NYPD too understaffed to properly investigate sex crimes

government solve all problems

Tell me #GunControlNow crowd, why do want to make it easier for women to not be able to protect themselves when their own government won’t be there to protect them (if they can’t even properly investigate, how can they properly prevent)?

From NY Post: The NYPD’s Special Victims Division (SVD) is woefully understaffed and under-trained despite a recent surge in cases, according to a blistering new report that also blasts Police Commissioner James O’Neill for giving out inaccurate information.

In the 163-page report made public Tuesday, the Department of Investigation found that problems within SVD over the past nine years resulted in sex crime cases not being properly investigated — with some botched altogether.

SVD’s Special Victims Squad, which investigates adult sex crimes in each of the five boroughs, had only 67 detectives — just five of whom were first-grade detectives — handling 5,661 cases in 2017.

The report compared the staggering numbers to NYPD’s homicide squad, which had 101 detectives and 282 homicides in 2017.

The lack of staff has been so problematic that in 2011, NYPD leadership directed SVD to “simply not investigate all misdemeanor sexual assaults,” according to the report, which also noted that SVD detectives did not follow this edict.

The report specifically calls out statements made by O’Neill at a Dec. 4, 2017, press conference about the department’s handling of sex crimes.

Responding to a question about an increase in reported rapes, O’Neill said the chief of detectives had “put more people into Special Victims,” especially more “seasoned investigators.”

But the DOI found that SVD gained just four new investigators in 2017 — all of whom ranked as police officers serving “provisionally” as detectives and were transferred to the Staten Island squad. “In short, contrary to the clear implication of NYPD’s public statements, no new ‘seasoned’ detectives were added to investigate adult sex crimes in 2017,” the DOI report said.

O’Neill made other contradictory statements at that press conference, including that “each rape that is reported is fully investigated by the seasoned professionals in Special Victims.”

But not all rapes are treated equally, according to the DOI.

The report cites NYPD documents that prove a longstanding policy existed where “acquaintance” and “domestic” rape were not investigated post-arrest by SVD but instead kept at the local precinct level.

“The failure to treat acquaintance and domestic rape as crimes on par with stranger rape is unacceptable in modern law enforcement,” the report said.

SVD officials have long complained about the staffing issues — but the DOI found that “NYPD leadership failed to appropriately respond to these requests.”

The DOI report is the result of a year-long investigation involving interviews with current and former SVD staffers, sex crime victims and prosecutors — who’ve provided anecdotes about prosecutions that were “hindered or frustrated entirely — by simple evidentiary, interview or documentation mistakes that an experienced detective would not make.”

New SVD recruits receive little training — just five days — compared to six to eight weeks for a motorcycle patrol officer, the report said.

Prosecutions have suffered due to issues within SVD.

In one case, a service provider told DOI how a client waited at a hospital for an SVD detective for an entire night. When no one showed, the “thoroughly discouraged” victim decided not to report the crime to police and went home.

A prosecutor also told DOI investigators about how a rape prosecution was “irreparably damaged” because a new SVD recruit failed to properly document a victim interview.

The DOI makes several recommendations to overhaul SVD, including immediately increase staffing by 74 detectives, improve training and obtain a better computer data system.

It also said the NYPD should find new locations for all five SVD units — or completely renovate them. Squalid conditions exist at each of the SVD buildings, including a broken urinal filled with “stagnant urine” in Manhattan and a leaky roof and crumbling walls in Brooklyn.

The buildings also have layout issues that present problems, like only one entrance for victims and suspects, no waiting rooms for victims and cramped office spaces with multiple uses, like in Brooklyn, where a detective sergeant’s office doubled as an observation room for lineups. Some squads use a “bullpen” area to conduct interviews “in view of holding cells and within earshot of other detectives.”

The NYPD received a copy of the DOI report two weeks ago and “did not dispute the accuracy of the number of staff” “or the authenticity of documents cited in the report,” the DOI said in its report.

“NYPD, however, rejected the staffing calculations used by DOI and the proposed staffing numbers flowing from these calculations, claiming that current SVD caseloads are appropriate,” the report said.

Andrea Hagelgans, a senior advisor to Mayor Bill de Blasio, responded to the report by saying: “Rape and sexual assault need no qualifiers, and that’s why the largest and most sophisticated special victim’s unit in the country exhaustively investigates each reported incident. The department will take the report’s findings into account as it continues to sharpen its investigative efforts, already best in the nation.”


14 responses to “NYPD too understaffed to properly investigate sex crimes

  1. Just 5 days training?? Maybe I will volunteer, I’ve been watching Law & Order SVU for almost 20 years….hell maybe I can bring along Benson & Stabler…

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  2. The reason why the gun control crowd wants to make it easier for women to be assaulted, is because they are blithering left-wing vacuous idiots who haven’t had a rational objective thought in their pathetic lives.

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  3. None of these police departments even pretend to serve the public any longer. They are there to protect the elite and their property. If they “serve” the public at all, it is to unburden them of their hard-earned cash.

    Property crimes for the masses are rarely, if ever, investigated. The same goes for assaults, sexual or otherwise. On the other hand, if you rob a bank, stand by. Same goes for the rich neighborhoods.

    I estimate that our local PD is about 80% over-manned. What are they doing? Writing traffic tickets for the most part. Anything that generates revenue. They actually have six “detectives’ for a town of 7,000. I laughed out loud when they told me this.

    They have all the military gear and a state-of-the-art DUI van. When it comes to corralling those cattle they are unequaled. After all, that is their real purpose.

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  4. A liberal city with liberal government. What do you expect?
    Sanctuary city. But not for American Citizens.

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  5. While everyone sits and stares at Law & Order SVU while hypnotized on the TV Set….in the real world it’s all going to crap, brilliant, that’s just what they wanted. It’s called Programming.

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  6. ManCavePatriot

    In NYC, there are more video camera’s than there are pidgeons and rats and these clowns can’t keep up with the pervs?

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  7. OF COURSE—– car thefts, other property crimes…are so much cleaner, easier, to “handle” than crimes that bodily victimize actual human beings….and IF there is no “solution” to them…it’s not such a “big deal” b/c for many/most, insurance companies step in to “compensate” the theft/criminal damage victims.

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  8. On the one hand, we have the awful leadership of The Horse’s Ass, Mayor Deblasio, along with his political appointments. Bloomberg was a tyrant of a Mayor, policing Big Gulps, but he also pushed stop-and-frisk to the point where the police begged him to stop it, as it was ruining community relations. But at least Bloomberg the Maniac was on the case.
    What can be said at this point? Socialists (and Deblasio said on the record that he was “a communist at heart”) always promise the public the Moon and deliver crap! And as police are nothing but agents of the state, they cannot publicly criticize policy decisions and diktats of the Mayor.
    So New York City shall have to wait until Deblasio goes back to Park Slope. Or Germany. (Or HELL for all I care).

    On the other hand, look at what society has become: Sex crimes have been OFF THE CHARTS for years now. Where’s the media on this? Where’s Waldo??? We’re stuck with a media that WILL NOT give the public the information it needs to survive, PERIOD. And, believe it or not, some women share some of the blame for this. I’m not referring to that woman in the post who “waited all night” and then went home; I’m referring to women who betray other women, women who enable men who commit these crimes, and women who actually prey upon children.
    I blame the Playboy “philosophy,” pornography and a sex-saturated Culture of Death that has become so narcissistic that more and more sex addicts become sex offenders. And WHERE are the churches when this has been going on??? New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan just wants to cover up for pedophile priests and yuk it up at the Al Smith dinner! Other churches have their own sex fiends and lax morals. Let’s face it: The Hindenberg has hit the metal conning tower and the static electricity has sparked the explosion!

    So I place the blame on society at-large, the churches with their own agendas and The Horse’s Ass of a Mayor who is too busy criticizing Trump and running away from assassinated policemen on his way to Germany to protest G-20, who is too stupid to think for himself, or for the welfare of his City, who hates the police just as much as do the Clintons.
    And we’re stuck with this JERK for another three years, until the next moron comes along. (Meanwhile the sex maniacs are on the loose in every department of life—education, police, private industry, you name it. In other words, CAVEAT EMPTOR.)

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  9. Sadly we are losing our resources for officers by paying insurance and outrageous retirement systems instead. Toss in some bad management and some fraud and bingo we are short staffed all over.

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