Male dancing cheerleaders join NFL team, the LA Rams

la rams cheerleaders

Sorry NFL. Adding male prancers won’t bring me back to watching the game. Your “kneelers” sealed your fate.

From USA Today: For the first time, an NFL team will have men as part of its official spirit squad.

Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies, named to the Los Angeles Rams squad this week, will be the first ones to perform the same routine as the female dancers. The Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts have men who perform stunts with female cheerleaders, but don’t dance.

Peron and Jinnies are both classically trained dancers and have been performing their entire lives.

But what made them take this groundbreaking step?

“I thought, ‘Why not me? Why can’t I do this?’ ” Peron said in an interview Wednesday on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America.

The men were among the 76 finalists chosen for the 40-person squad. Jinnies said the auditions were unlike any he’s ever been through before.

“This one was about three weeks long and we had a bunch of rehearsals in between and an extensive interview process, but it was really humbling and amazing to be invited every time you came back,” he said.


35 responses to “Male dancing cheerleaders join NFL team, the LA Rams

  1. The NFL is dead to me.

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  2. I guess this was inevitable.

    I can remember going to my daughter’s first game as a cheerleader her freshman year.

    At halftime the pom-pom squad came out on the field, and there was a sophomore male – I heard he was “bi” – out there.

    I said something like, “I don’t believe this”, and I heard another guy laugh, and said “You gotta be shittin’ me…”

    This is far different than male cheerleaders, whom I’ve never had an issue with, since they’re primarily gymnasts, and also there for stunts.

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  3. My question is, who wants to see this? I’m saddened also by the feminization and “gaying up” of men in our society, esp. black men. How very sad.

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  4. One of my best friends in college (45 years ago) was a cheerleader on the college squad. The only male on a majority female squad. He was a terrific gymnast on the squad and a great dancer on the dance floor when we went out. He was also a pilot for a charter airline service. He was most definitely NOT gay. And a great guy who did a lot of volunteer service work. So let’s not classify all male cheerleaders with a certain “group.”

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  5. The NFL has always been about grown men slapping each other in the ass with Spandex pants on anyway.

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  6. My understanding is the Rams attendance last year was dismal, they were in an interim field, but still awful.

    Suspect this is an effort to boost poor attendance.

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  7. Let’s hope this gay porn simulacrum of homos on the sideline getting it on for men in Lycra tights on the field spreads to every team in the NFL before the next season starts and ratings go to zero where they belong.

    The owners are desperate to suppress word getting around that there are just over 12 minutes of live action in a 3 hour and 15 minute telecast, with three-fourths of that 12 minutes taken up by plays that are boring duds. Maybe the schmucks who own the NFL think the fans are moral cruds like themselves and will enjoy having twerking homos on the sidelines now that the twerking victory dance in the end zone is forbidden.

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  8. I write this on Holy Saturday, the day that commemorates Our Lord freeing the innocent from the Limbo of the Fathers.
    Our Lord released the righteous from that place on this day. And, in a way, I think we’re stuck in another limbo: There has been a war on manhood for as long as I’ve been alive. It has been a transvaluation of all values, a hideous downward spiral of never-ending deviance and nihilism.
    Hopefully someday Our Lord will deliver us from this sort of limbo, and free us from the disgusting filth we’ve had to endure for decades. I imagine that Day will be great. I do not expect to live to see it.

    And I have a tremendous amount of righteous anger in my heart for what has happened. I am a man, I think for myself, and I still believe in an objective moral standard and a God Who is the Author of it. I make absolutely no apologies for that, and I long for a world in which I can be accepted and respected for it: As a white heterosexual Christian male, I am sick of being demonized as the Bad Guy.

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  9. There’s not much to say to these guys except: Hi, Sailors!


  10. next in line…trannies

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  11. Will not see it since I banned them from my TV never to have them on again. They stepped over the line when they dissed our flag.

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  12. Figures it would be the Rams.

    LOL – Those two flamers work a Rams-Raiders game, they are liable to get hurt.

    It appears the NFL is determined to commit suicide.

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  13. So now we have male Cheerleaders! I can see if they are looking to court female fans; but if they are courting more gay fans then the NFL may be on the decline….

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    • I would think that, by now, it all looks like “up” to them. Who would want this but a pervert. How many perverts are there? Perv ball probably doesn’t have much of a future. Besides, it costs a lot to have to steam clean the seats after every event.

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  14. Well, the attack on masculinity continues. Next up, sequined tutus and prancing.

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  15. How gay

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  16. “an NFL team will have men as part of its official spirit squad”. Men my big fat butt. They look like they’re a little loose in their loafers. Especially the one in the middle.

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  17. If any decide to become transgender, they defeat the point of having male cheerleaders for diversity’s sake.

    The ‘alternate lifestyle’ activism has always been about doing things my way…my own gratification, despite the statistics say about risk and danger, despite medicine and science says and despite what Scripture says.

    If these male cheerleaders consider themselves gay and use the alphabet terms s-xual orientation, s-exual identity, etc.(invented for propaganda), they are in rebellion against GOD, Scripture, science and nature. (Romans 1:18-32)

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  18. Their outfit will consist of assless chaps and midriffs.
    Butt lets not generalize….spit

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  19. Well, isn’t that special!

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  20. Like I needed another reason to not watch NFL. LOL

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