Bart Hubbuch, who wants every gun owner hanged, calls us ‘morons’

Remember my post of two days ago, “Former NY Post sports writer Bart Hubbuch calls for every gun owner to be hanged“?

Bart Hubbuch

Well, Hubbuch discovered the post, and wrote this very intelligent comment on Twitter @BartHubbuch, calling FOTM readers morons:

Bart Hubbuch tweet

Resorting to insults is the mark of someone without a valid argument. To quote Socrates:

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

Here is my response to Hubbuch:

my tweet to Bart Hubbuch


42 responses to “Bart Hubbuch, who wants every gun owner hanged, calls us ‘morons’

  1. You know you’re doing well when the opposition directly insults you

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  2. All it will take is for Bart to have his daughter molested – then he’ll change his mind.

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    • No, he’s much too far gone for that.

      Commie-libs will willingly sacrifice their own offspring at the altar of their great god Goobermint Awmighty.

      Remember that commie politician in Germany ( I believe it was) whose daughter was murdered by some mooooooooooooslim camel washer?

      Liberalism is a mental illness, and I think we have found it’s latest poster child.

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      • The parents of Ambassador Chris Stevens, slain in Benghazi, absolutely refused to be critical of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. The same with the parents of Seth Rich.

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        • When you go all-in for goobermint, family takes a back seat – particularly in increasingly tyrannical countries.

          Recent examples are fascist Germany, communist Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea – and a whole host of others.

          Children and other family members have always been used by these tyrants as spies against other family members/neighbors/friends, etc.

          And sadly, it is going to happen again, as we all know.

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      • Yes, it is. Here’s a Canadian specimen:

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    • I am reminded of Mike Dukakis being asked if he would change his mind if his wife were molested and murdered. He answered that he would not let that change his mind. Liberalism is an all-or-nothing religion.

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  3. He’s now claiming his tweet was “satire.”

    Typical backtrack, faux, CYA response.

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    • But he doesn’t call Ted Nugent’s comment “satire”.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Excellent point! The only conclusion we can come to is that the “rules of the game” change when it involves a libtard. The rules will always change depending on who the left wishes to defend.

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        • Auntie… heard someone on tv this am say ‘If lefties didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.’ Boy, is that the truth and they set out to prove it every time they open their mouths.

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    • DCG . . . . Amen to that! We see the same response each and every time one of these critters get caught. Oh! It was just “satire.” It begins to be rather boring.

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    • I think that this former sports writer is “satire”. I find it reprehensible that people who claim to be so supportive of life to the point of taking guns away from law abiding citizens, then turn around and spew such venom. I have been angry in my life just like any other person, but I have never once said that I wanted anyone dead, or called upon someone to be killed, or any of the other things that are part of the left’s words of the day. It either speaks to their upbringing, or their father the devil. I simply cannot see it any other way. There is no other way that someone could be that hateful.

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  4. Someone ought to just publish his address and phone number. Let’s see how opposed he is to guns then.

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  5. I still maintain, when looking at his photograph, he looks like a “simpleton.”

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  6. Dr. E., ignore. Let this loser cease to exist in your reality.

    Nugent too.

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  7. Barf, Bark, Fart, oh noooo is Bart!

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  8. Just another libtard that I never heard of, saying stuff that means nothing and contributes nothing to the conversation. He needs to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

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  9. I think the last time I was associated with this childish a level of argument was probably in First Grade. Maybe he can have his dad beat up Ted’s dad?

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  10. Doc, you’re famous! I don’t hate this, hopefully his stupid tweet will result in more people checking out FOTM.

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  11. In a moment of emotionally charged national stage he let his mouth over load what his back side can’t pay for, so now damage control comes into play, it seems they love to parade it in everyone’s face until called on the carpet.

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  12. The man has no sense

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  13. Funny thing about commie libs is the closer you get to the center of the target the louder they scream.

    LOL – Doc E must have hit the bulls-eye.

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    • DAVE…LOVE this comment..& LOVE the literary/political irony & humanity of it. No one can deny the HUMAN response to your metphor that makes it universal. Like, the example of “progressive/socialist/leftist Bernie Sanders recent photo op at an anti-gun rally, whilst he was surrounded by armed guards: Doing away w/other (innocent people’s) guns is a wonderful political talking point….as long as you are still surrounded by your ARMED guards ( esp if you are already “stabilized” in your life w/retirement “perks” from US Gooberment..w/ 2 or 3 separate million-dollar retirement homes …second homes….etc.. like Bernie/his shifty wife.) Hate to bring up the much-hated, much qualified HITLER…but, it relates here—one of the FIRST things Hitler did as chancellor was to take away the guns of selected groups….Jews first …but others to follow……This was their “second ammendment equivalent” disqualified/taken away from them. They thenceforth were literal gas-chamber candidates with no recourse. Maybe we are not bound for a literal ” gas chamber” but, the American middle class, the working class, American Christians, conservatives…..and so on……are targets of the hatred of the left in America….for not other reason other than to HATE and RESIST, b/c we are not “them.” Thin reasoning.

      Unfortunately, the “logical outcome” of this hatred & resistance, spawned by Obama admin & his continued, paid, deep state in Washington, DC swamp ….is the American arming of government/other institutions, such as the IRS, FBI, have been weaponized against the “average” American…..for political reasons. Now, after your Civil Rights, your Constitutional Rights, they will come for your earnings & guns… .they can suck up your earnings/break you, leave you busted/in penury, & even after admitted error, have no legal obligation (w/ IRS error/over-reach) to reimburse you….

      I’ve stated this before on this forum and will do so over an over again until others feel my angst and horror: At the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles, I was appropriately affronted, sorrowed, saddened. BUT, not until I went into a large, life-sized street scene, did I realize the full horror of Hitler stripping citizens of their gun rights: In front of a maternity hospital were dump trucks line up, with German soldiers throwing new-born Jewish babies out of windows into the dump trucks, of course, most of them smashing to their deaths….and then, the nightgown-clad new mothers were herded onto the trucks atop their dead infants to be carted off to the gas chambers. THE MOST POIGNENT part of all this to me was that the local Jewish community had been alerted by word of mouth, and they rushed to form a ring around this horrible debacle of slaughtered newborns and mothers–but they were weaponless, powerless against this atrocity, because, they could NOT, by law, respond with a weapon to this wanton, barbaric, illegal by any civilized means, slaughter of innocents. Indeed then, every Jew that was ever led off to slaughter in that era was a victim of NOT just HITLER…but a victim of just ONE previous right taken away—-the equivalent of our 2nd ammendment rights here in the USA today… forseen by our founders and written into our Bill of Rights. Call me minimalist-crazy …BUT, sometimes, the only thing that might stand between ME and someone who would take away my rights, maybe my life, is my second ammendment.

      AGAIN, Call me crazy—but as a student of/teacher of HISTORY, I understand that as long as there are men on Earth, there will be someone, esp some political charismatic, who would use me for profit, or free/cheap labor, or canon fodder—-tax me to my knees, take my children to use similarly, take my life, my possessions, my art & treasures/talents, if I had no weapon at my door….along w/thousands or millions of “me” likewise…….

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  14. Bart would prefer that the U.S. be more like the U.K. “This is not a joke. From the land of Winston Churchill.”

    The good news is that it is working. So far, they have collected two butter knives and a whisk. 😁😁😁

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    • Well, when some armed criminal low-life invades his domicile, Bart can always dial 911 and cower behind the bed.

      If he’s lucky, the government will get there in time to outline his bled-out body with yellow chalk – before the expanding pool of blood hinders that operation.

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  15. Touche’ Dr. Eowyn! Great response.

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  16. No worries, their shallow ditches will be lined by expired useful idiots like Bart Hubbuch after they have consolidated power.

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  17. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Bart Hubbuch! You are still a tool. And a Ted Nugent reference?! Really?! Nice!

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  18. Kevin J Lankford

    Just like “Rock, Paper, scissors”, ropes just ain’t gonna beat guns. Morons are the ones who can never side with the logic and reason of any argument, and, of course, are wide open to the most absurd of propaganda and false flags.

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  19. When Coyotes get old and lazy, they are notorious for preying on the young.
    I am with Uncle Ted on this one….

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  20. If I had a Twitter account, I’d have asked Bart if it hurt getting figuratively poked in the eye after Doc’s response.

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  21. Hey, Hubbuch! When you were born, did the doctor DROP YOU ON YOUR HEAD?!?!

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  22. Well, Hubbuch has made it clear, if he should ever be in need of a gun owner to come to his aid, don’t bother. Because after you helped him, he’d want you hanged.

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  23. Bart being an ass, again:

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