Chiraq sees drop in shootings and killings for 13 consecutive months


It’s a start. Yet there has been over 500 people shot so far this year in Chicago.

Chiraq is still not on my “places to visit any time soon” list.

From MSN: Killings and shootings continue to dip in Chicago, a city long plagued by gun violence, according to crime figures released Sunday.

March marked the 13th consecutive month of declining gun violence, the Chicago Police Department said. Shootings dipped 17% and murders dropped 25% compared to March 2017, figures show.

Year-to-date, murders dipped 22% and shootings dropped 25% compared to the same period in 2017, Chicago police said.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the city still has a long way to go to curb gun violence despite the steady progress. “We are making progress and certainly it’s not cause for celebration,” Johnson said. “But when you look at it you do have to acknowledge progress.”

The nation’s third largest city has made considerable gains over the past year. Chicago saw a 16% drop in murders from 2016 — the deadliest year in nearly two decades, with the city recording 771 murders — to 2017, when there were 650 murders.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” Johnson said. “As long as we keep trending the way we are and we keep developing these relationships and partnerships and continue to invest in our police department, then we’ll see the gains that we’re looking for.”

Chicago police attributed the recent declines to the hiring of more officers, stronger community policing efforts and investments in technology, such as gunshot detection systems and predictive crime software to help deploy officers. The technology has been rolled out in nearly half of Chicago police districts, police said.

Max Kapustin, research director at the University of Chicago Crime and Education Labs, said the recent declines are encouraging, but it’s too early to celebrate.  “There are still way, way, way too many people being shot and being killed in the city,” he said. “The progress is real and it’s very important people realize that. It’s incremental, though, and we’ve still got a long way to go.”

Kapustin said it’s important police continue to make breakthroughs in more neighborhoods and don’t lose the gains they have made in specific areas.

Year-to-date, Chicago police have recovered more than 1,900 guns, which is up 3% over last year, according to the department. “I think gun recovery numbers are also very important. They’re a good predictor of what sort of year we’re going to have, I think, because the violence that we’re seeing is gun violence, period,” Kapustin said.

Johnson said the department will continue to increase its patrol numbers. Police said 86 new officers were deployed in March to bolster the 720 officers already hired as part of a two-year plan to add nearly 1,000 positions.

He said the department will also try to re-establish community partnerships in the coming months.  “CPD can’t do this alone, so we need those community partners to help us continue the crime reduction,” Johnson said.

President Trump has often criticized Chicago’s crime rate, usually talking or tweeting about the failure to fight gun violence there. Trump has also deployed federal authorities to the city.

Chicago isn’t the only city to see recent crime reductions. Baltimore, a city with one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the country, did not record a homicide for 11 days in February, the longest homicide-free period since March 2014.

In 2017, New York recorded its lowest homicide tally in decades, with 290 killings, the lowest since 1951, CNN affiliate PIX11 reported. The tally in New York last peaked in the early 1990s, with more than 2,000 killings a year, according to figures.


37 responses to “Chiraq sees drop in shootings and killings for 13 consecutive months

  1. Only down from the past two years. Still higher than the prior years.

    Carjackings & robberies are up.

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  2. The Leftys will still use the stats to tout gun control, “See, Gun Control works”. To tell you the truth, I don’t believe Statistics, they can be manipulated up or down, with many different variables…Like, maybe the Population went down from people fleeing the City, and many others. Also, actual Patrols downplaying the crime because of bad publicity, it happens.

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    • Just a reminder to everyone, heads up, today starts a Month long National Distracted Driving Campaign. We can tell that it’s all about the Revenue because it’s called a ‘Campaign’.

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      • Yeah, they started that here. Now just touching your phone gets them a payoff. Now they watch that you’re buckled up, sitting bolt upright in the seat, not drinking any beverages or eating anything, not touching yourself inappropriately and for the love of gawd, don’t touch your phone. But….have a carefree day!

        The ads say they’re taking care of us. I didn’t ask for a babysitter. This crap is right out of Agenda 2030. Soon they’ll be watching you on cameras in your car. Ain’t “freedom” grand?

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        • A Ct. State Trooper was a guest on the Local CBS Affiliate this morning boasting “Stepped up Patrols” and stated that it’s a 2 phase Campaign, Phase 1 is this Month. He actually said that if your vehicle didn’t have steering wheel controls, it’s illegal to tune the radio to another station or set the volume! My biggest worry is…is it still 10-2 position on the wheel, or did it change to 9-3? (Sarc) To quote a new friend…”Ain’t freedom grand”?

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      • My brother in law saw a vehicle weaving in and out, and thought it was a cell phone user. He got along side at the traffic light, and it was some idiot reading a book on his lap. People are so doggone stupid, that at times, I almost don’t feel bad if they get smashed in a wreck while doing things like this. Almost, I still don’t want anyone to get hurt, I just wish people would wise up, since it seems like someone else is the one who gets killed.

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    • “maybe the Population went down from people fleeing the City”

      Good point! We need a PER CAPITA gun homicide figure for Chicago.


      “Here’s the reality: the United States Census Bureau reported that Chicago shrank by more than any other city in the United States from 2015 to 2016, during which time Chicago was the only major American city to shrink. . . . The problem isn’t confined to the city, either. The rest of Cook County had a larger population decline than the City of Chicago. And the entire State of Illinois has been shrinking for three years in a row. . . . . Out-migration is especially rapid from Chicago’s black neighborhoods. Failing schools, rising violence and crippling joblessness force middle class black families to leave. Those who stay often have lesser means and their neighborhoods are impoverished by middle class flight.”

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      • Plus, other than it all being political hogwash, (no pun intended David) adding 1,000 cops over a two year plan will not decrease the crime stats at all, here’s why…Those new cops are going to have to justify their existence, they will be hard pressed to write tickets, make arrests, etc. to generate revenue for one, seize more guns, plus keep those grey bar hotel beds full. So Rahm is stuck between a rock and a hard place, he’ll have to lie to someone to keep everyone unhappy with some happy stats, or happy with some unhappy stats.

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        • Stovepipe . . . . You have my permission, and no doubt the permission of bazillions of others who give you leave to insult Piglet (David Hogg) all you want. As often as you want, and in any manner that you want. That young doff painted a bulls eye on his own forehead by all the lying, conceiving, conspiratorial acts that he has engaged in. He deserves little else from the rest of society.

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        • Geez, no wonder Al Capone moved to Florida! I’ll bet the Mob provided better service for fees paid. I wonder where they’re headed? Baltimore?

          Given the economy they must be hard pressed to afford ammunition. Even “Man’s Country” went out of business. I guess Rahm will have to twerk in the park.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . God Bess you for bringing out these extra facts to piece together with the basic premise of why gun killing may be down in Chicago.

        What person of any means at all stay there and risk becoming a statistic? My heart goes out to those people who are good hearted, but who lack the finances to flee these killing fields.

        Perhaps another explanation might be that the herd of those who are most likely to be involved in gun killings are being culled by being the recipient of gun violence.

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  3. Just wait until the weather warms up. It’s still cold here, this morning we woke up to snow north of Chicago.

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  4. Probably due to Trump’s efforts, but trying getting left/libtards to admit that.

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  5. ”Trump has also deployed federal authorities to the city.”

    Would be interesting to know more about this, and what role Pres. Trump played in getting more police for Chicago!

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  6. Dr Eowyn . . . . It is rather sad if Trump has had to deploy federal authorities to the City of Chicago, because their duly sworn leaders cannot seem to get a handle on the crime in their own city . . . . we need these same folks to man our Southern boarder.

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  7. Oh yeah, there’s a drop in shootings and killings, they are running out of bodies!

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  8. Comrade Obama

    Wait till it gets warmer, then blacks will exercise their right of postponed abortions on their bros.

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  9. Must be running out of bullets.

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  10. Chicago. rohm emmanual. gun control. gun free zones. What does any reasonable person expect. I could fix this toot sweet. stop and frisk. arrest a gang member? with a gun? make sure he doesn’t see the light of day for a few years. And when he does get out and commits another crime put him away FOREVER.

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  11. A very interesting read 2 days ago…

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    • Yes, that’s a good read. It would be good for sharing with those who hold peculiar views. We were just discussing this last night. I lean toward not calling them until its over. That’s primarily for our safety and the safety of our dogs.

      Sadly, I don’t trust them. If you call the cops and mention “gun” you will guarantee yourself a longer wait followed by the use of overwhelming force. The primary concern in those events is “officer safety”, not YOUR safety.

      You do not need permission to defend yourself. It is true that they will likely put you through the wringer, but at least you will be alive. If you find yourself in this situation, after its over you would do well to retreat to a neutral location, preferably a busy business and call from there.

      Have your family take your pets elsewhere. Call your lawyer. Don’t say anything until he or she says its alright.

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  12. They must be getting low on ammunition……

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  13. We always tend to look at these things from a moral perspective, and with good reason: Murder and homicides of any variety are morally abhorrent things. Let’s look at it from a few different angles.
    New York City saw over 2,000 homicides a year when David Dinkins was Mayor. Any leader’s actions will trickle down to the public level, “on the streets” almost immediately. Dinkins did not enforce the laws New York City already had on the books; His leadership skills were woefully lacking. And when rioting broke out in Crown Heights—resulting in the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum—police officials BEGGED the Mayor to take decisive action, and he simply—REFUSED.
    Thus the violence level that he allowed to obtain—the highest in NYC history—maintained.

    In other words, the world is STRICTLY NEWTONIAN: For every single action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (President Woodrow Wilson is on the record, in his personal correspondence, as having rejected precisely this idea, BY NAME, favoring a more “evolutionary” point of view).
    This Newtownian Law has always been a part of human nature and human interaction ever since Adam & Eve ate that apple.

    Rahm Emmanuel (whom I have read is a Mossad agent) is DIRECTLY MORALLY RESPONSIBLE for Chicago’s Bloodbath & Beyond: His actions and refusals of decisive action, along with his sarcastic and “comedic” demeanor sent two important signals: First, as Mayor, I am going to do or not do whatever the hell I want; and, Second, I find your story TIRESOME. MAKE NO MISTAKE: The spilled blood of the Windy City is on his hands; The effects of his actions and negligence, expressed through his orders and policies, demoralized both the police and the citizens of that once-great town.

    But now we come to the economic side of the Newtownian Law: I think what Chicago is seeing here is the bedrock of what really matters: The people themselves have begun to have a change of heart, if for nothing else that they have had more than enough of bloodshed. This economic principle of supply-and-demand works from the grassroots up: Only when the people have had enough, as a collective whole, of their own results will the problem begin to ameliorate.
    New York City’s model was identical, the only difference being that Mayor Guiliani, admitting what was common knowledge to everyone but the liberal know-it-all’s—IMPOSED the People’s Will through vigorous police enforcement under a new paradigm and new people. THIS is why he was able to bring New York’s crime problem to heel: His imposition of Law & Order, which could only work because the People Themselves had had ENOUGH.

    THIS is PRECISELY what hemophiliac liberals and progressive leftist nut-jobs JUST. DON’T. GET.

    It is the same with any other problem: The War on Drugs—a COLOSSAL FAILURE if there ever was one—can only subside when the addicts themselves have had enough. The war against human excrement on the streets of San Francisco can only be won when the people (including the homeless) have had enough.
    This is the “economic” side of the problem, but to repeat the success of Rudy Guiliani here in New York elsewhere, the imposition of Law & Order can succeed only when the people on the streets are willing to accept the necessary enforcement. Only when they themselves have had enough will they accept that enforcement.
    Looks to me like the people of Chicago themselves are finally waking up. Now they need to get themselves another Mayor.

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    • I agree with that. While have harbor no illusions that Rahm Emmanuel cares one whit about his job or Chicago, it IS his job to be the mayor. As Steven says, the mayor represents the city as a unit. It is a societal unit, even if it is made up of diverse individuals and groups.

      It is the mayor’s job to say “this is who and what we are as a city and we’re not going to tolerate this behavior any longer, period. We will do whatever it takes to do that and I need your help”. When you give large groups of people the belief that they belong to something bigger than themselves and the feeling that they are helping to make the place where they live better, things improve.

      There is much that I don’t like about Guilliani. But I will give him credit for cleaning up NYC. It went from a hell hole to a place where you could actually be out at night and survive.

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  14. Stumbled into this warning from Flint PD….
    Flint Police Live Scanner
    March 3 ·

    From the Tide Pod Challenge to the now “Assassin Game”, parents should be aware, gun owners and law enforcement face serious complications when responding to these new threat situations in realtime.

    Law enforcement agencies are warning kids to think twice before playing a viral new game that involves simulated firearms. In the game participants use Nerf or Airsoft guns to conduct “hits” on their friends or strangers, in many instances unrealistic guns have been painted black or had their orange tips painted to look real. Part of the virility of the prank is to video the victim’s response. Police even advise that these stunts have been conducted by students on school property and aboard school buses. Agencies are advising even a nerf gun on school grounds will result in criminal charges, and that in today’s atmosphere this prank is destined to have unintended deadly consequences if it continues. And we thought Tide Pods were a problem, our country is in serious trouble people, children need serious guidance!

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