Little boy with cerebral palsy recites Pledge of Allegiance

NFL players refuse to honor the Pledge of Allegiance, but a little boy with cerebral palsy does.

FoxNews reports 5-year-old Jake Garza was born prematurely and has faced many health obstacles throughout his lifetime, including cerebral palsy — a neurological disorder that primarily affects body movement and muscle coordination.

Jake had been a relatively quiet child. But that all changed after he learned how to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jake’s father, Eric, 32, an active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard, said Jake was spending time with family in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, when “all of a sudden, he started reciting the pledge. It hit me right in the heart.”

Eric said he had “no idea” his son was able to recite the pledge, especially because “he was showing some [speech] progress but could only say words like ‘yes’ and ‘no.’”


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    If I could capture the youth, the innocence and the cuteness of a child at that precious time of their early childhood and market it I would be a richwoman. The reality is that our lives are enriched by our children and when we capture them in photos or on video we are capturing something very priceless because those memories are something we need to preserve and save so when our children are grown up we will have something to have as a keepsake and a gift to show them to preserve that very special time in their lives. When we as parents see our children grow up it is a wonderful joy but we feel a bit sad as we grow older and our children outgrow their youth and innocence. It is a reality we all have to face but we wish to bond with our children for as long as we can and remember those years and never let them pass us by. Childhood is a gift that we as parents get to enjoy in raising our children because memories of our childhood have long passed us by and the memories are distant and we were too young to remember it. Our children give us this truly wonderful gift of living through and experiencing childhood through their eyes and this is what makes us who we are and teaches us the whole essence of what life is all about.


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  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn.

    When I was in junior high school, I had a classmate who suffered fro cerebral palsy. I thought he was stupid because when he talked to the class he was deeply impaired. Well, I was horribly wrong. He got the highest grades in the class. The disease impaired his ability to speak and to move his body with normal fluidity, but his mind (his physical brain) was unimpeded. While I thought ill of him, he could see right through me. Of all the things I regret, my failure to treat him as a peer burns me with regret.

    NEVER be sure you are better.
    ALWAYS love and bless others.

    Thank you Lord for this little boy!

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    • TD . . . . Thank you for sharing that experience from your school days with us. I am sure that most of us have regrets of one sort or other, the best thing we can do . . . is walk a more spiritual path from today on, and that includes treating everyone we meet with the utmost of kindness, and consideration.

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  3. I can’t help but share the excitement of the father as he witnesses the progress and profundity of his son.

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  4. How touching, and how darling that little boy is!

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  5. Beautiful, just beautiful!

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  6. Great Post! I just finished a letter to an old friend, the topic was health, and how it’s the most important thing. I never had any children, and there’s none in my life, but what I get out of my pets is just that, their innocence.

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  7. Patriots come in all guises. This young man is an inspiration to everyone who lives under the umbrella of freedom, provided by the republic of the United States and those who defend her.

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