Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting

On March 24, 2018, one month and ten days after the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, student-led pro-gun control “March For Our Lives” demonstrations took place across America, including in Washington, D.C.

The word “Our” in March For Our Lives refers to students.

From Wikipedia:

March For Our Lives was a student-led demonstration in support of tighter gun control that took place on March 24, 2018, in Washington, D.C., with over 800 sibling events throughout the United States and around the world. Student organizers from Never Again MSD planned the march in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety. The event followed the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which was described by many media outlets as a possible tipping point for gun control legislation.

Never Again MSD (MSD refers to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School) is a group started on social media as a movement “For survivors of the Stoneman Douglas Shooting, by survivors of the Stoneman Douglas Shooting” using the hashtag #NeverAgain.

The MSD student survivors who formed Never Again MSD include the now-famous David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and Cameron Kasky.

Public demonstrations, especially those that are large-scale like March For Our Lives, require a permit from the police department of the city in which the demonstration will take place.

A source of European researcher Ole Dammegard contacted the Metropolitan D.C. Police Department concerning the permit for the March For Our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Dammegard’s source received the following email from Officer Scott C. Earhardt of the Homeland Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department and forwarded it to Dammegard:

Good morning,

In reference to your inquiry concerning the March For Our Lives Demonstration, here in the District of Columbia on March 24, 2018. MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event, and there was several months of planning for this large event.

If your are requesting additional information reference this event, please follow the below steps to file your Freedom of Information Act request:

If your have any additional question sor concerns, please feel free in contacting me directly.

Officer Scott C. Earhardt, Badge No. 2372

Homeland Security Bureau
Special Operations Division
Planning and Logistics
Metropolitan Police Department
2850 New York Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
202-671-6529 (Office)
202-671-6522 (Planning)
202-671-6511 (Station)

Below is a screenshot of the email (source: Professor James Fetzer):

According to the PDF document, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington.D.C., Scott Earhardt indeed is a detective there. Here’s a screenshot I took from page 6 of the 65-page document:

Here are some facts:

  1. The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School occurred on February 14, 2018.
  2. A day after the shooting, on February 15, 2018, MSD students formed the group, Never Again MSD.
  3. On March 24, 2018, March For Our Lives demonstrations took place in Washington, D.C. (and other cities).
  4. Among the organizers of March For Our Lives is Never Again MSD, which had not existed before February 15.
  5. The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department received a permit application for March For Our Lives demonstration “several months prior to the actual event”.


  1. How can Never Again MSD apply for a permit “several months” BEFORE the group had even been formed?
  2. How can an application be made for a permit for a “March For Our Lives” demonstration “several months” BEFORE the Parkland MSD school shooting that galvanized MSD students to form the Never Again MSD group that organized the demonstration?

See also:

UPDATE (March 31, 2018):

There are claims that the email from Officer Earhardt is bogus, and that there’s a permit application for March For Our Lives in D.C. which is dated February 20, 2018, but which is an application to the National Park Service, not Metro PD. See “The curious ever-changing dates of March For Our Lives permit application“.

I, therefore, asked Professor James Fetzer for the original Earhardt email. Fetzer had obtained the screenshot of the email from Ole Dammegard, whose friend was the person who originally contacted Officer Earhardt about the permit.

I just received an email from Mr. Dammegard, with an attachment of the original Earhardt email, indicating the date on which the email was sent to Dammegard’s friend who, understandably, prefers to remain anonymous.

email from MPD Officer Scott Earhardt

I find the above email from Officer Earhardt to be credible. I also have confidence in the integrity of Professor Fetzer and Mr. Dammegard, neither of whom profits from counterfeiting the email — which is something we can’t say about those people who instigate false-flag mass-shooting incidents like Parkland.

In the meantime, Professor Fetzer had placed a phone call to Officer Earhardt to confirm the latter’s email. When we hear from Officer Earhardt, I will update this post with that information.

Update (April 5, 2018):

Officer Earhardt has given 4 different dates for when Metro PD received the permit application. See “The curious ever-changing dates of March For Our Lives permit application“.


167 responses to “Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting

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  2. Thomas E Graham

    This is pure conspiracy.
    Deena Katz filed it on Feb 20th.
    Info about Deena Katz (Women’s march organizer)

    It was fun to believe for a couple minutes but a google search that found the actual document from the National Park Service is all I need to consider this as bunk.


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  6. I spoke with Scott Earhardt. He indicated to me that this is a fake email. The permit was issued March 13th.


  7. I have the screenshot of his email. I removed cell number but office number is the same. His email back to me reads as follows:

    That is incorrect, permit was issued on March 13th and planning began thereafter.

    Officer Scott C Earhardt
    Metropolitan Police Department
    Homeland Security Bureau
    Planning and Logistics
    2850 New York Ave, NE
    Washington. DC. 20002
    Office: 202-671-6529


    • What, exactly, is “incorrect”? We have an email the authenticity of which is not in doubt in which he describes the PROCESS of acquiring a permit. He states “there was several months of planning for this large event”, which is consistent with the protocols for closing a street in Washington, D.C. It must be initiated at least SIX MONTHS prior to the event. I am asking about when the “Letter of Intent” was submitted. You are reporting when the permit was issued. They are not the same. What you have does not falsify the previous report, which appears to be dated in relation to the Letter of Intent, which had to be submitted months and months prior to issuing the permit for the march.

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    • You mean this supposed “email” that Nathan Stolpman had in his YouTube video? — that Nathan Stolpman who was a used-car salesman until he got into the more lucrative business of being a “broadcaster” with his Lift The Veil Productions?

      It doesn’t even look like an email. To start, the date of the email is missing.

      And as Professor Fetzer noted in his response to you, the date of the issuing of the permit is entirely different from the date when the application for the permit was submitted.

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      • Here’s another reply, where he claims he confused “March for Our Lives” with “March for Life” on 16 January:

        But he refers to “March for Our Lives” BY NAME AND DATE (24 March) in the original, making this explanation completely indefensible. I am sorry, but Officer Earhardt has now turned into a 2nd rate liar for corrupt politicians.

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        • Interesting. I agree to come on his show. I am unaware that he invited me on. Could you send me a link or copy the invitation? Many thanks!

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    • I thought you said you spoke to him? Why did he speak to you and send an email both?


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  11. I sent him a screenshot of the fake email featured in the article above. I asked him “did you send this email”. He said no.

    Please check with him yourself. The email address in the fake email is correct. Maybe he’s not responding to voicemail but he responded to my email.

    I have sent him the link to this article so that he is aware his name is being used by a conspiracy website.


    • What else did you expect him to say? There is no good reason to doubt the authenticity of the original, which was sent to Ole by a correspondent who has been highly reliable in the past. Neither he nor Ole has an axe to grind; but Officer Earhardt has excellent reasons to deny it: his salary and pension!

      You seem to me to be rather gullible. Just for my information, what is your take on Sandy Hook? the Boston bombing? Las Vegas? Parkland? Tell me a little about yourself so I have a better basis for assessing your credibility. Or don’t. His original coheres with our other evidence, but his denial does not.

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    • Officer Scott Earhardt is a grown-up and a professional who needs no intermediary to deliver his messages, certainly not you or Nathan Stolpman and his lucrative one-man Lift The Veil Productions. Let Earhardt come on FOTM and officially deny he had written and sent the March 28, 2018 email to Ole Dammegard’s contact.

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    • So where is the copy of his email ?


  12. I actually contacted Earhardt said this is FALSE INFORMATION


  13. Fk book has it so the link here goes to politic fact check bs.


  14. I shared this on my Facebook page and today, i just received a notification from Facebook alerting me to the fact that Politifact has determined it fake news. What is so interesting is that when I shared it, my personal message was to look at all evidence on all things before coming to any determination of truth. I think Facebook has gone above and beyond in determining credibility of user posts and shares. I especially think so when my remarks about the post also quesrioned its credibility. Was Facebook censoring you or me? I conclude they must have an algorithm that flags stuff and no human actually reads it for context. Keep up the good work. I trust you more than I do Facebook!

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  16. I believe this guy is the exact person who would answer that email. I’ve gotten a permit for a protest through him and I will say that it does take several months, faxes and exchanging of emails and snail mail to get approved. You have to comply with several different people like park security and the police down there. it’s crazy extensive. These kids had experienced help planning this protest. I don’t believe for one minute they did it on their own.

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    • “Every Town for Gun Safety” is stated as the original organizer for this March. I don’t watch very much tv but never had the impression it was the kids who organized this. I recall only hearing about the three of them sometime after when they gave their speaches.

      A major event in Washington planned for six months during all the gun control buzz would have advertised for a while, Everytown for gun Safety and March for our Lives don’t ring bells but promotion was likely of former school shootings.

      The article from Wiki and this post stated the kids formed their group Never Again MSD the day after the shooting, and collaborated with organizers for March for our Lives during the final month of planning.
      So either the kids social media group was approached by Everytown or Everytown suggested to kids that were interviewed to form the promotion company and then be the new representation, idk.


      • Crap. Should read more before answering and now it’s being reviewed and I can’t delete lol.
        But yeah ignore all except Everytown for gun Safety pulled the permit so im curious what plans were before this tragedy. Guessing some celeb got bumped lol


  17. I believe maybe there was some confusion. There was a permit months earlier for ‘March for Life’ march in DC


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  24. Wow is all I can say; except thank you…and please be wary in your search for fact. We the People wait cautiously

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  27. This story is completely bogus, Snopes has already debunked it:


  28. I used to think that the so called Sandy Hook School SHOOTING Was THE BIGGEST HOAX FOISTED UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, BUT NOW COMES PARKLAND…..Bad Enough that the FBI and COWARDLY SHERIFFS DID NOTHING….BUT IF INDEED THE WASHINGTON March For Our Lives Event was applied for Months in advance tells Us This SCHOOL SHOOTING WAS PLANNED!!! Common Sense Tells Us it HAD TO BE. I am the Parade Marshall For a small town in Alaska, A One Hour Parade has to be PERMITTED by the State of alaska and Takes weeks of Advance Preparation, not to mention the paperwork….Like you SAID…..FOR WASHINGTON D.C., PROBABLY 6 MONTHS….IS THAT A SMOKING GUN???

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    • was blown apart by Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D., in my books on Sandy Hook and the moon landing at Check ’em out. For those who are not up-to-speed on Parkland, here’s a recent review:

      “The Parkland Puzzle: How the Pieces fit Together”!/v/monaalexis27/lvkflnbp

      For an expose of 10-12 cases (with multiple proofs), check this out, too:

      “How to Spot a False Flag”

      And for some cases that are in certain respects equally disturbing, see:

      “Fake News: Issues of Identity”

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    • The biggest hoax BY FAR was 9/11. There were so many others that it is difficult to rate them. Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Pulse Orlando are all contenders, as far as U.S. hoaxes go.

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