California bill would create health care price controls

government solve all problems

But, but…I thought Obamacare was suppose to reduce the cost of health care?

From Sacramento Bee: California’s government would set prices for hospital stays, doctor visits and other health care services under legislation introduced Monday, vastly remaking the industry in a bid to lower health care costs.

The proposal, which drew swift opposition from the health care industry, comes amid a fierce debate in California as activists on the left push aggressively for a system that would provide government-funded insurance for everyone in the state.

Across the country, rising health care costs have put the industry, lawmaker and employers and consumers at odds.

The proposal in California would affect private health plans, including those offered by employers and purchased by individuals. A nine-member commission appointed by the governor and legislative leaders would set prices for everything from a physical exam to an allergy test to heart bypass surgery. No other state has such a requirement.

“If we do not act now, I’m concerned that health care prices will become unsustainable,” Assemblyman Ash Kalra, a freshman Democrat from San Jose who wrote the legislation, said in a news conference in Sacramento.

The measure faces an uphill battle in the Legislature, where lawmakers are generally cautious about making drastic changes to the health care system and are already juggling a wide range of ambitious proposals.

The proposal is backed by influential unions including the Service Employees International Union, Unite Here and the Teamsters. The unions are frustrated that health care costs are gobbling an increasing share of employee compensation.

“Every dollar that we spend on rising health care prices is a dollar that comes out of a worker’s pocket,” said Sara Flocks, policy coordinator for the California Labor Federation, a union coalition. “This is something that is eating up our wages and it is increasing income inequality. This is a fundamental question of fairness.

Health care providers say price controls would encourage doctors to move out of state or retire, making it harder for people to see a physician when they’re sick, and force hospitals to lay off staff or, in some cases, close their doors.

The California Medical Association, which represents physicians, called the proposal “radical” and warned that it would reduce choices for consumers.

“No state in America has ever attempted such an unproven policy of inflexible, government-managed price caps across every health care service,” Dr. Theodore Mazer, the CMA president, said in a statement.

Under Kalra’s bill, prices would be tied to Medicare’s rate for a particular service or procedure, with that price as a floor. There would be a process for doctors or hospitals to argue that their unique circumstances warrant payments higher than the state’s standard rate.

Paying hospitals 125 percent of Medicare’s rate would cut $18 billion in revenue and force them to trim nurses and other support staff, said Dietmar Grellman, senior vice president of the California Hospital Association. Private insurers make up for the low payments from government-funded health care, which doesn’t cover the full cost of care, he said.

“That’s why their bill is such an empty promise,” Grellman said. “They take money out of the system with rate regulation, but then they don’t address the huge gaping hole that’s created by Medicare and Medicaid.”

In recent decades health care spending has risen faster than inflation and wages while employers and health plans have shifted more of the costs onto consumers through higher premiums, deductibles and copays. Americans spend more per capita on health care than other developed countries.

Meanwhile, a wave of consolidation by hospitals, physician groups and insurance companies has given industry players more power to demand higher rates.


23 responses to “California bill would create health care price controls

  1. Rent control for healthcare? That’ll be fun with supply and demand…

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    For your information. The Federal government has to arrest the Governor and the AG for not following the Constitution and the Federal laws and stop this insane society of people.



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  3. Death panels how much did you say that survey was costing and did you say they have the basic plan oh sorry you need to make your final arrangements since you do not qualify. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☻

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  4. Broken Leg?…Here’s a pair of used Crutches….NEXT!!!!

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  5. What could possibly go wrong with this? Brain dead leftists.They are just going to get communism in place in California one way or another. Next they will be coming for your private property.

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  6. Yeah, this will cost everything you make plus 20%. Then the doctors will bill you what they think you “owe” anyway. Of course, if you’re illegal, its free.

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  7. private insurance will eventually leave commiefornia and all that will be left will be govt-run “health”care for all the illegals to fleece while citizens receive tsunami-sized taxes and wait lines will be into the following year as everyone in north america (and who ever else can manage to come here) competes for medical services in commiefornia (none of this affects the wealthy ignoramus libtard legislators who are buffered with separate and expensive health insurance and medical care and retirement) …it is truly pathetic that the criminally insane running this state are being allowed to get away with whatever they want (where are the checks and balances from the branches of the federal govt?)…commiefornia is like a separate country land-locked within the usa that receives free federal govt welfare without any govt accountability.

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  8. Something is beginning to become clear to me. California thinks it has completely joined the New World Odor. So, they don’t work for us either. In fact, there is no “us”.

    No, they belong to that EU horde of cheap magicians and scam artist that work for Tel Aviv. So you can think of them as sort of a “state within a state”, although, they consider themselves “stateless”. Hence the idiotic immigration policies.

    They are very anxious to make their wedding public. There are a few others in the same boat. We will either allow this and fight this war without them, or we will prevent this. It seems almost too late for prevention.

    The quicker we acknowledge the obvious the better. Cut all funds, arrest the traitors and plan to subdue them. That is what’s needed.

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    • lophatt . . . . Your very last paragraph says it all: “Cut all funds, arrest the traitors and plan to subdue them. That is what’s needed.” The fact that in so many ways CA is just “doing it’s own thing!” People who are in a position to move away, do so. It is ridiculous that those in government positions are just allowed to go on, and on, and on in this manner.

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  9. Gruber told us as Obama did. The largest tax hike on the middle class ever seen, suckers.

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  10. Easy! Californians can simply cross the border for their healthcare requirements…. Why would practitioners remain?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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    • That’s becoming increasingly popular. That goes for dentistry as well as medical procedures. They have just about priced themselves out of the market.

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  11. That will lead to the fattening of liberal bank accounts, and to rationing more severe than anyone could imagine.

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  12. Should this lunacy actually become law, I can already see hordes of healthcare providers packing for the mass exodus.

    Commie-libs haven’t even a basic grasp of rudimentary economics.

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  13. Considering the cost of doing business in Ca., I see nothing but closing doors and a mass exodus,
    In the last 8 years we have seen massive damage done by Obamacare and the loss of hospitals and Drs.
    Sadly, Ca..leadership, cough cough, puts the needs of illegals over the needs of the tax payer.

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  14. How much will they pay me for a used kidney or a worn out lobe of lung? Maybe then I could afford to see a dentist.

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  15. Alex Jones and Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge have covered the Affordable Care Act in depth and very well. That being said, you mention California’s latest hat trick, and it has me thinking.
    Could it be—COULD IT BE???—that the Affordable Care Act has INSTITUTIONALIZED criminal racketeering in government?

    Everyone has a learning curve. And, given what I’ve been going through for the past three years (and especially the last three months), I believe I’ve hit mine. I am still on the internet every night (and that includes FOTM and You Tube), but I’ve been going through my “Ralph Kramden phase”: “WILL YOU COME ON, NORTON?!?!” So I’ve been CRABBY. Irritable. Grouchy. Persnickety.

    But I believe that THIS is what it all boils down to. Look at California: The DNC has a HEADLOCK on the entire state, no opposition. Criminal racketeering would only be natural.
    THIS is what the Trump Administration must investigate—IN EVERY SINGLE STATE.

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  16. I find it interesting that no one seems to be aware of what’s going on here in Vermont. They have a head lock on health “care” and it’s getting worse. In order to get any help from one’s “health care provider” (what ever happened to DOCTOR?) one MUST sign a document giving away all one’s freedom to confidentiality, and consent to mandatory urine tests. If anything shows up in said urine test you WILL be reported to the authorities. So much for confidentiality.
    If you “choose” to not sign, then they “choose” to not write any prescriptions for you. That include antibiotics b/c you are automatically deemed an “antibiotic seeker”. If you do sign and get prescriptions of any kind you are required to meet with said “health care provider” 4 times a year. At these meetings you are required to answer mental health questions. If they deem you to be mentally “at risk” they “report” you to the authorities.
    Because of this interference between doctor and patient there has been a mass exodus of real doctors.
    More and more people are avoiding doctors, clinics and hospitals.
    And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

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  17. Here’s an alternative:


  18. Wow…
    They will vastly increase the state in order to pull this off.
    Increasing the size of the state will cost money.
    To pay for this, taxes will increase.
    People will have less money as their support of the state increases.
    Fewer people will pursue careers in health care as the rewards will diminish.
    Fewer health care professionals means less availability for those that need care.

    What a great idea…

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