A “March for Our Lives” poster the media will NEVER show you…

planned parenthood and nra sign


43 responses to “A “March for Our Lives” poster the media will NEVER show you…

  1. DCG . . . . You hit it out of the ballpark with that one! Great picture.

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  2. Love it. This needs to go viral.

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  3. Our local media has gone berserk with this contrived “March for our lives” hollywood/DNC program. It’s become unwatchable/unreadable, not that it was much good to begin with. Shrill harpies.

    I’ve also noticed a LOT of members of gun boards, most of whom are unrecognizable but registered starting from about 2008 are suddenly dominating conversations on the protests. Their blatantly outing themselves as lefties. What is notable is they have been quietly embedded for years. Sleeper troll accounts activated (shareblue, correct the record and other Soros organizations). In essence, their spam is drowning out sane conversations. They stay just on the edge of rules so as not to get banned.

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  4. exactly!…bunch of hypocrites…and why aren’t they protesting the fbi for not doing it’s job again?

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    • Because the people running the MFOL are not interested in bureaucratic failures. They are commies interested in disarming the population, step by step.

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    • I got error messages when I went to view that link (but still saw the hilarious graphic, thanks). The website popped up the following messages:

      “Sorry, Twitter is taking too long to load”
      So I hit the “Try Again” button —
      “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few minutes, then try again.”
      Is that because they’re restricting non-PC pages in Twitter?

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  5. Honestly brutal! For satire,’cause the nra ain’t killed anyone.

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  7. Really shows the hypocrisy of the phony “march for lives” group! Noticed they couldn’t write, “march for LIFE” because of the 65 + million dead babies that planned infanticide is responsible for! Someone once wrote ( paraphrased), ” I noticed that everyone for abortion has been born and is alive.”

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  8. Oh what a surprise:

    More to come…

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  9. Height of hypocrisy:

    This wench hates guns:

    Who is she? How did she get rich?



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  10. When I look back on what has happened to America in my own lifetime of 62 years, it all seems like a broken record: It’s all a record of “lather-rinse-repeat,” only the locations and the persons involved in change. (And given the recent phenomenon of crisis actors, now some of the persons keep showing up!)
    Hannah Arendt lamented of the “banality of evil,” and the phrase applies to our times. Yet I am struck by the mere “unbleachability” or INERADICABILITY of evil, of how it never seems to go away and remains, like a poisoned atmosphere no one can escape.
    On the other hand, I must catch myself and remind myself to be positive, and I am always, sooner or later, struck by the SUBTLETY of the good, of how it is always to be found, somewhere.

    There is something peculiarly morally vicious about the son of this FBI agent, David Hogg. As a former teacher, I had to deal with communists in education, and I was always repulsed by their feigned moral outrage and air of superiority, always complemented by an invisibility, a certain insidiousness that was always ready, willing and able to exploit the moral paralysis of the good when shocked by their evil. They repeat, down to the last detail, the conditioned response and demonic hatred of Lenin and Trotsky, down to the last man. I detest this “little bastard” (David Seaman’s phrase) who dares to lecture ANYBODY on how we’re all going to live. I see the real evil—and so does Hogg and his ilk—and I also see how these events are orchestrated.

    I am telling everyone who has ears to listen that the opening salvos have been fired upon us, and that these communist vermin, funded by George Soros & Co., are never going to give up: Their funds and their supply of USELESS IDIOTS are inexhaustible at this point. And they are counting on their ability to WEAR US DOWN, because they know we don’t know their M.O. and their moves.
    Long Story Short: I have been telling anyone who will listen, and the Big Picture is this: WE ARE UNDER THE ASSAULT OF A PLANNED AND LAUNCHED BOLSHEVIK-STYLE OVERTHROW OF OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY. This is nothing short of the rolling out of the Red Carpet for the Anti-Christ of Revelation. And MARK MY WORDS: Once they finally succeed in confiscating all of America’s firearms, THE GENOCIDE WILL BEGIN. And their approach is two-pronged: Not only are they coming for our guns: They are coming for our First Amendment. And they are doing BOTH at THE SAME TIME.
    I predict that, due to the general moral malaise of our society, due to our collective moral torpor called ACEDIA, and due to our collective cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias, that they stand a very real chance of winning this War. Our very survival depends upon their defeat. Never in history has the battle been this real, this omnipresent and this desperate.
    I am saying that only Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Angels and Saints are going to get us through this. Because the New World Order is about to unleash its motto of Ordo Ab Chao upon humanity, and once they take America down, the rest of the world shall be but gravy.

    Stay alive for the next ten to 15 years: Things are NEVER going to be the same, in each and every department of life and society. (And once they’re done with Hogg, they’ll dump him in the oven, too!)

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    • Sadly, Steven, I agree with your diagnosis and prognosis.

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      • I have to admit I am a pessimist, but, to be realistic and to be fair about it, I believe that the Church must undergo the same Passion as did Our Lord, but that only the appearance of that Passion shall, of course, be different. I also believe that the world as a corporate whole must endure the same. This way, on Judgment Day, Christ will be able to compare and contrast or weigh the sacrifice of one against the other: The Passion the Remnant must endure shall win over the Holocaust the world engaged in upon itself. “Behold, when I return, I shall convict the world, to show that it is corrupt.” (Or in words to that effect).
        We shall ultimately have to wait and see. But I do believe we have a chance to at least mitigate what is coming if we do whatever we can to inform others. I believe it will be a long uphill slog.

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    • Steven, that is probably the best, most accurate Post I’ve ever read, what you wrote is exactly what’s in my heart and mind, but I would never be able to compile it like you just did, thank you. 2 Questions, would you mind if I copy and paste it into an email to send to my Contacts? 2nd, Were you employed in Academia after Common Core Standards were implemented? Thanks again Steven.

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      • Thank YOU, Bob. Go ahead and copy and paste or share however you see fit. All I ask is accreditation: Put my name on what I wrote, and only on what I wrote.
        I taught from 1984 to 1996 and that was before the Common Core standards were adopted. Not to worry, however: Education has always been a “mad laboratory!” I really believe that we are witnessing the institutionalization of mental illness on a society-wide scale.
        Pray to Our Lady of Quito.

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    • Excellent Stephen, thank you.

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    • Bolshevik Watcher

      Steven, I’ve been telling everyone the exact same thing, and can’t believe you said all of that an never called them out, the Bolsheviks were jews!

      Lenin n Stalin were nobody’s, they were punks, they ran a newspaper as a front, but they were primarily bank robbers to fund their communist party. Think they killed up to 40 people in one robbery. They were just punks.

      I think what’s relevant is how they took control of Russia. The jews were heavily involved in starting WW1, and WW2, and when Russia was deep into WW1 the communists charged the capital n took control. They hit them when they were weak.

      After that they slaughtered anywhere from 50 to 100 million Russian Christians. One way they’d kill you is to slice your stomach open n nail your intestine to a tree. Then shoot at your feet to make you run around the tree till you died. This is the mindset of a communist jew. They HATE Christians.

      The disarming of Americans is Bolshevism 2.0. Theyr just going to repeat what they did in 1917, but they need Americans helpless n defenseless to succeed.

      Imo, as in WW1 n WW2, the jews will be heavily involved in starting WW3, n their goal is to get America on its knees, take control of Washington, then slaughter over 100 million American Christians.

      Prepare. The enemy is here, and already heavily infiltrated in DC.

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      • Please also read Dr. Henry Makow’s column and listen to Lyndon Larouche at larouchepac.com (or .org—I forget because it’s been a while for me).
        Larouche has done an excellent job documenting and exposing the British Empire’s role in the World Wars, as has Dr. Makow. I am confident you’ll learn a lot! (And keep reading FOTM!)

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    • Steven, wonderful assessment, except I disagree about recent events being the ‘opening salvos’. There has been an open war on the American public since the JFK assassination. The covert war, of course, started probably as soon as the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence. Did the B’rith-ish (and the Pilgrim Society) ever really let the U.S. go?
      But, this is a fight to the death. These people have multi-generational plans and no intentions of surrendering to the “profane”. As America and the “American experiment” goes, so goes the rest of the world.
      And readers be FOREWARNED and spread the word: As we worry about the first and second amendments, 5G is being rolled out NOW. Total, real-time information awareness.

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    • I agree Steven. I have to say that I’ve seen that attitude you describe in my encounters with Jews more than anyone else. There is a deep hatred and contempt at the bottom of it. This fits with the mandate to root up and destroy.

      Those who do this are not happy people. They do not want others to be happy either. Anyone’s government is only as good as the people within it. When the elected and appointed officials violate their oaths, take money and other perks from foreign interests, this is what you end up with.

      There is a reason I keep saying “the don’t work for us”. They don’t. They work for those who bought them. That isn’t us. This may be an ugly and brutal reality, but it is what it is. To address any problem one has to look it in the eye, warts and all.

      We could save a lot of money by just eliminating the government and going straight to our owners in Tel Aviv. Why pay a middle man?

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      • lophatt:

        What I don’t understand is this: Don’t they live in the very societies they’re corrupting and bringing down?

        Even birds and animals have the good sense not to foul their own nests.


        • Well yes, but ultimately, they believe themselves to be superior. The idea is that in some time they will “come into their own” and they will rule. So, whatever laws or conditions affect the Goyim will not apply to them.

          Until that time they are “captives”. Their duty is to root out, tear down, destroy. By doing this they are “observant”. When all are “observant” they come into their own.

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          • “whatever laws or conditions affect the Goyim will not apply to them.”

            But don’t they live in the same society as the Goyim? Their thinking is insane. Psychopaths!

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            • You won’t get an argument from me. I’m just trying to explain it, I make no assurances that it makes sense.

              This is an important concept to understand, not to agree with. They are always “strangers”. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been somewhere for ten generations. They are in “diaspora” and therefore strangers. Worse, they are “captives”. Their “hosts” are their “oppressors”. It doesn’t matter how nicely they’re treated. They are separate and not to intermingle.

              They are captives because they have failed in observance They must obey all laws and strictures. When they are all obedient God will punish their captors and restore them to supremacy. Whatever Goyim are left alive will serve them.

              That’s the belief. I don’t think it makes sense at all, but it does make the behavior more understandable. It is insane, but it is accurate. This was the basis for the “ghetto”. The Goyim didn’t put them in the ghetto, they put themselves in the ghetto so as not to intermingle with the Goy.

              Most are not religious at all, but they do “identify” to some degree. Usually the one identifying characteristic most embrace is “superiority”. I could go on but I won’t . I was merely trying to address the rudiments. This is why I say we are not like them. It matters not whether someone is happy or sad about that. It is simply a fact.

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  11. If you mix a liberal and a gun you get somebody that shoots themselves in the foot!

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  12. It’s telling that the pro-gun control proggies call their march “March for Our Lives” — a deliberate plagiarism of the pro-life “March for Life”.

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  13. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!

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  14. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Democrats muslin/communists in cahoots with Planned Parenthood are killing Christian/non-Christians babies to reduce the population throughout the world. Tell me how many muslim babies have been aborted. The world needs to wake up.


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  15. This has Soros-Obongo-New World Odor all over it. They are openly pushing a Maoist agenda. They are not waiting for our permission. There are no parasites that aren’t bought-and-paid for to resist this. They are hoping that between the disarmament and police state they’ll be safe.

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    • Here’s a little peek into the current world turmoil, and what’s in the works to defeat it:


      In any conflict, one cannot reveal their complete plans. Trump studied SunTzu and Mattis studied everyone. The above linm ties in a lot of interesting events in Saudi Arabia, LV and throughout the world.

      We’ve been in a massive world war with drugs for the past 50 years. We’re seeing its effects on families, communities and countries. Mexico is a full-blown narco-state. Tourists are getting murdered. Right next door. Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis and many cities are in ruins, thanks to corrupt (D) leadership and an economy running on the drug trade and its spinoffs. Drugs are being actively produced in China on an industrial scale, and fed in through Mexico and Canada. They kill their own people for using, but cheerfully ship it off to their enemies. Hollywood glorifies it and Wall St. revels in it (what easier way to capture young models in the city than coke?). We have the stoneage religion of peace being actively supplanting populations throughout Europe by their own leaders (there’s a cartoon in that link which brutally demonstrates that).

      Honestly, we needed a brilliant and wordly President to recognize & assess the true nature of the world. A leader free from the skeletons of most politicians (which is why the Stormy thing is now being pushed, until the n3xt crisis can be manufactured). A leader who can formulate a plan to take on this global evil.

      I think Mattis is cut from this same general cloth, albeit from a different approach. Like Patton, a great student of history. He says, “there is nothing new under the sun” if you understand history, and while the technology may change, the general goals and schemes do not.

      This fabricated march is yet another Bolshevik sideshow. Their short term goql is always disarming the populace. Their bigger goal is removing the only leadership we’ve had in some time with vision and the will to fight evil.

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  16. Spelling errors aside (darn tiny phone keyboards), I’ve never felt such fluidity in thought and post. Whether it makes sense to others, I cannot say. So much to cover. So much to know.

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  17. And people think your crazy when you say 911 was an inside job. Gets more obvious with each attack and still the sheep are blind. Goes to show how stupid they really think we are each attack is more blatant than before.
    So how long before enough is enough?

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  18. That is one of the best posters I have ever seen.

    Abortion/Blood Sacrifice: The American Culture of Death.

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