Tolerance: Woman assaulted by two women in D.C. for saying she supports Trump

The “tolerant” left strike again.

From KATU: A woman said she was assaulted after she interjected into a conversation last month outside a D.C. restaurant to say she supports President Donald Trump, according to a police report.

The woman told D.C. police the assault took place around 1 a.m. on March 16 outside Surfside restaurant at 1800 N Street, NW.

According to the police report, the woman, overhearing a conversation between two women and one man, brought herself into the discussion by saying, “I support Donald Trump.”

The two women then assaulted her, she said, while the man tried to stop them.

D.C. police released video Monday of the two suspects. Included in the video shows one of the two suspects appear to strike someone filming her as the video image shakes once her hand appears to make contact with that person.

The woman then left and took herself to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, where she called 911 and was interviewed.

Police are calling the incident a felony assault.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 727-9099.

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20 responses to “Tolerance: Woman assaulted by two women in D.C. for saying she supports Trump

  1. this is hate,behaviour,and they managed to divides us,i say to anyone,do an assault to politicians,i want to see a Washington revolt against the real traitors of America…but as we see,the 2 women doesnt really cares about that,so i think who ever will be put on jail,im talking about traitors,a large number of ppl will not understand n not accept it ,turmoil right on the corner! God bless you all

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    • palcau ioan . . . . Bless you for bringing up something that I think is paramount in this discussion . . . “this is hate, behavior . . .” That’s all fine and dandy that they are to be charged with “felony assault.” but as far as I am concerned, this activity rises to the definition of a “HATE CRIME” plain and simple!” That designation should be tacked on to, or the designation of their crime should be changed to include “hate crime ___________.”

      I am dying to know, how do these two cretins support themselves. Do they actually work at a job out in society, or are they designated as “Welfare Queens.?”

      I only hope and pray that some good citizen(s) turn their butts in, poste haste! The very idea that people of this ilk would get away with assault on an innocent citizen in this land is beyond the pale.

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    For your information.


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  3. tolerance to the leftards / libtards applies only to those who see things their way

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  4. All I see here is some sort of female chimp, an ugly one too.

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  5. Just female thugs doing what they do. Only hope someone see and calls in and drops salt on them. Break the law do the time.

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    • Brian . . . . Amen to that! I also pray that some good citizen turns these skanky wenches in to the police!

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      • It is truly a shame when female ghetto rats such as this are allowed out of the ghetto to attack decent people.

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        • Sorry to all! I guess I am in a vile mood after reading about this attack. Of late we have seen and heard of so many attacks on conservative persons who were minding their own business, engaging in their First Amendment right of free speech . . . only to be attacked by “demonically possessed cretins.” This just sickens me to my very core. If this behavior were reversed, there would be no end of the new broadcast of the incident, but when it occurs against a conservative–mums the word by the lamestream news. I am sick of it!

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  6. DCG . . . . Thank you for bringing us this most important article! Good job.

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  7. This is where you do a “Dirty Harry”. “Are you feeling lucky?” “Now sit down and shut up”.

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  8. Remind me to never go to that roachtrap at 1 AM.
    BTW: I support Trump

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  9. How did I Know I could have filled out a description of these women before seeing the video.
    Looks like our tax money is out in the town for the night.

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  10. In defense of the perps, there are certain times, places, and people around whom one might ought to keep one’s opinion to one’s self… Such as around these ruffians in D.C. at 1 in the morning. But they’re guilty as hell.

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    • Good advice, cogito.

      America is so divided — irreconcilably divided because of irreconcilable values and world views — it is no longer safe to make known our politics in public. Remember the tranny Starbucks employee who spiked the drinks of conservatives with prescription estrogen?

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      • Absolutely.

        And just to be sure, it’s patently offensive to think that we moderates, conservatives, those on the Right, and even some to the left of center (but not quite what I’d call wacky “progressive”) get shouted down, labeled, fired from our jobs, forced to shut down our businesses, forcibly removed, and even physically attacked for having and expressing our own, non-PC views in public. Offensive to both our Constitutionally-guaranteed 1st Amendment Rights, and to our basic, world-wide held basic Human Rights.

        I’m just saying that sometimes we need to be careful when we know our views are likely to get the wackos to attack us. “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” {Matt 5:11} It’s been going on a LONG time.

        BTW, speaking of shutting down free speech: on WA Journal (CSpan) right now, they’re talking to Steven Brill, Co-CEO of NewsGuard, which intends to begin labeling websites and news sources as “fake” or not, ala Nutrition Labels. It’s obvious they’re going after anything not towing the line for the MSM and liberal establishment. It’s a dangerous precedent. He thinks CNN is real news and RT is sponsored by the Russian gov’t and Putin… not that I follow them, but when I have, they have shown scorn toward Putin’s government…

        I’m considering starting up a contrarian site to it, and calling it BullGuard, with a plugin for browsers to show my own “label” for websites. Well, that’s a malware company… so maybe “NewsGuarded”?

        NOT A WORD about how the AP misreports news events that can clearly be watched lived or recorded, then vomits them out to national outlets who then repeat such deceptions verbatim to be devoured by the gullible public.

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  11. Go trump supporter! Bait those dumb apes and get them arrested


  12. Go trump supporter! Bait those dumb apes and get them arrested


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