CT Democrat gubernatorial candidate dragged off by police

Liberals really are mentally ill!

Lee Whitnum, a Democrat, 58, declared herself a candidate in Connecticut’s gubernatorial race and filed the necessary paper work more than a year ago.

On Monday, April 9, 2018, the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee held a gubernatorial candidates debate at Brookfield High School.

Whitnum was told she was not welcome by Laura Orban, the chair of the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee.

But Whitnum showed up anyway and refused leave.

She said in a statement: “I had every right to be at that debate. I am a declared candidate for governor. My paperwork was filed more than a year ago. I told them I would be attending.” (NBC Connecticut)

First, Whitnum clung to her desk, even though all the other candidates had left the stage.

Then, Whitnum threw herself onto the floor.

It took three police officers to drag Whitnum off the stage.


Whitnum was charged with second-degree breach of peace and simple trespass. She was released on a $500 bond is scheduled to appear in court on April 19.

Here’s the video:

Some comments from viewers of the YouTube video:

“You’re never getting elected you fucking lunatic. 5 previous arrests, 3 failed bids for office. Id say you’ve gotten your 3 strikes, you’re out bitch!”

“Lol soooo we have the ex con, the guy that bankrupted Hartford, a clown, and a crazy running for governor?? I bet one of them gets in too!! 😂”

“Lee Whitnum …my two year old used to pull this crap. He’s twelve now and knows better. You are a grown woman. There is absolutely no excuse for adults to behave like this. Thanks for the vote of confidence that democrats are getting their act together. SMFH. I’m going independent. Something is seriously wrong with you Whitnum.”

In 2013, Whitnum was arrested for stalking a judge. (Stamford Advocate)

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21 responses to “CT Democrat gubernatorial candidate dragged off by police

  1. Ha Ha Ha!!!! Great Gif!!! Good job Dr.! She’s a Megalomaniac!

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    • The guy siting just to the left of her is the infamous Joe Ganim, he just did 7 years in Federal Prison for Bribery, Extortion, Etc. He got Re-Elected as Bridgeport’s Mayor, now running for Governor of Ct..Even he got up and distanced himself from the maniac. He also recently, on 1/3/2018 got stopped by Ct. State Police for doing over 100mph on the Interstate Hwy., He’s a good kid too!

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  2. Seems like the ideal canidate, not sure why all the resistance to her. Resist we much!!

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  3. I do not keep up on CT politics, but if this is true — ““Lol soooo we have the ex con, the guy that bankrupted Hartford, a clown, and a crazy running for governor?? I bet one of them gets in too!! — seems to me CT and America has fallen and will never get up.

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  4. All you need to know about her public humiliation is that Lee Whitnum has been a heroically outspoken critic of Israel and its American fifth column for years. (See “Lee Whitnum vs. the Jews” by Cindy Mindel, CT Jewiseh Ledger, 4/12/12.) I wish I had her courage to stand on street corners with signs calling for AIPAC to be registered as a foreign agent. For that I could overlook a lot of the liberal do-goodism that brings about the opposite effect. After all, more wars for Israel will destroy America and make the rest irrelevant.

    Are readers here familiar with quaint little Brookfield? The idea that a Laura Orban might be head of the local Democratic Party Committee should stop Republicans dead in their tracks as well. We get the RINO, Israeli lickspittle candidates we do because this tiny minority of American-hating aliens leverage themselves decisively by going to ALL our local party meetings, including the Republican, and by going to every school board meeting promoting the teaching of five-year-olds about anal sex and masturbation, for example, and we don’t.

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    • The “right’s” litmus test, support Israel or you arent a conservative and you are is nazi…
      Drives me crazy

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    • Does she have a moral right to be included? This post re: her outspokenness re: the Rogue State of Israel( and their DUAL ISRAELI PIMPS in our Congress) deserves some more attention to the details


    • That sounds like the explanation right there. If she dares to point at the Controllers they want nothing to do with her. Look at the rest of that motley crew.

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It has been brought to my attention – these Democrats are putting something in the water of these towns where these people are absolute genuine lunatics.


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  6. Liberals, in my estimation are not mentally ill, they know exactly what they are doing and like any good communist their motto is that the end justifies the means. In other words total control and domination, in the meantime temper tantrums, scandals call attention to their cause and people hear them; the sleazier the better to identify themselves with the populace.

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  7. It should have been the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee arrested. God bless people with the courage of Ms. Whitnum.


  8. Sorry but she should;d have been allowed to participate and let the voters decide if they want to vote for her or not. I give her props for standing her ground. She shows guts and probably won’t succumb to DC.

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    • 5 years ago, Whitnum was arrested for stalking a judge. Is that what you want in government?


      • I think the point was that she had a right to participate having followed all the requirements re filing etc, and the people who choose the candidate should have been the ones to reject her if they so chose. I’m personally of the opinion that it seems the whole thing is a farce when you have such a motley crew of crooks running LOL

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  9. I don’t have enough background on this. These political parties are not democratic. That’s one major problem. All I know about her, personally, is what I’ve read here.

    I don’t know what their rules are for allowing potential candidates to participate in debates. That seems to be the issue.

    So I don’t know if its because she’s such a nut, or she dares to call Israel on their nonsense. It may be both, I simply don’t know.

    Nonetheless, these party’s rules should support democracy, not some exclusive insider selection process. Of course they don’t. I’ve known that for many years. So, our “choices” are usually not someone we would want.

    I have seen that here locally. We had a fine candidate and they just about ran her out of town on a rail. The PTB didn’t like her honesty one bit.

    It’s a crying shame that people are not moral and honest.

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  10. I have no comment on her political stand(s), but she did not appear to be a LARGE woman yet it took three THREE deputies to drag her away on a nice smooth wooden floor??? I am now half the man I once was and am pretty sure that I could have carried her out…. WTF?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  11. I feel, as a registered candidate, she should have been invited. But since she wasn’t, and had to know well in advance, she should have had her lawyer file for an injuction until she was invited.

    This was nothing more then a publicity stunt, a way to get her name in the press and the internet/social media…..

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  12. Im ultra conservative so I dont agree with Ms Whitman on probably a single issue….but I have to admit…she’s right on this one. The people are supposed to decide who they want to run. Not some elitist chick on a comittee. It was really disgraceful for them to do that. She had a right to be there.

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  13. I’m no friend of Whitmun, but this seems to be the same Old Boys Club: They own the game, so they make the rules.
    If Whitmun got on the ballot fair and square, it would seem to me that any refusal to allow her to debate is a violation of her First Amendment rights.

    The mental illness is spreading. Whitmun is the least of our problems!

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  14. The democrats i.e. DECIDERS are eating their own. Good!

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