Whoopi Goldberg says riots over Trump firing Mueller would be “fun to watch”


Remember folks, being a liberal is “the best thing on earth you can be.”

From Fox News: Whoopi Goldberg said that if President Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the potential resulting riots “would be fun to watch.”

Goldberg made the remark on “The View” on Wednesday as the co-hosts speculated what would happen if Trump terminated the special counsel, who is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Following an FBI raid on Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, there has been growing speculation that Trump could fire Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Trump called the raid “disgraceful” and lambasted Mueller’s investigation as “an attack on our country.”

On “Your World,” conservative blogger Allie Beth Stuckey said Goldberg’s comment reflects how many on the left feel.

“They want this White House to be characterized by corruption and chaos. And I think they think that if he fires Mueller, that confirms all of their suspicions as well as, in their minds, precipitates impeachment, which they’ve been vying for” Stuckey said.

Democratic strategist Christy Setzer said there would be outrage if Trump fires Mueller because people want to see the conclusion of the investigation.

She pointed out that there have already been 19 indictments, five guilty pleas and one person sentenced to jail, and investigation seems to be getting closer and closer to Trump himself.

“The question is sort of what is going on, when are we finally going to get to whether or not Donald Trump himself has committed a crime?”

Watch the video here.

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34 responses to “Whoopi Goldberg says riots over Trump firing Mueller would be “fun to watch”

  1. The left has too much confidence in riots. If that was going to work, they would already have done it. Mueller is not the kind of person that the masses of people view as a victim. SJWs are no where near the groundswell they claim to be.

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    • The Left is just a vocal minority, more and more hard working, God fearing Americans are waking up every day to this coup d’etat. Mainstream America still doesn’t want to accept the fact that this type of thing can happen in America in 2018….it is. They waited, as usual, for a glitch in our system, then made their move after 10’s of thousands were strategically placed in Government and Academia. It’s on folks, like never before on our Homeland.
      𝓝𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯 𝓽𝓸 𝓫𝓮 𝓓𝓲𝓼𝓪𝓻𝓶𝓮𝓭

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    • You’re absolutely correct. They spend so much time looking in their mirrors and listening in their echo chambers that they think they’re MUCH larger than they are. To further complicate their problem, they aren’t good at anything requiring effort.

      They can thump their tiny chests and whine but nobody’s coming to fix it for them. They’ll throw rocks until somebody beats the crap out of them and that’ll never happen again.

      This is an insurrection, pure and simple and it needs to be put down.

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    • TDF I agree, few would care as to what would happen to Mueller. He has nothing to do with cell phones, social media and video games. The young would lose interest. The only way a riot would erupt is if the Soros groups, some 325 strong, paid the rioters like every other time.
      Mueller works at the luxury of the President and he has the right to fire those that aren’t a good fit.

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  2. For Whoopi to take delight in America descending into riots, in which lives and property may be lost, means she’s a psychopath. I am not joking.

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  3. Whatever happened to Whoopi’s promise to leave the United States? That is something I would love to see.

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  4. Whoopi is a high school dropout. She will always be the poster child for all the Nate Higgers out there.

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  5. Just drain the swamp and get rid of all the commies and libtards once and for all, whoever they are, demonrats, RINOS, republicans making deals with the left behind closed doors, just get rid of them all!

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  6. Hey Whoopi’, sit on your woopie cushion and wait…. wait…..wait!

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  7. The biggest racist in the nation are the ones complaining about racism for the most part. Hillary complains about the “racist” White House and she is the one who coined the phrase “super predator” which is code for super n____r.
    Funny that Trump got more black votes than any GOP candidate in recent history. He also got over a third of the Latino vote in NC and Florida so many of which will never vote for the left because so many of them know what the left can do to ruin a nation.

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    • None of this is real. This is a stage play. The politicians are just “characters”. You are not supposed to analyze it. You are just supposed to nod your head up and down.

      It is VERY obvious, between the pre-designed “choices”, which one is more compliant and irrational. They have no self-respect or dignity. You could easily have these people slit their own throats.

      I’m sick of hearing from the whiny bastards. I think they’ve advanced their plan far further with Trump in office than they could have with Hillary there. They certainly have not slowed down and I don’t see anyone trying to put the brakes on them. If I were king they’d rue the day.

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  8. The riots would be really fun to watch if it spilled onto the set of The View while they were on the air.

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  9. I personally didn’t see why screwing a Porn Star has anything to with election fraud. But I doubt there was any fraud. People mad cause they don’t like Trump and Hillary lost

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  10. Komrade Whoopi, you and your fellow commie-libs go for it and just try and overthrow a duly elected POTUS that has committed no crime.

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  11. You know, I never really thought I’d read the words: “Whoopi Goldberg says…”. Why on Earth would anybody care what Whoopi Goldberg said about…..ANYTHING?

    There are homeless philosophers I’d rather listen to than Whoopi Goldberg.

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  12. After looking at Ms Goldberg . . . it instantly struck me–if you put a paper shopping bag in her hand . . . she could easily pass as a “bag lady.” I do not know even one woman who goes around looking like that. She presents herself as being rather creepy.True

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    • She has a net worth of $45 million and makes $5M a year from The View. Women of much more modest means manage to dress elegantly and tastefully in clothes found in Goodwill stores. I can only attribute Whoopi (she named herself after her propensity to fart) choosing to dress like a bag lady to mental illness. She is a psychopath, after all.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . I think you have called that correctly. You would just think that with the money she makes being in the public eye, that she would update her hair style, which I do not believe has changed in 25 years. Furthermore, if she is not able to shop for reasonable clothing, with that amount of money, she certainly could find a “stylist” who would be in charge of dressing her. As it is there is no good reason for her to be traipsing around New York City looking like a bag lady . . . it is just gross.

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  13. WTF is that she’s wearing. Did she take a time machine back to the 1500’s?

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    • It’s Whoopi-angelo.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . I am completely with you in that sentiment. It is unbelievable that any adult woman of means would wear clothing that the majority of homeless woman would refuse to wear. She does look like she is modeling clothing from the “1500’s” and no doubt she is thinking that she is really stylin’ in that look.

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  14. I actually agree with Whoopi on this, but not for the reason she would. The SJWs are so pathetic that they are really funny when they get agitated.

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