James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog is back!

Gone for more than a year, Dr. James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog is back!!!

He explains:

Peter Klein, producer of “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” and “The Life of Adam” aided me in getting Memory Hole Blog back up, and we are still working on revising the template. We also have to re-index the site on the major search engines.

In late 2016 I was departing BlueHost and told by WordPress.com that I could no longer host Memory Hole Blog there. I asked Kevin Barrett who his webmaster was, and he referred me to a Douglas Sayward.

Sayward turned out to be unreliable and dishonest. He took several hundred dollars, placed the content on a malicious server, discontinued contact and locked me out of the site entirely. I have no way of knowing whether this was a setup of some sort, or whether he’s simply a negligent individual.

Our attorney, Louis Leo IV, is presently requesting that Sayward fully relinquish his control of the original site URL, memoryholeblog.com. Sayward’s only response thus far has been to take the content down entirely.

Here’s the link to the revived Memory Hole Blog: http://memoryholeblog.org/


10 responses to “James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog is back!

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    Good news.

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  2. I wish the esteemed Dr. Tracy every success in his endeavors and am joyful at the site’s return.

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  3. Excellent Site Dr Eowyn! This Video was on the Page, along with others that were very informative…

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  4. Glad to see Dr. Tracy is back. The lack of tolerance and honest debate from liberals is stunning. Their answer is to shut us up entirely. From what are they afraid?

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  5. Forget Dr Tracy. Just kidding, but TeenVogue has an online guide to “Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories,” as well as tips on how to identify fake news. You’ll be glad to know that your best sources for determining what’s fake news from what’s not are Google and Facebook. Apparently, a conspiracy theory is any belief about a topical issue for which there’s no evidence, which if it calls into question an official catastrophe narrative thereby becomes diagnostic of mental illness.

    According to a Professor Stephanie Croft, if you have a true understanding and not just beliefs about how the news media operates, the more likely you’ll trust its output to be true and accurate. All of this outrageous illogical insanity—there’s more in the article—stands two millennia in the advancement of Western Civilization’s free and open, scholarly, philosophical, legal, and scientific evaluation of complex evidence on its head. I read somewhere that Billy Graham said that if we didn’t wrest control of the media and publishing from the Jews, we’d go straight down the drain, meaning we’d find ourselves where we are today. Next thing you know, criticizing the 911 official fantasy will be called anti-Semitic just because the circumstantial evidence overwhelmingly implicates Israel and its fifth column in its execution and the subsequent cover up.

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  6. I am glad Memory Hole Blog is back. And Donald Trump and the FCC must listen to Dr. Tracy, because the push for massive internet censorship is on!
    The various social media companies can claim that as private companies they may censor at will, but anti-trust legislation is in order, for this reason: These platforms have attracted so many customers, they must be regarded as public utilities. And here is the precedent: The Post Office cannot say that, as you subscribe to a certain magazine, that they do not want to deliver to your house. The phone company cannot deny you service because of your politics. Therefor, as a social media platform does not like your politics (or your scholarship), by the same token, they may not deny you a voice.
    It’s that simple. Perhaps Mr. Trump can wake Jeff Sessions up, if and when he ever gets around to it.
    And, YES, NO social platform should be allowed to suppress free speech, even if that speech is against—ISRAEL.

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    • whilst I don’t agree with nor condone everything that ANY STATE does, as far as Israel is concerned, all reportage is slanted to cast them in the worst possible light and the Palestinians as saintly victims of apartheid. I will state again, working as a cabbie part time I get to interact with many types of people. That includes Palestinians who now live here in Canada. I was told in conversation, by one such fellow, that he’d come here from Israel. Before that he’d lived in Palestine, He said there ‘s no comparison. Palestine is corrupt and run by militia types, i.e PLO, Hamas, who don’t really care about the people only their political agenda of hate vs Israel. When he lived in Israel, he said he was treated very well, considered to be as much of a citizen as any Jew, and had no issues as long as he didn’t cause any by his own actions. He left because he got tired of the constant attacks and bombardments from Hamas et al. He was honest and straightforward, and didn’t espouse a view that was politically lauded – especially by Muslims, Deep State, Arabs, Palestinians, and it seems most of the anti Israel libtard left in the West.


  7. I have had run ins with Kevin Barrett in the past. He’s a flaming libtard, and antisemite. I took him to task at the Veterans Today site he wrote for. I’d never recommend him or his advice to anyone.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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