Of Wendigos and Cannibalistic Elites

This video is about the “wendigo” and talks about how it comes into existence

I do not endorse this, scientifically or theologically, but find it interesting now that many are aware of satanic cannibalism in the highest circles. Food for thought, no pun intended. Although the video is likely no more reliable than Marvel Comics for actual information, the connection it makes for cause-and-effect relationship between human evil and wicked spirits is startling.

See also: Hillary Clinton visits witches’ coven in Manhattan

It is Hillary’s open and brazen support for the satanic witches coven in NYC that motivated me to post this piece. Do I know she is a pedophile, or a satanist, or a cannibal, or a murderer? Not totally, because it is nearly impossible to vet any news source in this age of propaganda. But the evidence of all these things is mounting up, and if nothing else, she, her husband, the Podestas, and many others should be warned that they are on the most dangerous ground imaginable. And all voters should be warned about just what such a person as Hillary would bring into the oval office. After all, president Obama brought his voodoo priestess mother in law to live at the White House, and she performed voodoo rites in that house. Melania Trump wisely refused to move into the White House until exorcisms had been performed on the whole property.

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  1. I remember reading the book “Alive!” When I was a kid. I was interested in the macabre from a very young age. That, combined with my parents’ near-prohibition against TV and most movies, and their lenience on any printed material, led me to read about some very interesting happenings.

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  2. See Also: Hillary falls down a bunch of times from KURU.

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  3. I cannot watch this, but just wanted to add my two cents in the subject of making cannibalism mainstream; drew Barrymore’s new-ish Netflix series, the Santa Clarita diet. It’s about a suburban mom who craves human flesh (from what I’ve heard, though haven’t watched).

    I’m pretty positive also, that it was a project created by her former sister in law (remember, drew had to convert to their religion before marrying).

    Just some food for thought. I’m in agreement that this, cannibalism, IS common knowledge within the, “higher circles.”

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    • I’m certain it is. That and pedophilia. The more depraved and “opposite” they behave from Christianity the more pleasing they consider it to their owner. I believe there is some effort among them to outdo each other.

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    • Netflix has really gone to the dark side.

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      • Look who is on the Netflix board.

        BTW, found this bit about Prince Andrew and Epstein:


        This occurred in 2000.

        On board that flight was Tom Pritzker. Hyatt hotels heir.

        The (Chicago-based) Pritzkers were Obama’s primary patrons during his unexpected rise to political prominence.Penny Pritzker got a Commerce Secretary gig out of it. J.B. Pritzker was a co-chair of Hillary’s campaign, and is likely to be the next IL governor.

        What political leverage might be obtained from such a politically active family and the Clintons with Epsteins extortion island? (I’m relatively certain Epstein wasn’t flying the rich and powerful politicians to his child exploitation island out of largesse. My guess is everything was photographed or video recorded for later use. If they have Prince Andrew doing something with an underage person, they OWN the Royal family, along with the Rothschild money influence. Sure explains Prince Charles getting poked in the chest.

        Then there is a post by the mysterious Q inquiring why Epstein had spent $29 million burying tunnels he had excavated on his island the purpose of those tunnels being unknown. (See message #1000 here: https://qanon.pub )

        Plus the worldwide reach and nature of Hyatt hotels would make them a perfect cover for child trafficking.

        Look at all the countries they are in: http://freehotelsearch.com/Hyatt_Hotels_And_Resorts-chain.html

        Maybe someone can toss that out in the chans






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        • Following this tangent a bit further, what a perfect cover for visiting Epsteins perv island without tracks. The “Lolita express” planes are documented (and somebody should get a complete history of their flights for further research). What is not documented are trips to the nearby resorts in the US (or British) Virgin Islands or even Puerto Rico or other nearby Carib places. There’s a Hyatt in Puerto Rico and quuck flights to airports in the US V.I. and a boat trip to Little St. James island (Epsteins islqnd of horrors) Even easier is a short helicopter or boat plane ride. There’s a marked helo landing pad there:

          Plus weird statues:

          The island paradise is apparently anything but:

          “The US Virgin Islands is the third most dangerous place in the world in terms of murders, according to the statistics on which the map is based, with a rate of 52.6 per 100,000 inhabitants.”


          Drugs presumably are a large part of this, but why would a billionaire choose an island in the most violent area of the Caribbean? Maybe criminals are most comfortable surrounded by criminals? He can get “work” done on his island and buy or otherwise ensure the silence of workers.

          Since Epstein was busted, maybe his activities were driven underground. Literally. Would explain tunnels. Dig down far enough and there’s water (it is an island after all). Could see them constructing an underground grotto of sorts for their ceremonies inspired by a Bond villain perhaps. Far from prying eyes (or birds).

          Just plug in “Little St. James” or “Epstein island” and see where it goes.

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          • One more data point: Epsteins island is right on the edge of the Virgin Islands trough. This narrow trench is ~4000m deep.


            If somebody wanted to dispose of things and be 99.9999% sure they were never found, a really deep part of the ocean fits the bill.


            I also think the arrogance of these people is such that they enjoy hiding things in plain site. The tennis court, for example, would make a splendid door to an underground area. No footprints in soil or disturbed vegetation to indicate traffic. Sort of like the fake water in the dormant volcano in You Only Live Twice. People with megabucks have crazy stuff built. Who knows what billionaires do. Epstein has to know that his regular house could be raided at any time, so it makes sense he would think about a hidden lair. Creeps like that don’t clean up their act. They are broken. Someone should fly over it at night with FLIR and look for temperature anomalies.

            Feel free to copypasta on chans or wherever (I can’t)

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Very strange thing just happened….When I clicked on this site I went ahead and scrolled down from this ‘wendigos’ post and went to the bottom of the page and beyond. When I scrolled back up and came to the ‘cat with no legs” video it was replaced with the ‘wendigos’ video, even though it still had the cat video intro……I went ahead and watched it while I was there.

    It has now corrected itself…….But….I just wonder


  5. I am sure this is very interesting, maybe I will watch it an other day, I have enough of demons visiting while I sleep

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    • This one is pretty tame. I’ve seen a lot worse. The shrink at the end is the best part. He tries to look knowledgable about this like he has walk ins every day.

      Many things exist in the spirit realm that we normally cannot see. The Church advises to stay away from that. She doesn’t say “it doesn’t exist”. It is possible to deal with these forces with sufficient study, prayer and preparation. It should never be done without a good reason.

      Even non-Christian cultures know better than to play with the spirit realm without knowledge. It leads to a bad end.

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  6. That shrink looked rather lame in his attempt to intellectualize a spiritual phenomena. Indigenous people are no fools when it comes to the spiritual realms, and if they say there is a demon that feeds on this type of cannibalistc behavior, I personally think you can accept it as the truth.
    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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    • I agree. It isn’t that Native Americans don’t know what they’re talking about. They have shamans that are trained to do these things. That doesn’t make them proper for a Christian. I would, however, trust what they have to say about them.

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  7. I know people like Steve Quayle, L A Marzulli, Tim Alberino, Tom Horn, Chief Joseph Riverwind, etc have covered Wendigos, Yetis (Sasquatch), etc and recall reading a blog post a few months back from someone who encountered cryptozoological entity in WVa also. I think Justen Faull and Wes Faull delve into the subject quite well on their Hollow Earth Chronicles – Ep.1 film which I highly recommend. You can rent it on video or get it from Skywatchtv


  8. While I know nothing about specifics I am aware that demonic activity is on the rise. It’s been drawn to this concept that freedom has no boundaries and no limitations except the imagination. Since the heart is wicked unbridled Liberty has convinced many that every desire they hold is a basic right and that removes the need to restrain themselves and comform to the laws God placed in our consciences.

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    • It’s that first — and ever-persistent — temptation in the First Garden: “Eat this fruit and ye will be like gods”.
      Gods get to do whatever they want, don’t they?
      No wonder “feminists” have embraced the goddess cult.

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      • Yes, I think that’s ALWAYS the attraction. They study the occult because they think it will give them power over others and allow them to alter life to suit them. They do not rely on God or acknowledge God’s primacy.

        I am not aware of any such thing as “selfless witchery”.

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  9. Maybe cannibals are possessed, maybe they get hooked on the taste, maybe both. Alexander Pearce was a convict on Devil’s Island, Tasmania, who escaped with 7 others. They ran out of food and ate each other until Pearce was the last one left. He was captured and returned to the island but escaped again with one other. This time they had plenty of food, but Pearce ate his mate before indulging in their supplies. He was re-captured. [My wife’s g-g-g-grandfather was a prisoner on the island with Pearce].

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  10. More on Abramovic and another cannibalistic spectacle:


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