John Brennan – Communist


John Brennan’s president: Remembering Comrade Gus Hall

Paul Kengor reminds readers of Trump-hating ex-CIA chief’s communist background


Obama CIA director John Brennan, asubject of ongoing analysis at The American Spectator, recently uncorked an epic Twitter rant. Enraged by President Trump’s words aimed at FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe,Brennan steamed at the president: “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America … America will triumph over you.”

To read this well researched article by Paul Kengor go here:

John Brennan Communist Roots

There is much we haven’t been told about John Brennan

  • Worked for Obama
  • Converted to islam (lower case deliberate)
  • Supported Communist (capital C deliberate) for earlier Presidential campaign

So when we see this man launch an attack on the current President, we need to realize he has been attacking us and the American idea all along.

Be sure to read Dr. Eowyn’s better researched article on the same subject:


21 responses to “John Brennan – Communist

  1. Reblogged this on Trump:The American Years and commented:

    Obama was all about destroying America.Thank God we elected Donald Trump.Hope we’re ready to send in reinforcements in Nov.He needs more MAGA people in Congress.Too many are Never Trumpers.Speaker Ryan has to go-McConnell shouldn’t be too far behind him.They never stand up to the Progressives;hence the crappy Omnibus bill. Good job exposing Brennan There’s more to Brennan than meets the eye! Keep up the good fight.

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    • You can bank on there being more to Brennan. I don’t know much about him, but the few things I’ve read I find extremely troubling. He’s supposedly a Muslim but his philosophical affinity would still be with Marxism, and of the occult variety, if I’m not mistaken. This is no trivial matter since Richard Wurmbrand’s Marx & Satan is irrefragable proof Marx was motivated by Satanism.

      Brennan was sworn in as Director of the CIA by creepy Biden in an occult ritual using an original copy of the Constitution, symbolically chosen for not as yet having the Amendments (protecting us from the federal government) appended to it—which was used instead of the Bible possibly to symbolize the occult, Satanic, Marxian-Masonic rejection of Christianity by these ghoulish Deep State players.

      Regarding our recent discussions on the Second Amendment, one should assume Brennan was on board with Obama’s original election promise to create a civilian National Security Force on American soil as numerous and well equipped as the military itself. This (effectively) arming of ACORN would be used to suppress domestic terrorists, defined by DHS as pro-lifers, military vets, pro-2Aers, etc. The plan was dropped but you can bet it’ll be revived once Ryan, McConnell, Sessions, and the other RINOs hand power back to the Dems, as they appear to be working overtime to bring about.

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      • Dan . . . . Congratulations! That was an excellent addition to this discussion. True American patriot’s must always be on the alert for all those who wish to destroy this country.

        A pox on John Brennan and his house!

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      • I have the feeling that he’s “Muslim” in the same way that Benny Nutty Yahoo is “religious”. He’d claim to be Zoroastrian if it suited his goals.


    • Thanks for the reminder, Dr. Eowyn. I didn’t intend to trample on your theme. So to make some amends, I added your link to the post.

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    • Recalling when Brennan was taking oath of office, Biden gave it to him in a hallway and Brennan would not swear on a Bible but rather swore on a koran which was photographed as oath was taken. Biden was so proud’


  2. To project must be one of Alinsky’s tactics.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Just because we so seldom hear any truth from his kind (i.e. treasonous elite) does not mean we can’t recognize the lies.

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  4. He’s a Wahhabi, the worst of the worst.

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Have been writing about Brennan for a long time with his dance with Obama/Hillary Clinton and the rest of the communists/muslims.

    Knowing what we know now – the Congress/Senate/Supreme Court knew all along what was happening here and did not stand up for the country or the people – WHY NOT – ARE THEY ALSO ON THIS TEAM? The people need some answers.


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  6. You weren’t supposed to see this! That time when Steven Colbert liked President Trump.

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  7. hypocrite

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  8. I can’t understand where Brennan came from, who gave him his start and how he ascended to power and why they just can’t seem to get rid of him! Is he a “fixer” or something?
    Brennan threatens President Trump in public, says horrible things and admits he voted for Gus Hall. It’s clear to me the man has a diseased mind. But that’s all right: 20 years from now he’ll still be there!

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  9. And to think this undeserving American WAS THE CIA DIRECTOR -has he registered his affiliation?
    The Communist Control Act (68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844) is a piece of United States federal legislation, signed into law by President Dwight Eisenhower on 24 August 1954, which outlaws the Communist Party of the United States and criminalizes membership in, or support for the Party or “Communist-action” organizations and defines evidence to be considered by a jury in determining participation in the activities, planning, actions, objectives, or purposes of such organizations.[1]

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  10. Way back when Glenn Beck was on the sane train on TV and giving us all the info on Jarrett, Obama, Van J, and a host of other commies in DC. A lot came out about Brennan including the fact he has something to do with taking Obama and his mother’s passports and travel records out of the files. Brenna was carrying water and it wasn’t clear drinkable water.
    It will take years to repair all the damage that has been done to this country, all by design. We must elelmminated each and every holdover and anyone that looks sideways.

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