This is your brain on drugs: Sean Penn is a wreck and his new book sucks, too

Sean Penn is making the rounds to promote his book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.”

The main character in his book calls for the assassination of the president (in reference to Trump) and dares the commander in chief to “Tweet me, b****.”

The drug-filled actor appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show Monday night and admitted to being on Ambien (a sedative and hypnotic).

Sean’s book is not receiving good reviews (shocker, right).

According to Mark Athitakis, a critic and author of “The New Midwest,” the writing is not coherent (shocker, right).

From SF Gate (read the whole review here):

If only the satire were funnier, though. If only the writing were more coherent. And if only the timing were better. In the weeks before the last presidential election, “Bob Honey” reflected the goofiness of the moment’s political theater. Now that we are living with its consequences, the story feels off point and toothless. Toward the end of the novel, a broken Bob Honey writes a letter to “Mr. Landlord,” a stand-in for Trump, grousing, “You are not simply a president in need of impeachment, you are a man in need of an intervention. We are not simply a people in need of an intervention, we are a nation in need of an assassin … Sir, I challenge you to a duel. Tweet me … I dare you.”

Pundits have seized on that “assassin” line, as if Bob were a sensible or interesting enough character to take seriously as a folk hero. (More curious is the novel’s epilogue, an Ochs-Ian poem in which Penn keens at #MeToo as “this infantilizing term of the day.” ) The Trump era may yet find its gonzo literary truth-teller who can capture our moment with more comedy and absurdity than reality itself can. It is unquestionably a tough job. Sean Penn is not up to it as a novelist, but who knows? There is always a chance for a movie.

Go for it Hollyweird! Another movie that is sure to suck.


41 responses to “This is your brain on drugs: Sean Penn is a wreck and his new book sucks, too

  1. Can’t write he can’t act what is he to do. More bs from the left wing hollywerid nut jobs. He even looks like the poster boy for crack head gazette. Somebody give him a comb. ☻

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    • Still exactly like the character he “portrayed” in that Fast Times movie… a complete waste. Were the feds to bust him for making a threat on the PotUS, he’d likely get off on “insanity” or “non compos mentis”. Doesn’t make it right, but he is obviously void of intelligence and morality…

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    • Brian Heinz . . . . What adult person, in their right mind, would do an interview looking and acting like a release from a psych ward? It is disgusting that any tv show would waste the viewer’s time in having to sit through seeing him in that state.

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  2. Very nice piece. I cannot remember a time when the propaganda was this severe. It’s ironic that there is really no basis for their “outrage”. I admit to not liking the foreign policy but it’s “their” foreign policy as well.

    These imaginary SJW’s are thumping their little chests and screeching for no reason. They have made more headway with their communist agenda since Trump has been in office than when Obongo was giving away the country.

    What are they complaining about? That it hasn’t totally collapsed yet? Those who watch TV are bombarded with a constant diet of Colbert (yech!), and other brainless mouthers. Can you just imagine what a world to their liking would look like?

    Well, maybe we can. Look at Sean Penn. Their whole “culture” is one giant orgy of circular masturbation.

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  3. “Sean’s book is not receiving good reviews”

    I’m SHOCKED! Just shocked! Not!

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  4. Gee, you mean it takes more to write a novel than being snarky and regurgitating nonsense? Maybe he’d better stick to acting. On the other hand, perhaps not.

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    • Oops, I hit the wrong button! Sorry.


    • I’d have to add John Oliver to that mix after what he did to mock Miss Pence’s book.
      And I’d enjoy seeing these twits tarred & feathered. Or better yet, impaled with flaming swords… just for fun. Especially the ass, Maher. Don’t really know the apparent gay on the left, and Colbert + Kimmel have really only turned total turds in the last few years to kiss up to the far left. But Maher has been spewing diarrhea from his mouth for decades.

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    • The hypocritical fools on one hand kill the other take up the guns so we can’t kill according to them this is there MO.

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    • Excellent meme. There is not a SINGLE stance that Liberals support that can’t be proven to be nothing but a ruse for another more insideous agenda by the sheer hypocrisy on each of those issues. The overwhelming majority of issues could be put under the banner of “compassion”, and yet by their contradictory deeds ye shall know them. The fact that the average liberal can’t see the obvious is testimony as to why they have earned the name Libtards. Lotta low IQ out there.

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    • A Liberal Poem

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      I’m schizophrenic
      And so am I.

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  5. He’s looking older than Keith Richards.

    His kid’s a piece of, well, “work” too

    Maybe he got syph from Madonna, although he started out brain damaged

    Surprised el Guapo or whatever the drug lord who he ratted out is hasn’t arranged a “thank you”. Maybe that’s why he smokes and takes ambien all the time…

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  6. I’m surprised he isn’t in his favorite socialist country, Venezuela, promoting his book. Sorry, I forget they are bankrupt, inflation is astronomical, and people can’t afford food. let alone his lousy book.

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  7. Well! Well! Well! It looks like we have a TRAINWRECK who’s actually WORSE than Alec Baldwin! Hee! Hee! Hee!

    Oh stop! Yer killin’ me ovuh heah!!!

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  8. A few of years ago I watched a Ben Stiller movie called “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” In this version of the story, Stiller (Mitty) seeks a great cultural guru, Sean Penn (Sean O’Connell) high in the mountains. It was sickening to see Penn receive such moral credit. But then, it was a Ben Stiller movie, so what did I expect?

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  9. Proof of an oldie:

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  10. My great thanks to the many others who watch late night tv so I don’t have to.

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  11. I can’t think of one thing I ever liked about this failure. This is what you look like and how you act when you follow and love communism like he and his father have.
    Maybe his new hairstyle has to do with hiding the fact how thin his hair is getting. Which is no wonder, when you abuse your body with drugs.
    The last great late night host was Leno, he was always dignified. The day he left, we stopped watching late night. Why any of these guys would put him on is a mystery.

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  12. LOL – Well, we all knew Spicoli was going to eventually turn out as a total waste of oxygen.

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  13. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This is not someone I would call an American by any means. He needs to move to a country that fits more with his way of thinking or is this way of getting attention which is anti everything.

    Something has to be wrong with him when he can’t keep a woman.


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  14. Maybe he could have Gary Busey on. At least he’s funny.

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  15. And the fuzzy minded liberals support his abnormal behavior.
    ….Just plain pathetic.

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  16. Off topic: found this tweet with an unsettling pic of VJ & JP and the Hogg kid:

    Pic in question:

    see comments in the linked twatter feed

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  17. Apparently his book contains a #metoo poem, which people on Twitter are just bashing. It is six pages long. Here’s a sample…Enjoy…

    “Where did all the laughs go?

    Are you out there, Louis C.K.?

    Once crucial conversations

    Kept us on our toes;

    Was it really in our interest

    To trample Charlie Rose?

    And what’s with this ‘Me Too’?

    This infantilizing term of the day…

    Is this a toddler’s crusade?

    Reducing rape, slut-shaming, and suffrage to reckless child’s play?

    A platform for accusation impunity?

    Due process has lost its sheen?

    But, fuck it, what me worry?

    I’m a hero,

    To Time Magazine!”

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  18. Captain America

    Holy Crap! Psycho says what???

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  19. To begin with -he never had a brain and if he had a bit of gray matter it was fried with drugs. That is an U G L Y m.f. if ever I saw one!

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