WalMart removes Cosmopolitan magazine from checkout lines

CNBC reports that WalMart made what the company calls a “business decision” to remove the smutty Cosmopolitan magazine from checkout lines.

In an emailed statement to CNBC on Tuesday night, March 27, 2018, Walmart said it:

“will continue to offer Cosmopolitan to customers that wish to purchase the magazine, but it will no longer be located in the checkout aisles. While this was primarily a business decision, the concerns raised were heard.”

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation hails WalMart’s decision as a victory against “Cosmo‘s hypersexualized and degrading article titles” that promote pornography and other ills.

Cosmopolitan, owned by Hearst Communications, describes itself as a “bible for fun, fearless females that reaches more than 18 million readers a month.” Walmart did not immediately respond to inquiries from CNBC on whether sales of Cosmo were declining.

Rising social and political activism in the U.S. has put pressure on corporations to evaluate their business practices. Following the Parkland school shooting, Walmart is one of several retailers that have issued new restrictions on the sale of guns.

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18 responses to “WalMart removes Cosmopolitan magazine from checkout lines

  1. The only time I ever looked at a “Cosmopolitan” magazine has been in a doctor’s waiting room or hospital waiting room. This magazine has been, is and always will be trash. Any person who cares about what they see, hear or read would never in a zillion years buy it at alone pay for a subscription.

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  2. Interesting. When I was a young girl I wanted the magazine “Seventeen,” but my momma thought it was too racy so instead I got a magazine called Ingenue. I wonder if it even still exists. Cosmo has been a lot of filth from way back. Probably 50 years ago I read it occasionally, but it wasn’t worth it.

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  3. Evil creates thoughts, it’s not always direct like a punch in the face. The harm this piece of swill has done to impressionable young women has been immense. Good riddance.

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  4. Good.

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  5. They are huge promoters of abortion. Almost every magazine has a page or more feature with a celebrity hawking “reproductive rights”

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    That’s one ‘mag’ I don’t care if they ban, but WalMart ain’t doing themselves no favor involving themselves in their big gun control scam.

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  7. Continue to pray for restoration of good values in all popular culture.

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    • marblenecltr . . . Amen and amen!

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    • So true marblenecltr its all evil, and not from God, and prayer is what we have as first line of defense against satans tools he uses. Prayer is the single most useful tool any one has that believes so your so spot on with that its the only way we can change things that we have no control of.

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      • We must remember that these deviances are not natural. All of this is engineered. It is engineered by Satan’s spawn and ultimately doomed to failure. The worst thing we could do would be to negotiate with it.

        We must resist this wherever we can. It should be subtle and effective. It does no good to make a martyr out of one’s self when there is nothing to gain by it. We should learn from the Italians. They are good at this.

        If the cops start getting more repressive, we get less cooperative. Maybe while they’re in your neighbor’s house harassing him they get a block exhaust or a flat tire. If they ask for help answer with a smile. “Sure boss, anything you say”. You get the idea.

        Clearly they are making a homogenous world culture. It’s ugly, sinful and I don’t like it. I didn’t ask for it so I won’t be having any. Maybe its time to lay in a supply of potatoes and roofing nails.


    • That’s gonna take at least a couple of generations. Sin is hard to un-learn.

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  8. Porn has been the biggest thing to help break down the family unit that God has based everything on. In a child’s early years 5 to 9 this evil will most assuredly affect the sexual bond that a man and a woman has in the eyes of God as his union. And porn has destroyed more families than we can imagine.

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  9. All right, this is good, but they’re a day late and a dollar short. The horse is already out of the barn!
    I’m glad Cosmo is off the checkout line—it’s just more eye pollution. But the damage of feminism and pornography (visual or mental) has already been done. I mean, does the woman on the Wal-Mart checkout line who has already had two abortions and is a rabid feminist really care? Does the mother of three at the checkout line who is a born-again Christian really care? Does the Orthodox Jewish woman at the checkout line fall for this?
    So it seems to me that Cosmo is targeted towards those teenaged and college coeds whom Cosmo wishes to swing on over to its side.

    The house has burned down, but I saved the fire tongs to the fireplace!

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  10. I have never been a fan of censorship, no matter what the subject matter. I DO, however, think that public morals and good taste dictate that salacious material be kept away from the general public who may not wish to be exposed to it.

    At this time, more than any other, I would suggest that we do not ask the state to assume anymore parental roles. Frankly, I want them out of my business entirely. As to business, if they make unpopular decisions it is usually easy to avoid doing business with them. If they are monopolies, that is another concern.

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  11. Cosmetic and fashion ads on MSM aimed at women are getting very butchy, like they don’t want to admit that they are pandering to toxic masculinity.

    If Walmart wants to clean up the magazine racks, then they ought to clean up the creepy Walmartians in the aisles.

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    • Ha, ha, “Walmartians”!. I call the snack aisle “Elephant Walk”. You can see them lumbering through there loading up on chips and chocolate. Oh, and “Diet Coke”.

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