A male birth control pill that lowers testosterone levels moving forward

soy boy

Essentially a “chemical castration?”

Guess that’s one way to eliminate “toxic masculinity.”

From Business Insider: For decades, men have had only two ways to actively avoid impregnating a partner: wear a condom (which are about 85% effective) or get a vasectomy.

But doctors Stephanie Page from the University of Washington and Christina Wang from UCLA are testing a new drug for men that works a lot like “the pill” for women. They’re hoping the once-daily hormone-suppressing pill might become a new option for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

“Men actually are very interested in contraception,” Page told Business Insider. “Between vasectomy and condoms, they do about 17% of the contracepting in the United States. They just don’t have a lot of choices.”

The experimental drug was recently tested in a one-month trial involving 83 subjects. It’s called dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU, and works by suppressing male body’s natural sex hormone (testosterone). In its current form, the pill lowers a man’s testosterone levels to what they were in boyhood or lower, essentially like a chemical castration.

To balance out the effects of men’s low testosterone levels while taking the drug, the patients were given a synthetic androgen, or male steroid hormone, to help them maintain their “male” characteristics. The artificial hormone is designed to mimic the role testosterone plays in non-sperm-related functions in the body, like sex drive, musculation, and hair growth.

When men stop taking the pill, their natural hormones should have a resurgence, and they’ll be able to impregnate again. It’s similar to the way hormonal birth control works in women.

Page and Wang are readying their drug for a three-month, FDA phase-2 trial that’s set to start next month. The pill looks a bit like a fish oil capsule, and will be tested in men from 18 to 50 years old, with doses ranging from 200 to 400 milligrams a day.

Now that the researchers have seen that their pill can indeed lower men’s testosterone, the longer study will assess how effectively the men’s sperm count is annihilated by those lower testosterone levels.

Read the rest of the story here.


40 responses to “A male birth control pill that lowers testosterone levels moving forward

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Sounds like a bad idea to me.

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  2. More soy boys! As if males (and females) aren’t already getting way too much estrogen from plastics and birth control pills released into our drinking water. /sarc

    Here’s a hint for men who’d already reproduced or know they don’t want children: GET A VASECTOMY.

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    • Getting a vasectomy is a SIN!

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    • Uh, no. Sorry i came in with it intact i am leaving with it intact

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    • I find a third method works 100% of the time: Don’t have sex.
      A close second: don’t make a deposit, do it when the bank’s not open (aka timing), and limit the types of things you do in the bank. It takes sperm and egg to get pregnant. I hope the analogy isn’t lost on folks. Not sure why I went with the bank… sitting here watching NBR.

      Finally, and I am unanimous in this idea, there is already a great way to lower your libido — pain medication. I’ve known guys who were in excruciating pain, but refused to take even low-end opiates because it killed their “desire”. Now that’s painful.

      OTOH, lowering testosterone also lowers one’s risk of heart disease, similar to how lowering estrogen lowers a woman’s risk of breast, uterine, cervical, ovarian, etc. cancer. So there’s that to look forward to. Misery, but a longer life…

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  3. It will probably be dubbed the STPP…..”Sit To Pee Pill”.

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  4. Great post.
    Let’s look at the whole business model of the Malthusian Paradigm quickly.
    Malthus states that population will increase faster than the food production required to feed it. DEMONSTRABLY PROVED FALSE ON MANY OCCASIONS. No Matter! Along came Jeremy Bentham with his Utilitarian Ethic: Economics is the “dismal science” because, as we have to strive for “the greatest good for the greatest number,” we have to accept an implicit assumption that the common man is nothing but a COMMODITY, chattel, cattle, livestock!
    Then Francis Galton and Charles Darwin come along, with their “theories” of eugenics and evolution, respectively. All these things are put forth in academia, who pass it on to the next generation. The incubation of bad ideas has begun and continues to this day.
    The British Empire continues to push its Elitist paradigm upon the entire world, through academia, entertainment and media, and down to the man in the street, getting him in on the con! This requires various and several EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS.

    Eugenics IS NOT about ferreting out what Margaret Sanger called “human weeds”: It is about REDUCING POPULATION TO THE SATISFACTION OF THE ELITES. The “soft kill” genocide focuses on partial and incremental programs of bad vaccines, antibiotics, fluoridation of water, etc., etc.; The “hard kill” genocide focuses on outright mass killing.

    Let us look at what the British Empire has done. They gave us bad and false paradigms. They have pushed this with bad academia and even law. They have also spread their addictive drugs and substances upon whole populations. They have kept pushing it, on and on and on.
    And they’re not giving up the ghost on it yet.
    They have had tremendous success: In addition to killing millions and enslaving a good portion of the rest to mental plantations of falsehood, they get others to carry their banner for them.
    They are witchcraft practicing SATANISTS. And they have us under their SPELL.

    Now the gloves are off: After having destroyed women, they are out to destroy men. And children.
    And they know that the Dignity of the Human Person deserves MORE than the veterinary techniques they have wrought upon us.
    By the very fact that their wicked plans survive from one generation to the next tells me that their entire Enterprise of Death is SATANIC in origin.
    WHEN do we get the rope out???

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    • Nobody that I’ve seen so far has even mentioned this one little detail, which I was just reminded of when you were writing about things being passed on to the next generation, specifically, with all this technology of everything online, the younger generation (of course the older ones are guilty of this almost as much it seems) are getting almost all of their information on the world wide WEB. Now, I know books (real books, not that amazon kindle crap or nook) won’t completely go away, but if the majority of ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’ are online for the most part- what happens IF a huge ‘disaster’ or more like an engineered disaster (by the freemasonry demon worshippers) would happen. Everyone that had only their contact information online, their businesses, whatever it is- they would all be up poo creek. A variant of this is mentioned in the book, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (translated by Victor Mardsen), where the writer talked about the plans of Zionist freemasonry to control everyone by monopolies and duopolies.
      People of the older generation may want to think of writing down (if they have not yet done so) their history of their family, or their experiences in the world at large before they pass on. At least there would be a valuable record of such for their future heirs. Otherwise, there is a possibility that there will be no ‘record’ of much if everything under the sun goes digital.

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  5. If things don’t change in how we process and dispose of meds and water, and our way of living, males may already be on their way to being completely evironmentally sterilized and it may never be able to be reversed.
    As time goes by we are seeing more men being feminized.

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    • Just look at what is being dumped into waterways (toxic laundry detergents, glyphosate for ‘weed control’ in lakes, sides of roads, etc), plastics that break up into teeny tiny pieces, water bottles are supposed to have at least 6 or more small pieces of plastic in them (try to get away from plastic for even a DAY, good luck). Ancient dietary wisdom can help protect from some of this onslaught- eating good quality animal fats can be cell protective (see research done by Dr. Mary Enig, a renowned lipid chemist), in the old days cancer was a rarity except for the very old. Now even newborn babies are getting it. What has changed- low fat/vegetarianism is pushed to the maximum. You are lucky if you can even find lard (without toxic BHTQ in it) or “clean” liver. Forget about any other organ meats, at least in the USA.

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      • It might sound far fetched and graphic, but in Urban areas, human waste discharged into Municipal Sewer Treatment Plants is full of all types of Pharmaceuticals, mostly through urine, which makes it’s way into our Waterways. Even in Suburban areas, everything sooner or later makes it’s way into the Water Table. I watched a Documentary on this, it’s just being realized, and they haven’t the technology yet to filter out the Psych Meds. Foul, Fish, and Mammals are all getting dosed. In the Suburbs, if your neighbor is on Prozac, so are you, just via their flush, your Well, and visa versa.

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  6. It’s more about a docile population than birth control.

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  7. Well, gee… not quite the idea, back the drawing board.

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  8. Wow! Just… Wow!
    Our culture has gone completely nuts!

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  9. Whatever happened to the original birth control. Self-control, chastity, monogamy, etc. It’s free. It’s safe. It’s worked for thousands of years.

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  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Just one more thing to continue reducing the population of the American people so that the muslims can continue to have four wives with four or more children each year and out number the white people; and, if that doesn’t work the JACK THUG DEMOCRATS in conjunction with the Planned Parenthood will kill the rest.


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  11. No farmer wants difficult cattle. Cattle must be docile. So, when and if you breed, control of your offspring, your ultimate fate must all be controlled and managed for the goals of the NWO.

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    • Hence progressives favoring soy boys…

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      • And I can’t help but notice that it’s usually white men who play the part of the soy boy (aka faggot). Per George Carlin, a faggot was a guy who wouldn’t go downtown with you to beat up queers (his album titled: Occupation: Foole (1973)) I haven’t come across Blacks or Asians or Hispanics (except for John Leguizamo) who act like morons. Gee, you’d think ((they)) have a desire to ensure the downfall and eradication of white males, because you know, ((they)) aren’t jealous of those who built civilizations, nor do ((they)) see white males as a threat to their racialist world hegemony.
        But that must just be my impression.

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  13. This is what all men should aspire toward:
    “Blippi”, a real man’s man!

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  14. What man in their right mind will take supplements to lower their testosterone? They will lose their muscle mass, and strength…some may even become more feminine…there goanna be more homos on the street

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  15. Is David Hogg a test subject?

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  16. chemical eunuchs…. I don’t think too many males today need to worry over pregnancy considering testosterone and sperm levels are shrinking from all of the phytoestrogens like soy, and xenoestrogens in plastics and fungicides, herbicides, wifi radiation, cell phone radiation, new 5G wireless technology coming to a city near you to destroy health and fertility, etc.
    this pill sounds like a pedophile/pederast dream come true to use on their victims.
    the “benefit” of the male birth control pills, making the body think it’s prepubescent, sounds more like a side-effect…probably along with shrinkage and decreased male sexual desire (what man would want relations with his wife if he had to deal with shrinkage and decreased sexual desire?)….definitely eunuchs.
    no real man would use this crap…unfortunately, the number of real men in this country is heading in the same direction as the testosterone and sperm levels.

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  17. And the pussification of American males rolls on.

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  18. They can call it “Argaiv”. That’s “Viagra” spelled backward.

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