#MarchForOurLives: Remember Kate Steinle and those responsible for her death


Kate Steinle: Murdered by an illegal alien in sanctuary San Francisco

Remember this:

The government FAILED Kate, just like every single government agency failed Parkland students.

The government has FAILED those who live in strict gun-controlled Baltimore:

The government has FAILED those who live in strict gun-controlled Chiraq:

#MarchForOurLives: Why have you “cover stars” been silent in raising the voice for the victims of gun violence in Baltimore and Chiraq?

Why have you been silent in the death of Kate Steinle? Kate was an AMERICAN CITIZEN killed by an illegal alien enabled by the government’s actions.

Blame the NRA all you want. Doesn’t change the facts that 1) criminals don’t follow the laws, 2) government agencies may fail to protect citizens, 3) when seconds count the police are minutes away (and even if they are on site they still may cower) 4) police do not have a Constitutional duty to protect you and 5) because of reason number 3 we need the Second Amendment for self defense.

Remember Kate Steinle today.


22 responses to “#MarchForOurLives: Remember Kate Steinle and those responsible for her death

  1. You would think these angry little twits would be more concerned about kids dying while texting and driving every single day. Or the drugs killing our teens by the dozens, or teens dying by suicide. Or the millions being aborted. Guns are way down on the list as death causes.
    They should really read up on how the NRA has helped train and armed blacks back during civil rights.
    But, I won’t hold my breath some very powerful,and rich people are pushing this agenda.
    I would love to know who they think will now protect them at school when they are so down on guns. And if they are ever robbed or burgled, will they call 911 hoping for someone with a gun to come help them?
    These newly minted media whores aren’t thinking this through very well.

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    • Didn’t some school principal idiot just decided to “arm” students with buckets of stones in case someone tries to go on a shooting rampage? Or was that a joke? Well, they are a joke anyway. Guess not bringing a knife to a gunfight must have made sense. Heck, a bucket of knifes is so totally not practical, but stones, now, that’s different. Especially if you equip yourself with the new SnowFlake Left/Right Arm 100 Stones a Minute Cyborg Bumpstock inspired on the AR-15 ones they are now trying to ban. Can’t cure stupid! Lock and load a pocket full of pebbles and get your slingshots ready, America!

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      • That school story about rocks, sadly, is not a joke. Blog post about that will publish soon…

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      • When you think about it, a bullet is just a projectile “hurled” by a mechanical device at around the speed of sound (some bullets are supersonic, others just below the speed of sound, subsonic).

        Something travelling about 700 mph of course is going to cause significantly more damage than a comparable sized object hurled at 70-80 mph.

        Maybe these marchers should march on Washington to have the laws of physics changed. So that projectiles of all speeds cannot harm schoolchildren

        The following is an article about a couple of gunshot victims going to D.C. – but the article fails to address the real problem: black-on-black crime in Chiraq, which is completely ignored, even though there are brief daily articles that tally the numbers wounded/killed.


        While it’s admirable they’ve turned their lives around and hope to mentor others in doing likewise, what they and others really need to do, is change THEIR culture. One that glorifies misogyny, thug life, evil in general. I say “their” because they embrace it, and shout down others who try to appropriate it.

        The part of their culture that needs to change most, is “snitches get stitches”.

        Until they start calling the “po-po” anonymously with tips on who commits the violent crimes, their inadvertent “protection” of those who do evil only allows evil to proliferate.

        Protests do nothing but bring attention to an issue, and if it’s not PROPERLY addressed, nothing will come out of it.

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  2. Well said. Yet the police shoot unarmed people on a whim. Now do not get me wrong, I am a firm supporter of the Blue Line movement and the 2nd amendment. However, police officers need to tone it down and not be so trigger happy. I have been told that I am wrong, even by my husband, but I have seen far to many news clips and the show “Cops Reloaded” that show a handful of officers shouting instructions to one person and all the officers are saying different things. One is saying “get on the ground”; another is saying “put your hands up”; another is saying “kneel down”; another is saying “move to the police cruiser”; etc. I am quite sure that your average police officer, and let’s face it most officers are above average, can comprehend and process way more information than the average person whom they are arresting. Then you have to account for those who are deaf or just very hard of hearing. Neither of which shows any signs of being physically challenged, like being in a wheelchair or walking with a cane, etc. May the Lord have mercy.


  3. Excellent post, DCG, pointing out the failures of America’s government. It should be noted that in every case — whether San Francisco (Kate Steinle), Baltimore, or Chicago — the governments in charge are Democrat.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Gov Brown, and the communist/muslim democrats are using the young people as pawns to take away our second amendment rights. These people who are suppose to represent the people are putting the illegals before citizens in this country to capture their vote which is against the Constitution. They have put Sharia law before the Constitution and we cannot allow this.

    We have to send all of these people to jail because of what they have done to America and its people.

    Time to act now.


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  5. The Hand Gun used in Kate Steinle’s murder was stolen from a BLM Ranger’s Vehicle….More inept Government!!!

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  6. Respectfully, I disagree with the ‘whim’ comment. I’d say 99.9% of the time the cops are afraid for their lives. a high percentage of people that cops come into contact with are 1. known to the police already as dangerous 2. like or not, fit a profile that police already know as dangerous. 3a. Behave in a suspicious manner because b. they know they’ve committed crimes and they don’t know which crime they need to lie about because c. they’ve committed multiple crimes.
    If a cop stops you act respectfully. Follow directions. and don’t try to run away if you’ve done something they are getting ready arrest you for. You’re going to jail. You can’t get away. at best you’ll go to jail tired.
    Sorry for what the cops have to go through when these shootings happen.
    The media could help by not making the perp look klike a victim of someone other than their selves and own poor decisions.
    Just sayn.

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  7. Until we have responsible leadership this will only get worse. With out people with morals in responsible positions we are not going to get a break. “For evil to abound all it takes is for good men to do nothing” the problem is in politics there are very few good men or women. Our ranks are full of Judases and there in lies our problems. If this country goes totally dark the rest of the world will be lost. Praise be to God that we don’t allow this to happen on our watch.

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  8. awesome post DCG!
    when will folks learn that once you give up your rights you don’t get them back?…this is why it’s a constant battle to protect our Constitutional rights.
    if these kids don’t wise up to all of the govt and corporate manipulations and intrigues, I see future generations without a #2A (because they will be dumber and weaker – by design).

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  9. The anti-gunner activists are ever organized and ready with professional signs and transportation funding. The used, manipulated, trained and scripted kids now being hauled to rallies are ignorant about real life and the true purpose of the Second Amendment, yet they are in DC to advise our Congressmorons? The profane Hogg is out today in all his glory, enjoying his newfound attention. This will continue until they have succeeded in completely dumbing down all generations to turn in their guns (their only real security), at which time they will finally realize why our founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment.

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  10. “Blame the NRA all you want. Doesn’t change the facts that 1) criminals don’t follow the laws, 2) government agencies may fail to protect citizens, 3) when seconds count the police are minutes away (and even if they are on site they still may cower) 4) police do not have a Constitutional duty to protect you and 5) because of reason number 3 we need the Second Amendment for self defense.”

    Couldn’t agree more. And add to that the fact the police etc. themselves don’t always follow the law, and are not always acting on truthful information (see, e.g., “Swatting” in Wikipedia, or witness the number of false reports to local police RE scorned friends/lovers/neighbors making false reports to exact revenge).

    Perhaps more importantly, everything you and I raise regards FACTS. The left simply disregards facts (and laws); they rather favor emotions, feelings, and beliefs — all of which are often muddled by weak minds, often times via drug use, or the lack of education, experience, and/or maturity.

    #MarchForOurConstitution (whatever)

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  11. MSNBC is lying like crazy today:



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  12. This may be their line up for the next cycle:

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  13. And yet more civilians are killed each year by illegals and not a word. They are such hypocrites with a selective agenda.

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