Sunday funnies!



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  1. These are great, DCG!

    That first meme is so true — something that’s puzzled me for years. I can only attribute such willful blindness to their willful subservience to the “father of all lies”. As St. Paul observed: “In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.” 2 Corinthians 4:4

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    • I started to post on the internet as my own name. But when I began to post to different blogs about things like guns, and our freedom, and the last election, and the like, I actually realized that I could not do that. Fortunately, I quickly figured out that it was too dangerous for my family if I were to post under my own name. I had a cousin’s son get angry with me for something I posted on his abortion supporting mother’s wall. So now, I post under this nickname from highschool, plus my football number. If someone really wanted to know my name, they could ask, and I might tell them. I am not ashamed of anything I post. I have written a few guest posts on different blogs, and have used both my name and my nickname. But I know that I just don’t want my family to have to deal with some crazy person knocking on the door asking for me, even if they are all talk. The world has always had crazy people, but now, the world is smaller than it was when we were young.

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      • pigpen51 . . . . This change which you have brought about is much better for yourself, and for your family. In this day and age, with so many people who qualify as loose cannons, you just have to take the extra steps of precaution. I applaud you for that.

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      • Good move…stay as low key as possible.

        I was threatened on this blog several years ago (we’ve all had multiple threats here). Threats were credible. I quit FB and eventually Twitter. Started carrying a knife and finally got my conceal carry because of said threats.

        Protect yourself and family any way you can!

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  2. Most millennial snowflakes graduating from high school this year will barely be able to read or write, but that’s okay since a handful of Orwellian emojis and emoticons will make critical thinking as irrelevant as their parents in their formation. At elite private schools, however, children will be learning good manners, good handwriting, self control, and mastering updated versions of the Trivium before moving on to a college-level Quadrivium—because for our governing elites such a disciplined education is first and foremost a weapon of war. These elite kids aren’t smarter or more talented, but like the kids whose parents can send them to an expensive sports camp to learn some good moves, they end up running circles around a majority whose numbers statistically guarantee these elites are second rate in all things.


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    Comic relief! Excellent!

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  4. “Listening to Chuck Schumer!!!”
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!

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    • TD . . . . I must say every time I even see Chuck Schumer, I not only get that kind of headache, but I’m ready to hurl my cookies. He just does not have a good effect on most sane people.

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  5. Sam Elliott memes are the best!

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  6. I find the whole tide pod thing really funny – afaik no prominent “SJW” types have done the stupid challenge – it’s a stupid thing that high schoolers are doing – a rare and shocking phenomenon. Like, I guarantee you that if there were tide pods in the 80s, kids would have eaten them. Sonic the Hedgehog had to take time out of his cartoon to tell kids not to lock themselves in washing machines.

    Also, you know you have failed as an artist when you use every lazy current trend in stereotyping the current crop of young adults and you still have to put “Millenial” on the t-shirt lmao. Also, like, the kids doing these challenges aren’t Millenials. They’re the as-yet unnamed Gen Z or whatever. It makes me wonder if Millenials and Gen Z will have a closer relationship than previous generations have had, due to being tarred with the same brush. Of course, as norms change and we stop having “classic” wars that reset the population within the same period of time, the whole nomenclature of generations is becoming increasingly obsolete, as the current outrage over millenials that are not millenials shows.


  7. Loved the third one—-snorted condoms, eating Tide Pads, pink uteruses worn on their heads….you all think these are “just” millenials…..HAH! Some already had KIDS a decade ago and I’m teaching them NOW. TOO MUCH UNOCCUPIED (unemployed) TIME ON THEIR HANDS. Not only are they snorting “rubbers,” but they are the 25-cent vending machine kind from down at the bus station, and granny crocheted the pink uterus b/c they’d never learn such a complicated skill, AND, the Tide Pod ingestion is just proof of Darwin’s theory—–only the “fit” will ultimately survive—which excludes anyone who would ingest a Tide Pod…or other stoooopid items…

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