Two Trump helicopters crashed in past 9 months

According to an April 23, 2016 New York Times report by Susanne Craig, Donald Trump owns an air fleet comprised of:

  • A 1991 Boeing 757 jet, which Trump had bought used in 2011 from billionaire Paul Allen.
  • A smaller jet, Cessna 750 Citation X, used on the campaign trail, which Trump also had bought used.
  • Three helicopters: two 1989 Sikorsky S-76Bs, and a 1990 Sikorsky S-76B, all purchased used.

In the space of just 9 months, two of President Trump’s privately-owned helicopters crashed or nearly crashed. In both incidents, Trump’s family members were on board. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Both incidents have received scarce media coverage.

You can be sure that if this had happened to helicopters involving Obama, it would be non-stop headline news.

(1) Daily Mail reports that on the afternoon of March 15, 2018, a helicopter heading for New York that was carrying Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, had to turn back to Washington D.C. after suffering an engine failure, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The chopper – one of the Trump Organization’s Sikorksy helicopters – turned back to Ronald Reagan National Airport shortly after taking off. Ivanka and Jared ended up catching a commercial flight back to NYC instead. Apart from the pilot, the only other person on board the aircraft was a member of their security detail.

(2) Nine months before, on June 15, 2017, one of Trump’s helicopters, carrying Donald Trump Jr. and two Secret Service agents, actually crashed. According to Page Six:

“One of President Trump’s beloved personal helicopters was involved in an accident last month in Manhattan, but the details are being kept strictly under wraps….

On June 15, a Trump chopper was involved in a crunch in Manhattan when its tail rotor hit a fence upon landing at the West Side Heliport alongside the Hudson River. Photos seen by Page Six appear to show that the rotor was completely sheared off. Witnesses say damage to the aircraft was enough to completely ground it, and it had to be hauled away for repairs.”

According to Daily Mail, the crash was kept very quiet. A crew immediately arrived at the crash site. They first disguised the word “TRUMP” on the side of the helicopter, then hauled the aircraft away.

Page Six immediately accused the crew’s action of being a vain effort to protect the president and his family from embarrassment. But Daily Mail disagrees:

“It turns out it was something far more that his detractors surely didn’t want to admit. In the months since then, sources close to the crash investigation have suspected that these repeat alarming helicopter malfunctions have been hushed up to prevent exposing a potential terrorist plot.

Radar Online reports:

The helicopter made a harrowing emergency landing on June 14, 2017 — yet another chilling example of the First Family under siege — and sources now believe the incident was intentionally kept quiet to deprive suspected saboteurs from publicizing their near-victory!

But Federal Aviation Administration records — revealed here for the first time — describe how a tail rotor on a Sikorsky helicopter owned by the Trump Organization suddenly flew off during a descent into NYC.

The helicopter was set to land after making a 230-mile flight from Washington, D.C.

Records show none of the passengers — Donald Jr., the agents and the pilot — suffered any injuries. But aviation experts told Radar the incident would have spelled certain death if the rotor had detached at a higher altitude.

“It wouldn’t surprise me that someone was trying to target the Trump family,” said Bart Rossi, a renowned political psychologist.

[…] Meanwhile, a Radar investigation has uncovered an alarming pattern of near-misses involving helicopters and President Trump.

The nightmare emergency landing in 2017 was eerily similar to a 1989 incident when a main rotor blade separated on a Trump Organization helicopter.

The aircraft crashed into a wooded area in New Jersey, killing two pilots and three Trump executives on board.

At the time, the future president acknowledged he would have been aboard had he not decided at the last minute not to fly!

The National Transportation Safety Board blamed the manufacturer for a scratch on the rotor for the fatal crash.

But Radar Online quotes former Bill Clinton henchman Larry Nichols (see “Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary”) that the series of Trump copter crashes have a sinister whiff:

“Guys who have enough money to pull off a presidential run are a threat to the establishment. And that same establishment will try to murder the outsider and their families wherever they can.”

Since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, the Left — politicians, intellectuals, actors and pop singers — have made clear their deadly hatred for Trump, with incessant threats and calls for his assassination. See also:


41 responses to “Two Trump helicopters crashed in past 9 months

  1. Well, these crashes happen all the times, I pray all involved have been able to walk out alive, and no casualties reported. Transportation provided to The President and his family is secure and those choppers are monitored before and after a ride as well as the pilots whom are of the most capable flyers. God speed!

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  2. And of course, the baseball practice shooting that almost killed Steve Scalise was on June 14th. That was also President Trump’s birthday.

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  3. I wonder if those incidents are part of the reasons trump signed the omnibus budget bill…

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  4. Well, now that he signed that ridiculous spending bill giving money to Murder Incorporated, leaving the border wide open and appointing another neocon, I don’t know why they’d do this. Maybe President Shumer is getting antsy.

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    • Rumor has it they snuck enough discretionary funds in the bill for the Corps of Engineers to build the wall.

      I’m waiting to see.

      Let’s not forget the defeat of HRC and unraveling of the corruption throughout takes time. IG report is due out in a month.

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      • Did they put enough in there to protect all the infants from Planned Parenthood? I see this as a total sell out, maybe worse.

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        • Well vote for Hillary then.

          We got the biggest .mil bill in history, necessary after 8 yrs of the Kenyan killing it.

          Plus look at the funding for mil. tribunals:

          You know how PDJT is talking about the death penalty for drug dealers? What if he’s talking about really really high level dealers? Like state sponsored dealers and their handlers?

          We’d all love a perfect bill. Can’t happen in the current environment. Patience can be painful, but necessary.

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          • Yes, its all about the military. We must at all costs boost the military. The military and VA are some of the largest sources of fraud waste and abuse. Are you telling all that money is needed? You couldnt find cuts from the military budget to fund needed peojects? I dont buy it. There is no wall. There is no money for a wall and dont forget the H2b visas are back on and more then ever. PDJT knew what he was getting into before he ran. Now they got to him? Sorry if I seem rube but not feeling the trump train anymore.

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        • You are misinformed…. the bill just gave Trump power over all the money … he can fund whatever he wants and that won’t be PP … he fooled the Dems! Keep the faith!

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    • “They” did this BEFORE Trump signed the spending bill. Cause and effect?

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    • Trump was either a bait and switch, or they have something on him, to both. He doesn’t flash all those Illuminati hand gestures for nothing. I had hoped, but I never trusted. It was all too good to be true. Never the less, this whole bill is a major stab in the back. Not just giving PP money, but billions. Walls for other countries, but none for us. And as you said, Crypto Bolton on top of it all. Sick, just sick.

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  5. We must keep President Trump in our prayers along with his entire family along with his cabinet. We are night fighting against flesh and blood. Evil is using these very sick possessed individuals for Satan’s purposes.

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  6. Which is better:
    an unconfirmed report, or
    a statement made by a ‘political psychologist’?
    Whatever the hell that is.

    They got Flight #800 (that FBI guy is back in the news again, fumes my a**)
    Soon they’ll be using ground to air missiles
    (which are protected by the NRA. Right?)
    Crazy Uncle Joe learned how shoot them at summer camp, and Kerry has a few in his trunk.


  7. The media is beneath contempt:

    Not only do they (and certain agencies) lie about the obvious, they also reveal critical security information about people they dislike.

    The MSM publicizes security stuff regarding Trump they’ve never revealed about any prior President.

    As for the choppers, would have to look at hours of service vs. incidents. Also pilot records.

    If I were Trump, I would hire only ex-Marine One pilots for helos.

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  8. I recall hearing about the 1989 incident and the March 15th incident. I don’t have a television and I rarely, if ever, listen to the radio, so I don’t know if these incidents were reported. But I do check in on the internet daily (mainly for my main bookmarked sites which includes FOTM) and I may have read about the latest one two weeks back.
    At this point, we don’t know if any of these events were engineered. One thing, however, is certain: All kinds of aircraft require regular routine maintenance, and common sense requires certain visual checks before and after every flight. (I don’t know what FAA regulations and laws state). But I have heard that the maintenance for a small new plane will quickly climb to 20% of the plane’s actual cost in about a one-year period. Donald Trump is not short on cash, so I would imagine he’s not stupid enough to skimp on maintenance.
    At this point all we have to go on are suppositions. But I would imagine that if any sort of sabotage was involved in any of these events, the Deep State is not going to leave any attempts to amateurs: It might be so specialized that the CIA (as an example) would have to “farm the job out” and go search for an insider to do any deed. I would imagine an aviation insider would not be that hard for them to find.

    My own judgment is that Donald Trump has received more generalized hatred from the public (in large part thanks to the media) and more specified hatred from Deep State insiders than any other President in our history. We really are talking about Trump Derangement Syndrome. (When talk of Bush Derangement Syndrome first surfaced, I took it as a joke—something I am not joking about now). Not even the dialectical Lincoln endured such overall consummate hatred.
    And we must also keep in mind how we view the news: With all the mass shootings and false flag events, as well as other news items meant to distract from other governmental actions (from persons or agencies) we have to STRATEGIZE as to how we watch or obtain the news. As I’ve said before, I gave up my television over 20 years ago. (I’m glad I did, given all the useless and debased crap on it!) I have also given up using the radio as an information device, given the commercial interruptions and leftist bias.
    I gave up on the NY Daily News because they have gone full-junior high school, and I gave up on the NY Post because they’re not too far behind. (When I was teaching 25 years ago, the Post had been, in those days, a truly great newspaper). So this leaves me with the internet and apps I have on my phone to listen to while I drive. (I highly recommend an Alex Jones app of which most are free, and the You Tube app).
    In other words, we have to separate ourselves from what Nietzsche called the Common Herd and, in the words of Gerald Celente, “think for ourselves.”
    We don’t know what is going to happen to Donald Trump and his family, so we must pray for them—for their safety and that of the world at large. We must also recognize that we have to WORK to stay red-pilled: Listening to news and reading it constitute a second full-time job for me!

    In the meantime, we must not ride any helicopters. (One just crashed in New York’s East River three Sundays ago, killing four and four cars crashed on the FDR due to the action). As for Larry Nicols, we must pray for him too, because cancer is ravaging him and he’s in bad shape, physically and financially.

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    • Now that this has turned into Bushes’ third term, it seems pretty obvious that the whole thing is contrived. It is “Trump derangement syndrome” because it was designed that way. Just like Sparky Bush is now the darling of “The Media”.

      No, Sessions and the other Obongonoids were bad enough, this budget business tears it. Then, just to add insult to injury, he appoints BOLTON? Wow. At what point does someone have to declare themselves to be working for a foreign power?


      • At first I was stunned by Trump’s signing of the Budget Bill. But then I listened to Alex Jones, and his cautionary words brought me back down to earth.
        Jones said that had Trump vetoed this bill (which, morally, would have been the ideal thing to do), the stock market may have lost over half its value. Then it clicked: It’s not just the Deep State that wants to bring Trump down: No Sir! Paul “The Weasel” Ryan and Mitch “Lady Boy” McConnell are out for their share of the Schadenfreude Pie. So had Trump vetoed this bill—as it actually deserved—he would have been signing his own economic recovery death warrant.

        As for Bolton, YES, he is a neo-con warmonger who looks like he escaped from one of R. Crumb’s cartoons. Yet, as flawed as he is, Trump has to work with the clientele available. I’ve listened to Bolton in the past, and, war-hawk that he is, he is a walking encyclopedia of all things strategy and government.

        So: Will this be “Bush’s third term?” It might look like it. But the Deep State wants nothing but Bushbots—brainless and mindless drones who function as their court jesters who lead the sheep to the slaughter. Trump is intelligent enough to know when he’s being played. Ultimately, the only way they can get to him (outside of outright assassination, God Forbid) is to wear the man down. So I think Job # 1 for Trump is to drain the swamp and go after every last crook (and Israeli operative) that he possibly can, PRONTO.
        You don’t think Hillary would have been a better deal, do you?

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        • I heard a take on Trump signing the “budget” bill…If Trump had vetoed it, then the next bill coming to him would have gutted his military requests. I’m not pleased at all with this bill. Just sick of the theatrics in DC and their incompetence…sigh.

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          • DCG . . . . God Bless you for your addition to this discussion. I can see where the Demorats would have gotten to Trump by gutting future “military requests.” The very fact that they take a “scorched Earth” tactic on politics is the very reason they are so dangerous to this country. We get farther and farther in debt, so that Demorats can give their constituents whatever trinket that will entice them to vote to keep Demorats in office. Those of us on the outside looking into the goings on in DC are left heartsick by the very recklessness of their actions.

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          • Not to be argumentative, but those military requests are for Israel’s wars, not ours. Their owners would never allow those to be defunded, no matter who was placed there to take the heat.

            He didn’t even get part of his wall. All he got was “fencing repair” dollars and it was extremely limited. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he can’t use any of that for new construction.

            Planned Parenthood got $500M. That’s a lot of dead babies. To me it is a slap in the face to those who voted for him.

            With the introduction of Bolton we’re back to total Zionist Neocon control, as usual. The swamp is still full of creepy crawlers and our money is still being spent on disgusting leftist adventures.

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        • If you watched Trump sign the bill and heard him speak, you could clearly tell he was extremely irritated to have been put in this situation……it was basically blackmail. Yes, Bolton has been a warmonger, historically, but others who are in the know think he will follow Trump’s agenda. That’s certainly better than McMaster who is an informer and “poo poo boy” for Soros, as well as, a traitor. The Dems. are practically in ecstasy since Trump signed the budget bill. After a week of losses in the stock market, what do you bet it starts ticking back up again on Monday? In reality, we all are being blackmailed by the deep state.

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    • You and I think exactly alike.

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  9. I heard about the first incident (and all the proggies who wished Ivanka and Jared had crashed and died) but not the second one. Scary stuff…

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  10. President Trump has invisible soldiers assigned to him. These are highly capable soldiers, just one of whom has been recorded as killing 185,000 enemies in one night. – 2 Kings 19:35

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  11. B52s have been flying for ages. Remember JFK, Jr. Don’t know about the life expectancy of helicopters.


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  13. Reminds me of Brexit leader Nigel Farrage small plane crash

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  14. After all the good stuff Trump did in less than a year,I was really surprised at all the bad choices in this Bill,and even MORE surprised that he signed of on it.I started wondering what would make him go so horribly off script-he even supported GUN CONTROL,for God’s sake.
    I WANT to believe he’s playing another game of 4D Chess,but ??? I’m waiting to see how all this shakes out,but my Bro. Dutch is already calling for his execution-he “sold out all the people who got him elected.” Time for a vacation.

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    • People don’t have any faith anymore…. and they need to learn what an Omnibus bill is… it means he can fund whatever he wants to fund in that bill meaning he won’t fund PP …. he is not bound to it… watch what happens!

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  15. I am thankful all are okay. Just another coincidence to add to our growing list of suspicious events. Sabotage anyone?

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  17. This is not suspicious at all, HUH…. WE KNOW THE DEEP STATE WANTS TRUMP’s HEAD ON A STICK

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  21. Much prayer needed, plead the blood in war against Luciferian plots.

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    I think we should remember that there is a fifth column running things in the USA. Our former comrade-in-chief and his funding source, along with a gaggle of apparatchiks are directed from Kalorama.

    We should look for patterns. I am quite certain that they have no intention of letting Trump serve his term. They don’t care about “cooperation”. I really don’t trust them and I will not put anything past them.

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