Will Ferrell performs Satanic ritual on live TV

Actor/comedian Will Ferrell, 50, is a Hollywood success, with an estimated net worth of $100 million.

In 2011, Ferrell and other Hollywood stars (including Pamela Anderson) attended the annual gala of the Museum of Contemporary Art, in which participants simulated cannibalism by eating cakes molded into life-size images of “spirit cooking” artist Marina Abramovic and pop singer Debbie Harry.

The long dining tables had holes cut out, from which popped the heads of staffers.

On April 3, 2018, Ferrell appeared on an obscure talk show, the Chris Gethard Show, which began in 2011 on the public-access Manhattan Neighborhood Network and, after 7 years, now airs on cable truTV. (Like you, I’ve never heard of the Chris Gethard Show. Nor have I ever watched or even known about truTV.)

From TruTV:

In Season 3, episode 19, “Executive Producer, Will Ferrell performs a cleansing over Chris with a mission to achieve monumental show ratings success.”

The episode begins with Ferrell chatting with a caller, making non sequitur references to “pizza” — the pedophile code-word for young girls.

See “Pizzagate: The Podesta ‘pizza’ emails

Then comes the satanic ritual.

Gethard is stripped down to his shorts, and drinks a disgusting fecal-colored liquid. Minions in hooded body suits smear blood on his torso and face. Then the minions throw dirt on Gethard.

Ferrell asks the masked and hooded audience to repeat after him:

“You are nothing! Increase the numbers! This is not art!”

Ferrell orders Gethard to step up to a mirror and say “I love you, emu.”

Gethard is lying on the ground. The minions drag him up, as someone screams “Bring him to daddy!”.

Ferrell grabs Gethard’s head and lifts him up, saying, “Come up, my child. Come up.” Pointing to his chest, Ferrell says, “Suckle from my womb. This is the milk of strong, consistent high ratings.”

There is nothing funny about Ferrell’s skit.

It was a satanic ritual, disguised as a comedy skit.

Update (April 12):

Thanks to a tip from FOTM reader Bob Denver, we have Chris Gethard’s own acknowledgement that he is a satanist, which he wrote on Reddit and subsequently deleted — but not before it was captured by alert netizen TheHighBlatman and uploaded to imgur:

Chris Gethard on Reddit

See also:


32 responses to “Will Ferrell performs Satanic ritual on live TV

  1. They’re all one brick short of a full barbeque.

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  2. Jew Ferrell is not a nice man. A few years ago he did a skit involving his daughter Grace, who was around 2 years old, maybe younger. The skit had Grace playing the “landlady from Hell” part, in which she swore at her tenants while demanding money from them, telling them to hurry because, in her words, “I gotta get my drink on!”

    And this is just the child abuse he’s willing to reveal to the public!

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  3. Why? How on earth can this be entertaining or even meaningful in any way. Sick is what I call it. Out of all the things you could have a gala/benefit on, this would not make the list.
    At one time I kind of liked Ferrell’s movie Elf, then he did the thing that some called hilarious of having a little girl saying filthy words on video. Dispicable.
    Now we watch nothing of his.
    Hollywood keeps shooting itself in the foot. They haven’t caught on yet.

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  4. I knew there was some underlying reason I am revulsed by Will Ferrell. This explains it.

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  5. That man has enough mold on his brain to produce a quart of penicillin.

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  6. PSA: there’s a VERY talented up-and-coming Christian comedian named John Crist whose material is amazing. He does mostly observational comedy about silly things Christians do, especially how ridiculous Millennials (he is one) are. And his jokes are never at another’s expense; he doesn’t pick on people. He laughs with Christians, not at them. Most comedy is evil, so it’s so refreshing to have found this wonderful, upstanding young man who knows how to craft the laughs. I’ll post some YouTube videos in a moment.

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  7. idon'tremember

    now more than ever:

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    • Yes: Always call out the Holy Name of Jesus, or of the Father, or even of the Holy Ghost. Call out the Name of Our Blessed Mother. Don’t just sit there and do nothing: The Devil is an EXCELLENT HYPNOTIST PAR EXCELLENCE.

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  8. After reading TRAILDUSTFOTM earlier post Colossians 1:15-20 -so much beauty and purity and yet how could we be surrounded by so much evil?

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    • Evil, like Good, is a mystery. Ever since the Renaissance, the battle between Good and Evil has been gaining momentum. And ever since evil and atheism have been intellectually defended, it gained a stronghold, first in academia, and now, in the Law of Man itself.
      One thing in man remains, all appearances to the contrary: Free will.
      We cannot see the end of this race. God has already Seen it FROM ITS INCEPTION.

      “When crime begins to reason about itself, it assumes all the rigors of a syllogism.” —Albert Camus

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  9. Those Crist videos seem to be making fun of those that believe in God. I was totally offended; and they are not funny at all. In fact, they are very lame as to humor content. I do not find it funny that people are not on a solid road to salvation. On the other hand, I would prefer them to that disgusting filth that Ferrell put out. I could not watch that. Gave me the creeps (I will put no evil before my eyes?). But if I had to choose what my Grandkids could watch? I’d choose neither.

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    • Well, perhaps use them instead to teach your grandchildren what kind of Christians they should not be, because everything he mentions I’ve seen believers doing.

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  10. You really and truly have to sell your soul for financial gains and fame in this life (this world, realm).

    Must be why I’m a poor. I’m keeping my eye on the prize – the otherside. These people and those like them, have no idea of what’s in store.

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  11. This story gets much more insane after Gethard went on Reddit and admitted it all then deleted it. Again these sick bastards try and masquerade this as a big joke. https://imgur.com/gallery/vmeYI

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  12. I remember Ferrell from his SNL days. He wasn’t funny then, either. Well, if you want something to go away, stop buying it. I detest Rosie O’Donnell,Chris Rock, and a host of others. also. I hate comedians who just aren’t funny.

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  13. Seems all the hollywerid’s have given over to satan, all symbols and rituals have meaning no matter how you laugh it off, you’re practicing satanism and giving your soul over to hell. Stupid is as stupid does, and to not know what you’re doing you’re blinded by evil to the point you’re probably lost not to say you can’t change the path you’re on but seems they don’t care.
    And if you go back 15yrs ago this would have never been advertised to the masses as they are now doing. Goes to show how much they don’t care what the masses think any more.

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    • They are being directed to do this. They want to float these ideas and imagery in the hope that the great unwashed will find it “Kool”. Remember, not everyone has faith. Most these days think Dan Brown is the real deal.

      Their parents don’t instruct them in The Faith. Their schools denigrate religion. There entertainment is Satanic. It’s pretty easy to see where all this leads.

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  14. Saw a story somewhere today that Will took a spill in his SUV.

    LOL – I wonder if it’s a related incident?

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