Saturday Funny

Watch for the object on the right . . . .



8 responses to “Saturday Funny

  1. Puppies!!!!!

    The Marines’ new mascot:

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  2. Too cute!

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  3. That was wonderful. I wonder if they have this driving need to be squeezed in because they were in that condition in the womb? I love dogs, they are so cute.

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  4. Muslim Moose

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  5. Are they ALL trying to crowd into the DOG bed rather than lie down with the CAT in the almost empty other bed,or am I missing something here?

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    • Joseph E Fasciani

      It’s just not the same unless the whole dang shebang is there! Call it ‘creature comfort’ or what have you, but we’re better together than apart. Same as twins, or triplets, or whatever you people do for entertainment.

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  6. Very sweet. They are pack animals and it gives them a sense of belonging and security.

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