Immortality in the Old Testament

“In the way of righteousness there is life;
along that path is immortality.” – Proverbs 12:29

Sometimes it’s the simplest verse in the Bible that helps me the most. Today that verse is Proverbs 12:29

It is a direct statement of immortality. In a world where the “shadow of death” is everywhere, this verse is like a bright light.


9 responses to “Immortality in the Old Testament

  1. By His death and resurrection, Jesus the Christ has freed us — those who love Him by keeping His commandments — from death.

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    He who does not believe – is always lost. You will notice they are always lost – trying to find out who they are. Jesus’ way of life is so easy to follow and outlined by the ten commandments. What is so hard about the ten commandments? If you follow them – you always know who you are and what you stand for. Every path in life has rules – driving a car, manners in eating, voting. We are born into discipline and when the rules of life are not obeyed – we all know what happens – things just don’t work out.

    Some times things go wrong and things don’t work out like we planned – which is part of life’s lessons on decision making.

    If you always want to know who you are – just follow the ten commandments – try it – it is so easy to find out who you really are.


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  3. Why be afraid of death when the soul is immortal.

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  4. TD . . . . What a wonderful and simple teaching. Really, that tells one just about all they need to know.

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  6. hope you don’t mind that I added commentary when I reblogged this post

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  7. How come you haven’t be told the correct verse is Proverbs 12:28???


  8. TD, your point about this verse is the KISS theory that everybody needs a little reminding of now & then in their own lives.

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