemed to me that he has never broken anything blockbuster or spectacular. As for the video you cite and post here, I saw it Friday or Saturday night. I was agitated and had to start it again a couple of times, interrupted by calls.
    It seemed to me he was hyping it up for time and refusing to get to the point, and I gave up in a huff. What you’re describing is known here in New York as the old “bait and switch.”

    If I pulled that on people, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

    Far better information and video presentations can be found on Hagmann & Hagmann (Mon. through Fri., 7-10 p.m. EST) and Sean on SGT Report. I especially recommend Sean (he withholds his last name for privacy) because the real sincerity shines through, he has a great radio voice and presents his case succinctly. He has reported on Pizzagate and the alleged Hillary sex tape (which I believe does exist). Sean also has excellent guests on and also reports on precious metals, to all who are interested. (Sean also owns The Phaser and The Liberty Mill, a great news aggregator).

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  17. Humans cannot digest human blood. So, if you try to drink the blood of another human, you will just vomit it all back up. That said, Hillary and her minions are unquestionably engaging in enough suspicious and probably illegal and unethical activity to fill a prison. Maybe that’s why she looks so sick all the time. Someone should tell her to lay off the sex, drugs and rock n roll.

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    • This is one uninformed post. Worthy of the trashbin. Eyes really rolling on this one.


    • You may have meant to say, humans should not ingest human blood. Any blood is digested, some people like the Massai drink their cow’s blood. If you drink or eat human flesh (a disgusting thought) you will most likely get a disease or two or more, plus it’s forbidden by God anyway. Look at the freemasons, they have blood ceremonies where they drink the blood of the initiate. That’s cannibalism. Yucko!


  18. I think George H. (stands for Hell-bound) Bush said something like if the American people knew what we did they’d be hanging us, or something to that effect.
    If you read accounts that victims have made about the satanic mind control pedophilia, torture and murder, you would realize this is probably true. It’s hard to even imagine that this vile horror is perpetrated on innocent babies, children and adults, but to see it even in a video must be absolutely shattering.
    Just read “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor and “The Franklin Cover up” by John DeCamp to see what really goes on in D.C and the rest of the country.
    As an aside- did the cops do anything with this evidence? Were they able to do anything? Also, if you look for “Hell.com”, (I would recommend reading about it, someone allegedly did and posted it on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/1lyu89/hellcom/ ) I think it’s some sort of darkweb thingy, though I may be wrong as I don’t know anything about that. I looked for God.com and nothing came up, can you believe that???? I guess God does not need or want a web presence! 🙂

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  19. Almost forgot- the face slicing thing is a torture that satanists do to some of their victims. I read about it in another book I can’t remember the title of.
    Many people do not have even the foggiest idea of how evil these people who follow the devil really are and how sick and nasty their crimes are.

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  20. Disinformatio is despicable. This is just more psychological warfare. The real source of this story is trying to divert our attention as the anthrax attacts were to take our attention away from the 911 Comission.
    Never forget Bush tried to make Henry Kissenger the chairman of the investigation. When the Pentagon was hit the Office of Naval Intelligence had the most cassualties.
    Hillary Clinton probably is a pedovore but the “secret government” will cover it up just like 911.
    Kissenger is part of Lucis Trust.


  21. Hamburger James

    Epstein was charged because they had the goods on him. The Clintons on the other hand are a more slippery fish. Too many people drop whenever they are around. I think they want to control full chain of custody and put it in to an uncompromised, unbiased hand. They want to make sure it sticks. I do agree the Huma mask picture is from the Supper Club but it does not mean there is a tape. Anyone dare go on and find out?..not me!
    I did here mention they put out a bogus tape to try and throw us off our game..desensitize, like they do with any tragedy: Sandy Hook, BMB, 911, Parkland. So if any one even attempts scrutinize it they are immediately
    scoffed at and deemed a conspiracy buff, a term invented by the C.I.A.

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  22. Jim Stone claims to have seen the video — that it’s real and it is as described. Scroll up to my “Update” at end of the post.


  23. OMG, Dr. E- do we even want to know?! Lord have mercy…

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  24. Oh dear God are republicans ever a bunch of lying cunts. Why don’t you assholes actually do something other than let right wing media and conspiracy theorists fill your empty heads with propaganda? I can’t believe the amount of people commenting here talking about how “evil” Hillary is, and how they think she’d actually participate in cannibalism. Such fucking dickheads. Given that your pedophile, serial cheating, criminal shitbag president has committed endless immoral acts, and all of you wallow in whatever moronic shit he’s happy to throw your way. There is no video. The explanation alone is enough for anyone with a working brain to know that it’s a load of shit. There’s probably some snippet from a low budget horror movie, and a bunch of gullible jackasses are more than happy to claim it’s her. Fucking hell, it’s hard sharing the planet with a bunch of ignorant assholes. I have no idea what the goal of your website is, having never come across it before, but given the commenters here, it’s probably the sort of shit “revelations” you get from liars like Alex Jones. Interesting that Trump rapes a 13 year old in a foreign country, and you people are hung up on a load of tea-party horseshit, because, as long as it’s against the “other side” you’re more than happy to repeat it. All of you go fuck yourselves.


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