Homeland Security to compile database to track bloggers, journalists and other ‘media influencers’

Amidst “concerns” regarding accuracy in media and the potential for “fake news” to influence elections and policy, the Trump Administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is compiling a database to track “media influencers,” including journalists, correspondents and bloggers.

On April 3, 2018, DHS posted a solicitation notice for a contractor to create a “Media Monitoring Services” database.

According to the DHS’s “Statement of Work” (RNBO-18-00041_SOW_-_Draft.docx), the chosen contracting company will perform the following “media monitoring” services:

  1. Monitor and track traditional news sources as well as social media for coverage relevant to Washington, DHS or a particular event, to include:
    • > 290,000 global news sources.
    • Online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media.
    • > 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian.
    • Translation function to instantly translate these articles to English.
  2. Analyze the media coverage in terms of content, volume, sentiment, geographical spread, top publications, media channels, reach, AVE, top posters, influencers, languages, momentum, circulation.
  3. Monitor the public activities of media members and influencers by “location, beat and influencers”.
  4. Create for users to access a 24/7 password-protected, online platform, mobile app, and media influencer database, including journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers etc.

H/t Chicago Sun-Times and FOTM‘s Stovepipe

Here’s an email I just received from Steve Quayle:

They already have unbelievable algorithms, data bases and kill lists so advanced that they have a complete AI functioning termination list. There are 9 million people on it — gun owners, Constitutionists, Christians, home schoolers, conservative activists, etc. Look up the MIAC Report: Fusion Center MIAC Strategic Report


49 responses to “Homeland Security to compile database to track bloggers, journalists and other ‘media influencers’

  1. No worries Mr. DHS, we will cooperate fully with the government and look forward to every opportunity to put any and all concerns about a desire for self-determination to rest.

    Μολὼν λαβέ

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  2. Hmmmmm……more tracking? Right now the satellite can hone in to our bedrooms and our bathrooms and monitor every move we make, needless to say the robot cleaner and “Alexa”. Better keep an eye on the criminals, the drugs, illegals and pornography!

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  3. This is a DIRECT ATTACK upon the First Amendment and our free speech rights. The Dept. of Homeland “Security,” already having survived at least two Administrations, is proof enough for me that we are up against, what Churchill called “a conspiracy so large, so huge, that the man in the street cannot believe that it exists.”
    Let us take a thumbnail look at what several Administrations have done. President Truman signed legislation into law that created the execrable and criminal CIA. This was bad enough, but he created the NSA, the National Security Administration, by fiat, by actual EXECUTIVE ORDER.
    President Kennedy threatened to “break the CIA into a million pieces and scatter it to the winds.” He was assassinated, in part, by certain persons within the CIA for having said this and other things.
    After 9/11, Bush the Younger created the Dept. of Homeland Security and made the check-in searches at airports a permanent part of American life. Not to be outdone, President Obama had the NSA catalogue every e-mail every single person sent or received, along with every telephone call.

    In other words, the government used the 9/11 attack upon humanity as the Perfect Excuse to create a police state (Bush) and to expand it, potentially into infinity (Obama). Will President Trump continue to nurture the tyrannical police state, even in the name of security, or to keep illegal aliens out of our country?
    Looks like it to me.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: In China, the government has created a “social credit score” whereby one is scored for his behavior and opinions regarding the government. Within the past two months, China announced that certain persons with low “social credit scores” would be banned from public trains for up to one year. THE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE IS COMING TO AMERICA! IT’S FIVE YEARS OFF! WAKE UP!!!
    Our entire Bill of Rights is under a concerted, planned and orchestrated subterranean attack! Thanks to such crimes against humanity as 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando and now Parkland, our sacred Second Amendment is under sustained attack. But now, thanks to the “social credit score” and CIA, NSA and Homeland “Security,” our sacred First Amendment is under attack! And our sacred Fourth Amendment has also been under attack: No government has ANY God-given right to monitor the phone calls or e-mails of ANYONE not credibly accused of a crime!

    MARK MY WORDS: Once the First Amendment falls, the rest of the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment is fair game. The oligarchy we are up against is out to implement and impose no less than the Mark of the Beast System. And now President Trump has indicated he will MARCH LOCKSTEP along with the next phase? He should order the airstrike to destroy NSA and HS headquarters, STAT!
    I am against fake news just as much as Donald Trump is. Yes, once I saw Lee Harvey Oswald shot to death on live television, I knew our news media was not to be believed. Everyone not brain dead knew for decades that the mainstream media just is not trustworthy; Now, thanks to the internet, we have defined and definite ideas WHY. It IS NOT the business of government to filter our news for us: THAT IS OUR JOB. And it IS NOT the business of government to amass a monopoly on power, let alone brute force, that it has had for centuries. We the People own this place, and We the People SHALL NOT surrender what the Constitution is charged to guarantee. This truth maintains, DESPITE the LEGIONS OF LEFTIST LEMMINGS out there like Children of the Corn demanding their own doom!!!

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  4. Rather than monitoring everyone in this manner . . . I wish our government would force Google, Facebook and the like to allow Conservatives to have equal time on their platforms. As it is they are utilizing their algorithms to kick off everyone who is displaying speech indicative of the Right! Since the Internet is supposed to include everyone, then it should include EVERYONE, not just the dillweed, left leaning folks.

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    • Yes side re Bob. You know it is bad when FB bans Diamond and Silk for being dangerous.
      Conditioning is going on. Pretty soon it will all be normal. God help us all.

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    • If it is just a question of ‘fairness’ to you, I don’t believe you truly understand the objectives of those social media venues – please don’t be decieved by any veil of privacy or underlying mal-intent by those platforms. One day you will miss your privacy.

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  5. Don’t like this at all. Not. One. Bit.


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  6. We should all just increase our ‘Chatter’, it’s too late to go Gray anyway, so let’s all just step it up a notch! It’s the information age, even if you talk to a cop, you get entered into the local fusion center as a ‘Field Contact’. I think it’s still all the obama holdovers we’re dealing with, and the RINO’s of course, we got infiltrated when we weren’t paying attention. Just like the IRS Targeting us, you won’t see that happening during this Administration. I think the Country will take a slow course correction under this Trump Admin, it can’t be done all at once overnight. We have to stay vigilant, even by Commenting on this Site, it makes a difference, don’t worry, they’re reading it too, that’s what we want.

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  7. I write to the local paper several times each month and get published on average every 1~2 months. Usually an ironic observation or a snarky comment about local politics. I particularly like to ‘poke gumment leaders in the eye with a sharp stick!’ I guess that makes me a “media influencer”.

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  8. “They already have unbelievable algorithms, data bases and kill lists so advanced that they have a complete AI functioning termination list. There are 9 million people on it — gun owners, Constitutionists, Christians, home schoolers, conservative activists, etc. Look up the MIAC Report: Fusion Center MIAC Strategic Report”

    That was my first thought- they are already doing it.

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  9. Register commies, not bloggers.

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  10. Where’s the White House petition that says “hell no!” that I can sign?

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  11. I have something they can track. 😉

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  12. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this latest assault on privacy and civil liberties is nothing new. Since 1948, and with increasingly powerful technologies, every telephone call, text, e-mail, and now, internet search that you or I, or anyone else has ever made has been intercepted, recorded and analyzed. The network that does this is called Eschelon, and it ha been in existence for 70 years.

    At the end of WW II the five English speaking countries–The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia–entered into an agreement to create a global electronic spy network for the ostensible reason of preventing another global war. The intent was to listen to all electronically transmitted data anywhere in the world.The five countries agreed to share everything that was recorded. When it first was up and running, the system consisted of a chain of listening posts around the world in all the countries that would allow antennas and listening stations on their territory. Now, the system lives in the WWW, in astonishingly powerful mainframe computers and in a chain of spy satellites and global listening posts.

    I wrote about this some where back in the late 80s or early 90s; I can’t remember exactly when since it’s been so long. But I do remember a white paper issued by the Untied Nations about Eschelon that called for full disclosure and dismantling of the network.

    We may already be too late to stop this. All the horrible artifacts of tyranny that Orwell predicted–and many more far more powerful and insidious than he ever predicted, are already here and in place in our homes, our work, our recreation, and our streets. Our smart televisions that have a camera and recorder that sees and hears and records 24/7, are an exact analogue of Orwell’s Telescreen. Security cameras inside public buildings and outside on every street corner assures that you and I will have our activities recorded dozens of times throughout the day. Orwell’s Ministry of Truth was devoted to changing historical documents to suit the government, creating false news, and, managing education to create a generation of ignorant children, and regulating creative and artistic thought. His Ministry of Peace was devoted to maintaining constant war in order to give the “Proles” a boogie man to hate. How long have we been at war somewhere in the world with no end in sight? And the list goes on.

    There is an old Chinese saying–a curse, really–that goes something like this: May you live in interesting times.

    God help us; we’re already there.

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  13. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Before you do this – we need a voter ID with finger print. Now not ten years later.


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  14. Grif’s statements about limiting creativity ring a very disturbing bell in my mind. I recall preschool where I was verbally abused by the teachers for not coloring within the lines. To this day, I am unable to fully break the subconcious shame of free-drawing or painting. I can copy well enough even without practice, but doing anything brain-to-hand encounters this “stop” point. Going past it leaves me depressed and disheartened.

    I went to another preschool during my last year before entering 1st grade. It was nothing like the first. Both were at churches, but the first was… bizarre. I recall rampant sexual-references among the other boys, favoritism with them and teachers, as well as a very strict system.

    We had pledges of allegiance often, strict rules (we were 3-5 year olds) about when and what we could play with, and with whom, and who we were allowed to talk to without permission.

    Several times we would go on marches around the church, older ones would go more than once, singing. That now feels extremely militaristic to me.

    And it was right next to the police station.

    It really makes me wonder. They’re already watching all of us here. Might as well share. May the Lord Jesus keep us from “Disappearing”.

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  15. Well—This sure turned frickin’ depressing….

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  16. Diamond & Silk were just deemed “unsafe to the community” by Zuckerbook.


    The more they censor, the more people get red-pilled.

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    • The more they censor, the more patriots will turn to a new sort of samizdat, which will bring people face to face for meaningful action and healthy, off-the-matrix socializing. Pray they continue censoring or better yet shut down the Internet altogether and so unintentionally help save us from being enchained as slaves to their proliferating electronic crap. And aren’t the Republicans the main promoters of censorship?

      The federal government in DC has lower approval ratings among all groups (like 10%) and hence less legitimacy, so I’ve read, than the countries it justifies destroying for those very reasons, not to mention the millions of God’s children it incinerates from the air under the banner of R2P and that New American Proposition of consumerism, LGBTQism, and militantly atheistic scientism.

      Fox News May be well underway prepping us for a loss of the House in the midterms, because they appear to already know that Ryan, McConnell, McCain et al are going to throw key elections back to the Dems, if Moore is any guide. If that’s the case, and since we know that even controlling the House that Ryan and McConnell will give the Dems everything they want while slapping President Trump in the face, does that make voting Republican the immoral choice of choosing a known evil?


    • I am less sanguine than you. Most Americans probably have no idea who Diamond & Silk are, in the first place, even less that they’ve been censored by Facebook.


  17. I had a different take on this news… I read it as Trump taking charge over the left’s re-writing of history via their control of the news outlets and social media — which is increasingly censoring anyone who speaks out against the left and their insane ideals. Why? because the folks (CBSNews) who posted it on MSN, where I saw it, were up in arms, and they are the left – MSM.

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    • Assuming that you’re correct, the problem is this: Future administrations hostile to conservatives can use the “media influencers” database against us.

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      • You’re right. Goose – gander stuff.
        But I fear the left has already been doing this for some time now.
        At least since the advent of Watergate and the Pentagon Papers…

        Of course, J. Edgar had his list. As did McCarthy. The attempted purge of commies from Hollywood has now completely been reversed. And before all that there was the House Un-American Activities Committee. Just in the last century. So both sides.

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    • That was my first thought too – I saw it in the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the biggest pushers of fake news – and the byline was by “Sun-Times staff”. But Dr. Eowyn also brings up the valid counterpoint.

      What the MSM media don’t realize, is that there’s already a CIA agent embedded in almost every major market newsroom, and most of the smaller ones, too.

      For the same reasons that DHS wants to track ’em.

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  18. keep calm ,no worries,trust the plan & trust your President!! blessed sunday to all,im an orthodox christian,having a nice and calm easter time here!

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  19. Clearly, while the “left” pushes their phony narrative of “Russian collusion” (whatever that means) they have been shown to have been engaged in collecting data on “conservatives” (or their perceived enemies) throughout the Obongo era.

    They now have a very complete set of information on many who are politically opposed to their globalist/communist agenda. They didn’t do this for no reason. In short, they know who you are and they have assigned you a score.

    In typical fashion they have accused their enemies of the same practices they employed. If they achieve dominance again there will be trouble. There is currently trouble and they are not in charge. It seems apparent to me they are getting help.

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    • “while the “left” pushes their phony narrative of “Russian collusion”
      Why is THAT such a big deal to ’em? It isn’t even illegal…..

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      • No it isn’t. I ask that question every day. All most people know is that it must be bad, or illegal, because the talking heads on TV portray it that way.

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  20. Considering the fact that President Trump is no dope, I have to believe he recognizes the danger of this move. Puzzled.

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