55,000 Poles march in Warsaw for right to kill

Poles demonstrate against restricting abortion, March 23, 2018

Reuters reports that on March 23, 2018, tens of thousands of Poles dressed in black protested across the country against a bill by the ruling conservative Law and Justice Party and the Catholic Church to ban most abortions.

A Warsaw city spokesman said about 55,000 people took part in the protest in the capital, the largest one in the country. Police gave a lower estimate at 20,000. Thousands of people participated in other major cities.

Several thousand protesters gathered near the parliament building in Warsaw, with banners reading: “Woman is a Human Being Not an Incubator” and “We Are Going after Law and Justice”. The protesters chanted “freedom of choice instead of terror”.

Malgorzata Judyta Pajak, 58, a psychologist who joined the “Black Friday” protest in Warsaw, fumed: “I am against treating woman as an inferior type of human being. I support women’s rights to decide about their bodies and their lives.”

Poles demonstrate for right to kill unborn, March 23, 2018

Isn’t it strange that a protest in Poland would have a sign in English?

The “Stop Abortion” draft bill would remove the main legal recourse Polish women have for getting an abortion in a country that already has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the European Union.

Under current rules, abortion is allowed in three circumstances:

  1. Danger to the mother’s health.
  2. Rape or incest.
  3. When prenatal tests show serious, irreversible damage to the baby.

The bill, already approved for further debate by the lower chamber of parliament in January and by a parliamentary committee earlier this week, would remove the third category, which currently covers more than 90% of legal abortions.

A survey conducted by IBRiS pollster in January showed that 70% of Poles are against the proposed restriction.

Poles demonstrate for right to abort, March 23, 2018

A ghoulish protester for her right to kill

A group of U.N. human rights experts called on parliament to reject the bill, saying it risked causing serious damage to women’s health. Nils Muiznieks of the Council of Europe human rights group said, “Preventing women from accessing safe and legal abortion care jeopardizes their human rights”.

It is the second bid by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party to tighten abortion rules. In 2016, after about 100,000 people joined protests and support for PiS declined, the party rejected a bill that would have imposed a near-total ban. PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said his party would strive to amend laws to make sure that even severely deformed fetuses are born so they could be “baptized, buried, and be given a name”.

Polish Catholic bishops called in March on lawmakers to show “unconditional respect for every human being in all moments of its existence”. The PiS party has close ties to the Catholic Church and depends on its support in elections.


33 responses to “55,000 Poles march in Warsaw for right to kill

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    The heading states – these Poles want the right to kill babies.

    Haven’t these 50,000 poles ever heard of “THE PILL if they are going to “sex” around – then they wouldn’t have to have an abortion? It is called protection.

    God gave people a brain to use instead of having animal instincts.

    So, put the “noodle” in the war chest. Abortion is murder. Just think – if these 50,000 people’s parents would have aborted them?



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    • The Pill is an ABORTIFACIENT that prevents the egg from adhering to the uterine wall. Thus The Pill kills an ovum in which conception may have occurred by preventing its continued existence by its flushing the ovum out of the woman’s body. It does this by manipulating the levels of estrogen in the woman’s bloodstream.
      I insist upon looking at contraception and abortion as two sides of the same coin, in that contraception—bound to failure rates the statistics of which have already been very well documented—leads, directly in most cases, to the increased demand for abortion.
      So The Pill is no solution at all to the moral problem.

      We have to remember that THE KEY to a proper understanding of our Times is that we are the “intellectual offspring” of BRITISH EUGENICS, a Malthusian ideology of human economy with its EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS the aim of which is to treat all human life below the Elites as nothing more than chattel, cattle or livestock. To the Elites, this is what we are, and they are convinced they may do with us what they wish, as they are very bothered by having to feed, clothe and shelter us!

      The yearly world-wide abortion total is approximately 50 million, the precise number of which may not ever be known with precision, due to China’s opacity on the matter. But if we include The Pill in the total—which from a moral and practical matter I insist upon—the yearly world-wide total may very well top ONE BILLION.

      Let’s be clear: Abortion DOES NOT benefit the woman; It benefits the man, and it benefits the Elites: Abortion is more cost-effective to men than is 21 years of child support, and it means that the Elites can better keep tabs on the world’s resources while they, in the words of George Carlin, “move on to their next abomination.”
      I say this as someone who has been privileged to have been born and breathe air, albeit from a time when abortion was a crime, and although I can do nothing about the current ongoing Holocaust except to remain celibate, I understand that it is people like me who pose a real threat to the Elites’ bottom line as I function as a link from the past to the future by expressing MEMORY. In other words, they have not been able to flush me down the Memory Hole. Yet.

      The demographics of the entire world are changing, and they can be measured in every year. The Car of History is careening out of control at breakneck speed, and the brakes on the car have been removed. The crash into the wall shall occur shortly.

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  2. I find it difficult to believe women who sleep around use abortion instead of contraception pills or other products. This abortion crap is about approving murder, nothing more. Too much contraception meds are available in this day and age. Better yet, stop sleeping around.

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    • weezy . . . . I agree with you 100%. It boggles the mind that women actually utilize abortion as a means of birth control.

      This kind of casual attitude towards just sleeping with anybody who seems to be available reminds me of the guy across the street who lives in a rental house. He is single, perhaps 38 years old. In the 18-20 months he has lived there, we have seen an endless stream of young women who come unload all their belongings. Then several month’s (4-5 months) we see her packing up all her worldly belongings and leave. Then several months later we see a fresh new face, driving up and unpacking her belongings. This has happened 3-4 times now. I can only surmise that he has more mileage on his ________ than a long haul driver has on the motor of his big rig.

      Evidently, there is no doubt that this shunning of God in the lives of the Earth’s inhabitants has brought the scourge of abortion to many countries. For anyone who knows God’s laws, it just sets one’s teeth on edge. This is such a tragedy.

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  3. u c the evil in their eyes ,n words…its not about a woman right ,or her body but its about a life! im against abortion ,so stop this madness…too many brainwashing ppl…insane ppl

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    • palcau ioan . . . . I agree, when you look into the eyes of both men and women who trespass against the wisdom and laws of God the Eternal Father, they cease to have a look of innocence in their eyes . . . and yes, you can see “the evil in their eyes, and in the words they speak.”

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  4. Given the amount of alcohol consumed by some Poles, I
    doubt protection would be viable for everyone. My wife and
    I spent six weeks overall in Poland visiting several cities.
    Many markets had separate checkout lines for alcohol
    where Poles waited with shopping carts FULL of flavored vodka were lined
    up. Taxes were high and incomes low by American standards.

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    • Gary Jones . . . . Very interesting insight on the Poles. I have little doubt that the Father of Lies promotes the overuse of alcohol in many of Earth’s children. How sad in a country with diminished standards and income, choose to spend their monies on a mind numbing substance.

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  5. How about banning ALL abortion! On a side note, I wonder if the skeleton-faced woman is a satanist, or just a wannabe.

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    • WarOfTruth . . . . That is a very interesting question. It is also interesting to note that with all the makeup, it is very hard to identify who she is . . . Is this because she is ashamed of participating in this march? Would her family be ashamed of her for this belief? Why disguise who you are, if your beliefs are so important to you.

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  6. Shocking! I was under the impression that Poland had its head screwed on correctly with their prior massive turnouts declaring Jesus is God & they would not allow the destruction of Christianity in their country; plus their human-chain around their borders prayer day to keep their country safe from the invaders, etc.

    I guess this smaller 55,000 group are the athesist libtards. Such nonsense > “Women’s Health/Women’s Right” to kill babies. They can’t even see the selfishness of their words. Those wretches need a serious “attitude adjustment.”

    I’m touched by the wise men of Poland who see things almost-correctly: Let the babies be born (even under #1+#2+#3 conditions, I say) & Let them be given a NAME!

    “I bend my knees to the Father from whom every family in heaven & on earth owes its NAME.” (Ephesians 3:15).

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  7. I wonder how many of those “protesters” were actually Polish citizens?

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    • MomOfIV . . . . Wow! That is truly an interesting question. I would not be surprised if some “foreign invaders” were marching alongside the Poles.

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    • I wonder how many of those “protesters” and their professionally made signs were paid for by Soros…

      You know that EVIL man is behind a lot of progressive, “grass root” protests.

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  8. “Isn’t it strange that a protest in Poland would have a sign in English?”

    Remember when Russia was having problems with Pussy Riot and Feman?
    As I recall lot of their signs were in English too. We could chalk it up to the fact that English is a Universal language in Europe used by other countries, but my gut tells me this is some kind of Soros deal designed as a two edge sword; to change things in Poland, and to try to make Poland look backward to the rest of Europe and America.

    I had the same thoughts about these women that I do about the same crowd here in our country: Why the hell don’t you use some birth control?

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    • Lana . . . . Very astute points. Thank you. I have no doubt that money from Soros is involved in this situation. He is one of the promoters of “culling the herd.”

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      • Thanks Auntie! Re reading my post I don’t think I expressed what I was trying to say that well, but I guess you understood it anyway.
        Yes, I think that by having the placards in English the attempt is being made to make Poland or anyone else who preserves traditional values as backward to the rest of the liberalized West, with the intent to bring outside pressure to bear on the country to change their stance.

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    • Good observation, given that Soros has his fingers in everybody’s pies. But again I maintain: Abortion is the flip side of contraception on the same coin. The two CANNOT, phenomenologically, be separated.

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  9. The sickness and depravity of Europe is so distressing. I am encouraged however by the former soviet block countries determination to reject socialism and militant atheism. They a re more “American” than we are now.

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    • TD . . . . It has been amazing to behold that Russia and the Soviet satellite countries have turned back to God. Putin, for all his many faults has promoted Christianity, and the people returning to the churches. That truly is a very good thing.

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    • I think that what has been happening in Russia is proof of what has been observed and documented before: The more Christianity is persecuted, the more it grows. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and their gangs did everything they could to suppress Christianity, as did the Roman Emperors before them and the Chinese since.
      The phenomenon is this: Christianity is the ONLY phenomenon in all of human history that grows once persecuted. Yes, Christians (and others) die. Then people take notice of this. And the effects linger. This is the “incubation period.” Then people, as they procreate, engender natural human sympathy for the persecution and pass this on to their offspring. This is part of the “recuperation period.”
      Then the number of practicing Christians begins to INCREASE.

      This is the ONLY phenomenon that has been observed and documented to have produced a counter-intuitive effect. The persecution of any other group only leads to—its extinction. The more Christianity is persecuted, the more it grows.

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  10. Lana,
    Actually most younger Poles we met on our visit to Poland were
    fluent in English and quite helpful to two elderly tourists. They
    led us to correct city buses and made sure we got on. Without
    asking they carried our luggage to train platforms and onto the
    trains. Never asked for an Euro penny. Of the 100 countries
    we have visited Poles and Singaporeans were the mostly
    helpful and friendly towards elderly tourists.

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    • Gary Jones . . . . Thank you for that wonderful insight. It is good to know that there are those countries who do not automatically see us as “Ugly Americans” when we travel abroad.

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    • Well yes, I said that English is a universal language in Europe, but Dr. Eowyn asked why the placards were in English. And indeed that doesn’t make sense if the messages were targeted to Polish politicians. But it does make sense if the messages are targeted to people outside of Poland.

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  11. Auntie, these days with STD’s, they are playing Russian Roulette. Those are till death, and a terrible death it is.

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  12. How many people know fetus cells are put in foods and drinks as flavor enhancers, and this includes coffee creamers? How many people know fetus cells are used in vaccines?

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  13. What a cardinal sin, Karol Wojtyla -Pope John Paul II must be crying, his beloved Poland has been violated again!

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  14. Remember these women walk in the streets among you. If they’d kill their own babies what do you think they’d do to you if they had to?

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