About those “child” refugees in Britain: Two-thirds quizzed about their age are found to be adults

immigrants with selfie

Shocker, not.

From Daily Mail: Nearly two-thirds of ‘child’ refugees who were questioned about their real age after coming to Britain were found to be adults, an official report has found. In one year, 65 per cent of asylum seekers assessed after claiming to be juveniles were judged to be over 18.

The report, by immigration watchdog David Bolt, revealed that the Home Office received 2,952 asylum applications from unaccompanied children in the year to June last year.

Out of these there were 705 age disputes – around a quarter of the total – where officials suspected the individual was lying about their age. Of these, 618 cases were resolved and 402 – or 65 percent – were found to be adults.

If these asylum seekers had been treated as children it would have left councils and local taxpayers facing a care bill of millions of pounds a year.

The statistics come amid concern that Britain’s generosity towards genuine child victims of war, terror and humanitarian disasters is being abused.

The figures were published in a report by Mr. Bolt, the independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, into the Home Office’s treatment of lone child migrants.

They relate to young migrants with neither parents nor carers who have sneaked into Britain stowed away in trains, lorries and ships and then claimed asylum.

If a refugee does not have a birth certificate or other travel documents, a Home Office screening officer must decide whether or not they are a child based on their ‘physical appearance and demeanour’.

Unless the person appears ‘significantly’ over 18, they should be ‘afforded the benefit of the doubt and treated as children’ until they are age-assessed by local council social workers, official rules state.

This is to avoid the risk of a child migrant accidentally being placed in adult accommodation or detention. But on some occasions it meant adults were treated as children, potentially posing a risk to school pupils, foster families or children in care.

Home Office figures reveal that there have been 12,942 disputes over the ages of child asylum seekers since 2006, with 5,965 – around 46 per cent – found to be over 18 in this period.

Mr. Bolt’s report said Home Office staff ‘did not feel confident about making initial age assessments of applicants claiming to be children, particularly judging whether the claimant was “significantly over 18” and should be entered into the adult process’.

It added: ‘They received no training to help them make such judgments. Some local authorities were concerned that the Home Office applied its “benefit of the doubt” policy too readily, and highlighted the risks of wrongly placing an adult with children in their care.’

Reacting to the figures, Tory MP Tim Loughton, a member of the Commons home affairs select committee, said: ‘This has been a problem for some time. We have been a soft touch in too many cases for asylum seekers who abuse our hospitality by elaborating their credentials. It is right we give a safe haven to those who are in danger but too often we have been too trusting.

A row flared in October 2016 amid concern that some adult refugees were lying about their ages to gain entry to Britain.

There were calls for the Home Office to take action after mature-looking ‘child migrants’ were among those who arrived in the UK from the squalid Jungle camp in Calais to be reunited with relatives as part of a resettlement programme.

Jack Straw, the Labour former home secretary, led demands for more accurate age tests.

Some critics said dental checks should be introduced. Officials insisted all the migrants were aged under 18. But some looked several years older, with crow’s feet and flecks of grey hair.

Computer analysis of photographs of some of the migrants suggested many could be in their 20s and 30s. The facial recognition software written by Microsoft, even suggested one migrant was 38.

Ministers have ruled out using medical tests, including dental checks, to assess the age of migrants. Citing guidance by the Dental Medical Association, they say tests of teeth are ‘inaccurate, inappropriate and unethical’.

But Britain is one of only three EU countries not to use medical checks to verify the age of child asylum seekers. The others are Ireland and Cyprus. Every other nation calls in doctors, dentists or psychologists to root out adults who are abusing the asylum system by pretending to be children.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘After consultation with stakeholders we published revised guidance on age assessments and we have committed to produce more child-friendly information in a range of languages to help children better understand the asylum system.’


14 responses to “About those “child” refugees in Britain: Two-thirds quizzed about their age are found to be adults

  1. According to the US children are children till 26…

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  2. Appropriately, the “kiddies” in that selfie photo are making the devil sign.

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  3. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    We know about it why not act on it? If we question their age prove it or send them home!

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    • bzerob . . . . Any country that DOES NOT EMPLOY the use of all available medical modalities to ascertain the age of these “children immigrants” are stupid beyond belief. They squander the resources that have been taken from the average working Brit. This just makes me crazy. If it is determined that one of these supposed children has lied about their age, there should be no further consideration of their application for asylum–they should be sent back to their home country immediately. No doubt all the Muslime countries in the world are laughing at all the Capitalist countries with their big wallets, and their soft hearts.

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  4. Does not surprise me a bit men faking to be children refugies. Here we have Fake news, fake boobs, fake REPUBLICANS, men dressed in women’s clothing-they are queers; women with a strap between their legs-“butch”. It’s all ok As long as the children across the pond don’t come here because we have to watch the illegal “children” trying to come across the border. FOR REAL, KEEP THOSE NATIONAL GUARDS FIRMLY PLANTED AT THE BORDER SO ILLEGALS CAN’T COME IN AND DISRUPT OUR COUNTRY.

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    • Alma . . . . God Bless You! Your solution to this problem is right on the money. What kind of a nation allows army’s of foreign invaders to cross their boarders? There needs to be a stop put to it.

      I am so saddened by the on-going crap that the POTUS has been involved in, there is little doubt that having so much litigation, now these raids on his attorney’s office–there will no end! The American people are growing weary of it, I want Trump to be able to push forward full-bore with instituting those ideas and principals that will help our nation. Just look at the fact that China has now lowered their tariffs on some American made goods. . . just ask yourself, would this have ever happened if we had elected ANY OTHER CANDIDATE to be POTUS? The answer to that is a resounding NO!

      God Bless America! God Bless Our Troops, including all of the National Guards being sent to our Southern boarder! God Bless our President, his family, and those who are in his cabinet! I want to see a better America before I report to the other side.

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      • That whole business with the Hondurans storming the border is a classic. That’s a total Obongo/Soros maneuver. I read that three of them jumped the fence despite the presence. I hope they arrested them.

        In the first place, Mexico doesn’t let them travel through there unless the have visas. They ended up giving them travel visas after they were already in the country. Someone had to pay for the train ride and the bribes that got them there. The whole thing was a provocation and designed to embarrass Trump.

        We keep talking about this “deep state” working within government. We have another government entirely doing these operations. These are being run out of the Kalorama office. I keep waiting for them to bust this up. I suspect I’ll be waiting a long time.

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      • Auntie Lulu, the “caravan” has now turned into big business. Those coming don’t have a pot to…….. in. It’s the left that’s feeding the money and promises to those yearning for a better life who in turn give it all to the Mexican coyotes, that rape women, young and little girls and murder those who resist, but, CROSSING INTO THE US MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE IT HAPPENS.

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