Agenda-driven media promotes the worst fear: “I’m a Holocaust survivor – Trump’s America feels like Germany before Nazis took over”


Hyperbole much?

When I was on Facebook and Obama was re-elected, proggies were telling conservatives to calm down. They said, “We survived eight years of Bush, you’ll survive eight years of Obama.”

Apparently now we are facing the next Holocaust…

From Yahoo (via Newsweek): Stephen B. Jacobs has a warning from the past for America today: It’s happening again.

At 79 years old he is among the youngest of the Holocaust survivors still alive. But Jacobs can remember life in the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald; what the Nazis did to him, his family, his friends.

He worries about what’s happening right now in America, where he has lived and prospered since arriving a couple of years after Buchenwald’s liberation on April 11, 1945.

The American far-right appears emboldened since the election of President Donald Trump, who led an inflammatory, nationalist campaign. Since then, clashes like the one in Charlottesville are becoming almost commonplace(really, where?).

“Things just go from bad to worse every day,” Jacobs, a successful New York architect who designed the Holocaust memorial at Buchenwald, tells Newsweek. “There’s a real problem growing.”

So much so that Jacobs thinks there’s a “direct parallel” with Germany between the two world wars.

Perhaps more alarming than the far-right getting braver is the seep into mainstream politics of their hate, their talking points, their rhetoric.“It feels like 1929 or 1930 Berlin,” Jacobs says, ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018 on Thursday.

Things that couldn’t be said five years ago, four years ago, three years ago—couldn’t be said in public—are now normal discourse. It’s totally unacceptable.

“We thought our country had changed. In fact, it didn’t. We were operating on a misconception. ‘My god, we elected a black president in the United States! Look how far we’ve come!’ We haven’t.”

In Trump, Jacobs says, the far-right sees an “enabler.”

“I’m involved with New York real estate, I know this man personally,” says Jacobs, whose eponymous architecture firm celebrated its 50th birthday in 2017. “Trump is an enabler. Trump has no ideas. Trump is out for himself. He’s a sick, very disturbed individual.”

“I couldn’t say that Trump is a fascist because you’ve got to know what fascism is. And I don’t think he has the mental power to even understand it.”

Jacobs calls New York, where he lives, an “island of resistance”. But he says Washington will soon realize too that “fascism has to be resisted.”

“Fascism could have been won in Spain. It could’ve been stopped. But appeasement of fascism is what led to everything,” Jacobs warns.

This is a man who lived what happens when fascism isn’t stopped before it metastasizes.

He was born in Łódź, Poland, in 1939. His father, a physician, moved the family to Piotrków, near Warsaw, shortly after the Nazi invasion of Poland in September of that year. Piotrków, where many Jewish refugees in Poland fled, would become the Nazis’ first ghetto.

Liquidated in 1942, a labor camp was established with two factories, where the family lived until their brutal separation in 1944.

The women—his mother, three aunts and grandmother—were taken to a camp at Ravensbrück. The men—him, his older brother and his father—to Buchenwald. “In my case, you didn’t eat in Buchenwald unless you worked. So I was given an identity card that said I was 16 years old,” Jacobs says. “I was five.”

Read the whole story here.


52 responses to “Agenda-driven media promotes the worst fear: “I’m a Holocaust survivor – Trump’s America feels like Germany before Nazis took over”

  1. Mr. Jacobs: Wow. I do believe you are spot on with your comments. EXCEPT you have them directed toward the wrong people group. They should be directed toward the Antifacts, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Gunners, Hit-lie-ery, and all of Obama’s Community Organizer groups. I would say Soros, but then you and him must be kiss ‘n cousins!!!!

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    • Exactly.

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    • Cabin 1954 . . . . Congratulations! I must say you really nailed that! The whole time I read Mr Jacob’s article, I was dumbfounded that he has things turned around in his mind.


    • Exactly. I guess he has forgotten that those that came to the rescue of he and his family are the very people he is attacking. A high percentage of those fighting in the war back then came from the right.
      I take his comments as an insult and he is welcome to leave.

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  2. It kind of does feel like Nazi Germany with all the militant liberals telling us how to live and what we can think and say

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  3. Stephan B. Jacobs rhetoric is a symptom of how desperate the Democrats are. Be sure this is just the beginnig. Tom Tillis believes Mueller needs protection. The verman fear Trump will drain their swamp. They have pulled all the stops. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas prevented the state from draining the Everglades. Satanist wish to preserve their swamp. If this is such a bad time for Jews why does Mark Levine support Trump. Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish. These left wing alarmist need to get real. Imagine the freaks think America will take child sex trafficing as normal. I am glad my Dad died in 2008 so I would not have to try and convince him how evil our society has become. To many peoplle are being snuffed out and children go missing. Yes this country is in trouble but the trouble comes from enemies of our Constitution and Satanic infiltrators who pass themselves off as normal Americans and even “christian”.

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  4. “would become the Nazis’ first ghetto.”

    Corect me if I am wrong, but I believe the eastern jews placed themselves in ghettos centuries before the NSDAP came to Poland. And again some ppl may disagree but there was a difference between Buchenwald and auschwitz II and other camps in Poland

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  5. As usual, the Left are engaged in massive psychological projection. They are the ones who’ve been issuing death threats on Trump, assaulting Trump supporters, and outright murders.

    Go to:

    Scroll to end of post for links to posts on the murderous Left.

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  6. If leftists had not rendered the Constitution virtually worthless he could enjoy Matlock reruns in a socialist free world.

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  7. I was born at St Vincents Hospital in Bridgeport Ct. I grew up 20 mins north of the city in a small town off of Route 8. After finishing high school and college, I moved to Florida and never looked back. Most of the family and friends I left behind would have no problem with a candidate’s corruption as long as it promoted thier Democratic Agenda. It is very sad to see how the Constitution State has forgotten its roots.

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  8. My prev post wss meant for the other thread.

    I have family that wont talk to me because I support Trump. I was raised and expected to be a good Democrat . When I started thinking on my own, I realised something was worng, because they did not practice what they preached.
    Our political party doesnt define us, our compassion and love of life is what defines us. I see very little love or compassion with those I know to be diehard Democrats.

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    • SmK . . . .You post has been an inspiration to me. I agree with everything you pointed out. I can only hope that as you did, that some of my family will “start thinking on their own, and realize that something is wrong . . .”

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  9. Mr. Jacobs……..NAtional ZocIalists…… isn’t the “Right”……

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  10. Wonder what take he would have on georgie soro$$? I think he has his tables turned on him. The left has the persuasive ways of lying and making it stick to the tune that they really believe this garbage. Seems he has been scared by the left more than anything else and they are pointing the fingers at the right so he is lock step to stop what he once new to be bad. So blinded by the dark the light can’t shine if no one stands up for the light.

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  11. Holocaustanity has replaced Christianity since 1970s. The greatest event in history is no longer the coming of Christ. What amazes me is how devout Christians receive Zionist brainwashing visiting the so-called Holy Land and return as rabid Zionists lionizing the Jewish state to the skies.

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    • How true. In the West, especially America, Holocaustianity has become the ultimate eschatological truth under which all others and especially Christianity must be subsumed, or be criminalized.

      In US Army photos of the children being liberated from Buchenwald, they’re all well dressed, well fed, and look no different from kids leaving school in formation. The camps were horrible, of course, but this untalented and uncreative old creep Jacobs has been making a living off his wartime experience that was a lot less severe than the kids incinerated and mutilated in the fire bombing of Dresden, Hamburg, and dozens of other cities. His utterly untalented Buchenwald memorial was paid for by—wait for it—American taxpayers. It was commissioned by the US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, which beyond the eyewash is a straightforward giveaway for sustaining the Holocaust’s mythical exaggerations, with the grinning mockery of having the young people of today pay for their own brainwashing.

      Furthermore, the original claims for “death camps” centered on camps in Germany like Buchenwald until it was shown no exterminations took place on German soil and so the six million, you see, were then mysteriously found to have perished in Polish camps, conveniently beyond the Iron Curtain and scientific verification. It’s also the case that Jews made up only 20% of the inmates of Buchenwald, but to say so is supposedly a slur on the Jews, because the other 80% of mostly ethnic Germans had no value at all.

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      • Dan . . . . Bravo! Your comment is excellent.

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      • Jews also claimed that 6 million of them died in WWI. Must be a magic number. /sarc

        The 6 million number actually originates in a prophecy from the Talmud, which states that after Six Million Jews are sacrificed, Israel will be restored to the survivors.

        Read more: The “Six Million Jews” Theme From Before World War Two | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

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        • They claimed in the 19th Century too. And it IS a “magic” number. It isn’t like no one knew that when they were putting together the current rendition either. Remember, they have controlled the media for a long time. It wasn’t for lack of understanding or information that this happened. It was due to control.

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        • As I said in my response below, it does not take “six million” or some other magic number: The number required for any kind of Holocaust is, simply, ONE VICTIM.
          This is because guilt does not come with the successful commission of a crime, or even an unsuccessful attempt: Once the rational agent RESOLVES TO ACT, he incurs guilt in God’s Eyes, according to St. Thomas Aquinas.
          This makes perfect sense to me: The Angelic Doctor looks at a thing according to its nature. (And he’s not for sissies!)

          I once said to a former colleague of mine, a fine gentleman by the name of Ira, an Orthodox Jew, “Did you know that the Talmud says that all Gentiles are nothing but livestock?!” Ira replied, “You don’t have to tell me what’s in the Talmud! I’ve been studying it for over 40 years, and believe me, I know what it says! Just because that what it says doesn’t mean that I believe it!”
          And so it goes: Many a good Jew accepts us as an equal, and many a Jew does not realize that he himself is on a “plantation” or “reservation”!
          It seems to me that Judaism—on the “business end”—is a racket. Dr. Makow has basically said as much.


          • “The number required for any kind of Holocaust is, simply, ONE VICTIM.”

            Then why is the BOGUS 6 million number constantly used to establish that Jews are uniquely and specially victimized, and to silence any criticism of Jews as “anti-Semitism”?


      • Excellent as always Dan. I only learned of The magnitude of Dresden and the scores of other German cities a few years ago. Of course we all heard of the bombing Dresden , but few, myself included really knew what it entailed. If the word holocaust means burnt offerings,then the German citizens of these most hideous fire bombings were the real Holocaust victims.
        Few seem to know that Fascism has always been a reaction to leftist Jewish agitators whether Germany or Spain. If there had been no communist Jews trying to overthrow governments, there would be no Fascism. But of course our overlords see to it that side of the story is never told.

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    • Gary, you are correct! I know devout Christian people who have been so deceived by Zionism that they even donate money to the cause of rebuilding the third temple on the temple mount. Yes, the very one that the anti-christ will sit in and declare himself to be God and demand to be worshipped as God.

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      • Yes: Abortion: The NEVER-ENDING Holocaust. And in all honesty, I demand that all the victims of The Pill be included: The result is the same—only the APPEARANCE is different.
        BTW: From what I read, more Catholics than Jews died in Auschwitz. That doesn’t detract from the evil: It ADDS to it. But, according to academia and the media, only the Jews are the victims. Not even many Jews believe this, or would insist upon it.

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  12. We should ask him if he’s enjoying the fruits of our Presidents robust economy in the real estate business…also, obama was half White, we never hear about that half. He also states…“Things that couldn’t be said five years ago, four years ago, three years ago—couldn’t be said in public—are now normal discourse. It’s totally unacceptable”…Gee, if it kept trending in the direction he wanted…we’d all be Politically silenced by now, thank you President Trump for kicking PC to the curb! Just reading his Article tells me their scared and making last ditch efforts…another mask off folks!

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  13. Mr. Jacobs, My heart goes out for all the crimes committed against the Jews, and for you, a survivor is a cross you have borne since you were a small child. The new generations want to “move forward” and the schools are not interested in teaching history -that’s all stuff, right Mr. Jacobs? President Trump is trying to get us forward and

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  14. A survivor, and still shit for brains.

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  15. So much bunk, so little time. The truth is WWII is over. The Jews won. We are now run by them. Just look at Syria.

    A more truthful explanation would be that our parasites sold us to the Jews. Either way, we are where we are.

    There are just two kinds of people now. Those who want to be Sabot Goy, and those who don’t. Those who want that are called “globalists” (I call them idiots). Those who don’t are called “nationalist” (and a host of other derogatory words).

    They already have their New World Odor. Did you think they were going to announce it? No they have it. The job for them now is to force the holdouts to join or get us where we can be controlled.

    This is getting uglier by the day.

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    • lophatt . . . I certainly do agree with the points you have made. Excellent comment!

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    • I agree, Lophatt, and Dr. Makow insists on shining the spotlight on the Rothschilds and the schism within Judaism, Sabbatean-Frankism, and its adherents, the Sabbatean-Frankists. THESE are the inner circle of the privileged few who control the rest of organized Jewry, and the ordinary Jew on the street has no idea of what happened. (And odds are, his rabbi doesn’t know either.)


  16. Perhaps Mr. Jacobs would be more comfortable in Israel. He should head over there and enjoy his sunset years amongst those of his equal, not here with us goyim.

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  17. This clown Jacobs is telling us what Berlin was like ten years before he was born? A survivor of the concentration camps? My guess he was just like Soros a jew who sold out other jews. If you want to see what fascism is like go to any urban university today.

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    • It’s just a tactic. We’re supposed to act like we were punched in the nuts at the mere mention of “Holocaust”. Then we are to start apologizing profusely. That’s conditioning.

      Any minor student of this will soon see what’s wrong. Anything that requires laws to prevent people from studying or discussing it is suspect.

      I have no patience with it. Read Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion”. He was a journalist for a major newspaper and reported all through WWII and prior years. He speaks the truth.

      This whole myth has done more damage than any other piece of propaganda in this century or the last. It’s time to reject it.

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      • Exactly. Reed nailed it and paid the price. His book is well worth reading and free on the Internet. As Reed put it, the Jews see merely living among us as intolerable persecution.

        You’re so right, the disgraceful servility of a broken people trumps everything. As Mao put it regarding Chinese servility toward the English, “When they fart, we say excuse me.” And when the Jews snap their fingers over here, America sends thousands of its finest young men and women to death and horrific amputations so young Israelis need not be bothered. The enormity of Congress’s treason and sell out is almost impossible to comprehend if we start with Israel’s responsibility for 911.

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        • Amen to that. Best overview out there. I’ve read dozens of others, but his is the best for breaking the spell. It’s amazing that people in the late ’40’s and early 50’s barely paid any attention to this myth. My dad got it and he was in the Army all the way through WWII from Africa to Germany.

          Anyway, it actually goes back before WWI but its a long tale. Easy to understand, hard to tell because people like their myths better than reality.

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  19. Let’s be clear from the get-go: I DO NOT deny the Holocaust—that it occurred, or that it was horrible beyond belief. Nor do I deny the ethnocide against Native Americans (that lasted until the 20th Century); Nor do I deny the existence and the horrors of the Gulag Archipelago.
    Here is the problem. We have ideological parasites who demand on the right to commandeer the public consciousness regarding what we are going to be informed of and what we are going to believe. The Endgame is the annihilation of Christendom, plain and simple.

    I do not care strictly about the numbers said to have been involved, either. Some maintain that “six million” died. One thing we do know for sure is that more Catholics died at Auschwitz than did Jews. No Matter: They shall wreak their vengeance upon us regardless of what anyone—Catholic or otherwise—attempted to do to stop it. One deliberately ignored fact was this: When reports of mass killings began to surface in Europe in 1943, much of the public there simply REFUSED to believe it, given the levels of horrors involved. And one METAPHYSICAL truth remains: Six million deaths are not required for a “certified” Holocaust: All it takes is ONE single victim: The INTENT to commit the crime makes one guilty in God’s Eyes—NOT the completed result.
    But these truths do not suffice for the Captains of Consciousness in their crusade to foist upon us their Blood Libel, No: They will harp—without surcease—about those who died in the Holocaust, and how, as a Christian, I myself, born in 1956, am guilty for these horrors.
    From time to time they mention Ann Frank. Mention St. Maximilian Kolbe, however, and all we hear are crickets.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: If the Holocaust was not a personal attack upon Jesus Christ, THEN THERE IS NO GOD!

    My landlord subjected me to an ideological test: He insisted that, as a Jew whose People died in the Holocaust, that that very fact made a Jewish life worth twice what a Gentile life is worth. My response is this: If we could go in a time machine and meet one person—of any religion—who died in the gas chamber, what might they say? They might say something like this: “Excuse me: I am the one who died in that gas chamber over there, not you!”
    How can I actually believe such a thing? I will tell you:
    My late father contracted polio in the summer of 1954. He was in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Thanks to polio, there were many things my parents and I never got to do. You Know, the normal things all other people do, like go to a ballpark, or bowling, etc., etc.
    Yes, I suffered, vicariously, from the polio my father contracted. So did the rest of us. (Dad missed being put in an iron lung by THISMUCH). But Dad was the one who paid the price. He was the one in the hospital and in the wheelchair. Not I. Not Mom, either, and she knew as much.

    Let me be clear: Outside of hell, I do not believe in perpetual guilt. Outside of conspiracy, I do not believe in collective guilt. I’ve had to endure over 60 YEARS of this guilt-trip BULLSHIT, and I am SICK OF IT. And I have been red-pilling myself for the past nine years, reading and listening off the internet for five or more hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, FOR NINE YEARS NOW. DO NOT PRESUME ANY AUTHORITY TO TELL ME WHAT I MUST BELIEVE, you guilt-mongers hiding behind a Talmud.

    Donald Trump IS NOT a Nazi. No, it DOES NOT “feel like Nazi Germany” out there. You want to know what it feels like out there? IT FEELS LIKE THE GREAT EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE. IT FEELS LIKE THE ANTI-CHRIST OF REVELATION IS ALIVE ON THE EARTH NOW. I CAN FEEL IT. THIS is what it feels like.

    To all those who deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior of Humanity out there: GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!

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    • I don’t know anyone denies that there were millions of Jews that died.The question is how did they die; from being shot, from Typhus, from starvation, or from the gas chambers as claimed ? Why does it matter? Because the gas chambers are the horrific image that is burned in everyone’s mind to set this genocide apart from all others. This is what gives Jacobs and other losers the fuel to keep up his kvetching about his victim-hood.

      If what this presenter shows in the way of a physical models, energy required, etc is true, there cannot have been gas chambers, or the use thereof because of the sheer impossibility of the logistics and much more.

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      • Point duly noted. However, even if many died of typhus (or anything else) the Nazis are still guilty of those deaths, also, for this reason: The moral agent who knowingly and willingly commits an evil act is not only guilty of that act, but of ALL OTHER EVIL EFFECTS that follow from that act, as St. Thomas Aquinas rightly teaches.
        It has been said that Ann Frank died of typhus. Maybe so: The Third Reich and its goons are still guilty of her death—as is the landlady who betrayed her and her family for 60 guilders, whether they intended her death (and her family) or not, just as the bank robber is guilty of murder if he shoots the teller “by accident,” as he claims!


  20. The REAL NAZI left office over a year ago.

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    • Mine own humble opinion: The Bushes, Bonesmen that they are, are also cut from the same bolt of cloth: Patriarch Prescott Bush was, after all, one of Hitler’s BANKERS.
      The same can be said of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Sacco & Vanzetti!

      Seriously: Go to and Lyndon Larouche’s You Tube channel. Harley Schlanger and others have explored and documented the ideological roots of both the Bushes and the Queen. (This was about two to four years ago, as memory serves me). At any rate, it’s interesting stuff.


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