1 dead in Trump Tower fire

The New York Post reports that just before 6 p.m. this evening, April 7, 2018, a four-alarm fire broke out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

First responders performed CPR on a 67-year-old man who lives in the building before he was rushed to Mount Sinai West, where he died. Four firefighters were injured but are expected to recover.

Firefighters and Secret Service agents checked out Trump’s penthouse pad and didn’t immediately find any damage, officials said.

President Trump tweeted at 6:42 p.m. that the fire was under control:

“Fire at Trump Tower is out. Very confined (well built building). Firemen (and women) did a great job. THANK YOU!”

The FDNY said the blaze was brought under control at 7:40 p.m.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said: “This is a very difficult fire as you can imagine. The apartment is quite large — we are 50 stories up — the rest of the building had a considerable amount of smoke.”

Lalitha Mason, a 36th-floor resident, said the blaze was frightening:

“We’re terrified. It was a very horrible experience – there was no evacuation system in place – we were at a loss of what to do. I almost fainted – I thought we would die. This looks similar to when 9/11 took place. My husband is disabled and we were helpless. All we could do is put wet towels under the door and pray.”

An employee from the Gucci store on the ground floor said he could smell smoke:

“We smelled smoke coming through the vents, our clients and personnel were evacuated. We were assured they had it under control and it was precautionary. Definitely a noticeable smell [of smoke]coming through the vents.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

See also “Two Trump helicopters crashed in past 9 months”.

Update (April 8):

Washington Post says it was a “small electrical fire”. The Secret Service spotted the fire, notified building managers, who called 911. There was no evacuation because the fire wasn’t in the building, it was on top of the building” in a cooling tower, the fire department said on Twitter. “We had flames coming out of the vents, no smoke condition or fire was on the inside.”

CBS News, however, says the fire was in the apartment of the man who died — 67-year-old Todd Brassner, and that the fire was the SECOND fire in Trump Tower this year (we’re only in April).

A WaPo reader, Roberto Ponzo, wrote this comment:

Vicious WaPo reader on Trump Tower fire

Truly, Democrats are such nice people. /sarc


50 responses to “1 dead in Trump Tower fire

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    What’s going on?


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  2. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    Tell me this isn’t purposeful sabotage…yep…

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  3. Proggies on Twitter were celebrating and cheering about the fire. Sickos.

    What happened to #LoveTrumpsHate?

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  4. I wonder if it was intentional….

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  5. References to 9/11 make me think perhaps some of the witnesses are subconsciously picking up on similarities. Yes, fire, but what else? What truly caused it?

    Directed Energy Weapons. They or something unholy was used on the WTC, I would not be surprised if something similar was attempted. If Hutchinson can do this in his apartment, after all…

    There have been numerous strings of freak deaths of military personnel in aircraft over this month. And some pictures deleted from instagram have shown what appears to be video cameras from Epstein’s island, maybe. Horrific. It looks like things are heating up.

    That may prove less a pun and more a prophecy. God preserve us.

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  6. This is proof positive that Trump wants everyone killed.
    No one is safe with Trump in office.
    Trump is even willing to sacrifice his own building to
    make sure that people die.

    Oh, the humanities……I just know Trump is in charge of all this chaos,
    Yes, it must be him and his desire to commandeer the entire planet.

    Oh, Satan….Please show yourself and save us from this apocalyptic Conservative
    lunatic that seeks only truth and fairness.

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  7. Sorry,Silhouette-CNN is down the street-THAT’S your market….


  8. Holy crap,
    That was meant in jest,
    I should have ended with /s
    Please, don’t ever misunderstand….I am totally Trump and I despise the liberal left, Obutthole and Communists alike.

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  9. Judith L. Osterman

    No evacuation plan? What else?


  10. they have to strike back,they loosing bigtime! ppl,stay together,stay united,we going to win this evil! cheers!

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  11. Trump Tower was erected in 1996 and new fire sprinkler requirements were not required in new buildings until 1999, with previously built buildings not required to retrofit. This was the work of then-Mayor Guiliani, who said that sprinkler systems would “be too expensive,” according to the Daily Mail story I just read.
    At any rate, this is a terrible thing, and it just proves again just how quickly fire can spread. The FDNY is investigating. But the people who worry about getting out alive—and it’s a legitimate concern—ought to remember no one forced them to live there. As far as orders to evacuate for safety, something should be done. And as far as smoke travelling through vents is concerned, something should be done. And things have been done: Buildings of this size (and smaller) require fire prevention, extinguishment and evacuation plans of some sort, in accordance with NYC law.

    We just don’t know what happened at this point. My main concern is some rogue element gaining entrance to this building in particular and doing an act of terror in order to send a signal to Donald Trump and his family. Time will tell.

    Fun Fact: The Trump Tower on 5th Avenue is the FIRST building of its class or size to have been designed by a WOMAN architect. (I don’t know if it was Melania!) Trump chose a woman on purpose, as he wanted to be the first to hire one for this kind of job.

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    • Whoever designed it, it’s still an eyesore sacrificing organic compatibility with its surroundings for the deadness of the crystalline internal regularity of a skyscraper that’s normally hidden from view, but here accurately but unintentionally expressing the lifeless lifestyle of its mummified occupants. An engineering marvel for sure, by design-wise everything is sacrificed for a childish novelty any six-year-old could produce with LEGOs in an hour.


      • It is magnificent


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        • The building is indefensible nonsense on so many grounds, such as a lack of structural and aesthetic coherence between the base and tower; childish cleverness and LEGO-like modularity that looked good as a cardboard design; or, how about we make up some modernist esoterica about the tower’s facade being defined and enriched by an elusive “antispace” that anticipates modernity’s collapse into that stylized pile of rubble at the base, now overgrown with trees in a pagan celebration of death and renewal, etc, etc. Some shoe boxes cost more than others but it’s still “shoebox living” by any other name.


        • Not to be lewd, crude or rude, but the triangle of green near the building’s hypotenuse of a base resembles the pubic region of a woman. Symbolically, of course.


      • You mention “organic compatibility”: Frank Lloyd Wright had a rule of thumb he always tried to follow. In designing a building’s exterior appearance, he always strove to find a design that would “fit in” in that exact location perfectly, and he always strove to make it look like it wouldn’t look right if the building were somewhere else.
        In other words, when he designed Falling Water, for example, he made sure the house wouldn’t look right if it were erected anywhere else.

        Trump Tower may not be “organic.” And the latest buzzword is “GRANULAR.” It may not be “granular,” either. It’s no Empire State Building, but it’s no work of Le Corbusier, either, widely regarded as the worst architect of the 20th Century. (Wright was an adulterer who destroyed his wife, emotionally; Le Corbusier was a communist and an intellectual degenerate).

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        • Right, Steven. My use of “organic compatibility” was maybe too oblique a reference to the anti-modernist critiques of Christopher Alexander, Nikos Salingaros, and Roger Scruton, for example, which I assumed readers here would be familiar with at least in principle. The bit I made up about Tschumi-style postmodernist twaddle in praise of non existent esoteric architectural complexity in simplistic glass boxes I also thought might be understood for sarcasm and not ruffle any feathers.

          I also see below that a Christine missed my irony entirely, to the point she was so enraged she fired off a challenge that defies comprehension, or at least mine. What can I say?

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  12. Is the fire investigation going to last 16 months?

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  13. Kevin J Lankford

    Uh-Oh;….We forgot to show the crashing airliner….Stand down on the ‘pancaking collapse’.


    • Don’t need a crashing airliner for a skyscraper’s magical free fall collapse into its own footprint because of one or two of these small, isolated, and low intensity fires, as we saw with NIST’s report on WTC Building 7. So how in the world did this building stay up? Like you imply, shouldn’t It have collapsed at freefall speed into its own footprint a few hours after the fire was put out?

      In the case of this tragedy, who knows, maybe NIST will issue one of its fairytale reports why this and other highrise buildings with similar fires to Building 7 have never suffered any significant structural damage and explain why, last I heard, the supposed structural defects in Building 7 that could bring down thousands of skyscrapers with identical detailing and small fires hasn’t required code amendments and complex rebuilds on a global scale. Oh, I forgot, the reason is because some people are supposedly walking around with tin foil hats. Any questions?


      • Yes, I have a question: “Why are you here?”

        Are you so genuinely stupid as to compare an apartment fire, however large, made of building materials from the walls/ceilings and apartment furnishings, to a jet fuel fire of several thousand degrees?!? Yes, there are questions about 9-11, no sane person would think otherwise! (However, mine isn’t a question, it’s a sort of a dare – “Tell me who burned the Reichstag and I’ll tell you who blew up the Towers.”) All that notwithstanding, yours is one LAAAAAME-butt comparison, ya know that? Go back to your regularly scheduled programming on CNN, ‘k? We adults need to discuss major issues here and it’s time for all good little children to be in their rooms playing now, OK? I’ll be in soon with your cookies and milk in a minute! That’s my good boy!

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  14. Sh…t happens, on normal circumstances it would have gone unnoticed, it just happens to be “TRUMP TOWER” to make it a biiiigggg deal. Let’s move on, there are more important matters to deal with right now!


  15. The deceased resident was a 67 y/o art dealer who had filed for bankruptcy a few years back. From a wealthy family of art dealers who had the means to maintain his residence in Trump Tower. Friend of Warhol and dealt in his works.

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  16. So where was komrade Broom Hilda just before the fire started?

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  17. I read a piece that claimed the resident of the apartment where the fire started had recently declared bankruptcy and was an art collector. It struck me as odd that anyone eligible for bankruptcy would be living in Trump Tower.

    The thought did occur to me that his paintings were probably insured.

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  18. Update:

    Washington Post says it was a “small electrical fire”. The Secret Service spotted the fire, notified building managers, who called 911. There was no evacuation because the fire wasn’t in the building, it was on top of the building” in a cooling tower, the fire department said on Twitter. “We had flames coming out of the vents, no smoke condition or fire was on the inside.”

    CBS News, however, says the fire was in the apartment of the man who died, Todd Brassner, 67, and that the fire was the SECOND fire in Trump Tower this year. Note that there still are 8+ more months in 2018.

    A WaPo reader wrote this comment:

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  19. Let’s see, two fires there, several military plane crashes in one week, two Navy ships suddenly lose the ability to navigate. Is Clinton and her CIA busy at work again?

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  20. We are actively at war, and this is part of it.

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  21. Agreed. It’s a sad day to say war is encouraging. But if true, it means our president is fighting back against the darkness! May the Lord Jesus guide him to victory, and Michael fight on the front lines against the Cabal.

    Qanon said something yesterday about “Prevent Sparrow Red at all cost”. I bet that is not an actual code outside his posts, but is meant to let us know when important events are happening. Especially when they may directly concern us “like impending calamity.” Or I hope so. I grow ever more weary of Qanon’s posts. They DO feel like Hope porn. Which is a very sadly accurate term if it’s all false, or not what us desperate to see this country rescued, would believe.

    Christine A Hall: no, the jet fuel is kerosene. It’s not going to do anything. The fuel blew up outside of the buildings anyway in a massive fireball.

    And we have transcripts of firefighters confirming that no, there were not extreme fires that day. And even if there were, it would have not resulted in even a partial collapse for various engineering reasons.

    Everyone should recall that there was a fire last year atop Trump Tower, was there not? I distinctly recall something about that. One of Trump’s sons reported it was a “small electrical” problem, too. I thought not so much of it at the time, but decided to remember it.

    How often to buildings like Trump Tower experience “small electrical fires?” Were the fires all at the top of the building? Pretty sure the first one was, as well. Something smells like grand arson to me.

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  22. Well, I know what I read but I don’t know who to believe. There is a big difference between “small electrical fire outside the building” and major blaze on the 50th floor.

    As to the “Qanon” stuff, I’ve already stated my two cents. I’m not a big fan of the “purple antelope sneezed at cream cheese on blue moon nights” “prophecies”.

    I watched a bit from Lionel that was quite good, but I still don’t get it. It must be an acquired taste and frankly I don’t want it.

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  23. Important read: one resident claims stuff was actually falling out the windows and and the lawyer, Cohen, told him to get out. Otherwise, no one was told to evacuate. Hmm…


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