Woman shoots at armed, masked men after attack outside southwest Houston home

second amendment

Tell me those part of the #GunControlNow crowd who wish the Second Amendment be repealed, would you rather this woman was able to defend her life or that the perps were able do more serious harm to her?

From Click2Houston: Police are looking for a group of masked men who beat and robbed a woman Tuesday outside a southwest Houston home.

According to police, a woman in her 50s was in the driveway of her home in the 11500 block of Montverde Lane when she was ambushed by three armed men wearing masks.

Police said the men beat her, broke her jaw and took her wallet from her purse. The woman’s mother, who inside the home, saw the attack and called police.

“During the fight, she was able to get inside the house. At that point, the males apparently kicked the window in, tried to get in the house. The original female obtained a pistol she ran out and started shooting at the suspects. The suspects jumped in the car and left,” said HPD Lt. Larry Crowson.

The men got away in a dark-colored Toyota, police said.

Investigators said they do not believe the attack was random. They are investigating why the woman’s home was targeted.

People living in the neighborhood said they were uneasy. “It’s always real quiet. We get very little traffic. Something like that is pretty unusual,” Amuro Alejandro said.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.


19 responses to “Woman shoots at armed, masked men after attack outside southwest Houston home

  1. Gun control is not about saving lives if it was the gubment for starters would send the army into the ghettos and confiscate all the illegal weapons. It is about control though in order for the “elites” to finalize their agenda they must disarm us oh and kudos to this woman I hope she shot one of those degenerates in the balls

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  2. Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED! As much as Democrats would like to see this happen, and despite the words yesterday of former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, NO WAY. We need more Republicans in 2018 and must ALWAYS hold the Supreme Court!
    2:52 AM – 28 Mar 2018

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    Right on!


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  4. Sadly, the answer to the question about the GunControlNow crowd is, yes, they would prefer that the innocent woman would be killed, and the vicious thugs get away. After all, the woman owns a gun and, therefore, deserves what she got.😧 That’s what it’s come to with those who want us unarmed and defenseless.

    The good news is that those of us who hold to the Second Amendment know what is at stake, and we will never allow them to take away our God-given right to self defense, or any of the other rights that are guaranteed to us.

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    • I’m afraid so. In those marches the other day were some who would rather be killed by thugs than defend themselves. It isn’t out of respect for life either. It is out of hatred for our love of tradition.

      They want a wild, irresponsible life with guarantees of being “cared for” while they indulge themselves. They want the State to raise their children so that they can avoid the responsibility.

      The truth is that the police won’t be able to defend you in most cases, even if they want to. It is much safer and more effective to call them, if necessary, after its over than during a threat. The second you tell them that you’re under attack expect a delayed response followed by a dangerously excited over-reaction.

      Their concern is not YOUR safety, it is theirs. Frankly, I don’t have the energy left to worry too much about what lefties fantasize about. My concern is that they are trying to impose their insanity on all of us. They have a lot of well-funded help as well.

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  5. “Tell me those part of the #GunControlNow crowd who wish the Second Amendment be repealed, would you rather this woman was able to defend her life or that the perps were able do more serious harm to her?”
    – I don’t think they care…for libtards, they believe, gun control is for the ‘greater good’ and anyone who was harmed because they were unable to defend themselves or because the police did not show up in time (or at all) do not represent the true nature of the ‘nirvana’ of a gun controlled society…the victims are mere exceptions to the gun control rules.
    libtards want themselves and everyone else to be controlled by govt.
    they believe govt is the answer to everything.

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    • I think they “believe” that, if they keep their heads down, suck up to the power elite, and enforce their brand of orthodoxy, they will be taken care of. I do not ascribe any higher purpose to their being.

      At one time, back in the 60’s and 70’s some of them may have had altruistic motives. That is no longer the case. Some of us old timers tend to forget and regard these mutts as being just like their forbears. They are not. They have no ethics or morals beyond what Mr. Soros (or his owners and colleagues) tell them to have.

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  6. Get that Woman a permit so she can carry it would have a different out come if she had . Not to say it could not go bad but she might not have a broken jaw today. If they shoot and kill the perp’s, then put it on the front page of the news paper or on the news tonight the lesson learned you jump granny she will give you some lead. The more this happens I believe this will slow it down if your not an easy target your not as apt to be attacked.

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    • Although I have one, I do not believe in “permits” or “licenses”. We, as citizens, do not need permission. Indeed, they have no right to disarm us. We have to remember that situation in our discussions.

      I notice that the words “permission” and “allow” keep coming up. We must condition ourselves to respond automatically to any mention of those words with regard to guns by restating the facts. “Shall not be infringed” means precisely that.

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      • I guess it comes down to this. While Constitutionally we don’t need anybody’s permission to own and carry,either open or concealed,our guns,how willing are we to fully claim our Constitutional Right in real life? Suppose I get pulled over for having a tail light out on my truck and while checking my license the Cop asks if I’m carrying a weapon. I say,”Yeah,I have my gun right here under my coat.” He’ll ask if I have my CCW (Unconstitutional),and I’ll say,”No,I don’t need a license or permit to carry,it’s in our Bill of Rights. It’s one of my God-given,Constitutionally protected Rights.” Next,he relieves me of my gun (ALSO Unconstitutional),puts the cuffs on me and we go to Jail (Against my Constitutional Right.). When I go to Court for “carrying concealed”,even though it was unintentional, (If it was Summer,my gun would have been clearly visible,but my jacked is long enough to cover it in some positions.),the Judge rules I’m Guilty,(The Judge is making an Unconstitutional ruling-what a surprise!) I get fined and serve some time in the cooler. (MORE Unconstitutionality) Once I’m freed and more of my money clears the fines up,I learn that due to my standing tall on my Second Amendment RIGHT,I can no longer pass a background check (Unconstitutional,IMHO),and thus can no longer buy guns (or keep the ones I already have,or even get the one the Cop took from me. What part of INFRINGED aren’t they getting??)
        The question is Where did the Cop,Judge and Jailer get the authority to DO this? It CERTAINLY wasn’t the Second Amendment,nor any OTHER Amendment. The authority to tamper with the Second Amendment shows up exactly NOWHERE in the US Constitution,so WHO gave them the authority???
        Would I be better off to just follow the specifics of the alleged LAW,jump through the required hoops to keep my Right “intact” and retain permission to continue to jump through the REST of the never-ending parade of hoops to exercise my Second Amendment Right,or stick with the Constitution and face,daily,the dread of the time when my Constitutionally protected Right will be kicked into the dirt and trampled yet DEEPER into oblivion.
        I choose to carry,open or concealed,as conditions require,and do my best to convince every politician I know to take up the gauntlet to follow the Constitution AS WRITTEN and as intended by the Authors,and push others in Congress to do likewise. I pray that,with Donald Trump as our President,we will get enough Constitutionally minded people in Congress to drag our Government back to the tenets of our Constitution in all they do.

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    • Yeah, I saw this earlier. I’m still digesting it. They say Paddock claimed to be “on a government mission” too. I’m not sure Paddock fired a shot.

      They went to a lot of trouble to mount all that on a display board. Makes it look threatening.

      I really don’t believe in coincidences, at least not as something that happens often. The timing of these gun-related events is extremely suspicious.

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  7. One very brave woman, I am glad she survived to tell the story another day.

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  8. That’s the trouble with seeing yourself in a mirror. Most of these twits don’t think there’s anything to see beyond it.

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  9. That’s why women gun owners must go to the range and practice, practice, practice so that when the time comes, target practice kicks in.

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