Venezuela: Hungry child-gangs use machetes to fight for ‘quality’ garbage

Things are so bad in the socialist paradise of Venezuela that children have formed machete-wielding gangs to fight for “quality” garbage for food.

Eduard Freisler reports for the Miami Herald, March 27, 2018, that in  crumbling, shortage-plagued Venezuela, children and young adults have formed gangs using knives, sticks and machetes to fight for “quality” garbage good enough to eat.

One such gang in the capital of Caracas is the Chacao, a gang of 15 ranging in age from 10 to 23 named after the neighborhood they’ve claimed as their territory.

16-year-old Liliana is Chacao’s mother figure and goes by the nickname Caramelo. She takes charge of each day for the group, deciding how much food her “family” will consume and how much they will stash away for another day. She settles conflicts that flare up and gives a hug, a kiss or a pat on the back as needed.

Another gang member is a 10-year-old girl named Danianyeliz, who left home because there was not enough food to go around. She joined the gang about a month ago and calls Caramelo her mummy.

A year ago, the gang was “stationed” around a supermarket at a mall called Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco that generates tons of garbage. But a feared rival gang also wanted the garbage. Caramelo’s gang was attacked and chased out of the zone. So they took their weapons — knives, slingshots, broken glass and machetes — and seized the nearby neighborhood, Chacao where the many restaurants offer a better chance to find food in the garbage.

Sometimes the Chacao gang ventures into the more affluent neighborhoods of Caracas, such as Las Mercedes with high-end restaurants that attract rich Venezuelans, to look through what they call “quality” garbage bags that often contain leftovers and even untouched food.

There are at least 10 gangs in the capital, social workers and police estimate. Experts estimate that in Caracas alone, there are hundreds, if not thousands of street children and young adults.

Beatriz Tirado, who leads the non-governmental charity “Angeles de Calle” (Street Angels), says, “There were always children on the street in Venezuela, but now we are seeing a new phenomenon — kids who get more food on the street than at their homes.” Tirado said she sees the results of the gang clashes: “Every week we have first aid ready to treat cuts and bruises they might have suffered over the week in their fights.”

Social worker Roberto Patino explains, “Our kids are finding ways to survive because neither in their homes nor in their communities is there enough food.” Patino has established 29 public diners all over Venezuela to feed hungry children. From Monday to Friday, the diners provide food for 1,000 kids every week. But Patino said he isn’t coming close to feeding all the children who need the help, given the overwhelming number he sees on the streets. Many have turned to trash bags as a source of nutrition.

It’s not hunger alone that’s sending children onto the streets. Domestic violence is also often cited. “I left because I got beaten badly,” Caramelo says about her mother, a drug addict.

The gangs claim that in addition to skirmishes with other gangs, they are constantly harassed by police, often at the request of business owners. “My clients are afraid of these gangs and don’t come when they see them hanging around,” said the owner of a pizza restaurant on Francisco Miranda street in Chacao. He said he calls the local police patrol to chase the gang away from his business, a measure that only works for the short term.

Patricio, the oldest member of Chacao, claims the police sometimes abuse them: “They burn our shoes and sometimes break our fingers with a baton.” But a high-ranking police officer, who works in the Baruta district that includes affluent neighborhoods like Las Mercedes, said most officers just feel bad for the hungry children they see on the streets: “There are some bad cops, but many others are just stunned by the tragedy of these children.” However, he added, some children are criminals who steal, assault people and use drugs like crack, sometimes smoked in makeshift pipes made from the parts of discarded plastic dolls.

“When you smoke you don’t feel hungry,” explains Patricio.

Meanwhile, actor Sean Penn who was best buds with the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, is still no where to be seen in Venezuela.

Instead, Penn was sighted on Friday night, March 2, 2018, having dinner with fellow actors Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper at Giorgio Baldi Restaurant in Pacific Palisades, California, where a lobster dish, Aragosta Saltata, costs $90.00 per serving.

See “Brad Pitt in 2011: ‘I made a pact with the Devil’”.

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40 responses to “Venezuela: Hungry child-gangs use machetes to fight for ‘quality’ garbage

  1. “Sometimes the Chacao gang ventures into the more affluent neighborhoods of Caracas, such as Las Mercedes with high-end restaurants that attract rich Venezuelans, to look through what they call “quality” garbage bags that often contain leftovers and even untouched food.”

    heartbreaking…socialism at its finest

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  2. so sad,so sad…meanwhile,i thought pitt or sean went to venezuela,to make 100 kids kings for an evening,to a restaurant…but they busy on spitting on our president!! chit libtards! viva venezuela!

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  3. It’s very disturbing, but some comments, essentially rumor, are going around saying that Columbia very well be next… which could lead to a growing swath of Communism in South America.

    Those poor people. The Communists and Socialists of the US must be surely insane or possessed to support this madness.

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  4. Socialism, a soft title and a foothold for Communism. It wasn’t that long ago that Venezuela was very prosperous, kind of like what our future would be if we stayed on obama’s path with hillary as a continuity conduit to hell. Thank you Mr. Trump for trying to correct our course, and by sending Federal Troops to the Southern Border.

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    • ……also, don’t forget that these kids no longer have a Higher Power to keep them Based, under Socialism/Communism the Government is God.

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  5. This has been going on also in Brazil for decades! Worse, there are death squads that specialize in hunting (killing) gang children. Their bodies are often found in garbage dumps. These kids are handled like “vermin” and these death squads are just made up of common John and Jane Does who believe they are protecting their own families and neighborhoods. Pretty messed up world we create.

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  6. If Marxist Socialist ex mayor of Mexico City, Obrador is elected President of Mexico ( he currently +18 points ahead in polls ) this will be the eventual fate of Mexico. Obrador is a big fan of Maduro…….

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  7. Because of the graft and desire for wealth, those at the very top of this system of government live the “good life.” Those who are the peons, are totally left behind in every way imaginable. I wish all the young dillweeds in this country who think that Socialism/Communism had to go spend three months in Venezuela–fighting to just stay alive! Perhaps then they would appreciate what they have under our form of government.

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    • Hi, Auntie Lulu. For my two cents, I agree it’s tough to categorize the superficially socialist system in Venezuela, which in like most of Central and South American countries, especially Mexico, is a crimocracy.

      V S Naipaul wrote it’s a category mistake in logic and fact to think of or treat these third world criminal plantations as countries or nations in any sense of being like the US and Europe. They do indeed seem like a countries in many ways, such as having borders, a people, language, and culture—except there’s a near absence of the rule of law, which is generally a sham justice system of extortion and vengeance. The military and the police are owned by gangsters. The judges are owned by gangsters. All large businesses are owned by gangsters.

      This sort of pathocractic power and the Satanic mockery of pretending it’s “for the people” is apparently what triggers the psychopathological gratification demands of evil men like Sean Penn—which demands tellingly dominate every other aspect of their lives—, and applies to the rest of that human dirt we collectively call Hollywood. Let’s hope the President treats those gangsters and their criminal plantations south of our border like the criminal states they are.

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      • Dan . . . . Thank you for adding such an insightful addition to this particular discussion. It truly is heart breaking to consider the conditions of all the various “countries” which are beyond our Southern boarder.

        I also hope our “President treats those gangsters and their criminal plantations south of our border like the criminal states they are.” It is for this very reason that having a porous Southern boarder (or Northern boarder for that matter) endangers you and I, and our society and our very way of life. The invaders who wish to illegally cross our boarder, fully intend to continue with the same criminally minded way of life they enjoyed in their home countries. The fact that 63,000 American citizens have been killed by illegals since 9/11. This figure is based on an average of 12 deaths per day.

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    • Communism is nothing but a Jewish con game. According to Juri Lina’s book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, while all were starving, and had even less than under the Czar, Lenin and his comrades were laughing at the rubes who they had suckered while they ate off gold plates. A con from the beginning and still succeeding in suckering each new generation.

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      • Of course. The same banksters funded communism and capitalism. Those who control those “movements” scrape whatever the market will bear right off the top.


      • Lana . . . . We all know that under Communism (or Socialism) those at the very top live like kings, and the peons are left to either starve, or eke out a substandard living. In reading about how those at the top look with disdain at the starving masses, any normal person feels at least a sickness in the pit of their stomach.

        What is sadder still, is that now subsequent generations truly feel that they could or would be living better lives if that form of government were ushered into being in this land. It is very hard to save the truly ignorant from themselves.

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  8. It’s clear to me that communism is the work of the Devil.

    I have long since my college days denounced it, and I really am sick and tired of all the legions of lemmings who say, “Well, it sounds like a good idea, but it’s just not carried out correctly.”
    This is what I said to the last carload of NYU brainless sheep I had in my Uber a month ago: “When you see something that sounds good but delivers bad results, it’s time to examine what the thing by its nature really is. Because when there’s a difference as you just said, there’s a problem, and do not consent to the problem!”
    It was of no avail, of course.

    This is what communism really is. It is a crony order of thieves and killers with a eugenic and Talmudic ideology that produces no wealth, but rather steals from millions of people before they kill them. And those they cannot kill by outright bullets and killing fields, they starve to death. It’s not that communism sounds good but works badly; To the contrary, it sounds evil because it is evil: Communism works PRECISELY the way it was designed to work.
    But what’s the sense of talking anymore??? Venezuela is the real-life reenactment of “The Hunger Games,” to a tee. It is a re-telling of “The Lord of the Flies.” It is enforced SOCIAL DARWINISM. That’s exactly what it is.

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    • Steven . . . . Most excellent explanation of Communism. I whole heartedly agree with you regarding the fact that Communism is the work of the Devil. Under the plan laid out by God the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, individuals would be given their free agency. They would be free to choose righteousness and then return to the presence of God . . . or they are free to choose to follow the evil inclinations of Satan, and as a result, they will not be able to abide being in the presence of either God the Father, or His son, Jesus Christ.

      Communism is a pernicious system, in many instances it takes away the ability to choose for oneself, and unfortunately all too many of today’s young people are all too willing to give themselves over to it. Somehow, there are taken in by this system of government, in part, I feel this is because there has ceased to be religious observance in the home, and in schools. There is also the enticement of getting all kinds of free stuff–never envisioning that they will be among the Army of Workers who will spill their life’s blood in working to create free stuff to be given to others.

      Unfortunately, since we have raised a generation of rather lazy, self indulgent young people–the life of ease that they envision of being at ease, just waiting for the free stuff to be handed out, is strictly a case of smoke and mirrors. Since most of us already have come to the conclusion that money does not grow on trees–these folks are in for a very rude awakening. Many of these people will be seen as “useless eaters,” a drain on society if they do not have a required set of skills that will be of use to those at the very top.

      This system leaves young people without the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. These individuals are lost, and they are merely following whatever entices them. I am glad that at my age, I hopefully will not be around to see our society if Socialism/Communism is fully incorporated as the system of government in the United States of America.

      God Bless America, and our President Donald J Trump!

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  9. So sad. Where’s Penn to the rescue?

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  10. You can’t have freedom and communism. You can’t be an adult and be taken care of like a child.

    These schemes big appeal is that nobody has to produce to eat. Somebody, however, must pay for the food. So what happens is that you get a class of people who must labor each day for nothing, because what they earn is taken away to buy the lazy their daily food.

    Ultimately, the working minority gets fed up and quits. Now NOBODY is working so who is buying the food now? Well, they go get a loan. Now they are eating borrowed money. Pretty soon the banksters call in their note and own the country.

    Doesn’t that sound like fun boys and girls? When nobody will loan you anymore fiat money you eat garbage and chop each other to pieces with machetes.

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  11. My heart cries for these little ones who didn’t have parents that had a lick of logical common sense or discrimination or discernment. When, oh when, will people begin to see the true reality of socialism (communism light) and full blown communism. So many, when they read about the failure of communistic countries, they don’t believe it will happen here in USA. They believe that somehow it will work here because we are different. America’s had so much success, opportunity for wealth that they are blocked from realizing this form of government isn’t for the betterment of us – only those who try convincing us it’s great. OMG, wake up already! It doesn’t work because it’s not based on cosmic law nor created to work for us. It’s based on selfishness (wanting a free ride from others), laziness/sloth (not wanting to work or develop yourself) and a false narrative of giving everything you personally own to government for the good of all (share the wealth). It always leads to a collapsed society that ends up without any morals, standards, values, wealth, ambition, truth, family life. It always leads to death of the consciousness, soul and life. Liberal, leftist Americans, please wake up and help turn this country back around to the greatness we once were. The Democrat Party is America’s communist party and Libertarian and Green Parties have become socialistic/communistic too. Of course, there are many fake Republicans in Congress that either lean towards or are communistic, but at least if we start demanding the return of the rights in Bill of Rights and US Constitution, that will really help to keep us safe from the death and hell they have planned for us and the world. We must never give in to giving up our First and Second AMendment rights. Never, ever! Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they put these in. This is why the Democrat-Communist Party and some the fake Republicans want to take them away-it keeps them in fear of us. Diane Feinstein recently said that we’re the only country that still has their guns and that’s a problem. Well, this is exactly why we still have some freedoms and are the greatest country on earth, and why everyone wants to come here. By the way, we can’t and don’t want to take in the entire world and their tyranny problems. Illegals must stay in their country and fight for freedom and wealth themselves. Enough of the ridiculous “bleeding hearts”.

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  12. I feel for the people of Venezuela, but…………they were forewarned that the same thing that happened in Cuba would ultimately be happening to them, and they said: “you Cubans are sheeps, WE ARE DIFFERENT, we have elections, we’ll cast them out, well show you, we are strong”. I laugh at them with bitterness because they are in worse shape, unable to cast them out, young people’s lifes lost for nothing, those are the free ones, the rest will continue to march like sheep, the upper and middle class fleeing to Miami, money and all, and they’ll do just as we did, settle down and dream of someday returning to the country it is not. EVERYBODY LISTEN!!! communism roots cannot be pulled from under, they will stay. Pray so that it does NOT get roots in our beautiful United States or we will be doom.

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  13. Penn loved Chavez because they both are communist. I think every high school student should have to sit through a complete video of these poor little children and see what their cries for communism for all is really about. They are so ignorant as to what happens under communism. They need to talk with people that survived under Russia communism back in the 50’s.
    Today’s kids are so delusional they hear a word be it Nazi or communism without knowing the meaning. They should also have to sit through old films to what the Nazis did to the Jews.
    Today’s kids think that the government taking care of them would be wonderful. They have no idea it means you will work what job you are told and at what pay they want to lay you. If there are any jobs at all. There will be little food and food lines will be long only to find disappointment at the end.
    You will work for the government and for free. No one will be free to ascend.
    There will be no computers, phones, TVs, nice clothes, movies, warm clothes and shoes, or cars, for Capitalism will be gone.

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  14. Aw c’mon.

    Everybody knows the oil glut is what is hurting Venezuela.

    I mean, that’s what the commie-libs are all saying, so it must be true.

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    • Dave, I wish I could agree with you. Venezuela is hurting because of communism. Venezuela was a privileged country, rich in natural resources that have been depleted by the dictatorship and comandeer by Cuba, it is divided by classes, the very poor and neglected people whom are the spark to ignite communism, and Cuba did to Venezuela just like he did the Soviet Union, took all to spread communism in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Venezuela like Cuba will not ever be free and will continue to oppress the masses and export communism -once it gets a hold of a country it cannot be eradicated. BEWARE OF SEAN PENN.

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      • Alma, I forgot the sarcasm tag.

        Trust me when I tell you, I hate communism and communists with a flaming purple passion.

        I come from a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge military family that spent several decades sending commies straight to Hell, along with more than a few mooooooooooooooooooslims.

        My only complaint is they didn’t kill enough of them.

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  15. Richard Raymond

    And people taking this story lightly don’t think this could be the fate of America or very likely worse with all these guns around in the, not too distant future? Better do a little more reflecting on our condition as a country.
    Trump is neither courageous nor committed or decisive.


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