Happy Ending: Convicted felon shot dead by homeowner during Nashville home invasion

felon terry adams wztv photo

Dead perp Terry Adams/WZTV photo

Taxpayer relief shot provided for this criminal.

And a good example of why one chooses to have firearms in strategic locations throughout their home.

From Fox17: NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — Metro Police have identified the alleged robber shot by a homeowner during a home invasion in Hermitage on Wednesday night. Terry Adams, Jr., 27, of Ashland City, Tenn., died overnight. Adams is a convicted felon out of Cheatham County and Nashville.

Police say the 43-year-old homeowner was away from his Richard Lee Circle residence when two “strange men” entered through a back door and struck his wife. The homeowner arrived to find the back door open and walked into the kitchen where he was struck on the head with a “blunt object,” causing a skull fracture.

The man was ordered to open his gun safe and the robbers took three long guns and a pistol. During this time, the wife fled to a neighbors house and the two suspects left with the guns.

Police said the homeowner, unsure of where his wife went, got a pistol out of another room and headed outside where he again met the robbers. During an altercation, police said the homeowner fired at the suspects, fatally striking Adams.

The second robber dropped the guns and fled. He remains on the run. The homeowner is currently being treated in the hospital.

Police said the same Hermitage home was burglarized on Feb, 6 and a flat screen TV was taken. Adams is a suspect in that case.

Adams has been convicted of attempted burglary in Nashville and has several convictions ranging from car theft, to felony theft to aggravated assault in Cheatham County. He also plead guilty last November to two misdemeanors stemming from a felony meth possession for resale and gun charges.

At the time of Wednesday’s home invasion, Adams was wanted on two probation violations.


27 responses to “Happy Ending: Convicted felon shot dead by homeowner during Nashville home invasion

  1. Meth is one evil drug, not that the others are any good though, maybe crack would be a good runner up for the drug that turns humans into monsters capable of the most heinous acts. The good news is this had a happy ending and we wont have to worry about that freak victimizing anyone else.

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  2. Having more than one weapon in the house was the key in their success in a happy out come. If all your guns are locked up in a safe like all the idiots out in mexifonia then it would be as not so happy. Bet they bury this article and will not get much air time. So the guns out there that save people do not get any attention it does not fit in there agenda to take all the guns up.

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    • Yup. Also, carrying on your hip or purse is an excellent option.

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      • Your right about that I used to run classes for people to learn to get there permits here in the Mid-south area. I had mostly Women a few Men and funny the Women out shot the Men for one main reason. When I started the lesson they listened the men didn’t it’s the macho thing they thought they already knew. But all in all the amount of people who are applying for permits has gone drastically up.

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        • Brian, I really like you, so please take this well: that “women shoot better because they listen” thing is a pretty tired old cliché. Men may goof around more at the range, but no combat shooting is like the range. When it comes time to make the choice to draw, present, and halt the threat that is rapidly adbancing, men are much more lethal. So yeah, women beginners are better at calmly squeezing off shots at pieces of paper 7 yards away, sure, but only with much thoughtful practice will they ever become good shooters.

          Thanks for allowing me to vent about a peeve.

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          • Women do not react well in a firefight, at least not Militarily. They have to much emotion compared to men. I love Females, don’t get me wrong.


          • I understand no harm I know were your coming from. I grew up military all my life been there did that. What my point was that a lot of guys think they know there way around a weapon but my experience with a lot of them they don’t, most of the ones that came for class were first time shoots. But if your talking how real training is your correct. You really want to see if your know how to shoot with out being in a combat setting. Its easy to simulate by just setting up targets at three different distances and then run 50yds and back 50 at full tilt stop pick up the gun or draw only allow 3 sec per target you will see how much control you have over your breathing now add someone shooting back at you different story. Your Adrenalin pumps when someone points at gun at you then you hear the shot it doubles, how much control do you have in a 3 sec shot. I do agree with you men have a different mental discourse being desensitized unlike Women just because of there nature of how God made them.

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    • Yep. It’s like those commercials that say to store your guns in a locked safe and your ammo elsewhere. WTF? Why? I’m not planning to throw it at them.

      Oh, I forgot. I’m supposed to dial 911 and wait to be shot by either the intruders or the SWAT team.

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  3. HE died on the cross for us to take away the sins of the world. The scum bag died because he was a sin we had to rid off in our world today. And my wish for the man that shot him is godspeed, he applied the second amendment our forefathers legacy.

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  4. Sadly so many going to Hades without knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior. The Bible tells us that Jesus will come back when all those that are to be saved from Hades are saved. Are we doing enough to spread the gospel message? Don’t misunderstand, I am as glad that this scumbag will not longer be a threat than anyone else as the rest, but it still means he went to Hades which is very sad.

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  5. The Hero of this story deserves a gold metal. It’s for sure, the media will not allow this story of using a gun for good to be broadcast.

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  6. I am thankful a good ending was the outcome, but sad that the couple had to suffer injuries in the process. The man was smart to spread his guns around.
    My question is, how did this punk know there was a gun safe. Did someone tip him off?

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  7. And so another parasite criminal bites the dust, and another two are born to take his place, years later down the line.
    The moral of the story: You play with fire, you get burnt!

    And the liberals and leftists who command us all to endure these horrors, should they visit us, are playing a cute little parlor game in their endless hand-wringing. They demand we worship them as our moral superiors when, in fact and in deed, they are nothing of the sort.
    Oh, but it’s Christianity that causes all the sufferings in the world, they still maintain, and that Adams is but a victim!
    The moral inversion of the Left = SATANISM.

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  8. He’s from Cheatham County but he can’t cheat’em any more.

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  9. Thank you DCG for posting this. If more situation’s like this were posted in papers and on the news I think it would have more of an impact on the communities were the media hide it and never makes main stream news so no one see it. If more young people see that you can die they might think differently if their young enough.

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  10. armed citizen doing the job the government will not do. We need a march so the children of idiots can learn the good of guns.

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    • I understand why it is that you say that, Bob, because you think as a regular White American person does, about the fairness and evenhandedness which could be expected if we were to do a march. We once could have realistically expected that, because that was our trusting White nature at that previous time, and we expected the same respect from others (and almost always got that).

      When our country was almost entirely White (and before the communists began importing drugs into our country in order to weaken our people as they did during and after the Viet Nam war), we could have expected the media to follow our actions and protests of that type and to report about it more fairly, although the media was already inhabited by many leftist-minded operatives even at that previous time, which became very evident during and after Viet Nam, when the media basically became enemies to those of us in the military, and to the American public, too.

      The ones who guide the media are not like us. Those media and MSM leaders and managers have an oriental-minded perspective which compels them to deviousness and underhanded methodology in accomplishing objectives which they have predetermined, which are done exclusively for their own purposes. They are not like us. They have never retreated from their devious treacherous ways.

      The only march which the media will cover without demonizing it is a march by a legion of their controlled operatives who guide mobs of brainwashed children who are given false senses of importance. This allows their indoctrinations to be reinforced and often spreads it onto others. At the same time, it indoctrinates the gullible public who remain glued to their television screens, and who do not have the time or take it, to view how things have happened to move our country further leftward with each passing generation. A march done by reasonable and normal White American people will be demonized and derided by those behind the electronic synagogues which beam poisons into every living room.

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