Student develops wearable technology aimed to prevent sexual assault

bracelet vs conceal carry

From Daily Mail: A University of Alabama master’s student has developed an unusual tool to combat sexual assault: a bracelet.

The device monitors wearers’ vital signs and can pick up on changes that would signal being under attack. The smart bracelet, still in the prototype stage, alerts a predetermined list of contacts and the police if it senses that the wearer is being harmed.

Additionally, it emits a loud alarm and is equipped with red strobe lights meant to scare away the attacker or get the attention of others in the vicinity.

The team behind the bracelet, Associate Professor Dr. Ragib Hasan and master’s student Jayun Patel, are hopeful that the device can prevent sexual assaults, which are extremely common on college campuses such as theirs.

Dr. Hasan explained in a statement that the ability to call the authorities is usually unavailable to assault victims under attack.

He said: ‘A major challenge to assault prevention is that, during an assault, victims often to not have an easily accessible way to call for help. Whether calling 911 or using an emergency alert app or device, each of these tools requires users to press a button in order to call for help. That is often not possible while a violent act is taking place or if a person is unconscious as a result of the assault.

Dr. Hasan directed Patel while she designed the new product, which relies on machine learning and sensors to detect signs of assault.

The bracelet houses an Adafruit Circuit Playground, pressure sensors, GPS capabilities and microphones, among other tools. It can also determine whether a wearer is standing or lying down.

If the device recognizes that a wearer is in danger it connects to their smartphone via Bluetooth and immediately messages emergency personnel and sends them the wearer’s location. Additionally, it alerts friends the wearer has designated by way of an app.

Patel said: ‘The sensors allow the bracelet to collect user activity and vital signs continuously. A machine learning algorithm detects and differentiates the user’s regular movement and unexpected and sudden movements that can be indicative of an assault.’

The bracelet was designed with the intention of creating a device that can detect assault, but it can be applied to other emergency situations.

For example, the engineers said it could potentially be used to alert the authorities if an elderly person falls or to provide a warning if someone with a disability performs a risky movement.

Patel said she wants to expand the technology and create other ‘smart’ items, such as shoes and earrings, that work to keep people safe.

The wearable devices designed in Dr. Hasan’s lab are low-cost; the prototype for the bracelet costs less than $40.00. The researchers are hopeful the price will drop even more if the product is eventually mass produced.

The technology could benefit a large portion of the population: one-third of women and one-sixth of men in the US alone experience sexual violence.


29 responses to “Student develops wearable technology aimed to prevent sexual assault

  1. It would seem that police departments wouldn’t give this device much attention. But not going alone into situations where one could be attacked is a good tactic. Learning self defense is yet another very good tactic. Even carrying bear repellent is a better idea than a bracelet with lights and sound. Be proactive. Protect yourself. There are very simple techniques that one can use to disable another person, with just your hands. Slapping both hands over the attackers ears will disorient anyone immediately. A kick to the groin works. And there are many other things one can do rather than buying jewelry with gimmicks.

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    • “Slapping both hands over the attackers ears will disorient anyone immediately.”

      Great idea! Somehow, the self-defense class I too many years ago missed that one. But they did include many useful tactics: kick to the groin, pencil in the eye, stamp on foot (if attacked from behind). Every woman should take the class.

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      • when seconds count: how’s about thumbs/fingers to the eyes, a bite to the throat (maybe bite the jugular), a punch to the throat (perp won’t be able to breathe), or multiple punches to the heart to cause an arrhythmia? don’t forget car keys….they also make great self-defense weapons…of course with today’s key-less entry cars the car keys are castrated…they are eunuch-style key fobs with no way to use as a weapon except maybe throw it at a perp and hope it works like it did for David when he fought Goliath (somehow, I don’t think it would be the same result).
        Ultimately (IMHO), the best self defense: awareness, common sense, and knowledge about and execution of 2nd amendment rights with concealed carry/open carry to stop any perp “dead” in his tracks from attack.

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      • Don’t forget a heartfelt punch in the throat-it’s hard to continue when your windpipe is smashed.

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      • Remind me to stay clear of you!!! That sounds like “The Mongol Method”.


        • Have someone do it to you. Have them hit your left ear with their right hand flat on the ear, and their right ear with their left hand, flat, on the ear. Then tell me it doesn’t sound effective. It HURTS, and it disorients you and you lose your balance, and makes your eyes hurt a lot. They are disoriented for five to ten minutes. It’s a well known self defense tactic. If after having it done to you, then you can make a comment about it’s lack of effectiveness, provided it proves to be ineffective.

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  2. I don’t even have words for this idiotic thing, I do have a few choice words for the designers ‘Rajib & Patel’ though. So it informs a list of contacts that you are in distress, how long would the response take, and what would they do other than call the Police? How is this any better than a Sonitrol type button that alerts authorities, I can say that it seems much more intrusive by monitoring all movements, locations, etc. They should have a live stream app for it too! I say just buy a roll of duct tape.

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  3. I prefer the older technology on the right side of your picture.

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    • I would agree,and say sometimes you don’t even have to USE it-just the sight of it,with the intended victim’s finger on the trigger,is enough to make the rapist stop his attack and run. If he persists,he gets a chance to discuss it with the Lord,up close and personal.

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  4. 🍸😂

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  5. What happened to a loud whistle and a can of wasp spray? Simple low/no-tech methods are so much better and cheaper.

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    • Oven cleaner is a viable tool for certain situations as well. But as to the often mentioned kick to the groin, while that sounds good in theory, in practice, men are usually VERY protective of that area, and so it is a difficult place to land a kick that will make a difference. A much better place to aim the kick is to stomp as hard with your heel as you can on the top of the instep of the bad guy’s foot. That will break bones very easily, and put the attacker on his knees. Also, if possible, a side kick to the knee, forcing it sideways, will also break that joint quite readily, and put the person on the ground. But mostly, don’t stop fighting, and fight like your life depends on it.

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    • Don’t forget the taser. It’s fun to watch ’em twitch.

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  6. what’s going to stop the rapist from taking the bracelet off and dragging his victim to another location?

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  7. Maybe the victim can just claim to be a ‘male’ so the attacker would lose interest. Unless, of course, the attacker was bi-sexual then you’d have to go to plan B.

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  8. “Patel said she wants to expand the technology and create other ‘smart’ items, such as shoes and earrings, that work to keep people safe.”

    I don’t see how a hideous-looking “bracelet” that has GPS and detects heart rate is going to keep anyone “safe”… the time the cops arrive (if they arrive) the criminal act is done….anyone who thinks this device will keep them “safe” is lulling themselves into a false sense of “security”…typical for millennials.
    the only thing I would like for protection, aside from the obvious, would be maybe pepper spray in a bracelet or piano wire in a bracelet (great for cutting off blood supply and also makes for a strong cutter)….that would come in handy.
    I’m not feeling the thing that patel calls a “bracelet”.

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  9. “The team behind the bracelet, Associate Professor Dr. Ragib Hasan and master’s student Jayun Patel, are hopeful that the device can prevent sexual assaults, which are extremely common on college campuses such as theirs.”
    So, on the University of Alabama campus, sexual assaults of a severe nature are “extremely common”? I wonder what the campus security has to say on this subject as well as what police reports show?

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  10. Sure, why not use the bracelet?

    It’s still no good excuse not to carry one or more weapons of actual self-defense. Let the strobe lights distract the attacker for a couple of seconds while you get in a nice throat punch.

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  11. It may help them locate the body. If you’re waiting for cops to come running you’re probably a walking dead woman. Does it pee and puke on the assailant too?

    The truly pitiful part of this is that we all pay exorbitant amounts of our money for “protection” that isn’t there. Instead, they keep importing threats. Then they have the nerve to say “if you don’t want to be raped or killed, buy this..”.

    Get some wasp spray and a taser if you can. A gun would be better but if you live in one of those “mother my I?” countries you can have fun torturing them with the taser waiting for the cops to arrive or your battery to run down.

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  13. Why are Hassans (middle eastern Muslim name) and Patels (Indian) even in Alabama?!? They need to go back and fight sexual assaults in their own sh!thole countries.


    • Well, I think (from the article) that “Hassan” is a professor. “Patel” is a grad. student. Why there are a rash of sexual assaults on their (and other) campuses is probably due to problem importation, better known as “cultural diversity”.

      Not having been to this particular campus, I think that most of them are similar. Why it would be difficult to control sexual assaults in a small, easily controlled environment is more of a mystery.

      I’m fairly sure they even have their own cops. If the women were not safe at night they should be armed. What are the cops doing?

      Being passive with attackers, even bears, isn’t always a good idea. Unless this device has a piano wire hidden in it and a means to get it up close and personal around a body part with a purpose, what good is it?

      I hope this hasn’t anything to do with his thesis. I wonder what that might be? “If you shine a hideous looking bracelet at a would-be attacker he will melt into a pool of quivering jello”? Who’s his counselor? Oh, I’ll bet it’s “Hassan”.


  14. I would prefer more readily accessible use to firearms, but I understand some women’s aversion to them, with some good reason: Some women are simply overpowered, especially when overpowered by more than one assailant at the same event.
    One thing interested me, and that was the use of an “algorithm.” This takes a cue from the original algorithm’s use by Thomas Watson, founder of IBM. Yes, he offered this algorithm for the use of the Third Reich (from which he was granted an award), and it is used in rideshare platforms and apps. Once again, is the algorithm used for good or for evil? Here it appears it is intended for good. But I am a bit confused: Couldn’t the same idea contained in the bracelet be contained in an app one could use on one’s cell phone?

    Let’s not dismiss this idea just yet: It shows someone is thinking.

    But then again: Every algorithm has a “trap door.” In a way this story shows the DESPERATION of eugenics: The desperation of the Ruling Elite to track down each and every last one of us—combined with the ability to do it.


  15. Wearable technology meant to prevent sexual assault? Been done already…

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  16. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Stand back! My bracelet is being monitored! Damn! That didn’t work!

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