#WaronWomen: Jimmy Kimmel mocks Melania Trump’s accent

Jimmy Kimmel invites women to feel his crotch

Remember, this comes from “America’s conscience.”

From Fox News: Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back the jabs at first lady Melania Trump on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night while mocking the 140th annual White House Easter Egg Roll, which she hosted earlier that day.

“I want to really thank the first lady, Melania, who has really done an incredible job,” President Trump announced from the balcony of the White House to kick off the event. “She worked so hard on this event, so I want to thank you.”

With a big grin, Kimmel told his fans, “Not a chance she did one thing to help set that up. There’s no — she didn’t dye eggs, she didn’t fill baskets. The only thing she’s been working on is an escape tunnel.”

The audience applauded, as Kimmel pointed to a “surprise visitor” who was photoshopped into the background of the Trumps as they greeted a large crowd at the White House: Stormy Daniels.

“You know, it was supposed to be pouring, the weather. It was supposed to be very rainy and nasty and cold and windy,” Trump told a crowd of about 30,000 people in attendance.

“And Stormy, too, you know,” Kimmel added.

Kimmel then directed the audience’s attention to a clip of Melania reading the children’s book, “YOU!,” by Sandra Magsamen. After playing about 10 seconds of footage, Kimmel chuckled and mocked the first lady’s accent, repeating the last words she read.

“This and that,” said Kimmel, as he impersonated Mrs. Trump.

He then turned to his sidekick on the show, “Guillermo, you know what this means? You could be first lady of the United States.”

But Kimmel’s bit didn’t end there. The comedian, once again, pointed to a television screen and featured Melania finishing the book.

“That’s the end,” Melania said as she closed the book. The audience roared with laughter as Kimmel added, “…of the world.”

He continued, “Hey, I love that Vice President Pence just released the children’s book about a bunny. Did they read that to the kids? Nope, they went with ‘dis and dat’ instead.”

While some applauded the Kimmel’s nearly three-minute monologue, others critcized the comedian’s joke, calling it “offensive.”

“I love your show and I love it when you take on Trump. But mocking Melania for her accent was a rare mis-step. Doesn’t she speak several languages? (And isn’t that a good thing in a First Lady?)” one fan asked Kimmel on Twitter Thursday.

“Classy. Making fun of the First Lady,” another wrote, along with a face palm emoji.

“If this was some random foreigner, you people would NEVER make fun of their accent and risk offending them. What a bunch of [hypocrites] you are. You should be ashamed that you’re allowed on television,” a Twitter user added.

Kimmel posted the video on his Twitter account Tuesday morning, with the caption: “No one celebrates #Easter quite like the Trumps…”

But that wasn’t the only joke aimed at the Trump administration during Kimmel’s show on Monday. He also trolled Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway, who he dubbed the “#1 White House leaker,” and conducted a “Make America Grate Again Spelling Bee,” asking three young students to come on stage and spell words incorrectly.

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29 responses to “#WaronWomen: Jimmy Kimmel mocks Melania Trump’s accent

  1. The truly sad aspect of this is that ignorant people actually watch azzhat Kimmel, laugh at his disgusting insults and encourage him. Without his leftist moron fans, he would be a small-minded nothing.

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  2. Typical Jew comedian getting the Goy to laugh while he insults them.

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  3. I will admit upfront, Kimmel gets on my last good nerve. If he were to “roast” a Muslime in this manner, there would be no end of outrage. Yet there he is, supposedly a comedian, who time and time again goes off on various conservative people.

    DCG . . . God Bess you for bringing this particular article to our attention. Although, I saw it earlier on a news flash, I did not know the particulars.

    I had already decided to write to ABC TV, because I really disdain them allowing this fool to run off at the mouth like he has a horrible case of verbal diarrhea. For any who may wish to also write ABC regarding his low brow performances, this is the address: Jimmy Kimmel Live, 6834 Hollywood Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028.

    Now, I am just wondering, what are the names of the dillweed companies who advertise on this fool’s show . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  4. He is a pathetic %#$&*^(idiot)

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    • Right. When I was growing up on Long Island an unfunny douchebag from Brooklyn like Kimmel didn’t have the standing to tell jokes in the company of young men. He wouldn’t dare, except, say, to the jackass douchebags in an audience like his—the type who can’t get enough of mocking their betters behind their backs.

      At 70 Donald Trump could kick this sorry faggot’s ass in with one hand tied behind his back, but then again a douche like Kimmel doesn’t have the standing to insult Melania in any case. As Socrates put it, it’s no more offensive than being kicked at by an donkey; or as Aristotle remarked about some Kimmel in his day, don’t waste my time telling me about some creep who wouldn’t dare say it to my face.

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  5. Melania has so much class that there is nothing this clown could say that would hurt her reputation.

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  6. I mad because I clicked on the Link provided in the Article, in other words, I gave that SOB another view on the Click Counter, another regret I’ll take to my grave. I love the laugh tracks on these shows, like ‘The View’, “Yeaaa… let’s destroy the Country”.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    And after eight years of silence on the most disgusting and fraud occupants of the white house ever.

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    • Allegedly that’s why Jay Leno really got fired from the Tonight Show while he was rated #1 – he was the only late night host that would continue to make fun of Obama, even after word was supposedly put out not to do so.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Kimmel shouldn’t be making fun of others. Remember, he doesn’t know right turn from left turn.


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  9. Hey, he can mock her accent all he wants -she gets the message through in English, carries herself like a lady, which is important for the First Lady of the nation, she can speak many languages thus can be understood by many listeners world over. On Kimmel, how funny can you be when you need a side kick to MOCK your antics so that the audience, as empty as you are, can laugh at you for being so ignorant? GET A LIFE, ENVY IS EATING YOU FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER, she’ll be the First Lady in the history books while you will be unknown.

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  10. Comrade Obama

    Kimmel when Rosie O’Donnell has too much class for you.

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  11. There is a difference in telling harmless jokes and down right denigrating a classy woman. That is why Kimmel has lost all credibility. When you have to try and take someone down in such a horrid manner, proves just how little of a man Kimmel is.

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  12. Jimmy Kimmel is a very small man. You can’t get any lowlier and more despicable than to bully a woman by mocking her accent.

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  13. somebody needs to take this guy out into an alley and give him a lesson. you want to rant about the best President since Ronald Regen. Fine. But when you start picking on his wife or children somebody needs to give him a good ass kicking. He’s a piece of crap just like most of the other leftist socialist hollyweirdos. Hey kimmel. Suck it.

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  14. So sad that no one respects the office anymore. Sometimes I think people forget that this is their country and the Trumps are their leaders. We shoud want them to be successful for the wellbeing of our country, not hope that they fail.

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  15. I think I mentioned here before, the first few times I ever saw Kimmel was on Ben Steins game show, Ben Steins Money. I could never figure out why Stein put him on as his side kick. He was crude, rude, and mean. Here was Stein, a Nixon speechwriter, supposed conservative, who despite his obnoxious pride in his intellect and his money, otherwise acted with some dignity. Kimmel in contrast, I can only compare to the stereotypical Jewish pornographer; not just crass and crude, but possessed of the most base moral character with nothing but hard contempt for everything and everybody around him, ready to demean another human in a heartbeat if it would put a dime in his pocket. He should have married his soul mate Sarah Silverman. I find him utterly repugnant and this slimy little punk would be nowhere if Jews did not run the media and Hollyweird ready to promote fellow tribe members, for nothing save being a tribe member. I sadly must come to the conclusion that his behavior did not matter to Stein because behind the facades of liberal or conservative, Jews must think, feel and hold the same attitudes as each other whether they express them publicly or not.

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    • Absolutely, this is an old shtick. “Good Jew/Bad Jew”. They’re both laughing at you.

      I have seen countless examples of this with law firms. Just trust me, this is entirely business as usual.

      You should be aware that they don’t make those sort of crude jokes on THEIR women, just Shiksas.

      Rather than get into this subject, because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop , its’ enough to say they don’t consider themselves and us “equal”. Just thinking back on some of this is already getting my blood boiling.

      I understand the psychology of this. I don’t “like” it. This is a part of a whole. It all works together. It reinforces the “separateness”.

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    • I can only think that Kimmel was a writer for Stein. What other reason would Ben Stein have for letting Jimmy Kimmel near him?

      As for Kimmel bashing the First Lady, number one, people should remember that it is not an elected position. She didn’t ask to be the First Lady, but it was thrust upon her. And she is indeed carrying out the position with poise and grace, while having an agenda of anti online bullying that is so much needed today. And no one can argue with her intellect.

      As to her past, we all have things in our past that we have done that we might not be especially proud of. That doesn’t make her any less of a lady or a class act. And Maddog, you are right, people don’t respect the office like they used to. I never spoke bad about the Obama’s personally. And I only spoke or wrote about things that I disagreed with the former president with as a matter of his politics, and not his person or character. I am not his judge, there is one who is, and will judge with much greater wisdom than I could ever hope to wield. I perhaps may have slipped a time or two, but I don’t think so, as I do try to keep my criticism strictly to the president’s policy, and not make it personal. And I never said a word about Obama’s wife or children. They should always be off limits for any president, period. I remember growing up and from Nixon on, the children were always shielded by the press, and the First Ladies were treated with dignity by the press as well. Now, look what the press does to them. The MSM might not say that Melania did some bad thing, but they give air time to the Hollywood losers who say it, and that is the same thing.

      The media puts the excuse out all the time that they just report the news, but if you watch, they steer it by choosing the so called expert to try to tell the public how to view events that happened that day. If MSNBC continually brings on liberal hacks, and CNN does the same, they have no business saying that they are not a liberal news organization. If FOX news only looks at conservative experts for military issues, then they can’t say fair and balanced with a straight face. That is one thing to watch for, when deciding if a news outlet is liberal or conservative. By the company they keep. I often look back to the wisdom of my grandmother. And one of her favorite sayings was ” Birds of a feather, flock together.”

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      • Well, Ben Stein used to be Richard Nixon’s speech writer. A lot of that was pretty funny (intentionally or otherwise) so I don’t know if he needed Kimmel. I just think he’s another smart ass Jew that thinks he’s cute. But I always over estimate people’s talent.

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  16. Why does anyone care what Jimmy Kibble says??

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  17. I think Melania’s accent is adorable.

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