California homeowner shoots burglary suspect; perp critically wounded

second amendment

Don’t mess with a vet!

From ABC7: HESPERIA, Calif. (KABC) — A homeowner shot a man who was allegedly trying to break into his Hesperia home Thursday night, and the intruder is now in critical condition.

Hesperia deputies responded to reports of a burglary in progress on Ponderosa Avenue near Chestnut Street around 10:30 p.m. Responding deputies found the suspect, 36-year-old Michael Goode, down on the front yard of the home and suffering from a gunshot wound.

The suspect tried to gain entry through the front window of the house. The homeowner armed himself when he heard the break-in occurring, and as the suspect tried to enter the residence, the victim fired his weapon, police said.

The homeowner was not hurt. Goode was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“As long as you protect your family and yourself, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” said neighbor Jesus Mejia, who also said the homeowner is a Vietnam veteran.

He said the gunshot sounded like an explosion. He went outside to see what was going on and found the intruder on the ground in front of his neighbor’s home, asking for help.

Goode was arrested for a parole violation two months ago and was let out of jail four days ago. He’ll likely be back behind bars if he survives, authorities said.

As for the homeowner, it appears he will not be facing charges.

“We’re glad when any homeowner protects themselves, that’s what they need to do in these situations,” said Hesperia Police Sgt. Marc Bracco. “That’s why you’re allowed to carry a firearm in your residence.”

Police said the incident was one of two involving an intruder and an armed resident in the area that night.


16 responses to “California homeowner shoots burglary suspect; perp critically wounded

  1. Good for the homeowner. Glad he was okay. The left will never understand just how important it is to protect ourselves.

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  2. And if he was in England he would have been charged with attempted murder

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  3. Too bad the perp survived. Once he recovers he’ll see little if any jail time and some leftist commie judge will grant him his freedom so he can go back to his vocation of choice.

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  4. Greensboro, NC City Council Meeting on 04/03/18. The entire video is excellent, but the best part begins at about 4:30. We need a million more men like Mr. Robinson!

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    • Maryaha . . . . Mr Robinson, although at the first we thought he was not perhaps going to be eloquent . . . the fact that he laid it on the line that he was there to “represent the majority of Americans.” He was awesome. Thee is no doubt, as you have said, “we need a million more men like Mr Robinson.” I have little doubt but what his neighbors rest a little bit easier for having him as a neighbor.

      Maryaha, thank you for bringing this wonderful clip to our attention.

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    • He is spot on…love it!

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  5. Again this type of story needs to be plastered all over the front page and the first buzz line in a news cast. Thank you DCG for this forwarding it to many.
    Like your new picture.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    “That’s why you’re allowed to carry a firearm in your >residence<“?….He really still just don’t get it.

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  7. I applaud the actions of the homeowner, as he probably did in Vietnam, he was defending himself from the “invader”. As for the “suspect” I’m glad he got shot, now he has to “get well” hahaha, go back to jail and carry a scar for his prowess.

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    • Alma . . . Personally, I would prefer if the perp was rendered disabled for the rest of his life, so that he could not continue in the “catch and release” program.

      We have all seen instances, where perps were shot, maimed in the commission of a crime . . . then all of a sudden they are sewing the homeowner. As God is my witness, I will never sit on a jury and award even one cent to someone who was injured while they were committing a crime on another citizen. Even if it means invoking the principal of “jury nullification.” Criminals should never profit in any manner from their criminal activities.

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  8. “When in the course of human events….”
    Guns are necessary tools. Necessary for the protection not only of Liberty, but of Life itself. The right to own and bear arms DOES NOT come from government; Government is there for one reason: To guarantee that the rights of the people are maintained AND NOT regulated according to ideological WHIM.

    Well, the burglar, aggrieved and as cool and hip as he can be, needs to know something in his Camusian (or Sartrean) existential dread: The “profession” has a certain, shall we say, DOWNSIDE, governed by the laws of probability as well as the determination of some people to defend their own very lives and property! Just as Bill Maher is “in favor of anything that keeps the freeway moving,” I favor anything that RAISES THE STAKES for the predator.
    The burglar can always find a liberal to side with him, and Why Not? After all, when the Titanic goes down, it’s a good idea to die WITH someone rather than die alone! Yeah, well, when I am attacked (and I have been, with a man, with a gun, on two separate occasions) I would rather die on my feet alone than go to hell with my killer just because some politician would not allow me to own a firearm!

    “The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” DEAL WITH IT.

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    • Yes. At the end of the day there’s a certain “cost/benefit” analysis that has to take place. The likelihood of supersonic lead poisoning is a consideration.

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  9. I always am taken aback when I see stories from Hesperia, CA. Because I was born and raised in Hesperia. Hesperia, Michigan, that is. A small village, in the lower penninsula about half way up the mitten, towards the western side of the state. And 12 miles away from my little town was another town, Fremont. Not Fremont, CA, but Fremont, MI. I know, it could confuse anyone.

    What really is confusing to me is how the Brits can jail a homeowner for defending his home against intruders. I suspect everyone has seen that, and agrees, that it is ridiculous. And that unless we stay focused, it is the path that we could go down.

    As a young person growing up, we had long guns for hunting, but no handguns, because we simply had no real use for them. Later on, my dad had a couple of .22’s that he bought from a couple of guys that worked for him at his and my mom’s restaurant, just to help them out financially. They kept them in their safe and never shot them. I ended up getting them at his death. And now with the way of the world, not only do I own handguns and carry when I am not at home, I also have guns for home defense as well. It actually makes me somewhat sad, to know that our country is in such a way, that I need to have a shotgun ready in case of break in.

    But when we see stories like this, which are happening every day, it is obvious that everyone should be prepared to defend their loved ones. And of course that is Biblical.

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  10. The 2Nd Ammendment Stands

    The government is moving to disarm the public, because they don’t want homeowners armed when the government sponsored child kinappers come into your home in the middle of the night to nab your babies for their sick asses to rape and torture. We got a government full of hell bound, sewer dwelling, baby raping beasts, who are running the rings that kidnap and traffic children. This is the real reason they want you disarmed, and they’re using their mk ultra trauma based mind controlled, children they kidnapped in the past, to pose as school children calling for gun control. They think we’re stupid. They can pass all the laws they want but when they come for our kids were gonna blow their heads off. What they’re asking for is a civil war, and they keep pushing the gun issue, they’re gonna get it cause Americans are not giving up their guns. Sick fucks. How bout we pass laws to publicly execute pedophiles. That’s a law I’ll be in favor of. Lets start with the Clintons and Podestas, and work out way through the elite and government.


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