Second Amendment rallies across America: FOTM’s Stovepipe reports from Connecticut!

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, thousands of Americans — many carrying rifles and ammunition — peacefully gathered at state capitols across the United States to reassert our constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms against recent efforts to pass gun-control laws. See:

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled 5:4 that the Second Amendment applies to individuals, not militias, and may include military weapons.

Thousands of patriots were at the rally in Hartford, Connecticut. Below is a first-person report and photos from FOTM reader Stovepipe, the commenter formerly known as Bob:

Joining many other rallies in state capitols across America, we held a Pro-2nd Amendment Rally at the State Capitol Building in Hartford, Connecticut, on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The rally was organized and hosted by CCDL (Connecticut Citizens Defense League).

The local Mainstream Media said the rally drew hundreds. But I can attest to approximately 3,000 patriots in attendance at the peak of the rally.

It was a great day. The whole event went off without a single problem. Even the weather was perfect — truly a memorable event.

The rally had all the characteristics of a Trump rally, a love fest of sorts. Most of the attendees were open carrying. There were no anti-gun rights protesters, not one. Even the police engaged the crowd with like minded, friendly conversation: I can personally attest to their pro-Second Amendment attitude.

At one point, I almost forgot I was in blue-state Connecticut!

Almost everyone I spoke with was wide awake, on issues from the Parkland school shooting to the communist coup d’êtat by “Progressives” within America’s borders.

The NRA had speakers come up from Washington, DC. Six local gubernatorial contenders spoke in reference to Connecticut’s upcoming Governor’s race, each making a boat load of campaign promises as usual. We have an unprecedented number of gubernatorial candidates this year: 12 declared, 4 potential, 5 have declined, and 1 has withdrawn.

Connecticut is in a fiscal free-fall, destroyed by the Democrats, especially by the widely-loathed two-term governor, Dannel Malloy. Connecticut is not only dead broke, we are so far in debt that our bond rating has been lowered.

But the Democrats continue to spend money we don’t have to build a new (third) casino; a new  stadium — a construction debacle that is already a failure; and a new rail system from Massachusetts to New York, with 40-year-old train cars that Connecticut will lease from Massachusetts. Highway tolls are being implemented; walking trails and bike lanes are built. Taxpayers are forced to pay for a whole new renovation project at the failing XL Center in downtown Hartford — an attempt to resuscitate the old Civic Center with a roof that had collapsed back in 1978.

Spend, spend, spend. They’re bankrupting the state by design.

Connecticut is also a sanctuary state, thanks to our liberal, Progressive, socialist governor. In addition to illegals getting driver’s licenses, in-state college tuition, and free health care, Governor Malloy is now considering Voting by Mail. At the same time, the state is phasing out early voting. Our own governor appears to hate his state and its citizens, reminiscent of Barack Obama’s animus against America.

But on Saturday, hundreds of patriots — men and women, young and old — showed Malloy and all the Leftists that we, the hard working, gun toting, Bible clinging, deplorable taxpayers of Connecticut have a voice, and it was loud.

The rally made me proud to be a U.S. Army veteran.



Fellowship of the Minds thanks Stovepipe for his report and for his service to our country.


27 responses to “Second Amendment rallies across America: FOTM’s Stovepipe reports from Connecticut!

  1. did you mean april 14th? i thought the false flag happened on february 14th

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Everyone is well aware of the Democrat JACK THUGS in our government – Obama-Clinton’s-Comey-Lynch/Holder, et al. Now that they have been exposed – let’s move on to indict them and put them in jail where they belong. We cannot allow them to skate on their trying to over throw our government. If this is not done – then it will only get worse. We have to put our laws in force and show that the laws of the country are for any one who commits these crimes. The proof has been put in place – now do something with it.


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    • Jane, we keep on wondering why hasn’t anything being done? Time keeps passing by and the crimes “they” accuse the president of committing are the crimes the Clintons committed yet they want to crucify Donald J. Trump for what he has been exonerated, Jeff Sessions is PART OF THE SWAMP, and so far has not been removed, yes I believe the whole thing stinks, it is polluted, the President will finish his one term, he’ll move on, the swamp crocks and snakes will survive, the left will win, and our country will sink in quick sand. Makes me cry!

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      • It’s made me cry too Alma, sometimes it mentally defeats me, then, I wake up the next morning and I’m ready to go back in the Ring! The things you mention in your Comment are the same ones that really disturb me. hillary destroys thousands of emails Post Subpoena, but they raid Trump’s lawyer’s office for payments to a private matter prior to his Election? Just the fact that this stuff exists, shows us we got infiltrated when we weren’t paying attention, this is a Coup. Here’s my Official Statement Alma: Who the hell do you think you are trying to remove our duly Elected President. We won, and we’ll win again, on Voting Day, fill your vehicles, rent vans, buses, help the elderly in Convalescent Homes Vote, go to homeless shelters with a bag full of nip bottles and a free ride to the Polling station. It sounds underhanded, but we have to fight fire with fire. I’m not only a member of CCDL, I’m also a member of the local Tea Party, I also, at the Rally, signed up for the Ct. Libertarian Party. It’s Go Time folks!!!

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        • Good for you. That’s what I recommend as well. Instead of letting two corrupt entities call the shots, start telling them what you expect. We know what happens when we allow them to rule. Somebody gets what they want, and it isn’t us.

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        • Stovepipe, at times I feel so disheartened because the left is so relentless, how can people be so blind?

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    • Thank you Jane!

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    • If we can’t get control over the judiciary…..


  3. “A Generation Taught To Hate The Country Will Refuse To Defend It As Well”

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    • MomOfIV . . . . I also picked up on that particular sign. It speaks volumes as to the future of our nation. I blame this squarely on our schools, and the teaching of some dillweed parents.

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  4. Thank you very much Dr. Eowyn, Good job, it was a great day for freedom!

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    • Stovepipe . . . Truly that was an excellent display of American patriotism at its finest! I also wish to thank Dr Eowyn for her time and effort in this endeavor.

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  5. Looks like it was an excellent rally!!

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    A 5/4 decision from 9 judges sworn to uphold our Constitution does not instill faith in the allegiance or principles of any single member of the supreme court. That they can not be unanimous on such a clear uncompromising statement as made by our second amendment is sufficient proof in my mind that none are truly dedicated to the preservation of any principles with in.

    It should be well within the capacity of any one of the judges to debate (as if debate and individual interpretation were truly requisite or appropriate) all into total agreement.

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  7. Excellent piece, as usual. I particularly liked the allusion to Obongo’s hatred of the country and Connecticut’s officials. That’s really what we’re looking at these days. There is another government at work that abhors the original. They are a rogue government.

    I liked what Kevin (above) says as well. What could be hard about an interpretation of the Second Amendment? You don’t need a law degree to understand it. You only need a law degree to be deceptive enough to spin it some other way than its original and continuing intention.

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  8. Thank You for your service, Stovepipe! Rock On!
    Now for the Question at Hand: HOW do we break the STRANGLEHOLD of the Democratic Party once and for all? Before it’s too late???

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    • No need to thank me Steven, but I’m honored. I wish I had an answer to your question, it is a stranglehold that’s choking the life out of America. I’d love to just be enjoying my retirement, but no. I guess the best we can do is what we did Saturday, holding Rally’s, Commenting on Site’s like this, Signing Petitions, being vocal. We don’t have a george soros, the mainstream media, or Academia. But…I honestly think when push comes to shove, good will prevail, we can’t rest on our Laurels that’s for sure. Thank you all for the above Comments, it means a lot to me, today my life sure has more purpose thanks to Dr. Eowyn allowing me to Post this Article.

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  9. What everyone is forgetting is that the founders believed in a universal and uninfringeable right to defend ones personal safety and their homes and families. This is why the 2nd starts out “Congress shall make no law….”. The Government derives it’s power from the people, it is subject to the unalienable rights. Hang onto that thought, the government is to serve the people, and was meant only for white people.

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    • Crazycat…Don’t even mention that last sentence again! They’ll use that to incorporate a new Amendment, they’ll say the Civil Rights act changed the Founders intent! I’m in no way saying I disagree with you!

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  10. It makes my heart sing to see so many patriots out there that care about this country. Sadly, we live way to far away to participate, but were there in spirit.
    Nice job patriots.

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  11. Stovepipe, don’t worry, I don’t mention the last part outside of these woke circles. I just want people to remember who are forefathers were and their farsightedness. I wish I had their wisdom and knowledge.

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  12. WOW! In Connecticut, of all places!

    Bravo Zulu to all who attended!

    That poster of Malloy is LOLarious!

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  13. Thank you for the nice write-up and photos, but I feel a few corrections are in order.

    “Six local gubernatorial contenders spoke in reference to Connecticut’s upcoming Governor’s race, each making a boat load of campaign promises as usual. ”
    This sounds nothing like the CCDL rally in CT on April 14th I helped organize.

    We had ZERO gubernatorial candidate speakers. There was one gubernatorial candidate in attendance, Peter Lumaj, who was there in his capacity as an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment, just as he’s done for every other 2A rally or event long before he decided to run for office. But he did not speak. He was just one of thousands in the crowd.

    We did ask any current legislators who were in the crowd to come up and be identified, so that attendees could see which legislators cared enough about our cause to “come into work on their day off”, so to speak. There was no campaigning, they simply stated their name, and the towns/districts they represent.

    Among the many wonderful and inspirational speakers, there were 3 current legislators. Three of the strongest 2A supporters in the state legislature. 2 of the 3 (Rob Sampson and Doug Dubitsky) have been named CCDL’s “Legislator Of The Year” in the past for their hard work defending our freedoms. The 3rd was Craig Fishbein, who served as CCDL’s general counsel for 8yrs before being elected to the legislature. All 3 are seated legislators and did not do any campaigning at all.

    I’d also just like to clarify this comment: “The NRA had speakers come up from Washington, DC.”
    There was only one speaker from the NRA. That was Catherine Mortensen, and she was there at CCDL’s request to defend against our gungrabbing governor Malloy’s recent comments calling all NRA members terrorists.


  14. Didn’t obozo’s Social Security Number get issued in CT.? just sayn’

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