The joys of socialized healthcare: Children in Northern Ireland wait over a year for surgeries

government solve all problems

From BBC: Wearing pajamas and fluffy slippers, she treads carefully, held up on either side by a Turkish nurse.

Megan flew to Istanbul for private surgery late last year, having been told she faced long delays for an operation to fix the deformation of her spine, which was causing her problems breathing.

When the healthcare trust in Belfast told her parents it would be at least a year before she could have the procedure, they felt they had no choice but to fundraise for treatment.

Through the generosity of strangers, the money was raised – but surgery to insert four metal rods into her spine was painful and expensive, costing about £30,000.

Just a few days after treatment, 14-year-old Megan had to board a plane home to Northern Ireland. “But I was so happy, because I just wanted it over and done with, and to get back on the road to recovery,” she says.

For her mother, Karen Fleming, though, the upset and uncertainty still plays on her mind. And she is angry on behalf of dozens of other children still waiting for similar treatment. “It’s a shambles. It’s a mess,” she says.

“It’s no fault of the surgeons. It’s no fault of the nurses. But it’s awful. It’s just seeing your child in pain every day, knowing that you can’t help them. And the only way for a lot of families is to fundraise, or actually to remortgage your house.”

In Northern Ireland, targets say most patients should be seen within nine weeks and none should wait over 15 weeks.

Curvature of the spine:

Just a few miles away from Megan’s home in Carrickfergus, we visit 16-year-old Sophie Tanner in Belfast. She waited 20 months for the same operation, to correct curvature of the spine, before it was cancelled the day before surgery.

Her parents were delighted when Sophie was then offered the procedure in Stanmore hospital, in Middlesex.  It went well but took 14 hours instead of the eight it was supposed to. Nevertheless, the operation has taken the pressure off her heart and lungs and she has made a very good recovery.

But Sophie’s parents say having to wait as long as she did was unacceptable. “What most people in Northern Ireland want is the same treatment as the rest of the UK,” says her father, Eddie.

“We’re part of the UK, so we think that the waiting lists should be similar. We pay taxes. We pay National Insurance. We would expect the powers to be to make sure that places are pretty equal.

Surgeon: ‘We have no choice’

Spinal surgeon Niall Eames, in Belfast, says the health service is doing what it can to restructure itself and offer surgery faster. But in the short term he has no choice but to tell many children they need to expect long waits.

“Telling a child that they can’t have the operation when they need and want the operation – it’s completely inappropriate,” he says.

“Obviously it’s terrible for the patients. It’s awful for them. But equally for the healthcare people involved in the caring, the managers, the nurses, the consultants, the staff – it’s awful not being able to offer the treatment we know they require in a timely manner.”

New data from the Royal College of Surgeons shows the problem in Northern Ireland is getting worse.

At the end of 2017, there were more than 14,000 patients waiting over a year for treatment, with more than 3,000 waiting over two years.

In Northern Ireland that represents nearly one in 100 people.  By comparison there are about 1,800 people waiting over a year for surgery in England.

The Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board, which runs the NHS, said: “The system is under huge pressure and the waiting times experienced by many patients continue to be unacceptable.

“There simply isn’t either the money or required staffing levels to sustain the current model of care.”

But the Department of Health in Northern Ireland said it had announced a £30 million investment in tackling hospital waiting lists in the current year. However, the money has not yet reached the frontline.


43 responses to “The joys of socialized healthcare: Children in Northern Ireland wait over a year for surgeries

  1. here in Canada it’s much the same – maybe depending on what you’re waiting for the period may be less. The one forgotten aspect of govt health care is that they (who’re controlled by Big Pharma as is the AMA, CMA, eetc) dictate what the treatment for anything is – because they look upon it as they represent all of the public and thus everyone is taxed to pay for healthcare, and if the govt is using tax to pay for it, they will only OK that which has been determined to be the prescribed treatment – even though this is a conflict of interest because as I said Health Canada or the FDA (whatever), are the ones who approve Big Pharma’s drugs etc. Big Pharma is not going to advocate any alternative medicine, natural medicine, or holistic medicine IF THEY AREN’T GOING TO MAKE LOTS OF $$ FROM SELLING IT. Thus you get chemo, radiation, etc which don’t cure but actually kill good cells and body’s immunity but they get mucho dollars from the treatment. When most die anyway the elite who own Big Pharma (Illuminati families like Rockefeller) view it as a means of Malthusian population reduction.

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  2. Nancy Pelosi 4 days ago on her effort to institute Universal Health Care in Ca.

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  4. When I reblogged this, I added a lengthy commentary

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  5. I don’t know if you ‘ve seen the latest post by L A Marzulli re Buzz Aldrin and the whole move towards the end time mass deception incorporating the elements of panspermia, alien saviours, alien creators / guides, etc return to take us to the next level of evolution etc, but I reblogged it so people could check it out

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    • There is a large “panspermia” component in the Comet Ping-Pong business. It seems to run all through that creepy cannibal, dismemberment “art” scene that Alefantis is leading. This is a sort of “religion”. It involves homosexuality, pedophilia, aliens (see J. Podesta), paintings, music, etc..

      These practitioners seem to be the offshoots from OTO. They are the new “Kool Kidz”, and really plan to inherit the Earth. Some of what we discuss here is the spinoff from this. Part of the email releases from Assange were meant to awaken us to these facts.

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      • As I mentioned, David Ruffino, of the Delusion Resistance website, as a non believing Jew interested in MUFON, UFOs, aliens etc chronicled the cover up in his book UNHOLY COMMUNION – the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, How It Starts and How It Stops
        He said, as another sister who writes the 50shadesofpissedoff blog in her post “To All My Friends Who Can See” , that when you get to the truth you find out it’s all about WAR ON JESUS

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        • Interesting. I think I tend to see patterns in things. Rarely do distinctive changes happen in a vacuum. Most of the time we see on aspect, or component, of a larger whole. Sometimes, if we look, and think about it, the connections become apparent.

          We know much about The Plan. We have discussed it at least since the days of the “Learned Elders of Zion Protocols”. Actually, it is much older than that, but our overall awareness of it seems to have begun gelling around that timeframe.

          Withe utter destruction as the end goal, much has to happen to arrive at that denouement. The elimination of anything that provides cohesion must be destroyed. Religion, as well as nationalism, are both strong definers of who we are as people. They say “look at us, this is what we believe”.

          I used to have discussions with some about them using this “alien” phenomena to stage some sort of warfare leading to some “unification” that could be morphed into slavery. I still won’t rule that out, but I am now leaning toward this being much more subtle.

          There have been a spate of books and television quasi-documentaries attempting to persuade people that “aliens” are the “real gods”. Indeed this has increased exponentially in the last few years.

          This “Panspermia” idea is a related concept. It basically claims that “aliens” are our creators. In this scenario extraterrestrial beings are responsible for all life. From there they have used the “abduction” tales to extrapolate that these beings like to “explore” their creation and enjoy decapitation and dismemberment, etc..

          It seems apparent that their get togethers are largely some attempt to mimic what they believe their “creators” like. In so doing there is some chance of them becoming “gods” themselves.

          At this point I believe that those who believe their destiny is to be in charge will use this, or any other “belief” they can dream up that facilitates their goals. While having such beliefs makes people stupid, it doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Whether they actually believe these things or not is an open question.

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        • The “alien abduction” phenomenon is more like demonic abduction or maybe CIA abduction/mind control. It is a spiritual war, the evil one and his followers are trying to get souls away from Christ, and one way is via unbelief. It wouldn’t surprise me if they disguised the antichrist as a so called phony ‘benevolent alien’. That would fool loads of lost souls! Just like that series “V”. But it would end up more like “They Live” by the illustrious John Carpenter.

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    • According to Juri Lina’s book “Architects of Deception”, both Buzz Aldrin and whatshisname….um….Neil Armstrong were both freemasons. Surprise surprise surprise. Plus I heard that the whole moon landing was faked (they say how could they pilot through the radiation of the Van Allen Belts?), it wouldn’t surprise me either.


      • Yeah I have a DVD investigation film that says Stanley Kubrick had to make a film of the fake moon landing for the elite before they let him make 2001

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        • That would explain why that movie was such a yawner, ha ha! I heard that his last movie “Eyes Wide Shut” revealed the satanic freemasons and their rituals a bit too much for their comfort so they got him out of the way. Kubrick was supposedly a freemason too. Now I know why some of these no talent types get so ‘famous’.

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  6. Canada is right there behind them. Our veterans, aren’t they waiting, waiting and waiting, I see it coming too, among the many other “innovations” they are trying to thrust in us.

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    • I have a good friend, a lady near Toronto, who has started a vehicle for helping both US and Canada vets, called Veterans Retreat(s?) International – I’m not sure if Retreat is singular or plural. Her husband is a US vet of 18 years.


  7. There isn’t enough staff or enough money to offer better wait times?

    No, I guess not when you are letting in hordes of Africans and Middle Easterners who get free treatment, but don’t contribute squat to the system, bleeding it dry. You can hear the loud sucking sound of all wealth, prosperity and comfort once had by all European civilizations as the last rush circles the drain into the sewage system. Thanks politicians. Thanks Jews for your great invention of communism!

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    • You have hit the nail on the head Lana. There are no Irish or Brits anymore, in Belfast city centre you will hear all sorts of foriegn tongues and be asked to contribute to the Romainian wealth fund every 10 minutes. I’m not complaining, it has to be like this for a time.
      The hypocracy and blatant self regard of our masters and their minions for themselves has becoming absurd.
      I Love it all.
      Too many people are waking up. They are on the slippery slope of Karma and (like us all) will be rewarded by like for like.
      I Love Karma; it is sensible and just.
      We as Truthers must hasten Karma be greasing the wheels. Best Wishes

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      • It’s like that here as well. One big hodgepodge with nothing in common. Just as they planned it. I have an autistic adult daughter. The state sent us a letter regarding her. It was in twelve languages, none of them English. I had to translate it from Spanish.

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        • Unbelievable. I’m so sorry Lophatt. Having an autistic child is difficult enough without the addition of being dumped on by ones own government in related matters. We can only hope in the Lord it seems.

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        • I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, and the no English forms…geez louise! There are doctors that were able to reverse autism in some cases, one of them was Dr. Gonzalez but he was ‘offed’ (alleged heart attack) because of that and his cancer research. Some Naturopathic Doctors are able to also do this, some use chelation therapy, others use nutritional support. My SIL says that Bach rescue remedy and “The Tapping Solution” help her when she gets agitated.
          There are cures out there, but they’re suppressed.

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  8. Truly my heart goes out to the NATIVE CITIZENS OF IRELAND. (The interlopers who have been forced on the Irish can just wait at the back of the line as far as I am concerned.) That Irish children are forced to endure these kinds of wait times, frankly amounts to child abuse. I wonder why per capita there are more Irish than Brits who are suffering from these long waits, doesn’t the UK control what is going on in Ireland also? I am very glad that the parent’s of this young girl went to accepting donations so that she could get this much needed medical care. It would almost seem as though the entire UK is in need of help from “Doctors without Boarders,” with the abysmal recordings of medical care in that area.

    DCG . . . . Great Article!!! I love to know what is going on in the UK, as some of my ancestry hales from there.

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    • Auntie I don’t know the particulars behind the setup but it would not surprise me in the least if the Brits and their Jewish overlords have done this deliberately. I don’t know how things are now, but historically they Brists have looked down- way down on the Irish. You know that supposed potato famine that killed about 6 million plus Irish? If was no famine at all- it was a Stalinesque deliberate starvation by TAKING all the food and the farm animals- boatloads back to Britain.
      Check it out. No one has ever acknowledged or apologized for it- worse than the Armenian Genocide.

      Chris Fogarty used to have a great website on this whole subject, but I see that it has been taken down. I know the man really suffered some threats and persecution trying to bring this info out, and that might be the reason it is not available anymore. He said even the Irish were terrified to bring the subject up as though there would be trouble if they did.

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  9. Thank you DCG, everyone needs to read your column. My heart breaks for the people of Ireland and any country that has National HC.
    We were warned by Daniel Hannan, a Conservative Parliment member that this would happen. He gave page after page of examples and we have seen them happening now. At the time that they were beginning to start Obamacare here, Sweden had been thinking of changing their system to one like ours, since we had the best healt care in the world. Excellent hospital, Drs. And surgeons. Since then we have lost hundreds of each. Many were being bogged down with paperwork that was unnecessary.
    Our own VA care is a great example of a now broken system. Big pharma needs to be reined in. They are getting drugs okayed with a list of adverse affects that kill thousands.
    We had people coming here from many countries with cash in hand getting to jump the line. I remember a very rich man from Turkey, I believe, that went to Ca. For a heart transplant and got to jump the line. WTH.
    Obamacare has set us back years and it will take years to get us back.

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  10. Folks, Read & Re-read Lophatt. above.. = “that writing” is more True than you know.. A Genetisist friend said to me, “Just give me some DNA from any prehistoric bones or their frozen flesh, and I/ we can build you another live Jurasic Park, – except for Government Secrecy.. He was also hinting at on-going deep-secret human-to-animal transmutations across all “life-lines & life-forms” of DNA.. Several years ago – word got out that Human Brain material had been successfully transmuted into the brains of monkey speicies, and what an up-roar that caused in the News Network.. Those Mad-Mad Scienists at the CDC in Georgia are genetically developing “Top-Secret” Super-Germs (Germ Warfare) under the guise of “Protecting America” against our Enemies.. = = Re: UFO’s & “Flying Saucers..!!??” = Are they REAL .?? I could write about both, but at another time.. Hint: “UFO” is a two-dimentional – non-descript – apparently intelegently controled light phenomona.. A Flying Saucer has “without-a-doubt” presented itself as a Three Dimentional craft with clearly apparent intelegent control.. = If you only knew for certain.. Question: Do the Apes of Earth really understand and “Know” who and what we Humans are..?? and we live right among these Creatures.. In a Universe that is estimated to be 28 Billion years, = Earth at a mere 4.2 billion – is an “Infant” on the celestial scale of time.. “Grow up Earth, – then we’ll talk..!!”



  11. This is the kind of thing you see in third world countries….oops.
    Those poor parents, it’s traumatic enough to see your child in pain and know they have to have some sort of surgery like that, and then to delay it, horrible! The knuckleheads in the USA who have NO understanding about what “socialized medicine” is about should be reading this!
    I told a friend of mine about what it’s really like to have socialized medicine and she was pretty quiet after I reiterated an example.
    Reality is not the same as what the government tells you it is.

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